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Volume 1 – Chapter 22: Cliche Lines

Force Field X was, at first, used by the World Government to keep supernatural people in check. Those affected by Force Field X would experience a great restriction on their superpowers. However, it wouldn’t cause them to become powerless.

But after Zero appeared and more superheroes joined the Superhero Association, Force Field X was gradually forgotten by most people. These days, they were mostly used in prisons to lock up criminals with superpowers.

“I never would have thought you’d actually use this sort of thing!” Under the effects of the Force Field X, Dong Xiaoye was forced onto her knees. The range of the force field wasn’t big at all, with a radius of only about 5-6 meters.

“Ouyang Rui obtained it for me.” The Stalker spoke.

“To think that b*stard would let you use this kind of thing.” Dong Xiaoye spoke while struggling to move her body out of the force field’s radius, “You are also a Hero! Do you know where that Ouyang Rui stands?”

“I know.” Stalker responded, “But what does that matter?”

“This is the exact opposite of what a superhero is supposed to do!” Dong Xiaoye accused him, “He and the super villain organization, Evolution Co, are currently conducting a dangerous business deal! And in this kind of situation you want to help him by attacking us?!!”

“I’ve said it already, what does it matter?”

“Are you not a superhero?” Dong Xiaoye asked, “Do you not feel shame at helping these villains in their evil acts?”

“Hahaha…” Stalker chuckled, “I was never a hero. I registered at the Superhero Association purely for money. Ouyang Rui was willing to pay me a large amount of money, so I’m helping him. I see no problem with that.”

“You piece of trash!” Dong Xiaoye cursed him.

“Whatever you say.” Right after speaking, Stalker lifted up his laser rifle and pointed at Dong Xiaoye, who was still inside the force field.

“You can go.” At that moment, Glasses Bro suddenly appeared behind him. The electric baton in his hand fiercely smashing towards the Stalker. But in the next moment, his stomach suffered from a strong, solid kick.

“Are you looking down on my close combat skills?” The Stalker contemptuously looked at Glasses Bro, who had fallen to the ground. He once again faced Dong Xiaoye.

“How much money did Ouyang Rui give you? I can give you twofold!” Dong Xiaoye suddenly spoke.

“I’m sorry, I have my own professional integrity.” The Stalker then raised the gun in his hands again.

By that time, Dong Xiaoye had gotten very close to the force field’s edge. She used all the strength she could muster to roll out of the force field, however, Stalker appeared right beside her.

“You thought I would let you leave this force field?” The Stalker raised his leg and kicked Dong Xiaoye back into Force Field X.

“I think it’s time to say goodbye.” The laser rifle in Stalker’s hand lit up.

Suddenly, a pair of glasses flew beneath his foot. Glasses Bro appeared right beside him and hugged him. Like that, the two were entangled together.

“Quickly run, Glasses Bro!!! You’re not his match!” Dong Xiaoye yelled at Glasses Bro, who was trying to get the stalker into the force field with him. The difference in their close combat skills was not even close. Glasses Bro simply could not move him, and soon he was beaten up and full of injuries.

Fortunately, the laser gun in the Stalker’s hand was thrown far away due to Glasses Bro pulling with his life.

“I’ve said it before, I will never leave anyone behind to run away!” As he spoke, he continued to tenaciously hold onto the man in front of him, and the two of them disappeared from the spot.

In the next moment, they appeared far away, on top of a peach tree.

“You scoundrel!” Both the Stalker and Glasses Bro fell to the ground at the same time. Stalker immediately took out his laser dagger, wanting to slash towards Glasses Bro.

Glasses Bro had also just gotten up from the ground and jumped backwards with difficulty, dodging Stalker’s laser dagger.

Seeing this scene, Dong Xiaoye urgently crawled outside the Force Field X.

Seeing her escape the force field, the Stalker immediately ran towards Dong Xiaoye. However, Glasses Bro was still stubbornly holding tight onto Stalker.

“You damned flea!” Getting hugged, the Stalker angrily flipped over the dagger in his hand and ruthlessly stabbed towards his back. The dagger went into Glasses Bro’s waist.

“Ah!” He let out a groan in pain. The strength he was using to hold onto the Stalker began to wane.

Stalker threw him off and ran towards Dong Xiaoye. He had only taken a step when he felt his pants being grabbed by someone.

“You damn annoying flea!” Stalker ferociously stomped on Glasses Bro’s hand, but the victim of the kick seemed to have no plans of letting go.

“Annoying flea! Let go!” The Stalker once again ruthlessly kicked Glasses Bro’s hand, the strong force immediately kicking away the hand holding onto his pants.

But when he faced the Force Field X again, Dong Xiaoye’s entire body was already standing outside the field.

“Cross Execution!!”

At that moment, the last vestiges of Glasses Bro’s consciousness heard those words.

A massive ice cross appeared in the Peach Forest. The Stalker was frozen into the heart of the cross.


In a certain forest clearing, Lin Jie looked at Ouyang Rui and said, “So, all I need to do is deal with this guy.”

“That’s right.” Dong Xiao’er nodded. “He has the strength of an A-rank, something that us two have no way of coping with. In a moment, I will find a way to restrict him. You need to find an opportunity to destroy the gold protection light around him.”

“That’s too troublesome! I’ll just go f*ck him up!” Lin Jie said.

“This is not the time for you to show off.” Dong Xue’er’s expression was abnormally serious.

