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Chapter 19: Only Then Did Su Jian Discover That More Than Half Of The Soup That Was Originally Being Carried By Bai Ninxue Had Splashed Onto Him!

Not long after, Su Jian really did meet the goddess he yearned for.

It was unknown whether it had been prearranged by mother An or if she had arrived uninvited, but soon, goddess Xue-er actually descended before Su Jian.

“Xue-er is getting prettier and prettier!” Mother An had a completely different attitude towards the goddess than towards Su Jian.

However, Su Jian was totally not jealous because in his mind he was thinking: Mammamia! Her small hand is so white and tender! I really want to hold it!

The goddess was true to her name, Xue-er. Her skin was fair and her features were clear and elegant, paired with waist-length hair and a graceful white dress. Wherever she stood, be it in the skies or down on the earth, she could only be described as a fascinating beauty.[1]

Starry-eyed Su Jian took the initiative to extend a hand, “He… Hello!”

The goddess lightly shook hands, “Hello, Ms. Su. My name is Bai Ningxue.”

Su Jian stared at her smile that was as beautiful as a white lotus and thought: Ningxue! This name sounds so beautiful! It really matches a goddess’ temperament!

Thus, he shook the goddess’ hand with much gusto, and copped a feel of said hand… then copped another feel. Right when her smile became a bit stiff, he reluctantly let go while he thought excitedly: I touched t! I touched it! Mamma Mia! A small hand is truly soft and tender.

Mother An pulled Bai Ningxue over to the sofa to sit. She purposely ignored Su Jian as she affectionately said to Bai Ningxue, “Xue-er, I heard that lately you’ve been in charge of planning a charity banquet ?”

“The family is actually planning one, but I can’t claim to be in charge of it. I’m only helping out with it,” Bai Ningxue said softly.

“Xue-er, stop being so modest! I, auntie, am certainly aware of how capable you are!” Mother An then started chatting with Bai Ningxue about the planning details of the charity banquet.

Naturally, Su Jian wasn’t able to insert himself into the conversation. Mother An brought up this topic in order to make him feel inferior and embarrass him. The whole time, she didn’t spare Su Jian a glance as if he didn’t even exist, but she was secretly peeking at him from the corner of her eyes and hoping to see the awkwardly embarrassed expression on his face.

Who would have known that there wasn’t even a hint of awkward embarrassment on Su Jian’s face? On the contrary, he looked at Bai Ningxue with stars in his eyes.

As it turned out, the goddess wasn’t just beautiful on the outside but was even more beautiful on the inside!

A loser’s goddess worshipping method was immediately activated. Without even batting an eyelash, Su Jian had crowded closer to the goddess’ side. He contentedly stared at the goddess’ fair and flawless skin. When he came back to his senses, he discovered that the goddess was directing a lovely smile towards him.

Su Jian was of a mind to get close to his goddess so he opened his mouth and found a topic to strike up a conversation with, “Can I inquire as to Miss Bai’s hobbies?”

Bai Ningxue lightly brushed back her hair, then said softly, “I usually like to do charitable work, listen to some musical concerts, and sometimes I’ll go to art exhibitions. Lately, the one I like is Peter Paul Rubens. I spend the rest of my time reading. My favorite book is Elfriede Jelinek’s ‘Die Klavierspielerin.” She smiled lightly as she spoke, “Can I inquire as to Miss Su’s hobbies?”

Su Jian scratched his head, “Does DOTA count?”

Bai Ningxue’s smile fell slightly, “What is that?”

Su Jian perked up at once, “DOTA is a thrilling game. If Miss Bai is interested, I can teach you!”

Bai Ningxue pressed her lips then smiled as she said, “That’s not necessary. I’m not really interested in that kind of thing.”

Su Jian was somewhat worried. If the goddess had no interest in DOTA, they couldn’t continue talking about it. He currently had not thought of another topic of conversation! That being said, what would the goddess be interested in talking about….

