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Chapter 21: Mom’s Balls! I Actually Have To Share A Bed With An Yize!

The doctor arrived shortly and carefully examined Su Jian. Fortunately, the soup had been sitting in the kitchen for a while. Even though it was hot, it didn’t burn Su Jian too badly. Su Jian only needed to apply some medicine and in a few days he would be fine.

Su Jian breathed out a huge sigh of relief. He was already half-disabled, so he naturally didn’t want to become even more disabled. When he turned to look at An Yize, his expressionless face had also relaxed slightly.

Bai Ningxue specially went over to visit Su Jian which made him very happy. Unfortunately, the goddess’ gaze didn’t fall much on the him (the main character), but rather softly at An Yize in apology. That uneasy, grief-stricken expression would incite pity from anyone who saw it.

Su Jian really felt sorry for her. Seeing An Yize’s indifferent expression, Su Jian wanted to take the opportunity to comfort the goddess and help expand her heart. Abruptly, An Yize said, “Jian Jian needs her rest, let’s go outside.” Then, he took the goddess out of the room.

Su Jian’s chest tightened. Your… MOM!

An Yize entered the room shortly after, but Su Jian was still angry. An Yize, why did you come in? What’s good about looking at your wooden face? Hurry and return my goddess to me!

An Yize was sitting by the bed when he suddenly asked, “Are you willing to stay here and recover or would you rather go home?”

Su Jian’s expression brightened. “We can go back now?”

An Yize replied, “Or are you willing to stay here at the main residence?”

Holy sh*t! Of course, I’d choose to go back! Even if there is a mansion, good food, and a goddess, but after all is said and done, there was also Elder Rong who made him feel very ill at ease! Su Jian hastily shook his head, “I want to go home!”

An Yize nodded, “I got it.”

Not long after, mother An also came into the room. Su Jian didn’t want to have an argument with someone in front of her son so he pretended to sleep while eavesdropping on mother An and An Yize’s conversation..

An Yize brought up bringing Su Jian home to mother An, but he could never have imagined that she’d immediately object.

Mother An’s ill-at-ease voice was very gentle, “Xiao Ze, are you mad at mom?”

In the covers, Su Jian was secretly speechless. Ah! He really was her son! Elder Rong actually became so gentle!

An Yize’s gentle voice was that of one speaking to someone they were close with. “No, mom. Don’t jump to the wrong conclusions!”

“Liar! You are definitely angry that I brought your wife here, right?” Mother An sulked, “Ever since you secretly got married, mom already knew. Xiao Ze, you won’t ever listen to me again.You don’t like mom anymore…..”

Su Jian secretly rubbed at the goosebumps under the covers: Elder Rong, are you still Elder Rong? What are you aiming for with that pouty young lady’s voice?

An Yize was already used to it. His voice didn’t change as he stayed unperturbed. “Mom, I’m really not angry. It’s only that Jian Jian isn’t used to living here, and now she’s hurt as well. It’s better if she goes home to recover.”

“Isn’t this your home? Your wife is injured and needs someone to take care of her, and you normally need to go to work. How are you able to take that on? There’s a lot of servants here and the cook and doctor are easily available. Wouldn’t it be easier for her to recover here? There’s also me, I could also take care of her!” Mother An whispered, “Or is it that you really don’t want to see mom and that you don’t love mom anymore?”

Su Jian: …Young lady Rong, don’t be like that! An Yize you have to stand firm! I don’t want to live here!

An Yize: “Alright. Then I”ll tell Jian Jian that we’ll stay here for a few days.”

Su Jian: “……”


After sending away his mother, An Yize returned to the room. Su Jian shouted as soon as he saw him, “You just promised me that we’d go home!”

An Yize reasoned, “Mom has a good point. There are more people here so it’d be easier to take care of you.”

Su Jian seethed, “I don’t need anyone to take care of me! Wasn’t I just fine by myself before?”

An Yize replied, “But you’ve also got a burned hand now. I can’t help but worry.”

Su Jian retorted, “And you’ll feel better if I’m here? Don’t forget,your mom wouldn’t give me anything to eat earlier!”