“…Fine, whatever you want.” Lin Jie took a look at Dong Xue’er’s expression and immediately said.

“Done with your planning?” At the side, Ouyang Rui spoke up, “You guys didn’t think that you could defeat me with just the two of you, right?”

“How could we know if we don’t try.” As soon as Dong Xue’er spoke, an abundant amount of snowflakes started flying in the air, with her in the center. In an instant the surroundings seemed to have been shrouded by a layer of fog.

“You thought this kind of move would have any use against me?” Ouyang Rui’s body emitted a faint golden light. His body disappeared from in the next moment.

He accelerated at an extreme speed while the pens floating around him flew in all directions.

“Dong Xue’er! I’ve already given you a chance. Instead of cherishing it, you came looking for trouble. In that case, even if I kill you today, the Dong Clan can say nothing.” Ouyang Rui faced a certain direction, “You thought this kind of thing could restrict my movement?”

As soon as he spoke, the strength aura around him suddenly exploded in all directions with him as the center. Instantly, it dispersed Dong Xue’er’s ice fog. Immediately after, Ouyang Rui turned around and directly grabbed her neck as she was ambushing him from behind.

“This is all you got?” Ouyang Rui looked contemptuously at the energy gun in her hands, “If it was Dong Xiaoye who ambushed me, it might have been a little effective, but this kind of energy gun simply has no way to injuring me.” (TL: Dude, ok, we get it.)

“I know.” Dong Xue’er spoke a sentence with great difficulty. The hand she was clenching slowly loosened. Within her palm was a gradually blooming, ice-crusted, lotus flower.

“This is?” Ouyang Rui had not finished speaking when both he and Dong Xue’er suddenly became covered with a layer of ice.

“You wish to freeze me? Impossible!” Ouyang Rui increased his power output, and the layer of ice started falling off of him.

“Now!” Dong Xue’er shouted loudly.

At some point, Lin Jie had appeared next to them.

“Impossible! My flying pens were focusing their attack on you!” Ouyang Rui exclaimed.

“Those toys? They’ve all been sent flying!” Lin Jie swung his Wolf Fang Club ruthlessly at Ouyang Rui.

Ouyang Rui was knocked back a few steps by Lin Jie’s club, causing his blood and qi to churn within. Just now, he had to concentrate all the golden light on one point to resist Lin Jie’s assault, otherwise, it would’ve been directly shattered by his attack.

Not giving Ouyang Rui any break, the energy gun in Dong Xue’er’s hand suddenly shot through his stomach.

Ouyang Rui covered his stomach and knelt on the ground with great effort.

“So it was like this. A-rank strength, no wonder you went to such great lengths to restrict my movements.” Ouyang Rui spoke.

“Ouyang Rui, you’ve lost.” Dong Xue’er walked over.

“Do you know the consequences of doing this?” Ouyang Rui asked. “Even if you win, you’ll have brought upon yourself great troubles.”

“You don’t need to worry about that.” Dong Xue’er was beaming with smiles.

“Honestly, I never would’ve thought that an E-rank youngster would have the strength of an A-rank. But you guys still haven’t won.” Ouyang Rui then took out a syringe, ruthlessly stabbing it into his own neck.

“That thing looks really familiar.” Lin Jie sighed from the side.

“It’s the T-3 Evolution Liquid!” Dong Xue’er was astonished.

In the next moment, red stripes began appearing all over Ouyang Rui’s body, and at the same time, the wound on his stomach started closing up.

“I admit, I underestimated this youngster’s strength.” Ouyang Rui slowly stood up, and with him as the center, a thick, strong turbulence rushed out in all directions, engulfing everything. Dong Xue’er, who was closest to Ouyang Rui, was directly blown into the air, smashing into a peach tree.

“This is the strength of an S-rank? Now even you can’t injure me.” Ouyang Rui looked at Lin Jie, who still stood in front of him.

“How do you have this thing,? Isn’t the business deal still incomplete?” Dong Xue’er coughed up a mouthful of blood.

“Haven’t you heard of an inspection of goods?” Ouyang Rui suddenly appeared next to Dong Xue’er, “Let me think of a good way to deal with you.”

At that moment, Dong Xue’er looked towards Lin Jie, hinting at him to run away.

“You thought he could run away?” Then Ouyang Rui faced Lin Jie and punched towards him.

The wind from the punch brought with it some golden light, carving a straight ditch as it flew towards Lin Jie.

When the wind from the punch dissipated, a perfectly straight gorge, extending all the way outside of the peach forest, appeared in front of their eyes. All the dirt, ground, and trees in the gorge’s way had disappeared. The gorge itself was over 10 meters wide, and of course, Lin Jie had disappeared as well.

Seeing this scene, Dong Xue’er couldn’t help but close her eyes.

“I didn’t think that the wind from a random punch would reach the strength of a high grade electromagnetic pulse. If I went all out, couldn’t I easily demolish a large block? No wonder the majority of S-rank superheroes don’t fight inside cities.” Ouyang Rui was astonished. “Anyways, this drug is really useful. For it to actually let someone move up a rank for a short period of time. Furthermore, it comes with a strong healing effect. No wonder even SS-rank Superheroes are unable to defeat Evolution Co.”

While Ouyang Rui was astonished by the strength he had just gained, the sound of Lin Jie’s voice appeared from behind him. “Tch, another druggie. Destroying so many trees in that short amount of time is such a pity.

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