Right when he was racking his brains, his goddess brought up a topic on her own, “Miss Su. Big brother Yize… how has he been recently?”

Big brother Yize? Right! That guy An Yize and the goddess were childhood friends! Su Jian wailed, “AO. AO. AO.” He was really despicable! Su Jian’s heart was filled with envy, jealousy, and hatred as he replied, “Ah! He’s doing great!”

A small thread of grief flashed in Bai Ningxue’s eyes, “Then I can be at ease. I grew up with big brother Yize. He was always protecting me and not letting anyone bully me. He completely adored me…”

Su Jian thought: Goddess, if I grew up with you, I’d also completely adore you

“After we grew up, if there was a man who liked me, he would get very angry after he found out…”

Su Jian thought: Holy sh*t! I’d be angry if it were me, too! A goddess was not for an ordinary person to lust after!

“He fought other boys for me and even got hurt. My heart was both pained and delighted when…”

Su Jian thought: When that jerk, An Yize, sees a goddess shed tears for him, he must be secretly pleased to death! Anyhow, An-poker face has actually been in a fight? Mammamia! I suddenly have an urge to learn all about this?

“Brother Yize is the most important person in my life. Even though I didn’t get the opportunity to take care of him for life, I hope he has a lifetime of happiness…”

Su Jian thought: Goddess! What do you mean? Do you truly like An Yize that much? An-surnamed guy! You better come out! Let’s fight!

“Miss Su, I don’t know why big brother Yize would suddenly marry you, but, no matter what, I hope you can take good care of him because his happiness isn’t only his business but rather my whole world.”

Su Jian thought: Goddess! Do you have to be so infatuated? My eggs are smashed! Or… wait…  my heart’s smashed!

Mother An heard this and was moved. She pulled on Bai Ningxue’s hand and heart-achingly said, “Silly child. It’s been hard on you.”

Bai Ningxue shook her head, “It’s alright, auntie. As long as big brother Yize is happy, I’m willing to withstand any hardships.”

Mother An sucked in a breath, turned to look at Su Jian, and promptly glared with wide, round eyes, “It’s all because of you! If you didn’t seduce our Xiao Ze, Xue-er and Xiao Ze would have been together by now!”

Su Jian said, “Mom, you’re wrong here. How could I ever successfully seduce Yize?”

Mother An looked askance at him, then snorted, “At least you’re self-aware!”

Su Jian continued, “Clearly, he seduced me.” When he saw Su-girly’s purity and innocence, he used money to seduce Su-girly or something like that.

Mother An: “……”

Su Jian saw Bai Ningxue’s face was a bit pained and thought she was still full of sorrow. He decided to comfort the goddess thoroughly. Thus he said, “Actually, Miss Bai, you really don’t need to grieve. An Yize isn’t as great as you think he is.”

Mother An said angrily, “What did you say?”

Su Jian paid mother An no mind, and said to Bai Ningxue, “This guy’s poker-faced and doesn’t like smiling. Think about how vexing it is to live together with him and see that everyday! Also, this guy is a terrible cook! You simply can’t choke down his cooking! And also, this guy is already thirty, but he still follows stars! Can’t you see how childish he is! What’s even scarier is that this guy is petty! If you accidentally say something wrong, he can ignore you for half a month! It’s simply unbearable!”

Bai Ningxue paled even more, “Big brother Yize cooked for you?”

Seeing that she had heard him, Su Jian hurriedly nodded, “Yes, but this guy can’t even tell the difference between salt and sugar! What else can he do? So you don’t really need to be sad. There are plenty more fish in the sea! Why bother having an unrequited love for An Yize?” Ah! Goddess, you can consider an honest, sincere, tender, and good man like me!

Bai Ningxue forced out a smile with much effort, but it was truly a bit stiff.

Yet, Su Jian didn’t notice her expression and was only focused on persuading her, “What’s more, An Yize is a married man and is no longer wrapped in his original packaging. Miss Bai, why should you continue to like used goods?” A pure virginal man like me who has never been married or dated anyone is truly the highest quality choice, alright?

