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Chapter 15: Moonlight

Rong Lin turned towards the water and fished around with a hand. When he felt that exceptionally smooth and soft body, he immediately took her arm, and pulled her straight up.

Just now, A Lian had changed into her original fish form, so as to tickle High God’s itch[1], and appease his anger. If not for High God wanting to have a fair competition, she would not have done her best, so if she had yielded to High God, the competition would have been meaningless. However, just as she made a happy “chu” sound, he pulled her up. And with a “huala” sound, a wet head broke out of the water with Its jade-like neck slightly raised, revealing High God’s handsome and distinctive appearance.

Rong Lin wanted to reprimand her right then, but seeing a lotus-like appearance come out of the clear water, in High God’s ten thousand years, he was unexpectedly somewhat stumped for words.


The silver carp’s true form was normally average. With the exception of having a big head, it also had one other characteristic feature, however, her human form was especially beautiful. But she was still young, so if she grew up a little more, even High God found it hard to imagine how good looking she would possibly be.

His lips opened slightly, his vision slowly falling on her face, her eyebrows, her eyes, and then her petal lips…

The moonlight was vast, and the brightest beam fell on her body. Within the hazy moonlight, her jet black hair, snow white face and dark red lips were all extremely beautiful. The water inside the pond was distinctly ice cold, however, Rong Lin felt somewhat hot— intolerably hot; it was strange yet also odd.

He gazed at her small pursed lips, darkly colored eyes, the movement of her throat, and the arm that held her shoulders embraced her slightly. He slowly bent his head, gradually approaching her eyes and face, not looking at anything else.

“High God.” He suddenly heard her call out and he gave a soft, light low “en” in response. They were too close; even their breathing was mixed, making it difficult to tell each other’s apart.

Below the moon the beauty’s brow suddenly furrowed, and feeling a bit wronged, she pouted her small mouth,

“I, I twisted my neck.”


Within the Enlightenment Temple, there was a young man with a refined bearing clothed in a wide robe with large sleeves, silently admiring Fairy Goddess Hong Qiao as she played chess.

“Senior brother Fu Zhu doesn’t need to help me,” Fairy Hong Qiao said.

Fu Zhu smiled, his hand pausing slightly. The man who had been living for ten thousand years, now blushed somewhat, and said,

“Junior sister, I haven’t helped.” He lifted his head to glance at the appearance of the woman sitting across from him, which caused both old and young males’ hearts to beat incessantly. However, he was a true master, and used the encounter to admire her. Normally however, with just a single look at her face, the average man would become confused and unable to think clearly.

While they were playing chess, outside, servant Xiao Tong hurriedly arrived. Seeing him, Fu Zhu frowned and then said,

“Don’t you see I’m entertaining my honored guest?”

Servant Xiao Tong was also embarrassed, and moving close, he whispered a few sentences into Fu Zhu’s ears. The two of Fu Zhu’s fingers holding the black stone in between them suddenly exerted power, and as cold as ice, he said,

“Not meeting!”

Fairy Hong Qiao didn’t ask. However Fu Zhu was deeply afraid of his junior sister misunderstanding him; and immediately sighing, he quickly said,

“It’s only a common headache and fever, it should be fine with a good night’s sleep. But deliberately coming in the middle of the night to disturb people, isn’t he too free? My Enlightenment Temple is not charity.”

Fu Zhu’s medical expertise enjoyed a flourishing reputation in heaven, but with such an eccentric temperament, even if patients could get treated by this deity, extorting more than half of the family wealth was not a trivial common matter. Therefore, as long as it was not an urgent ailment, others would prefer to find another doctor, and were unwilling to come to the Enlightenment Temple.

Fairy Hong Qiao nodded approvingly.

She then saw that Xiao Tong come in, and looking like he wanted to sob, he then knelt down with a “putong” and said,

“Master, High God Rong Lin said if you could not go out, he would come in by himself, we…..we cannot block his passage. You must hurriedly go out and look.”

High God Rong Lin…

Fu Zhu’s heart made a “gedeng” sound. Hearing these words, he hurriedly inclined his head to look at the junior sister sitting opposite him. Sure enough, he saw Fairy Hong Qiao’s face change from its aloof and remote goddess bearing, her skirt moving to and fro as she smilingly got up, her eyes widening slightly, as she asked,

“High God Rong Lin came?”


Fairy Hong Qiao had admired High God Rong Lin for many years, but High God Rong Lin was a High God who was usually hard to get hold of or even get a glimpse of his tail. She rarely had an opportunity to meet him, but recently they’d met repeatedly.

She happily went out to see him, and prepared to show her best posture before High God. However, what she saw was the graceful, tall and handsome High God with a small beautiful young girl at his side. Fairy Hong Qiao’s expression froze, and she suddenly recalled that day at her elder brother’s wedding reception when High God had taken the initiative to ask her about a ruqun.

It was because of her….

However, in the end, a fairy was a fairy, and she quite quickly adjusted to the situation. With lightly-shifting lotus steps, she leisurely walked over to High God, and saluting she said,

“High God Rong Lin.” She smiled at him then continued, “unexpectedly, we meet once again.”

