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Chapter 16: Star Performer

The next day was Sir Chong Xu’s class. Sir Chong Xu was known to be stringent, and seeing that A Lian, this bighead carp, who had neither a powerful background supporter, nor was she proficient in magic, but unexpectedly still dared to arrive late; he was on the verge of expelling her, and so made her stand still in the corridor with a book on her head.

A Lian was usually quiet and lovable, but nevertheless it was the first time she had met with this kind of trouble. After Sir Chong Xu’s class ended, Tian Luo supported her back into the room, and kneaded her arms and thighs for her. With a deeply concerned look she said,

“Are you not sore and achy?”

A Lian shook her head,

“Its nothing.”

Tian Luo handed over some water as she seemed thirsty, but seeing her loudly drinking it down, she became worried. Afterall, she had been standing for no less than two hours.

“What did you do last night? Why did you just return this morning?” Tian Luo asked.

A Lian clasped the cup of water with both hands, and thinking about last night’s matter, she couldn’t help but knit her brows. Last night, after returning from the Enlightenment Temple, High God had demanded to carry her back to the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion. Originally it had been fine, so she had answered High God’s question about what Fairy Hong Qiao had previously asked her, but then his face immediately sunk, and without saying a word, he threw her down from the clouds, causing her to immediately fall into a nearby river.

She was a stranger there, and was confused and disoriented for a long while, then following the river, she swam for quite some time before finally arriving at the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion. And so, naturally she’d returned late. However, Tian Luo was exceptionally excited, and straining to lower her voice, asked,

“You…You and High God were together overnight?”

Although A Lian was a fish, she was not confused nor ignorant, and immediately her whole face became red, and lowering her eyes, she lightly shook her head.

Tian Luo was somewhat disappointed. Then, thinking of that High God’s handsome face, tall body and slender and powerful legs, she tightly gripped her friend’s hand, and encouragingly said,

“The pavilion closest to the water enjoys the moonlight first[1]; you walk close to High God, and carefully seize an opportunity to win him over soon, and devote your energy to him…” she winked, then with emphasis continued, “but at the same time, a fish should have ambition—go forward! Face him!”

Hearing this, A Lian blushed, but hurriedly said,

“I’m only a fish, how could I dare to tarnish High God’s jade body? Tian Luo, you should not make such irresponsible remarks.”

However Tian Luo was given free rein to quickly cause disputes. And she only thought her friend was young and good-looking, with large breasts and a small waist; but depending solely on this to achieve great ambitions, was rather a pity.  


Although A Lian had provoked High God’s anger last night, nevertheless she spoke and kept one’s promise[2], and so kept the thing she’d promised earlier in mind.

A Lian politely refused Bai Xun’s kindness, and then went to the Bright Moon House after school.

The Bright Moon House’s shopkeeper, Immortal Meng Ji, personally interviewed her, and looking her up and down, he unhurriedly said,

“You actually look like a student, your stature is also not bad. However, our Bright Moon House’s threshold is very high, and we did not plan to look for another person in five hundred years, however… You were personally introduced by High God, so I will make an exception and receive you.”

This was precisely the benefit of having a background supporter. But if one wanted to make an acquaintance with High God, one must get used to gaining influence through unofficial channels.

“Many thanks to Immortal, A Lian will work with determination and not turn her back on Immortal’s appreciation,” A Lian gratefully said.


Far away, inside High God’s Ninth Heavenly Free and Unfettered Hall, he gazed into the Lake Mirage. He saw the small fish demon in the corridor with a stack of books on her head, barely able to stand still, and fine sweat dripping down her reddened face.  

His brimming anger disappeared in an instant.

Corporally punishing a disciple… It seemed that this Chong Xu did not intended to ask for this year’s bonus.

Rong Lin slowly walked back into the palace hall, and lifting his robe to sit, gazed at the small realistic phoenix carving. His bright and handsome appearance was covered with a rare small cloud of worry. Originally, due to kindness, he had helped this small fish demon repeatedly, even twisting honor to give her preferential treatment.

But he clearly knew her own errant thoughts toward him… This fascination was precisely a very large worry. Over the past many thousand years, High God had not dared to get too close to any immortal females because of this reason.

