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Chapter 27: Did An Yize Specifically Bring Him To Watch A Movie For Chinese Valentine’s Day?

With the cake as a mediator, Su Jian and An Yize were able to get along once again.

Eating the cake from Three Little Bears which was conveniently brought by An Yize, An Yirou said to Su Jian, “Third sister-in-law, thank you!”

Su Jian replied, “What are you thanking me for? Didn’t your brother buy the cake for you?”

An Yirou replied happily, “Third brother was buying the cake for you and that’s why he also bought some for me at the same time. Of course, I have to thank you.”

Su Jian’s mouth twitched, “Xiao Rou, you are being deceived! Actually, your brother loves to eat this cake. It’s just that he felt embarrassed; that’s why he used me as an excuse to buy some for himself!”

An Yirou asked in surprise, “Are you sure? Third brother doesn’t really like sweet food.”

Su Jian replied, “He likes it. It’s just that as a man, being fond of sweet food is nothing to be proud of, so he pretends that he does not like it.” Your mom! In front of me, he does not even pretend. Whenever I’m eating a cake, he eats my cake so naturally!

An Yirou was still doubtful, but she did not press on. She pulled Su Jian along to watch some dramas, giving negative reviews as they watched.

Suddenly, an advertisement popped up from the bottom right corner of the computer screen. Su Jian gave it a quick glance. It was a promotional advertisement which said, “XX Mall Celebrating Qixi Festival With You.”

Su Jian did not pay it much attention. However, An Yirou who was sitting beside him said, “Oh right. In two days, it will be the Qixi Festival.”

Throughout the year, the three days which Su Jian hated the most were February 14th the seventh day of July[1] and November 11th. In the past, during these three days, he would be the same as countless netizens, gathering all of the loners in the world and forming a large FFF Inquisition to roast all the couples around.

Looking at the smiling Su Jian, An Yirou teased, “Third sister-in-law, how do you plan to spend a romantic day with third brother?”

Romantic? There is no way Su Jian could associate this word with him and An Yize. Thus, he shook his head.

An Yirou said in disagreement, “The both of you have just married recently, how can you not celebrate Valentine’s Day?”

Because we are not a couple! Naturally, he couldn’t tell her the real reason. Therefore, Su Jian found some other excuse. “Qixi Festival does not seem to fall on a weekend. Your third brother needs to work.”

An Yirou replied helplessly, “Third sister-in-law, do you need to be so virtuous? Plus, it won’t hurt for third brother to apply for a day’s leave!”

Since he was already labeled as “Virtuous”, Su Jian could only choose to accept. Assuming a generous and understanding attitude, he replied, “I think it is better not to. His work is more important.”

An Yirou teased him, “Third sister-in-law, does third brother know that you are so considerate of him?”

Su Jian replied in pretense of being deadly earnest. “Of course he knows. Otherwise, why would he marry me?”

An Yirou started laughing.

Nevertheless, a day before Qixi Festival, An Yirou looked for An Yize after he got off work without letting Su Jian know.

“Third brother, do you know what day it is tomorrow?” An Yirou asked.

“August 2nd.” An Yize looked at his sister. “I remember that tomorrow is not your birthday.”

“It’s not my birthday!” Suddenly, An Yirou felt wronged for her sister-in-law. However, she still hoped her brother would recall. “It is related to third sister-in-law!”

“Jian Jian? Tomorrow?” An Yize shook his head. “It is also not her birthday tomorrow.”

An Yirou replied without energy, “It is related to the both of you.”

An Yize: “We have yet to have been married for a year; it is definitely not our wedding anniversary.”

An Yirou held her head. “Third brother, how exactly did you manage to court third sister-in-law in the past? Did the two of you never celebrate any festivities?”

“Festivities?” An Yize reacted quickly, “Qixi Festival?”

“Yes!” An Yirou asked, “Have you thought of how you will be spending Chinese Valentine’s Day with third sister-in-law?”

An Yize was speechless.

With an “as I had thought” expression, An Yirou sighed, “The two of you are really born to be a pair.”

“What?” An Yize raised his eyebrows.