An Yize replied, “She won’t treat you like that now! When mom saw you get hurt she was really worried And she doesn’t actually hate you. It’s just the fact that we got married so suddenly without telling her beforehand and she had a hard time accepting it. That’s why she was venting her anger on you. But now that her angers been vented, she probably won’t bully you on purpose anymore.”

Su Jian thought it over, then thought of a problem: “But there’s so many eyes watching us here. It’d be too easy to expose our secret. What if someone found out that we’re faking the marriage?”

An Yize paused, the said, “I’ll do what I’m supposed to do. You should also take care.”

Su Jian: “Take care to do what?”

An Yize: “To show your love towards me that is more solid than gold and deeper than the sea.”

Su Jian: “……”


At bedtime, Su Jian discovered a big problem: Mom’s balls! I actually have to share a bed with An Yize!

Su Jian protested, “Your house is large and has so many bedrooms. You could easily give me any room, So why do we have to share a room?”

An Yize replied, “We’re newlyweds.”

Showing off their love was the pits! Su Jian contended, “Then just tell them that I’m injured right now and that it’s not convenient to sleep with you!”

An Yize calmly responded, “You’re injured. It’s not convenient for you to move around so you doubly can’t stay home alone.”

“I grind my teeth, snore, and kick off the blankets!” Su Jian spared no effort to ruin his own image.

An Yize: “Oh.”

Su Jian had no choice. An Yize suddenly said, “Don’t worry. I won’t do anything to you.”

Su Jian gave him a look. Your mom! Would I, your father, a big manly man, be afraid of you doing something? I, your father, just not want to share a bed with my damned love rival!

Yet the circûmstances forced Su Jian to resign himself to the situation.

Since he had injuries on top of other injuries, it was even harder to bathe. Fortunately, An Yize noticed that and asked a maid to help Su Jian. Su Jian was thoroughly elated at being served by a gentle, cute female servant in the bath.

It was such a pity that when An Yize returned to the room, Su Jian could only send away the maid reluctantly and then lay listlessly on the couch.

When An Yize saw that Su Jian’s long hair was still wet, he grimaced. He hesitated for a moment, before finally walked over to Su Jian while carrying a hair dryer.

Su Jian looked up at him.

An Yize glanced at him. Then, without a word, he started blow drying Su Jian’s long hair.

At first, Su Jian shuddered. Your mom! It was super weird for his love rival to blow dry his hair for him! But An Yize was gentle and the air being blown out of the blow dryer was so warm. It was truly so comfortable! He slowly started enjoying it.

When the blow dryer went quiet, he was already a bit out of it. When he came back to his senses, he discovered that he was laying on An Yize’s lap.

Su Jian immediately glanced up at An Yize. To his surprise, An Yize was silently staring at him.

Su Jian let out a hollow laugh and hurriedly sat up. An Yize gave him a look, then announced, “I’m going to go take a shower.”

“Oh? Oh! Go! Go! Go!” Su Jian’s eyes followed An Yize into the bathroom. Then, he went to lay on the bed, his head drooping.

Bored, he picked up his phone to pass the time before going to bed. Slowly, he became drowsy, and his grip on the cellphone began to loosen automatically.


An Yize had just exited the bathroom when he heard Su Jian’s shout and quickly ran over.

Then, he saw the cellphone that had fallen on Su Jian’s face.

Su Jian’s muddled drowsiness was knocked flying. The word ‘tragedy’ tumbled through his mind. When he saw An Yize standing in front of the bed with a hint of laughter in his eyes, he became angry.

Since his embarrassing moment had been witnessed, he had no basis on which to lose his temper. Su Jian might as well turn over and not let the godly An get to him.

An Yize, with a hint of a smile on his lips, watched as Su Jian fiercely turned her back on him. He didn’t know why he couldn’t remain indifferent. After looking at and pondering over the hump under the covers for a while, An Yize grabbed a pile of docûments, pulled aside the covers, and got into bed.

Su Jian knew An Yize had gotten into bed, but refused to pay him any attention. He was completely awakened by the cell phone smash from earlier, so he simply started to play with his cellphone. The ringing sounds of his game livened up the room.

