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Chapter 17: The Fish Soup Is Already Finished

Immortal Meng Ji was admittedly quite happy; however, fearing High God would misunderstand, immediately explaining, said, “Our Bright Moon House is an honorable restaurant, however, you two High Gods also know, this year heaven’s economy has been in a slump. It is very difficult to fight openly and maneuver covertly in the catering business, this small immortal also cannot do anything about it. Bright Moon House is a millennium-old shop; it seems as if it is not able to keep up with the times, and also cannot avoid its fate of bankruptcy. This is also a way to attract customers, people in the same profession all do it like this. Besides, this small immortal only let that bighead carp stand there, and does not.make her do any other thing…”

Other things. The tip of Rong Lin’s brow moved slightly, already showing the first sign of anger.

Unexpectedly, Immortal Meng Ji was immersed, and thinking aloud, said, “Even though this bighead carp is white-skinned and good-looking, with a large chest and small slender waist, her legs are also naturally fair and slender, but she has no other talent, and can only be a flower vase. Being a flower vase can still be usable for a short while, but continuing like this, even furniture can also get very tired. Relying on one’s face for a living cannot make one eat for a lifetime, ah, therefore, saying this, one of these days I will carry her to fairy Bi Yuan to learn how to dance and play folk songs and what not, a very good one-time package.”

Rong Lin was mentally distressed, and stamped into the Bright Moon House, originally wanting to reprimanded, but realizing the small fish demon did not recognize him from the beginning, bowed reverently and respectfully, saying a polite greeting.

Ah, so that was the forte of her character.

However A Lian did not mean it like that, she was naturally happy when she saw High God, but now with many people in the Bright Moon House, she only stood outside the door. How could she claim to have a good relationship with High God? At the time High God had taken her from the Secluded Department, he had also been unwilling to let other people know the two of them were acquainted, therefore this time she also simply pretended not to know High God, to avoid causing him any trouble.

Immortal Meng Ji hurriedly said, “Young A Lian, what else are you trying to do? Hurry and go and welcome these two High Gods.”

A Lian smiled like a flower and gave an “ai” sound, then walked in front and welcomed the two High Gods to go up and take a seat.

Rong Lin closely followed behind her, and saw between the gap as she walked. Two faintly discernible thighs flashed past him, completely offending his sensitive feelings.

Rong Lin speculated, hesitating somewhat.

If he showed his anger, and made the small fish demon change out of those shameless clothes, that would be exactly as she wished. She was acting this way, to prove he still somewhat cared about her; if he paid no attention, why would he care what she wore?  

This reasoning he should ignore, and naturally she would sound out the difficulties and retreat to avoid defeat…


Rong Lin took in a deep breath and thought, if he acted like this, this small fish demon would seriously abandon herself, and then how should that be good?  

While thinking like this, the small fish demon had already led and welcomed them to a private room, then went out as spry and lively as a butterfly.

Rong Lin sat down, a sweet smell seeming to still linger beside him, staying until it was lightly sniffed. This caused his frowning forehead to get increasingly tighter.

Naturally, she must have smeared on poor quality face cream, but had been better off with the former well-known fishy smell.

Now, even with the rare delicacies and exquisite broth, complemented with fine liquor, Rong Lin didn’t have the least bit of an appetite. In contrast, Xiao Bai, who sat across from him, actually appeared to be in a rare joyful mood. Xiao Bai carefully poured a cup of wine, then facing Rong Lin, said, “This wine is not bad.”

Xiao Bai did not have any other addictions, however, he actually liked the thing in the cup very much. To cope with being on the Island of Immortals, he must have been alone and helpless and drank until he lost consciousness. But afterwards, he no longer enjoyed drinking; as he had adapted everything for her, and naturally did not dare to drink in front of her.   

Xiao Bai then said, “Since you are concerned about that small fish demon, then let her come over. Why bother to show a scowling face?”

Rong Lin was also not the type to like showing his displeased mood for others to see, besides, he was also rarely fidgety, and for the most part, had a gentle mood, and often did several good deeds. Being aloof and remote all day long, on a cloud of an unstressed manner and indifference, and carrying an aloofness from worldly matters with a free and unfettered appearance, when had he ever once experienced being this worried and anxious, like a common person?

