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Chapter 4: Future Karma

Before her eyes was an unusually good looking man, as white as jade, standing there calmly; this peerless talent caused the spirit and soul to be upside down[1].

A Lian immediately raised her head, foolishly sizing up his appearance, the corners of her mouth unable to stay down and she couldn’t help but say,

“High God Rong Lin looks even more handsome than he did two hundred years ago!”

No one liked to be praised, and at first, he was unhappy with her “offense”, but now was not a good time to scold her. The principle of not reaching out to hit a smiling face was also true in heaven. She at once crawled to his feet, and just like that she appeared butt naked before him, without a single strip of cloth to cover her. Her silvery fish tail swung excitedly, seemingly in a good mood.

A silver carp that had cultivated for three hundred years, was also a young girl. Her development was noticeably better off than the other silver carps.

Rong Lin frowned slightly, faintly narrowing his eyes.


A Lian was excited, completely immersed in the moment, then realizing that she was holding on to the High God’s trousers, and that it was offensive, she quickly retracted her hand, intending to get up and greet him properly.Then she stood up.

A slightly surprised Rong Lin, was shocked by her manners.

“High God Rong Lin…..” A Lian was filled with words she wished to speak to him, not expecting that as soon as she got up, a snow colored robe dropped from the sky[2], fell onto her body, and just wrapped her up. A Lian stared blankly, then bent her head and extended her hands to grasp the embroidered gown on her body. Lifting her eyes she said,

“This is High God’s robe!”

Sure enough, the High God she worshipped, nevertheless was kindhearted and considerate.

It was only a robe, so Rong Lin felt there was nothing to be excited about. Since the clothes were intact, he did not need to avoid her, and saw her two large glossy watery eyes full of admiration, gazing happily and excitedly at himself. He had never seen this kind of expression. Heaven had many immortal females, who looked at him with shy charming gazes, but to be able to look completely undisguised like her, it was the first one.

Rong Lin thought about it, then with the strategic move he habitually used, coldly narrowed his eyes, since it was unreasonable to leave, he decided to give her his tall cold back.

Just as he turned around, he noticed his right arm was held tightly.

In a daze, Rong Lin leaned excessively towards the side, his upper body facing and leaning towards the smiling blossom-like girl. Unexpectedly, he did not know what to do at that moment. He usually incurred peach blossoms[3]: everywhere he went he was surrounded by the immortal females. He also had a good temperament—even though he was dissatisfied at times, he took into consideration the immortal females’ reputations, and was polite in manner and tactful. But knowing this did not deter others, instead it unexpectedly attracted even more peach blossoms. After that, he figured out this cold high class method so he was being deliberately unreasonable even though it was not his style, had actually saw very obvious results. He had also looked in the mirror, and his coldly indifferent appearance, was indeed a bluff.

He grimaced with displeasure; he did not think the fish demon actually had the manner of sounding out the difficulties and retreating to avoid defeat[4], but on the contrary began to grope him!


A Lian never anticipated that it would be anywhere possible, that today she would unexpectedly meet High God Rong Lin in this place. She pulled his arm, not knowing the slightest bit of modesty, and murmured,

“If I had known I could meet High God here for the first time in the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion, I would have come here to swim right away!” So that she could see the High God earlier.

With things having reached this stage, Rong Lin also had no choice but to take up conversation, and said,

“You met me to do what?”

A Lian paused, holding back a smile, quietly said,

“Does High God not remember me?”

Rong Lin did not speak. He indeed did not remember her.

Although A Lian’s heart was a little disappointed, however, she understood that the noble High God was a busy person, how would he remember her, a small silver carp.

“Two hundred years ago, at Dongze Lake, if not for High God appearing and saving me from a fisherman, I’m afraid I would not be alive now… you remember? You were holding my belly and touching my head, then put me in the water and said ‘next time don’t be naughty, stay in the water and don’t let anyone catch you,’ I remembered High God’s words and from then on stayed at the bottom of the lake, not daring to come up casually,” she said.

The noble High God was certainly too busy to remember this matter. He has always been kind, unable to bare hurting even flowers and grass, the exertion of lifting one’s hand[5] to save the life of a fish, wasn’t important either. It really seemed as though throughout these thirty thousand years, he had done good deeds. Saving people, or immortal demons, the number was considerable, and he remembered where all lived.

A Lian tried hard to describe the circûmstances at that time, wanting him to remember, even if all there was, was just a little impression. Seeing that he did not have even the least bit of recollection, she frowned sadly and said,

“You, you really don’t remember?” Her naturally small snow white face was agitated and flushed red, and with eyes downcast and eyelashes fluttering, actually looked somewhat pitiful.

Perhaps being somewhat moved, he opened his mouth and said,

“It seems there is some recollection.”

Hearing his words, she lifted her head again, eyes shining, excitedly said,


“En.” He grunted in agreement.

Rong Lin looked at the fish demon happily smiling before him, and indifferently considered.


[1]Idiom meaning to be infatuated or head over heels.

[2]Idiom meaning to appear out of the blue.

[3]Idiom for love affair.

[4]Idiom meaning to back out of an awkward situation.

[5]Idiom meaning very slight effort.

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