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Chapter 28: Though He Put Up A Righteous Front, He Actually Had A Reaction!

“Brother, would you like to buy a rose for your girlfriend?” Suddenly, a crispy and healthy voice emerged.

Taking a look, Su Jian noticed an eleven to twelve year old girl, carrying many stalks of roses. She was holding a fresh red rose in her hands, stretching them out towards An Yize, looking at him earnestly.

Su Jian broke out in cold sweat. He lifted his head to look at An Yize. Unexpectedly, An Yize was also looking at him. As their eyes coincided, Su Jian stared blankly at him for a moment. He then tried to use his eyes to communicate: An Yize, do not buy! We are not a real couple, I, your father, is not interested in roses!

“No,” An Yize said to the girl.

Su Jian breath out a sigh of relief: Fortunately, this Surnamed An seems to understand what I was trying to say.

“She is not my girlfriend, but my wife,” An Yize continued.

Su Jian’s sigh of relief had yet to escape was shoved right back into his mouth. He almost choked on himself, giving out two coughs.

The girl changed her words cleverly, “Oh, then brother can buy a rose for your wife!”

An Yize received the rose calmly. After paying for the rose, the girl said sweetly, “Brother and sister sure are an ideal couple! I wish for the both of you to have an everlasting love and give birth to a child soon!”

After barely recovering, hearing the words “give birth to a child soon” made Su Jian start coughing again.

An Yize raised his hands and patted his back gently, asking, “What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?”

Su Jian shook his head. “It’s nothing.” Looking at the girl selling the roses to another pair of couple, he sighed, “Kids these days sure are impressive!”

“En.” An Yize gave a short reply while passing the rose to him.

Noticing the rose, Su Jian did not receive it. On the contrary, he complained, “Why did you buy the rose?”

Pulling Su Jian’s hand, An Yize placed the rose on his palm. He then rolled up Su Jian’s finger, making him hold the rose. He slowly said, “I’m rich.”

Su Jian: “……”


Soon, they could hand over the tickets and enter the cinema. Once they entered, Su Jian realized that the whole hall was filled with couple seats. Their seats were in the last row.

At first, Su Jian was a little surprised. However, he soon realized this was a part of the company’s benefits for the Qixi Festival and was relieved. After taking their seats, Su Jian stuck out his head and glanced below. Sighing, he said, “I never expected it to be this crowded during the day.”

An Yize passed his 3D glasses onto him. After receiving the glasses, Su Jian looked up and saw An Yize trying on them on too. He could not help but be surprised. An Yize has a good eyesight, so he had never seen him wearing spectacles before. Though he did not want to admit it, An Yize looked… pretty cool wearing those dark glasses.

He looks like he is a part of the mafia! Su Jian thought sourly. He wore his glasses impatiently and asked An Yize expectantly. “How is it? Do I look like a boss?”

An Yize: “You look like a blind man.”

Su Jian: “……”

Before the movie began there were advertisements. Su Jian was uninterested, when a cold face suddenly appeared in his line of sight. With eyes wide open, Su Jian elbowed An Yize, “Your second brother!”

Ye Lang indeed appeared on the screen. He looked handsome and elegant, with a bright smile on his face. In less than half a minute, his manly hormones had filled the entire small room. Su Jian could clearly hear many girls marveling about Ye Lang in front of him.

Su Jian stared intently on the screen which zoomed in on Ye Lang’s handsome features. Only after the whole advertisement had ended did he then look away from the screen. At this moment, he realized that An Yize was looking at him with a cooler mafia look than before.

Previously, An Yize had said that he resembled Ye Lang. Looking at Ye Lang carefully, he did see some similarities between the two of them. However, after turning around, he came to a new conclusion: They are not similar at all! In the advertisement, second brother An is elegant and gentle, looking handsome beyond handsome. However, looking at the person beside him, his expression was cold, as if someone owed him eight million!

Once the movie started, Su Jian watched with great concentration. The movie was featured American-style, with great scenes and dazzling CG effects. The movie scenes were very impactful with the 3D effects. Su Jian was absorbed in the movie. Only after the major scene ended did he stop to take a drink.

An Yize turned around and asked quietly, “Are you thirsty?”

Su Jian nodded his head. An Yize opened the bottle cap and passed the bottle of water to Su Jian. After having a gulp, Su Jian suddenly heard a strange voice from the side.

Su Jian paused for a moment. Swallowing the water in his mouth, he listened attentively, only hearing the creaking sound of the seats nearby. Occasionally, he could hear the faint sound of someone panting.

Su Jian turned stiff. Don’t tell me this is what I think it is…

As if to prove his assumptions, in the next moment, a moan that had failed to be suppressed traveled towards him. Though it was a short moan, it was still full of lustful feelings. This made it hard for him not to guess what was going on in his neighboring seat.

