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Chapter 20: Of Course I Fear Your Anger!

Su Jian suddenly lifted his head.

Who else would the travel-worn man who had yet to remove his overcoat and was frowning while staring at him be if not An Yize?

Su Jian had yet to utter a sound before his goddess replied, “Big brother Yize, you’ve come back?”

Mother An was also very surprised. She was enjoying the little slut’s bad luck and didn’t notice that her precious youngest son had returned. Now when she looked at An Yize’s expressionless face, she wasn’t sure why she felt a little uneasy.

An Yize nodded at her and greeted her with a “Mom” then immediately bent down towards Su Jian. Su Jian’s face crumpled in pain as he looked at An Yize in astonishment while he held his arm that had been scalded bright red with a dark expression in his eyes. Then he turned and shouted at a servant in a deep voice, “Hurry up and call for the doctor!”

The servant quickly went in response. Bai Ningxue stood nearby, pitifully biting her lip, “Big brother Yize……”

Only then An Yize spare her a glance. He said indifferently, “Ningxue, stay and talk with my mom.”

Bai Ningxue made a soft noise of agreement. She had only started to continue with “Big brother Yize” when she saw An Yize put one hand on Su Jian’s nape and the other under his knees and pick him up horizontally with one motion. Then, he went upstairs with big strides.

Bai Ningxue’s expression twisted, her eyes reddened, and she bit her lips hard.

In contrast, mother An stared at An Yize’s back, wanting to follow him. But instead hesitantly stood in place before haughtily sitting back at the dining table.


Su Jian was also unhappy.

He was actually princess carried again! An Yize ruined his reputation in front of a goddess again!

After being carried by An Yize to some upstairs bedroom and carefully placing him on the bed, Su Jian continued to glare fiercely at An Yize.  

An Yize’s voice was relatively gentle, “Does it hurt a lot?” All of a sudden, he raised his hand gently stroked the area under Su Jian’s eyes.

Su Jian froze until he took his hand away. He then discovered that An Yize’s fingers were wet.

In a split second, Su Jian became angry and ashamed. Holy sh*t! What was this? I, your father, will never admit to crying!

Thus, An Yize next saw a previously tearful little girl swiftly wipe her face off. Her deathly pale face gradually regained a light flush.

Su Jian saw that An Yize had a hint of a smile on his lips, then angrily said, “Why make a fuss over PMS tears?”

An Yize held her hand and asked, “Are you hurt anywhere else?”

With this reminder, Su Jian felt the extreme pain come on at once. He hissed then shouted in pain, “My leg! I fell on my leg!”

An Yize’s eyes darkened, “The doctor will be here soon. Please bear with it a little bit.”

Su Jian’s face scrunched up then he nodded. Only when his gaze accidentally swept across the room did he take notice of it. The black, white and gray decor was minimal yet familiar so he asked, “Is this your room?”

“An Yize nodded, “Mmhmm.”

Su Jian gave the room an admiring look. When his gaze landed on An Yize again, he suddenly recalled something and asked, “Aren’t you on a business trip? Why did you suddenly come back?.

“The business was concluded, so I came back.”

An Yize didn’t tell him that the steward had secretly called him to tell him that Su Jian had been taken away on his mother’s orders. In truth, when An Yize heard that Su Jian was forcefully taken to the main residence, he immediately passed on any unfinished work to his subordinates who were on the trip with him. Then drove straight to the main residence. He didn’t stop to think as to why he did this. He only knew that his mother didn’t approve of his marriage with Su Jian; his mother’s actions were probably meant to give her a hard time. He only had a business relationship with Su Jian. She didn’t owe him anything so he definitely couldn’t let her take on something like this.

Thus, he hurriedly rushed home. To his surprise, when he set foot in the house he heard a cry of alarm. And after that, he saw Su Jian fall from her seat at the dining table onto the ground.

When he unconsciously rushed over, Su Jian suddenly lifted up her face, meeting his eyes head on. It was only that this girl’s little face had already crumpled and her crystal clear eyes were brimming with tears.

At that moment, An Yize felt his heart skip a beat.

An Yize came back to his senses to discover Su Jian secretly peeking up at him, so he asked, “What is it?”

“Umm, that,” Su Jian awkwardly looked at him, “I get the feeling you’re not mad anymore?”

An Yize was silent for a moment, then he answered, “I wasn’t actually mad.”

Su Jian surveyed him carefully. Even though his expression was still pretty cold, he didn’t look as alienated as he did during their brief Cold War. Thus, Su Jian felt relieved as he slapped An Yize’s arm. “Who are you kidding? If you weren’t angry, then who was it that wouldn’t give me the time of day before this? Ah! It was such an androposal face!”

An Yize’s lips silently twitched. After a period of silence, he suddenly asked, “Do you fear my anger?.

Su Jian looked at him strangely, “Of course I fear your anger! Right now, you’re my employer! I depend on you for food, clothing, and everything! If you lose your temper and wash your hands of me, what would become of me?”

Su Jian could have been wrong, but he felt that An Yize didn’t look too happy even if poker-faced An’s expression was always like that.

Su Jian cackled suddenly, “However, it seems you’re a pretty loyal guy!”

An Yize looked at her smiling eyes. He was speechless for a moment then asked, “My mom…..didn’t give you a hard time, did she?”

Su Jian’s eyes glittered as he enthusiastically asked, “If she did, will there be reparation for mental suffering?”

An Yize: “……”

Seeing An Yize’s stupefied face, Su Jian’s enthusiasm waned. After thinking it over and scratching his head, he said, “To tell you the truth, when I was forcefully brought here under your family’s empress-dowager’s orders, I really thought it would be like those wealthy, evil mother-in-laws bullying the pitiful Cinderella daughter-in-law like in TV dramas. But in the end, other than making me go hungry for a meal, your mom didn’t give me much of a hard time.” On the contrary, I don’t know why, but she mysteriously got angry on her own several times. Ah! An older woman’s mind is very hard to understand!

An Yize explained, “My mom doesn’t mean any harm. It’s just that she wasn’t very happy about our sudden marriage.”

Su Jian laughed, “Yes! Your mom already asked me how much money I wanted to leave you.”

An Yize lifted an eyebrow, “What was your response?”

Su Jian lifted his chin, “I’m a person of great moral integrity. Of course, I said our love is more solid than gold and is deeper than the sea. Money couldn’t tear apart our poignant love.

An Yize: “……”

“Your mom wants me to divorce you,” Su Jian then imitated mother An’s tone, “You’re not good enough for Xiao Ze! I’ve already selected a wife for Xiao Ze! Only a girl like Xue-re would suit our Xiao Ze’!”

An Yize frowned, “In my heart, Ningxue has always been a little sister.”

Su Jian suddenly felt entirely free from worry. He beamed, “I also feel that Miss Bai and you aren’t suited for each other!” Ah! The goddess is best suited to be with me!

An Yize gazed serenely at his smiling face, “Are you very happy?”

“Yes!” This was definitely something to be happy about! The beauty and Mr. Tall, Rich, and Handsome being siblings is something most worthy of being happy about, alright?

An Yize patted his hair as the corner of his mouth involuntarily lifted into a small smile.

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