Last night, even though that small fish demon’s expression was ignorant and naive, how could he not see her secret intentions? But, three hundred years of cultivation was nothing of consideration in front of him.

However, because she was infatuated with him in this way, naturally she was able to recognize fairy Hong Qiao’s admiring intentions towards him. And seeing that, when he and Fairy Hong Qiao stood together, it was more natural than the two of them, for a moment, such thoughts must have surged within her, causing her to give such a vague declaration and make the fairy doubt his moral character. But he had always avoided immorality, so how could he cause her to tarnish his reputation like this?

He had been furious, and soon afterwards he’d thrown the small fish demon into a nearby river. At that moment, his heart had felt humiliated and angry, making him simply unwilling to see her again. But the small fish demon was unfamiliar with the place, and after changing directions many times, without any other option, she was forced to turn back again. Only when he finally watched her swim back to the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion, did he feel relieved.

Rong Lin thought; this small fish demon had such deep feelings for him at such a young age, and even though he’d turned a blind eye, emotions couldn’t always be controlled. After the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion’s newly entered disciple competition was finished, this small fish demon wouldn’t have any reason to be entangled with him again—when the time came he would leave and travel for a few hundred years, which would also easily make the small fish demon stop thinking about him.

Thus, believing this, Rong Lin relaxed slightly with a deep breath. Since he had already finished planning, he returned to the matter of the small fish demon’s behavior clearly insulting his reputation, and decided to forgive her for her youth.

Being merciful and virtuous could also be considered as doing good deeds.

After a while, Rong Lin’s forehead smoothed out, and his mood became a lot better. So, when Xiao Bai came in and saw his cheerful expression, he then opened his mouth and asked him to drink wine together.


Last time, because of the matter of A Lian entering the Secluded Department, Rong Lin had become somewhat unhappy with Xiao Bai. But now, seeing that Xiao Bai was taking the rare initiative to come over and be friendly, naturally Rong Lin was also no longer ostentatious.

Speaking rare words, Xiao Bai said,

“In regards to that day’s matter, I was not very careful. I did not know you cared about that small fish demon so much.” After speaking, he smiled at the phoenix carving, and took a feather light glance at Rong Lin.

Rong Lin’s expression subtly changed somewhat, and after that, he indifferently said,

“Even if there are other flowers and plants, I also treat everyone favourably.”

Xiao Bai did not say anymore.

The two High Gods decided to honour Bright Moon House with their presence, letting the golden glittering restaurant increase even more with the deities’ splendor. Shopkeeper Immortal Meng Ji smiled, then went out to personally welcome them, and upon seeing the two High Gods, politely greeted and chatted. Then Immortal Meng Ji lead the two men in.

But Rong Lin’s mood was not good.

Standing outside the restaurant, was the small fish demon in a revealing outfit, looking a bit sluggish. That small fish demon was normally dressed very innocently—what was this skirt she wore today?

The skirt was extremely close fitting, and even though the upper part of her body was completely covered, on the other hand, it made her exquisite womanly figure even more pronounced…..As she stood to the side and looked over in his direction, he saw her skirt move to and fro, splitting open to expose her shining white thighs and perfectly straight, slim lower legs. Rong Lin’s heart thumped. Had she given up on herself like this, and stayed here to stroke her hair coquettishly, because he had thrown her into the river?

Immortal Meng Ji followed Rong Lin’s gaze, falling on the beautiful woman stationed outside to welcome guests. Even though it was not the first time he’d seen this damn younger sister’s womanly figure, now, as he took a glance, he could not help but widen his eyes slightly.

Immortal Meng Ji smiled and said,

“The natural endowments of this fish High God recommended isn’t bad. Since she started standing outside to welcome guests today, our restaurant has had twenty percent more customers than usual…” saying this, he happily raised two slender fingers, and seeing that High God did not speak, he continued, “…I am ready to spend money to hold on to this bighead carp, I want to make her the star performer here.”


[1]Idiom meaning to benefit from intimacy with an influential person.

[2]Idiom meaning as good as one’s word.

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