An Yize frowned, but he didn’t stop her.

Not long after, An Yize came back to his senses from burying himself in docûments and discovered that the sounds of game playing had ceased.

After hesitating for a moment, An Yize turned over.

The girl lay on her side. She still held the phone in her hand by her head, but she had already fallen asleep.

An Yize silently looked at the serene sleeping face that he wouldn’t normally see on a fully awake oddball Su Jian. He then reached over and gently picked up the cellphone lying next to her fair face. He was going to put it on her nightstand when he suddenly remembered that ‘Cellphones emit radiation and shouldn’t be kept near the head area’. Thus, he lifted the covers, got out of bed, and placed the cellphone on the desk at the far side of the room.


The next day, Su Jian woke up in An Yize’s embrace.

Not only was he lying nestled against An Yize, but his hand was on An Yize’s chest and his legs were on top of An Yize’s as well! He was wrapped around An Yize like an octopus.

A half-awake Su Jian immediately suffered a fright.

Holy sh*t! His sleeping posture was so godly!

He remembered that he had a dream last night. In his dream, he finally received the long-anticipated love of a beauty. Thus, the beauty and he closely embraced each other doing this and that. It was without a doubt poignantly charming and gentle to the max…When Su Jian realized that the person who had actually experienced the poignantly charming and gentle event with him was An Yize, he felt like he wanted to die.

Su Jian’s first reaction was to push An Yize away, but then he came to his senses right before he acted. He was the only one aware of this damned embarrassing situation right now. If he woke An Yize, then it would be an enormous embarrassment!

Thus, he could only move his limbs with the utmost care to get away from An Yize.

Who knew that An Yize was going to move suddenly as if he were about to wake up?

Su Jian, who had a guilty conscience, was frightened out of his wits. In a panic, he lost control of the foot he had just quietly lifted in order to sneak away. Not only did he fail to slip away, but his foot touched An Yize’s body!

Su Jian’s eyes widened.

It wasn’t because he was worried about waking An Yize, but rather– HOLY sh*t! What did he just touch??? That shape and feel. Was it possible that it was….

Su Jian reflexively looked up at An Yize.

Then he hopelessly looked on as he discovered that An Yize had opened his eyes and was wide awake, without even a hint of just-awakened stupor.

Su Jian pulled his leg back lightning fast. In order to ease the awkward atmosphere, he blurted, “Umm, that. You’re pretty vigorous, huh?”

An Yize: “……”

With An Yize’s lack of reaction, Su Jian didn’t feel so guilty anymore. He didn’t know why, but his thoughts started to center around the thing he’d just touched. Even though it was just a glancing touch, to Su Jian’s despair, he still felt that that An-surnamed guy… was impressively endowed.

When he thought of his own situation of flown cock and broken eggs, Su Jian couldn’t help but feel his sadness welling up.

Thus, Su Jian couldn’t help but take a few more good looks at An Yize’s crotch.

An Yize: “……”

Su Jian’s heart was filled with remorse: Little Jian Jian. I’m sorry. In the past, you were by my side everyday, but I didn’t know to appreciate you. Yet now, after you’ve left me to go far away, it’s too late for me to repent…

Thus, Su Jian’s gaze moved from An Yize’s crotch to his face. His eyes held immense admiration, jealousy, and a hint of age-old experience.

“Young man, treasure what you have!”

An Yize: “……”

Author’s note:

I saw that many of you dear readers feel that little Su Jian is too obtuse. Actually, he’s not if you take into account that his soul is male. As a straight man, especially one who has had zero experience in love, he is filled with unlimited yearning for beautiful women. No matter how well President An treats him, he wouldn’t get the hint. Who asked President An to be a man? So far he doesn’t have any feelings for President An. Bai Ningxue liking his husband wouldn’t make him feel like she wants to be a homewrecker so he wouldn’t dislike her for it. He’d only feel that goddess Bai is blind for liking An Yize.

So, the first person to fall for the other would have to be President An. The path to love is long and full of hardships. And only President An…quietly…

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