“Third sister-in-law had the same reaction as you.” An Yirou continued, “Not only did she forget about Qixi Festival, even after she remembered, she chose not to ask for your company. She was afraid of affecting your work.

Understanding the real meaning behind An Yirou’s words, An Yize was speechless once again.

An Yirou said suddenly, “To be honest, third brother, you have good taste.” As An Yize glanced over, she said smilingly, “Even I like third sister-in-law.”

An Yize: “Hm.”

Not knowing what his “hm” meant, An Yirou continued, “Therefore, you should treat her better. All women need to be coaxed. How can you forget a day like the Qixi Festival? Even though she does not seem to mind, I’m sure that in her heart, she wants you to spend the day with her.” Finishing her words, An Yirou passed two movie tickets to An Yize.

“Previously, third sister-in-law mentioned that she wanted to watch this movie. You should bring her to the cinema tomorrow. I bought the tickets for you!”


In the evening, before sleeping.

An Yize casually asked Su Jian who was playing with her phone, “What do you think about the movie Super Hero?”

Su Jian replied without lifting his head. “It’s okay, there are positive reviews online.”

“Oh.” An Yize replied casually. “Let us watch it tomorrow.”

“Sure!” After giving a careless reply, Su Jian finally reacted. Turning his head to look at An Yize, he asked, “Us? Watch a movie?”

An Yize nodded his head. “Don’t want to?”

“Of course not!” Su Jian replied resolutely. Ever since his rebirth, other than visiting his own funeral, he had rarely gone out. Additionally, he was brought over to An’s family villa and had stayed there ever since. Though the villa is luxurious and the garden is vast, he was a common person and preferred the teeming world outside.

To be able to have a chance to go out, Su Jian was naturally very happy. However, Su Jian soon noticed something. Looking at An Yize with suspicion, Su Jian asked, “Why are we watching a movie all of a sudden?”

An Yize replied naturally, “Employee benefits.”

Once again, Su Jian was growing more fond of CMI. “The company’s benefits sure are great!”

Very naturally, CMI’s president, Mr. An Yize replied with a “Hm.”


The next morning, An Yize drove Su Jian to the cinema.

Feeling Su Jian’s continuous stare, An Yize asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Su Jian looked away, feeling sour in his heart. Just why? He looks so mature whenever he wears his suit every day. But now, just by wearing a black T-shirt and jeans, he looks like a young university student. Isn’t he thirty years-old? He’s even older than me by a year!

While holding the steering wheel, An Yize asked, “Is your leg okay?”

“Yes, it has mostly recovered.” In actuality, his leg injury wasn’t that serious. After days of recuperating, it had mostly recovered. If he was careful, he would have no problem moving around with crutches.

An Yize was silent for a moment before saying, “If you need help, just tell me.”

Recalling An Yize’s previous actions, Su Jian silently thought that he would definitely not tell him. Are you kidding? If he carries me like a princess in a crowded place like the cinema, I would rather die!

The car was playing warm and gentle piano music. Though it sounded nice, it felt out of place. Therefore, Su Jian told An Yize, “Change the music!”

An Yize asked after a moment of silence, “What would you like to listen to?”

Su Jian thought for a moment, “Do you have Most Dazzling Folk Style?”

An Yize: “……”

In the end, An Yize played an upbeat English song.

Accompanied by his favorite drum beat, Su Jian leaned happily against the window and enjoyed the scenery.

While Su Jian enjoyed his outside world, he asked doubtfully, “I thought we were going to watch the movie at night… Why did you choose to watch during the day?”

An Yize explained, “It’s less crowded in the day.”

“Oh.” The six words “It’s less crowded in the day” was automatically translated to “Your leg is injured. It’s less crowded in the day. There will be a lesser chance for someone to bump into you.” Glancing at An Yize, Su Jian thought, Mr. An, you are actually quite considerate!

Suddenly, his mood felt better.


The cinema was located at the uppermost level of a large mall. An Yize parked his car in the carpark located in the basement. Thereafter, he brought Su Jian up to the cinema.

Even though it was daytime, the cinema was still slightly crowded. An Yize quickly glanced around the waiting area before spotting a less crowded spot. Thereafter, he helped Su Jian towards that area.

