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Chapter 26: Su Jian Firmly Believes That An Yize Is Here To Apologize!

An Yize returned home from work with a bag in his hand.

An Yirou, who was sitting on the sofa in the living room, saw the bag and gave it a second glance. After getting a closer look at the logo on the bag, her eyes lit up. “Three Little Bears!” She rushed forward immediately, stretching out her hands wanting to take the bag. “Thank you Third Brother!”

An Yize moved his hand away unexpectedly, softly saying: “Xiao Rou, this is not for you. If you want to eat, I will buy some for you tomorrow.” Seeing An Yirou stunned, he changed his words, “I will ask Uncle Wang to buy some for you now.”

“Ah, there’s no need! Actually, I don’t really want to eat it.” An Yirou smiled as she looked at her brother. “However, I thought I was the only one that loved to eat Three Little Bears in this family. Who knew that Third Brother actually liked eating that too?”

An Yize did not comment on her remarks, and only told An Yirou, “You enjoy yourself, I will be heading up first.” Carrying the bag, he turned around to leave.

Behind him, An Yirou mentioned leisurely, “Third brother, Third Sister-in-law is in the garden.”

An Yize came to a halt, but still continued walking forward, replying with a “Hm.”

After a few steps, he conveniently took a turn and proceeded towards the garden.

Indeed, Su Jian was in the garden speaking to the gardener at his side with his back facing An Yize. The gardener said something, but An Yize couldn’t catch it. However, he heard Su Jian laughed out loud, “ Uncle Zhang, you can stop praising him! I’ve heard that even at the age of nine, An Yize was still wetting his bed; how can he be as smart as you say?!”

An Yize: “……”

The gardener, Uncle Zhang, saw An Yize and respectfully called him out. “Third Young Master.”

Su Jian did not expect An Yize to appear so suddenly behind him, and that gave him a shock. He turned his head away immediately to ignore An Yize.

An Yize said to Uncle Zhang, “Uncle Zhang, you can take a break first.”

“Ai!” Uncle Zhang replied cheerfully, picked up his equipment, and left.

“Uncle Zhang, I will leave with you!” Su Jian pushed his wheelchair forward as if he wanted to leave as well.

“Uncle Zhang, you can leave first, she won’t be going.” An Yize stopped Su Jian.

Su Jian was also not willing to fight with An Yize in front of someone else. Since he accepted An Yize’s money, he should also be professional with his work. As a boss, there is usually none that would not make their employees hate them. But hate is hate, and he still had to work. Or else, Su Jian thought helplessly, with that asshole An’s continuous sexual harassment, I, your father, would have to beat him till no tomorrow!

After Uncle Zhang left, An Yize pushed Su Jian for a while before arriving at the wooden chair at the center of the garden. Thereafter, he sat down on the wooden chair and faced Su Jian.

An Yize then handed over the bag of cake that he had bought from the Three Little Bears cake shop to Su Jian.

Su Jian stared at him suspiciously and did not reach out to take the bag.

An Yize brought Su Jian’s hand up, placing the bag onto his hand. “For you.”

Su Jian thought for a moment and took the bag with the “It would be a waste if I do not take it, why should I help him save money?” mindset. When he opened the bag, he saw a beautifully wrapped lava cake inside a box.

Su Jian was a little surprised; he lifted his head to look at An Yize, “How did you know that I like to eat this?”

An Yize replied, “A few days ago, when you were eating with Xiao Rou, I saw that you seemed to like this very much.” Recalling Su Jian biting the cake heartily like a squirrel to the point that her eyes were bending made An Yize’s face become gentle.

Su Jian stared blankly. He did quite like eating this cake. In the past, he always enjoyed sweet food, but for a man to like sweet food was usually not pleasant, so he had always controlled himself. However, a few days ago, An Yirou bought this kind of cake and asked to eat together. After having a taste, he thought that it tasted pretty good, so he ate fulfillingly with rare indulgence. He never imagined that An Yize would actually remember such an insignificant matter.

Su Jian felt a little complicated.

