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Chapter 3: High God

Even though Tian Luo did not know much, nevertheless she had heard of the War God Rong Lin’s reputation. In Heaven, there were only two beings which could be called High Gods: one was a descendant of the God Race, the innate divine boned High God Xiao Bai; the other one, High God Rong Lin. She had spent a few days at the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion, so naturally she knew how many female disciples adored those two people.

In the past, the Six Realms were different. At that time, the strict and impartial heavenly administrative system did not allow different races to love each other, and furthermore, it tolerated the taboo master-disciple love even less. Nowadays, those laws had all became invalid, and having female disciples liking those two High Gods was no longer a big deal. However those pedantic ideas were still deep-rooted within the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion, and even if they were not allowed, they were mostly teachers who did not want anything to do with their female disciples. And even if they did, it was nothing more than a short lasting love affair that didn’t mean much.

Tian Luo looked at A Lian, and had to say that although the two sea clan women boasted noble origins, and considered everyone else beneath them, at the present, A Lian was ethereal like water, charming and attractive. It was extremely difficult to imagine that this clan could also have someone with such remarkable features like A Lian. If you looked at the face, A Lian was not without opportunities.

While looking at A Lian’s beautiful white skin, large chest and slender waist, Tian Luo who often envied her said,  “If only I was as white as you are.”

One beauty hides three uglies, the girl did not dislike herself for being too white. Tian Luo was born in a pond, so the environment and her ethnicity made it such that when she changed into her human form, she was a little darker than the average girl.

Nevertheless, A Lian thought Tian Luo looked good this way.

However,  A Lian had spent a few days at the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion, yet did not have the opportunity to see High God Rong Lin, not even the hem of his clothes was seen. Tian Luo,  seeing her expression wither, then comfortingly said, “Most of the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion is taken care of by High God Xiao Bai, High God Rong Lin does not frequently come around. I know those two men are close friends, and anyhow, they must have dealings with each other daily, so you still have a chance to see him.”

A depressed A Lian watered the soil in the flower pot; it was here that the top seeds were cultivated. All newly entered disciples had this kind of seed which was said to be able to grow to produce spiritual beasts. Spiritual beasts’ ranks were closely related to their master, and because A Lian’s cultivation was low, the spiritual beast seeds which had grown, were mostly common ones.

With Tian Luo’s comforting words, A Lian felt much more at ease in her mind.

After she finished watering the seeds, A Lian planned to go with Tian Luo to the Blue Wave pond at the back of the mountain to swim together.

By sheer coincidence, however, the two sea clan women also went.

Yi Zhang, the one wearing the dark green dress, began to complain about how unfair the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion was, “…Cousin Yi Gui, what did you say that little jujube demon was?  How can she live alone on the Island of Immortals? While we, as sea clan noble women, must actually stay together with those two country bumpkins.”

These two sea clan women — Yi Zhang’s temper was rude and unreasonable, while Yi Gui had a lofty cold looking appearance. However, the two women’s appearances and family backgrounds were all outstanding, and having arrived in the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion for no more than two days, they were already garnering attention.  

A Lian and Tian Luo looked at each other in dismay, knowing that the ‘hillbilly’ Yi Zhang spoke of referred to the two of them.


Yi Gui wore a white skirt made from immortal vapor which fluttered in the wind, but it was difficult to hide her innately salty, fishy smell. She grew up with this younger female cousin, and knew that she handled all matters without using her brain but, the more she did so, the more she liked to stay with her, because this way it could bring out her good. Hearing Yi Zhang being this indignant, Yi Gui’s heart was not moved even a little.

When she was at the East Sea, Yi Gui was like the stars cupping themselves around the moon[1]. The Ninth Heavenly Pavilion was not the East Sea, and they could only obey the plans of the higher-ups. She lived with Yi Zhang and two women from the lake pond.  Although it lowered her status, she could be incorporated into the pavilion of the new disciples, even though she was a heavenly descendant, because that was the arrangement.

But now, that small unknown jujube demon was unexpectedly given an exception to live on the Island of Immortals, even though this was the Ninth Pavilion disciple’s highest ranked residence. ‘Do not worry about scarcity, but rather about uneven distribution’[2], this was exactly what it meant.

A Lian and Tian Luo understood the temperament of the two sea clan women somewhat. At best, they were quick to carry out misunderstandings caused by gossip. However, contrary to expectations, they haven’t had any unreasonable problems since arriving, so now neither of them cared.

But on the way to the back of the mountain, Tian Luo said, “That small jujube demon, I’ve seen it a few times in the past few days…” she looked around, then finally moved extremely close to A Lian’s ear,  and softly said, “I saw her and High God Xiao Bai together.”

A Lian’s eyes widened.

She was born beautiful, and even though her status was below several others, the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion still had several senior male disciples to take care of her.  As she was slow, she could never remember the names of those senior male disciples. In her mind, she only remembers High God Rong Lin who never appeared in public. But she was currently not beside High God Rong Lin, so she was not concerned with others’ presence. At least, this High God Xiao Bai, she also knew somewhat.