This time, Bai Ningxue couldn’t even force a small smile and the corner of her mouth was continuously twitching.

On the contrary, mother An was furious. She angrily said, “You actually dare to resent Yize?”[2]

Only then did Su Jian realize that he actually said that the son wasn’t very good in front of his mother! Could he really rely on someone else’s mother? Thus, he hurriedly backtracked, “Naturally, I don’t resent him! After all, when I married him, he was still in his original packaging!”

Mother An: “……”


This conversation ended with mother An shaking from anger as she pulled Bai Ningxue upstairs so that she never had to speak to that little slut Su Jian ever again.

Su Jian felt completely regretful because he wasn’t able to have a heart-to-heart with the goddess.

Fortuitously, he soon received news that the goddess would stay for dinner!

Su Jian was suddenly filled with anticipation.

Even though mother An didn’t invite him, Su Jian didn’t seem to care. When dinnertime came around, Su Jian sat himself down of his own accord at the dining table. He also went out of his way to pick the seat right next to the goddess so that he could enjoy beauty with his meal.

Su Jian was in a great mood so when the dishes were served, he didn’t seem to care about the purposefully differential treatment by mother An in not letting him have any food while preparing a whole table of fine cuisine for Bai Ningxue. He only glanced at the goddess’ face from time to time.

Luckily, mother An didn’t shoo him away even if she wouldn’t look directly at Su Jian at all. From beginning to end, she only spoke to Bai Ningxue as if she didn’t see Su Jian.

Bai Ningxue understood what was going on and knew how to behave in a delicate situation. She naturally played along with mother An and conversed with her in a few topics that prevented Su Jian from getting a word in edgewise.

However, Su Jian didn’t feel isolated at all but rather ate and listened happily. Ah! Uncle chef makes some tasty dishes! Mammamia! The goddess’ voice sounds so soft and gentle! It sounds so good!

“Auntie, eat this! This is really good for you.“ Bai Ningxue took the initiative to grab some of the food and serve it to mother An in exchange for a loving smile. “Xue-er is so considerate!”

Bai Ningxue beamed. She stole a glance out of the corner of her eyes and was stunned for a moment at seeing Su Jian looking straight at her. She softly said, “Miss Su, please don’t be shy. This lobster was just flown over from France. It wouldn’t be easy to have this anywhere aside from this place!”

Su Jian was in awe of the honor, looked at Bai Ningxue with sparkling eyes, then said, “Th… Thank you!”

Bai Ningxue pursed her lips into a smile. Her gaze shifted slightly and chanced upon a servant bringing over the soup. She got up to take the soup.

Su Jian was tasting the lobster recommended by the goddess when he suddenly heard a cry of alarm. The next moment, he felt a hot sensation on his arm followed by a wave of burning pain.

Only then did Su Jian realize that more than half of the soup that was originally being carried by Bai Ninxue had splashed onto him!

Holy sh*t!! Su Jian jumped up suddenly from the pain, but he forgot that he was currently half-disabled. Thus, with his unsteady body, he fell down on the floor. It was even more unfortunate that his injured leg took the brunt of the fall. Subsequently, his injured leg began to throb in unbearable pain.

In a split second, Su Jian’s cheeks were streaming with tears: Your mom! Do I really have to be so pathetic…

Bai Ningxue was alarmed as she came from aside to help him up, “I’m so sorry! I didn’t do it on purpose! Miss Su, are you alright?”

Su Jian had wanted to comfort the goddess a bit so she wouldn’t feel guilty but he was helpless because his wound hurt too badly. He wasn’t able to recover his breath and could only scrunch up his face, and suck in air through clenched teeth. ‘Ss. ss’ There was no way he could utter a sound.

Right when they were in the midst of the chaos and turmoil, a deep voice suddenly rang out.

“What is going on here?”


[1]The xue in Xue-er means snow. The last part was supposed to be describing her with four words, but that couldn’t be translated into English with each individual character.

[2]Also means criticizing him

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