Su Jian was stupefied, but he soon felt excited. He had watched many different European, American, Korean and Japanese action movies, but he had yet to experience it in reality. Who would have thought that there would be such coincidence today…

Holding his breath, Su Jian secretly looked towards the neighboring seat in anticipation and shifted over. At the same time, he stuck out his head stealthily towards their seats.

However, before he achieved his goals, a pair of hands suddenly reached over. One hand was covered his eyes, the other locked his waist in place.

An Yize pulled Su Jian back and enclosed him in his arms, whispering into his ears, “Watch the movie obediently!”

Su Jian removed the hand covering his eyes. Without noticing his position in An Yize’s arm, he said righteously: “I just wanted to ask the people in the neighboring seats to tone down so that they would not disturb others!”

An Yize looked at Su Jian. His hand that was holding onto Su Jian suddenly tightened, but soon loosened. Then, Su Jian saw An Yize’s body approaching him. Stretching out his arm, he knocked on the neighboring seat.

Su Jian: “……”

The neighboring ‘hot’ actions stopped immediately.

Su Jian was extremely depressed, but he couldn’t say anything to An Yize, so he could only bear with it. An Yize lowered his head and asked him quietly. “What’s wrong?”

Su Jian’s ear felt ticklish as the air brushed past his ears, so he moved his head away. However, as he moved his head away, half of his face laid onto An Yize’s chest, with his ear directly facing his heart. Therefore, Su Jian could hear a rhythmic “Thump–Thump–Thump”.

Looking down at the little girl that was lying obediently on his chest, An Yize’s hand unconsciously tightened.

After a while, the person in his arms looked up at him abruptly. The beautiful face accompanied by the flashing light of the movie screen seemed ethereal. However, the pair of clear eyes were as bright as the stars.

An Yize felt his throat tighten.

“Jian Jian?” His voice was low. Covered by the sound of the movie, his voice possessed a gentleness that he had never displayed before.

Even Su Jian could feel the gentleness behind the words “Jian Jian” carried. Unconsciously, his tone had also turned sincere. “Yize.”

An Yize lowered his head and his face touched Su Jian’s soft hair. Rubbing it softly, he spoke softly into her ear, “Yes?”

“Your heartbeat is so fast!” Su Jian said sincerely, “I’m sure it exceeds 200 beats per minute. Don’t tell me you have a heart disease?” He had been sitting still, and the movie scene was currently not intense but instead calming.

An Yize, with had a rare and gentle expression that was plastered on his face in the darkness was speechless: “……”

“Why don’t you find a time to visit the doctor?” Su Jian suggested sincerely. He recalled that in his previous company’s physical examination, it was discovered that one of his colleagues had tachycardia. He came back worried about the doctor’s words. If it got too severe, it may result in a sudden death.

The gentleness in An Yize’s voice quietly disappeared. He said in frustration, “I’m not sick!”

“Oh.” Su Jian could tell that An Yize was moody and shut his mouth immediately. He cursed silently: It’s fine if you’re not sick! I’m just showing my concern, why are you so agitated? If it wasn’t for the problems associated with an excessive heartbeat, I wouldn’t have reminded you!

Pondering silently in his heart, Su Jian looked back at the screen. Because he felt comfortable, he did not realize that he was still in a cuddling position with An Yize. On the other hand, he adjusted himself to a more comfortable position and continued watching the movie.

As he couldn’t catch up with the movie, he was unable to absorb the information temporarily. His line of sight swept past the seats before him. Suddenly, he came to a realization.

He understood why An Yize was unhappy previously!

Su Jian was silently cursing his own idiocy. An Yize’s intense heartbeat, how could he simply think of the health aspect? Obviously, there was a simpler reason!

Su Jian looked stealthily at An Yize. He only saw his firm jaw, tightly closed lips, and calm expression. However… Su Jian leaned on An Yize again, silently feeling it.

An Yize lowered his head to look at him.

Su Jian thought: With his previous intense heartbeat and his now scalding hot body, what else could it be? It is all proven now. With the act of their neighbors, not only had An Yize heard it, he had also become excited! This explains why he interrupted them. Though he put up a righteous front, he actually had a reaction!

As he remembered the image of abstinence An Yize put up in his everyday life, and the fact that he got excited as listened to the others’ ‘hot’ actions, Su Jian couldn’t help but felt much closer to An Yize. Now that he thought about it, he indeed was being an idiot before. Therefore, he looked at An Yize and apologized to him. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that you were sick. Actually, you are not sick. You’re very normal.”

An Yize: “……”

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