Rong Lin drank a toast, then said, “She follows her own examples. I am only looking after her momentarily, is it possible to still see her after thirty years?”

Xiao Bai said nothing, but once in awhile a smile pulled at the corner of his mouth.

Rong Lin drank the excellent wine, wanting to make his mind calm down for awhile, and then begun to impatiently drink more and more. He set aside the small cup, and wanting to see what that small fish demon was wearing now, used a thousand mile secret art.

However, he saw that outside of the Bright Moon House, there was no trace of her to be seen.

After quietly and calmly observing, he then saw the small fish demon inside a private room, with a man stroking her small hand…

Immortal Meng Ji hurried over, but the private room was already in a complete mess.

He immediately stepped forward, helping a man in a purple robe who’d fallen to stand up, and was repeatedly apologizing.

The purple robed man trembled with injuries on both hands, and looking up, he saw the man with glaring eyes standing behind the small fish demon. Then coldly smiling, said, “I’ve heard about the incomparable and magnificent High God, honest and generous with a benevolent heart. However, he unexpectedly idles like this, and even gets into other people’s matters?    

A Lian swayed slightly, her heart thumping wildly. She raised her hand and lightly pulled on High God’s sleeve, and quietly said, “High God, Immortal Meng Ji will explain, however, this is Immortal Lord Long Xia…”

Then added, “…however Immortal Lord Long Xia’s immortal moat donated a seat to our Ninth Heavenly Pavilion’s book pavilion, please don’t argue with him.”

Rong Lin looked at her askanced.

High God’s expression did not have even a hint of gentleness.  Immediately A Lian became somewhat panicky, and hurriedly stammering said, “I’m afraid… I’m afraid to cause you, High God, any trouble.”

However, Rong Lin did not pay attention to Immortal Lord Long Xia, but instead, glanced at Immortal Meng Ji, and coldly said, “You clearly knew she was my fish, and you let her do this sort of thing?”

Immortal Meng Ji’s expression was sluggish, and he looked blankly at the small fish demon beside High God.

But when all was said and done, he was well acquainted with the ways of the world, and immediately responding came over, despite being afraid and full of cold sweat.

Rong Lin also turned to Immortal Lord Long Xia and said, “If you dare touch her with a single finger next time, I will see to it that you won’t need to keep those two pincers!”

He then led the small fish demon out of the private room, leaving only Immortal Meng Ji and Immortal Lord Long Xia to look at each other in dismay.

Outside the Bright Moon House, the color of the sky overhead indicated that it was already not early.

Rong Lin irritably pinched the hand of the person at his side. The whole way, his face had been ashen, and he had not spoken a word.

A Lian blinked, cautiously and solemnly sizing him up, and seeing that he was not in a good mood, bit her lip after a while, not knowing what to do.

After a long time passed, High God smiled and then said, “Still want to go back?”


A Lian managed to respond, and hurriedly shook her head but did not speak, but then very slowly said, “Actually… Actually, I don’t like that sort of thing.”

Rong Lin bent his head to look at her, “You don’t like it, but still did it?”

A Lian puffed out her cheeks, then said, “I owe High God a lot of money, and I wanted to pay it back earlier…”

Rong Lin thought, then said, “There’s no need to worry about this matter; this money is my early investment towards you, you can pay it back slowly someday.”

A Lian said, “If… If I don’t pass the competition, what will happen?”

When that time came, she would have to leave the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion right away.

Hearing this, Rong Lin stopped pacing, and calmly looking at her, saw her distressed face. He lifted his hand to stroke her face, and used the sleeve of his garment to softly wipe the makeup off her face.

The thick painted makeup, on her good-looking face, had now become just a small cat face. Rong Lin actually thought it was a bit nice to look at like this, and said, “Then in these coming days, concentrate on practicing magic, do not ask to come out and show your face in public. When the time comes for you to possibly leave the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion, ask about paying back the money then, and I will set up another job for you.”

A Lian nodded heavily, and happily said, “The moonlight is very beautiful tonight, should we have a swimming competition again?” But seeing that High God still did not reply, she then blinked and said, “This time, I will yield to High God.”

Rong Lin withdrew his hand, then loftily and coldly said, “Who wants you to yield?”

