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Chapter 14: Swimming

This was precisely Rong Lin’s affection. In the present ways of the world, if there was no background supporter, it was extremely difficult to gain a footing in the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion.

Before that, Xiao Bai had made an exception to live on the Island of Immortals with Xiao Zao, and because of this permission many Ninth Heavenly Pavilion disciples clearly saw her background supporter, and did not dare tease her. This small fish demon, also said how it was considered to be a predestined relationship with him, and he had no reason to ignore the people bullying her…


For A Lian to have him as her behind-the-scenes supporter was more than enough.  

A Lian also thought that she was getting along well these days. As she made way to the cafeteria to dine with Tian Luo, there were many senior brother guests who wanted to dine with her. However, A Lian was a small fish who did not like to take advantage of people and naturally, treated everyone equally and declined their invitations one by one. Tian Luo secretly raised her thumb beside A Lian, then said,

“High God is really tremendous…”

She then asked, “ Oh right! These past few days, why didn’t I see you practicing magic with High God afterwards?”

A Lian contemplated, it had been a few days since she’d last seen High God, and recalling what High God had said to herself that day, she then realistically said,

“High God is a very busy person, how would he have time every evening to give me special attention? These days there seemed to have been some important matters, and so he’s traveling on official business.”

Tian Luo’s eyes filled with longing, and squinting at the sky, she said,

“Becoming an immortal to the extent of High God….I truly admire him to death. All year round, it doesn’t matter what major events it is, whether a business trip, or going outside for peace and security, it actually is no different from public travels. Ah, this is really good.” However A Lian said,

“High God also has High God’s difficulties, this is something us common aquatic animals do not understand.”

Tian Luo deeply believed this was correct and nodded her head.  

That afternoon, A Lian went to bathe for the day. Even though she originally wanted to return to practice magic, and possibly meet High God tonight, naturally she needed to be even more hard working. Who would have imagined after going halfway up the road, she would see many young female disciples rushing down the path with excited faces, not knowing where they were going.

A Lian turned to glance at Tian Luo. Seeing these female disciples all heading toward the same location, she was inevitably somewhat curious, and then intercepted a senior female disciple to inquire. Astonished, the senior female disciple said,

“I’m afraid your news is still behind mine. Today, High God Rong Lin arrived at the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion, however, he had not come to lecture at the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion for a long time. Aiya! The lectures must have already started, I’m not very superfluous like you, taking a seat when I am late…”

A Lian held on to Tian Luo’s hand in shock,

“High God has arrived.”  

Even though High God Rong Lin appeared in public very little, he was aloof and remote to all Ninth Heavenly Pavilion disciples, and had an elusive existence. In this way, High God’s popularity naturally attracted the majority of the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion’s female disciples. So much so that there were even male disciples, about six or seven who had come.

The classroom was packed with people. However, A Lian and the two others had arrived late, and naturally did not get a good seat, but could only squeeze into the crowd. Lifting her head to look at the altar above, she saw an elegant white gown, and the eminent and incomparable face of High God.

High God was magnificent and unrivaled, and today’s lecture was about protecting water sources. High God’s heart was so benevolent, and in the thoughts of many disciples, he was even more flawless.

After explaining for no less than half an hour, he was about to finish when the blushing female disciples moved restlessly. A few audacious ones even stood up and asked High God whether or not he was married.

Today, High God was especially affable, and even though this question was not mannerly, he still replied.

“Have not,” High God said.

With just two words, countless of male and female disciples became inwardly delighted.

Even though there were many people, Rong Lin sat aloft, but nevertheless finally glanced into the crowd to look at that small fish demon. Seeing her smiling at his own reply with such a brilliant smile, naturally his heart understood.

Rong Lin lowered his eyes.

Hearing the news that he was single, she was immediately this excited? As expected, she really was errantly conspiring towards him, and had already been drooling for a long time. Rong Lin’s eminent face eased slightly, and the brazen female disciples continued to ask more questions—asking him to explain his standard for a spouse.


Even though Rong Lin was a High God, when all was said and done he was still a man, and this standard was like most other men’s. However identity dictated, and so he couldn’t just say he liked good looking ones, as this also lowered one’s status very much. He then immediately said,

“Just a kindred spirit is fine.”

As the words fell, in the audience there were even more wagging tongues. Even more female disciples wanted to weep and sob. A fellow then replied,

“What’s to be done? My head is somewhat flat, it seems I won’t have a chance.”

Tian Luo lightly pulled on A Lian’s sleeve, then said,

“High God really is popular.” A Lian also disappointedly said,

“Yes. I think so too. I wanted to speak to High God later, but it seems there won’t be a chance.”  