To be honest, during this period of time, as he ate and slept together with An Yize, acting as a loving couple together, a deep sense of friendship had already formed between the two of them. Even though he always labeled An Yize as a “Love Rival”, in reality, he had slowly begun to treat An Yize as an ally. Afterall, other than the times where An Yize made him feel bored, looking at it in generally, An Yize treated him pretty well. Not mentioning the times where they acted in the presence of others, An Yize was still quite caring when no one was around. Friendship between males comes quickly, having a cup of alcohol can even settle the scores between them. After living so closely with An Yize, saying that not even the slightest bit of affection was present would definitely be a lie. Although he could not treat An Yize as a brother, he still saw him as a friend.

But kissing was still depressing. If it was just a joke among friends, it would be nothing important. After all, in the past, when he lived in the boys dormitory, they would watch some interesting videos and help each other shoot. But being played by An Yize made him unhappy! After all, An Yize beat him in every aspect. In his heart, Su Jian was very envious and jealous. Now, An Yize actually used such a method to play with him, and yet he couldn’t even retaliate. This make Su Jian feel sullen, going along the lines of:“I am not as tall as he is, neither as rich he is, nor as bright as he is, and now even his bickering and kissing could not be compared with him!”

Even though An Yize apologized, it obviously lacked sincerity. Or else, why would he play with him the second time? Up till now, he still had not apologized for the second kiss! Even though a man’s chastity usually has no value, a man still has their pride, right? Though he did not want to use the word “bully” because the word is totally not manly at all; but honestly speaking, wasn’t An Yize bullying him? Even though Father An said that he would take action if An Yize bullied him, as a father, he would definitely side with his son. Not to mention, Father An would probably be happy to witness this kind of “bully”. If a dog bites him, he cannot bite back, as he still has to continue living with this dog for a while. An Yize bullied him, yet he could not even retaliate because he still depended on Boss An for his living!

Even though he feels indignant, life still goes on. Since he cannot just stand on a chair and fiercely tell him off by saying “I quit,” he had no choice but to stay aggrieved while living under his boss. Though he cannot punch his boss till no tomorrow, he still had the rights to show his resentment. That’s why he treated An Yize like air for the past two days. Without speaking to An Yize for two days, his anger also lowered. Actually, his anger had practically dissipated, but An Yize came to apologize unexpectedly.

Yes, Su Jian firmly believed that An Yize was here to apologize!

Su Jian comfortably thought, “This should be this case, just apologizing is useless, there should be a need for some action!” Though he was initially hoping for An Yize to kneel before him and respectfully apologize with “May the king please accept this and forgive me,” with a five million cheque, the lava cake was still good so he accepted it casually.

Su Jian pretended to not care as he opened the box of cake. He picked up the mini fork in the box and began eating, with his facing showing the “I actually do not want to eat your cake but I will show you some humanism and save you some pride, therefore I will just eat it,” kind of cold expression.

An Yize asked, “Does it taste good?”

Su Jian did not reply but proudly gave a “humph”.

An Yize wasn’t angry at all, he just watched him eat.

The cake indeed tasted good. Su Jian ate in satisfaction; the sweetness of the cake helped Su Jian’s mood improve for the better, and An Yize even received some brownie points for bringing the cake. Su Jian actually thought that An Yize was a pretty good boss. Usually, bosses only knew how to overwork their employees. A boss like An Yize who acted as his heater and even bought cake for his employee could be considered decent. Thinking so, Su Jian asked simply out of courtesy, “Would you like to have some?”

Seeing Su Jian asking while using his fork to cut up a small piece of cake, An Yize moved in naturally and ate the cake from the fork.

Meanwhile, Su Jian, who was prepared to present the cake to his own mouth was speechless, “……”

An Yize looked at him and slowly added, “It doesn’t taste bad.”

Su Jian replied with an “En”, and continued to dig at his cake. While he was eating, a hand suddenly reached out towards the corner of his mouth and gently rubbed it.

Stunned, Su Jian lifted up his head to see An Yize say, “It’s on your face.” Then, he once again ate the cake that was halfway towards Su Jian’s mouth as if it were the most natural thing to do.

Su Jian was unhappy and he lowered his hand unconsciously. He said angrily, “You said the cake is for me!” Your Mom, you An-God! Where did his sincerity go, even wanting to reclaim his apology gift!

An Yize froze. Slowly, his eyes seem to form a smile. “Yes, it’s for you.”

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