Rong Lin nodded slightly. Afterall, she’d once given him a ruqun, and so his expression became a bit amiable. Knowing that Fairy Hong Qiao had a senior brother-younger sister relationship with Fu Zhu, Rong Lin then asked,

“I was inattentive and twisted this small young lady’s neck. I wish to inconvenience you once with my old pal Fu Zhu, do you know if he is currently free?”


Rong Lin had lived for thirty thousand years in this world, so naturally he knew that there should be some sense of conduct while conducting oneself in society. He also knew that Fu Zhu usually was not pleased to see him.

Originally he must have been thinking that he wanted him to die of pain, but now he was willing to treat this small fish demon. However because Fairy Hong Qiao was there, maybe he could avoid spending this sum of money—because while the woman he admired was in front of him, a man liked to show off his whole face.


High God was refined and courteous, and Fairy Hong Qiao immediately became red like the crimson clouds at sunset. Pursing her lips closed, she then turned to glance at senior brother,

“High God Rong Lin personally visited, senior brother, you must at once treat this small young lady.”

Fu Zhu nodded, then smilingly said,

“I will immediately comply with junior sister’s words.” Then, glancing at the small young woman beside Rong Lin, Fu Zhu’s profound cultivation immediately made out her true appearance, and with indifference, he said,

“Bighead carp, hurry and follow me in.”

A Lian tilted her neck, her bright shimmering eyes glancing at High God; then turning around, she glanced at Fairy Hong Qiao before following Fu Zhu inside.

Fairy Hong Qiao intended to chat with Rong Lin, however even though he saw her sit beside him, he nevertheless glanced inside from time to time. But to be this aloof and remote, was High God unmoved by glory and shame?

Fairy Hong Qiao’s thoughts were bitter, and knew fully well that she shouldn’t ask more. However, she couldn’t help but open her mouth and speak,

“High God’s ruqun…did you select it because of this small young woman?”

Rong Lin didn’t seem to care about Fairy Hong Qiao’s tone in the slightest, and indifferently nodded, then said,

“Precisely. That skirt looks extremely good on her, fairy’s insight is very good…if there are any new styles in the future, I also hope fairy will notify me.”

Fairy Hong Qiao’s self-restraint was extremely good in regards to the man in front of her. But however, because the small fish demon was just a common girl, she really couldn’t sit still any longer, so she got up and said,

“I’m going to take a look at senior brother.”

She was incomparably good looking, and from a noble family background, but he did not care in the least bit, and would rather go to a fish from a small lake!

When Fairy Hong Qiao entered, she saw that small fish demon with a crooked neck enduring the pain as she let Fu Zhu set it for her. Perhaps it was extremely sore, because those two large glistening eyes were entirely misted with a thin layer of water. However, because she was indeed naturally good looking and so much younger than her, she now appeared to be even more pitiful.


Fu Zhu was uneasy.

Just thinking that junior sister and that Rong Lin were interacting as a single man and a single woman, and how anything could possibly happen, how could he be in the mood to diagnose and treat this bighead fish. But seeing that his junior sister had come in to watch him, his male desire to show off instantly burst forth, and he immediately began concentrating. He held the small fish demon’s neck and exerted a little force, then heard a sharp noise—the misaligned bone had returned to its correct place.

Precisely, Deity Fu Zhu’s medical reputation had not been exaggerated, and when A Lian happily turned her neck, sure enough it was not sore. Then immediately expressing thanks she said,

“Many thanks to Deity for the treatment.”

But how could Fu Zhu be in the mood to respond to her? However, wanting to show his humane heart in front of his junior sister, he held back his temper and spoke in a soft voice. But seeing the small fish demon’s bright eyes and adoring face looking up at him, he smiled especially earnestly.

Fairy Hong Qiao took in a deep breath, and turning towards Fu Zhu, she said,

“Senior brother, I have something to ask this small fish demon, can you go out for a bit?”


Rong Lin had been outside for a long time. Originally, he was seated, but after awhile he was somewhat unable to hold back, and so he simply got up and paced. While he was waiting for Fu Zhu came out, however, the small fish demon still did not appear, and so, he patiently waited for a moment. When he finally saw her come out, Rong Lin stepped forward and said,

“Is it a little better? Is it no longer hurting?”

A Lian looked up at him, and smiling brightly, said,

“It’s already fine in just so short of a time; Deity Fu Zhu’s medical skills really are awesome.”


Hearing the latter half of the sentence, Rong Lin’s eyes briefly became slightly happy. He then bade goodbye to Fu Zhu and prepared to lead the small fish demon back. However, he noticed that the previously eagerly attentive Fairy Hong Qiao was now looking at him with a red face; hesitating as if wanting to say something but was too embarrassed to do so.

Rong Lin frowned, and harboring doubts in his mind, lead the small fish demon back.


As they walked above the clouds, the absolutely just, honest and incomparable High God’s mind was filled with questions about the small fish demon in front of him.

“Just now what did Fairy Hong Qiao say to you?” he asked.

“Ah it’s nothing, fairy just asked me how my neck was sprained,” A Lian honestly replied.

“Oh.” Rong Lin said, and thought to himself that there was nothing inappropriate about it.

Then A Lian turned, and meeting Rong Lin’s eyes, she said,

“I immediately answered honestly…and said that it was caused by High God’s legs pressing on either side of it.”


[1]Idiom meaning to satisfy a desire/please.

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