While sitting down, Su Jian thoughts were wandering about, excitedly examining the surrounding posters of ongoing movies. An Yize looked at him for a moment before noticing a couple beside him. The girl was waiting by the table side, supporting her cheeks with her hands. The boy was returning with a cup of Coke and popcorn. As she saw him returning, the girl smiled happily. With a voice as sweet as honey, she said, “Dear, you are the best!”

An Yize took another look around. He realized that for most couples, the mini table in front of the girls all had a cup of Coke and popcorn. He turned around and look thoughtfully at Su Jian who was studying the electronic screen earnestly.

“Sit still, I will be back in a moment.” An Yize stood up and leave.

Su Jian thought that he wanted to go to the washroom. He waved his hand without care, eyes focused on the movie advertisements on the electronic screen.

It seems like there are some good movies showing now! Su Jian looked through all the movie advertisements. He thought in his heart: I wonder if An Yize’s company can still give out movie tickets? If so, it wouldn’t be bad to visit the cinema again!

While pondering, Su Jian lifted his head and saw An Yize carrying a bunch of items over.

Su Jian was stunned. “What is this?”

An Yize replied, “Popcorn.”

“I know that this is popcorn.” Su Jian looked at An Yize in disbelief. “I just never thought that you liked to eat this.”

An Yize’s mouth twitched. He placed the popcorn in Su Jian’s hand.

Su Jian hugged the popcorn in confusion, asking, “What?”

An Yize said flatly, “You have yet to fully recover, so we can skip the Coke. Mineral water should be enough. However, having some popcorn shouldn’t be an issue.”

Su Jian was surprised, “I never said that I wanted some popcorn!”

An Yize replied with a straight face, “Don’t people eat popcorn when they watch a movie?”

Even though President An’s expression rarely changed, after living together with him for so long, Su Jian could roughly tell what his inner emotions were from his small expressions. Therefore, he could sense that An Yize was unhappy. Su Jian quickly replied, “You’re right, thank you for the popcorn!” Although he wasn’t that fond of popcorn, the popcorn was nevertheless specially bought for him. Since he planned to ask for more chances to watch movies, he should know his place.

However, even though Su Jian expressed his appreciation, he felt that An Yize was still unhappy.

Su Jian started eating the popcorn. After a while, he felt it didn’t taste that bad, so he ate cheerfully. Looking up, he saw An Yize staring at him. Suddenly conscious that he was enjoying on his own, he held the popcorn towards An Yize in embarrassment, “Do you want some?”

An Yize shook his head, “You can have it.”

Su Jian did not force him. As there was still some time before the movie started, he began conversing with An Yize.

“I didn’t expect it to be this crowded during the day!”


“As we can see, our country’s economy is growing fast! Only after the growth of our economy and material civilization of our country, can the citizens then spend money to build on their spiritual civilization!”


Suddenly, the conversation of two males at the next table traveled towards them.

“Why should I be watching a movie with you during the Qixi Festival?”

“Because you don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Hey! Stop targeting me!”

“What are you afraid of? You don’t have a girlfriend anyway.”

Qixi Festival? Su Jian had never bothered remembering the date in his everyday life. He did not expect that today was actually the Qixi Festival!

Glancing at An Yize, Su Jian couldn’t help but feel complicated: Did An Yize specifically bring him to watch a movie for Chinese Valentine’s Day?

Su Jian said, “Now that I remember, it is not the weekend right now. Don’t you need to work? Don’t tell me that during the Qixi Festival, your company has a break?”

An Yize replied with a straight face, “Hm.”

Su Jian exclaimed, “There’s a break even during the Qixi Festival, and moreover, there is a free movie to watch. CMI sure is humane!”

Once again, CMI’s president, An Yize, naturally replied with an “En.”

Author’s Note: They say that couples complement each other. I suddenly realize that President An and Su Jian Jian complement each other very well! Ever since President An met Su Jian Jian, he’s been turning funnier…


[1]Seventh day of July (Lunar calendar) — Qixi Festival (Chinese Valentine’s Day)

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