He took big strides in front, seeming as though he wanted to take a walk in the moonlight together, the sleeve of his clothes moving gracefully, as he left a petite figure behind which bounced up behind him and pulling his sleeve, said, “Let’s go.”

“Not going.”  


“Not considering.”

“High God is afraid of losing to me?”

“…If you lose, I will make you into fish head soup.”

“That’s good, ah.”


Since High God had spoken about postponing the settlement the debt, naturally A Lian prepared to greet the arrival of the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion’s new disciple competition with her full strength.

That month, High God had given her many pointers, and even though the progress was not small, when all was said and done, her base foundation was inferior. In comparison to the other Ninth Heavenly Pavilion disciples, the difference was still by a large length.

On the eve of the competition, Rong Lin actually did not make her practice over and over again, but merely swam together with her and relaxed. A Lian was normally noisy, however that evening, she was deeply worried and sick at heart, silent and taciturn. Rong Lin knew she was under a lot of pressure, and being unexpectedly pacifying, said, “Don’t worry too much, if you really are unable to pass, next time you can try again.”

A Lian pulled her finger, and in a small voice said, “Then I would still have to wait three hundred years.”

Rong Lin indifferently said, “Three hundred years is not much.”

In regards to High God living thirty thousand years, those three hundred years really would be something that happened in a flash, and there was nothing alarming about it.  

But seeing the small fish demon’s large wet eyes still gazing at him, he opened his lips and said, “Then we will separate for three hundred years.”


Rong Lin paused. He always did not know how to reply. When did he and her become ‘we’? Moreover, they were not together at all, how did it become ‘separate’? However, today Rong Lin was in the mood to show consideration towards her, and did not bother about this inappropriate pretext. But also – Rong Lin quietly looked at the small fish demon’s face; he rarely had a noisy youngster at his side. If she disappeared all of a sudden, perhaps he really would be somewhat unused to it.

“I don’t want much, just working your hardest is enough,” Rong Lin said.

A Lian heard his voice, and obediently nodded, “Okay I got it. For High God, I will try hard!”

“…Eh.”    ·

The next day was the day of the new disciples’ competition. At dawn, she and Tian Luo then hurriedly went out.

A Lian was puzzled, and said, “Where are we going?”

“You can come with me,” Tian Luo replied.

A Lian was still puzzled. Afterwards, Tian Luo arrived in front of the cafeteria turf; however, when they arrived, they saw many new disciples lined up in a group of straight rows. A Lian could not see anything at the front of the queue, and then Tian Luo finally pulled her to the end of the line.

With an excited face, Tian Luo said, “Sitting ahead of us is third senior sister Jinli, however senior sister Jinli is the pride of us aquatic animals. Every time there is an exam she gets number one. Senior sister Jinli lives alone on the Island of Immortals, it is very hard for us to meet, and next year she is going to jump into the Dragon Gate. When that time comes, her status will immediately be different. Today we can benefit from the cheerful atmosphere, and hope today’s competition will go smoothly and favorably.”

A Lian thought deeply.

After absorbing the benefits of the cheerful atmosphere of Jinli, A Lian and Tian Luo went to the exam room.

Altogether the new disciples’ competition was divided into two; a writing exam, and a martial arts exam.

The competition results had four grades; they were respectively: Grades A, B, C and D.

If a person was a heavenly descendant, they only needed two Grade Cs, and could enter smoothly and become an official Ninth Heavenly Pavilion disciple.

However, heavenly descendants naturally received the best education since youth, and for the most part, many of the excellent foreign disciples had not been dawdling since arriving.

But in regards to A Lian, Tian Luo and foreign disciples like that, the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion’s stakes were, however, a little high–requiring two Grade B’s or higher, to be allowed to stay in the Ninth Heavenly Pavilion.

A Lian’s cultivation was shallow, however, writing exams were not difficult for her. At the end of the exam, she then received Sir Chong Xu’s red ‘Grade A’ stamp, and gratefully said, “Thank you, Sir.”

Sir Chong Xu looked down on A Lian’s kind of small demon, but being a master, who would not want to make something of each of one’s disciples? So he naturally, in a rare show of encouragement, said, “You mustn’t be arrogant; passing a writing exam does not represent anything, this evening’s martial arts test is the most crucial.”

A Lian earnestly nodded, showing she understood.