After it was finished, A Lian did not stay for a long time. After all, last time High God had rescued her from the Secluded Department, and had to use the identity of her older male cousin. She used her head a little, and understood High God did not want it to be known that he knew her, or even had any dealings with her.

Half way along the path, she unexpectedly met Bai Xun. Tian Luo hurriedly turned to A Lian and said,

“I suddenly remembered something, you speak properly with big brother Bai Xun, I will go first.” Saying this, she then turned towards A Lian and winked. Tian Luo saw A Lian flush, then courteously spoke to Bai Xun,

“Big brother Bai Xun.”

Bai Xun was naturally tall and strong. When A Lian stopped in front of him, she however, only reached up to his solar plexus. He looked big and tall, and his true appearance also intimidated people somewhat, but in his heart he was only an older brother neighbor.

“The matter you asked me to handle the other day, I already set it up well for you…” he said.

A Lian’s facial features immediately brightened, and raising her hand to grab Bai Xun’s arm, she excitedly said,

“Really? Thank you big brother Bai Xun.”  

That night, A Lian waited for High God at the side of the Blue Wave pond. Even though High God appeared as much as half an hour late, her mood was still very good. As soon as she saw him, she immediately bounced over, and holding on to his arm she said,

“High God, you came!”

However, tonight High God’s mood was apparently not good, and with a calm and collected face he withdrew his arm from her embrace, then said,

“Speak properly, don’t be so touchy.”

A Lian was somewhat stupid. She was a very touchy girl, but it was not the first time, so why had High God not said so before? She stealthily lifted her eyes, sized up his appearance, then said,

“Today, A Lian was fortunately in the audience witnessing High God’s outstanding beauty. After returning it was hard to stifle the joy in my heart, and I even ate two bowls of dinner.”

High God did not speak.

A Lian was somewhat conscious that she’d exhausted her limited abilities, and once again with some guts, she touched his arm again,

“High God?”

Rong Lin lowered his eyes slightly. Seeing her innocent appearance, and knowing this stupid fish, he knew some words had to be chosen and said rather clearly. He then said,

“You came to the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion. If you thought you could waste an entire day with thoughtless puppy love, then I had better advise you to go back sooner. From now on, I also won’t teach you.” His tone was full of steel.

A Lian’s eyes widened,

“High God…High God, why did you say such a thing?”

How did she have puppy love?

“High God probably misunderstood something?” She quietly recalled, thinking High God had only came to the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion today. However they’d met each other before that, and he’d treated her with much concern. Today…she thought, then said,

“High God…indeed saw me with big brother Bai Xun?”

Rong Lin inhaled deeply, and took his arm out again. At this moment, A Lian cleverly studied, and firmly held onto High God’s arm, how could she be entirely ready to let go.

“High God you must hear my explanation, big brother Bai Xun and I are innocent, and haven’t the least bit interest in seeking a marriage partner. Meeting each other today, was also on account of big brother Bai Xun’s concern, trying to find a part-time post in the cafeteria on my behalf,” A Lian said.

Rong Lin frowned, not understanding, and turned to look at her. A Lian continued to explain,

“I owe High God quite a bit. Because last time, only when High God spent a lot of silver, was I able to come out. So naturally I need to try hard to save money, to repay High God a bit earlier.”

Rong Lin finally seemed to understand, and also looked a little more at ease. He opened his mouth and said,

“Just this?”

A Lian nodded heavily,

“Then High God believes?”

He believed… Rong Lin’s face was indifferent, and after a while, he then spoke in an indifferent tone,

“How much money can you earn at that Ninth Heavenly Pavilion’s cafeteria? Tomorrow, you can leave your resume at the Bright Moon House. The salary is surely better than at the cafeteria.”

But the Bright Moon House was the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion’s best restaurant! Shocked A Lian said,

“High God is also familiar with the people in the Bright Moon House?”

Rong Lin was very comfortable basking in her adoring gaze, and the corner of his mouth raised slightly. Then, he returned to being calm and collected again, and said,

“I bought a department there.”

High God avoided immorality, and was not affected by liquor or women—these past three thousand years, he naturally had much idle time to accumulate money. A Lian also wasn’t too foolish, seeing High God speak this much, she naturally could not refuse, and hurriedly nodded repeatedly, thinking she had no other option but to return tomorrow and refuse Bai Xun.

Before practicing magic, A Lian took the jade calabash from her hips and took out a well embroidered belt. Offering with both hands, she passed it over to High God,

“High God, because of my matter, you certainly went through many difficulties. I know I am unable to return the favour, so I stayed up several nights to make this belt. I hope High God likes it.”