High God Xiao Bai was in charge of the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion, and if he was the one to make arrangements, then it was possible that the new jujube demon was able to live alone on the Island of Immortals. In that case, it made sense.

The only time A Lian had ever seen High God Xiao Bai was at the entrance ceremony. He had a naturally pure and honest elegant aura, and was handsome beyond compare. What was even rarer, was that he was a High God without airs, and a gentle and elegant appearance. This High God Xiao Bai, who was also High God Rong Lin’s friend, was well known for his distinction between public and private matters, never accepting a bribe. How could he make an exception for that little jujube demon?

Tian Luo again said, “I saw that small jujube demon, and her appearance is by far inferior to yours. A Lian, if you fool around with High God Rong Lin, next time you won’t have to suffer living with those two sea clan women either. When that time comes, I might also be able to receive benefit through association.

A Lian puffed out her cheeks, and confidently said,  “When did I say I was going to hook up with High God Rong Lin?”

“But don’t you like him?” Tian Luo asked.

A Lian nodded,  “Yes, I do like him.”

The circumstances in which Tian Luo grew, caused her to be spoiled by her parents from childhood. She did not like to study, and naturally, her parents did not force her. It had been a while, but inevitably she was somewhat unable to keep up with the educational level; her phrasing could not normally distinguish between negative and positive connotations.

The two people no longer spoke about the matter, and instead talked about how that jujube demon really wasn’t a common small demon, but had a large behind-the-scenes supporter.


At the Blue Wave pond behind the mountain, A Lian and Tian Luo both took off their clothing, and a ‘plop’ sound followed as they jumped into the pond. A circle of ripples washed up on the surface of the water, then it gradually became serene. The next moment, there was a ‘hua’ sound.

The girl’s black hair draped over her shoulders and spread out onto the surface of the water. A fair and lustrously smooth face, glittered with water as the droplets slowly fell down the cheeks, gathering onto the chin and slender jade-like neck, creating a beauty that shook one to the core.

Even though A Lian could transform into a human form, because of her race, only when in the water was she most comfortable and carefree. A Lian folded her lips, lowering her head to submerge into the water. Lustrous waves swept across the water’s surface, immediately splashing droplets everywhere.

She swam to the bottom of the pond, looking at the big snail stuck to the rocks, and swept it with her tail. 

“I’ll go for a swim and come back to you later. Be careful, don’t let anyone catch you.”

‘Gulugulu’.  Tian Luo comfortably spoke, spitting out bubbles.

After being without water for a few days, A Lian swam to her heart’s content. Swimming until finally, she might as well have turned into a swimming model.


A white, healthy and plump big-headed carp’s tail randomly moved back and forth through the Blue Wave pond.

Not knowing where she’d ended up swimming, A Lian passed through layers of water plants, when suddenly not far off, she saw two long straight pillars submerged beneath the water. A Lian’s eyes were usually somewhat fuzzy, especially in water, so some things did not look clear, and naturally, the shape of the pillars were vague.    

After all, the sea had the Dinghai Godly Needle[3], but in the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion’s pond, a pillar was not an unusual thing.

During these past few days, the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion’s gold and jade in various splendor[4], had been experienced. And so, A Lian felt that even though the pond was full of bricks it was nothing to be surprised about. She bit her tail, advancing towards the crack in the two pillars. As she swam past, her tail lightly swept over the pillars.  Then thinking it would be fun, she went back and forth.

After passing through several times, A Lian shook her tail to swim a little up the pillar. Appearing between the two pillars was a large soft flexible thing covered with moss, resembling the form a fully fledged bird. In short, the creation was quite unique.

A Lian suddenly remembered the words of that sea clan Yi Zhang, “country bumpkin”. Looking at the thing in front of her, A Lian actually felt like she really was a country bumpkin, totally unable to understand this Ninth Heavenly Pavilion’s artisan’s design.

A Lian paused to take a look, habitually wanting to peck[5] a few times. At that moment, the water suddenly began to spin upwards.

A Lian was swallowed deep inside the whirlpool, causing the entire fish to become dizzy, then a powerful force slapped her, and was followed by a “papa” sound. Then suddenly she was slapped from underwater and onto the shore.

The plump silver carp straightened, and a moment later it returned to the half human body of a young lady. The girl’s entire body was dripping wet, and disheveled black butt-length hair stuck to her chest. The young face, because of severe dizziness had become deathly pale. She opened her eyes slightly, looking at the cloud printed boots right in front of her eyes.

‘What?’ she suddenly thought, face lifting with joy, as she reached out and grabbed the leg of his trousers.

“High God Rong Lin!”


[1]Idiom from the Analects meaning to group around a revered leader.

[2]Idiom from the Analects of Confucius

[3]Another name for the golden cudgel weapon wielded by Sun Wukong in Journey To The West

[4]Idiom meaning a dazzling sight.

[5]Carps poke and peck things that interest them.

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