Tian Luo’s educational level was not high, and during the writing exam she’d bitten the shaft of her pen with a distressed face, waiting to hand over the examination paper. Naturally she received Sir Chong Xu’s yellow ‘Grade B’ stamp, and was emotional, her eyes brimming with tears.

The two of them had unexpectedly met Xiao Zao earlier that morning, and after inquiring, saw Xiao Zao with a red mark.

They both knew Xiao Zao was experienced at magic, and now, seeing her smoothly pass the writing exam, Tian Luo said, “It would be good if I could be just like you.”   

Xiao Zao spoke well with them, and she’d worked with them for almost a millennium. Up until this moment, they had definitely been better than her.

That afternoon’s martial arts exam was unstoppable.

The martial arts exam was different to the writing exam, and instead took real swords and real spears to the stage, and countless eyes would be present to watch.

All new disciples were divided into ten groups. Each group had twelve persons, which was twenty-two fights. Luck was also very important at this time.

For example, Tian Luo had gotten the sunflower group in the end.

Furthermore, the sunflower group’s other disciples, had never been exceptional or outstanding, and for the most part, knew Tian Luo’s magic was also the same way. Tian Luo had about four hundred years of cultivation, but nevertheless, the sunflower group’s odds of success was still very large, and if they tried a little harder perhaps they could get a bit ahead.     

Tian Luo relaxed with a deep breath, and then asked A Lian, “And you? Which group did you get?”

She pried open A Lian’s hand, and saw her name above a neatly written ‘Group B’.

In all, there were ten groups, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and J. In order from the front, the cultivation levels became more and more tremendous.

It looked as though Xiao Zao had gotten Group A, however, her magic was exquisite. This was very well known, and naturally, she did not have to worry.

Because of A Lian’s cultivation capacity, she was at the bottom of the new disciples. If she’d drawn Group I like Tian Luo and so on, the sunflower group, in that case, she could still try. But now in the end, she had drawn Group B, the quintessential group of people, what were the odds of success?

Tian Luo worriedly said, “A Lian? What’s to be done?”

A Lian held the inscribed bamboo stick in her hands, and was blank for a split second. Then she turned her head, looking at the new disciples already preparing the Group B area. She wanted to take a competitor.

…For the most part they were all outstanding children of heavenly descendants, and in addition, there were two sea clan experts.

Victory or defeat was not required to be predicted immediately from the beginning…but no matter who she was paired with, she did not have a chance to win with all of them.

Xiao Zao was also worried. Even though A Lian tried hard, and put focus on her strength, even if she tried hard again, she however only had three hundred years of cultivation. If she had quite a lot of good luck, she could have drawn Group I, the sunflower group, and could have still thought of a way to exchange with her, but now she had gotten Group A.

The three girls were all unable to find a solution.

In the distance, Bai Xun saw the dark cloud of worry around them, and immediately strode over and asked A Lian, “What group are you in?”

Even when interacting several times in the past, A Lian had not dreaded facing Bai Xun, but now he could be considered as a kind of friend. She gave him a look at the bamboo stick in her hand, then said, “I’m in Group B.”

Bai Xun knew from living at Dongze Lake, that in order to come to this Ninth Heavenly Pavilion place, she would not to die in this competition. Several times when he didn’t think she could get up, she had pushed and stood up. He saw that her black brows were slightly wrinkled, and without much thought, took the sign from inside of her hand without the slightest hesitation, and stuffed his own into her hand.

“Take it.”

Bai Xun had drawn Group E, an exactly medium strength group, and even though A Lian’s didn’t have much odds of success, however, it was much better than being in Group B.

Bai Xun also did not speak much, and after exchanging the sign immediately strode over to Group B’s area.

A Lian put her hand out to look at the sign, and seeing that tall sturdy figure gradually moving further away, after awhile did not know what to say.

She thought, and then took small steps behind.

Bai Xun saw her following, and deliberately held the plank up to his face and said, “My magic is tremendous; being in Group E would give me an unfair winning advantage. Bighead carp, if you think of me as a friend, then do not say more.”

Naturally A Lian knew his magic was tremendous, he was indeed the most outstanding fish of Dongze Lake!

A Lian looked up, and then facing Bai Xun, smiled and said, “…Thank you.”

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