A belt.   

Rong Lin saw her holding a belt with both hands, and in his mind said this small fish looks stupid, but contrary to expectations, she has skillful hands.

He was not an ignorant and inexperienced High God. This female had given a male a belt, thinking it could tie the heart of the receiving party. This was the same as superstitious words, this small fish demon unexpectedly trusted him…his view moved away from the belt, and fell on her face, meeting those two glistening eyes, Rong Lin suddenly found it hard to think straight. However, like this, it could be assumed that at this time, she often prepared tasty pastries to give to him. Since arriving High God had gradually began to smell something—but he’d had thought she only wanted to gain his heart, and had planned in advance to get him through his stomach.

Rong Lin blankly received the gift, and caressed the decorative design on the front of the belt for a moment. Incredibly, the corner of his mouth bent, as his gaze rested on the small fish demon’s eyes. He then resumed his indifferent expression, and assuming a strict teacher appearance said,

“Are you looking at what I’m doing? Do not hurry to practice.”

A Lian smiled, then said “Okay!”  

Today, A Lian did not dare slack off, as heaven rewards the diligent, and was really dedicated to improving her magic. Moreover, today High God did not appear habitually severe. When she made a mistake, he still taught her patiently, and wasn’t the least bit impatient.

When her training was good enough, Rong Lin then said,

“Good, stop here for today, and think about it when you return. The mistakes of today, if repeated tomorrow, see how I lecture you.”

A Lian’s head bowed as if pounding garlic, then raised her head to the bright celestial moonlight, said to Rong Lin,

“High God, tonight’s moonlight really is very beautiful, why don’t we compete in swimming together, yes?”

High God squinted questioningly at her.

He was the magnificent High God, how could he twist his noble honor to come down to the same level and compete in swimming with this small fish demon?  ·

“High God, I’m ready!”

Rong Lin understood what she meant, and became slightly embarrassed. This small fish demon had actually undressed quickly.

He slowly turned his head, leaving his famous prestige behind. In the hazy moonlight, he saw her standing beside him with her head crooked to the side. The golden light shimmered on the floating fishtail… her long hair draped over her shoulders, her dainty jade face glossy. Underneath her slender jade-like neck, there really wasn’t any imaginary mountains moving up and down, but rather a red undergarment with a thin cotton muslin covering the outside. Then, with eyes sweeping past disappointedly, High God lightly sighed,


A Lian, with an excited “pu tong”, bounced over the water.

Rong Lin also went into the water, but began first, while saying,

“Hold on.”

A Lian turned her head to look at him, looking puzzled.

Rong Lin deadpanned,

“You are originally an aquatic animal, living underwater since you were small, and seemingly wanted to compete with me in swimming—it is inevitable that it is unfair. Let’s do it this way, I begin first and you stay at the beginning and count to one hundred…count until two hundred, then start, what do you think?”

A Lian nodded, and not thinking it was inappropriate, then said,

“Okay, I will let High God go first.”

Rong Lin frowned in annoyance, then emphasizing, he said,

“Not ‘let’, I am only making the competition a little more fair…” exclaiming again he said, “the most important thing in a competition is fairness. If fairness fails, then this competition will be meaningless, do you understand?”

A Lian nodded,

“I understand, High God is starting first.”

Rong Lin glanced at her again, ensuring she truly understood, then plunged into the water and risking it all, he swam with all his strength since setting out in the water.  

A Lian played in the water at the starting point, waiting until she’d counted to two hundred in her mind, then shouting,

“High God, I’m coming!”

And with a momentary sweep of her fish tail, countless sparkling translucent splashes were thrown off. But in the end, aquatic animals were aquatic animals, and even though A Lian started late, she still returned before Rong Lin, and led by a large length.

Rong Lin’s face was unable to resist looking somewhat concerned, and mentally noted this small fish demon’s strength to make discerning judgments is serious, then looked displeased after a while and did not speak to her.  

A Lian happily swam, but seeing High God’s somewhat displeased expression, she thought of something and raising the corner of her mouth, submerged her body lower, rapidly making her way through the water.   

But it was just swimming, there was no good arguing over it.

Rong Lin thought, then prepared to go ashore when he suddenly realized there was no sound of the small fish demon, and looked around in all directions. The surrounding water was serene, and Rong Lin’s heart thumped in the confusion of concern, he actually worried if she had drowned.

Suddenly sensing something, Rong Lin’s eminent face transformed. He subconsciously clamped both legs, and darkly said,

“This small fish demon, when did you develop this like for studying the shortcomings of a man’s crotch?”

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