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Volume 1 – Chapter 23: Beat it

Ouyang Rui turned around and looked at Lin Jie. “You dodged my fist just now? It seems like super strength isn’t the only thing you’re capable of.”

However this time, Lin Jie didn’t say anything. He only raised the Wolf Fang Club in his hands.

“You’re determined to fight with me till the end?” Ouyang Rui spoke proudly, “However, with just my current strength, you have no way to even injure me.”

“Is that so? You’re too self-confident.” Lin Jie finally spoke.

“My defensive strength right now would be considered top tier even among S-rankers. I admit that you are a very strong A-ranker, but in my eyes, you can’t even hurt a single hair on my body.” Ouyang Rui spoke proudly.

“How would you know I can’t hurt you if I don’t even try?” Lin Jie replied and ran towards Ouyang Rui, holding his Wolf Fang Club like a baseball player about to swing his bat.

Ouyang Rui didn’t try to dodge or avoid him, only wearing a smile on his face as he watched him charge. Powerful golden light started converging around Ouyand Rui.

“I’ll let you experience the…” Ouyang Rui had yet to finish speaking before he was sent flying.

The instant Lin Jie’s Wolf Fang Club came into contact with the golden light, it was like smashing tofu. The club easily scattered the light and, without being hindered at all, smashed into Ouyang Rui’s body.

Ouyang Rui’s countenance instantly warped; He spewed great amounts of blood midair. He flew a good 10 or so meters before finally smashing into a peach tree.

“Are you alright?” Lin Jie walked over to Dong Xue’er.

“……” Dong Xue’er was speechless, her eyes staring at him in a daze. After half a day, she finally regained her sense and asked, “If you had this kind of strength, why didn’t you use it earlier?”

“I told you already, I can just go over and directly get rid of him.” Lin Jie said, “But you kept on disagreeing with me, right?”

“……” Regarding Lin Jie’s answer, Dong Xue’er was once again struck speechless, “Who would’ve known you had so much strength.”

While the two were talking, Ouyang Rui slowly got up, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

“I never would’ve thought that your strength would have already far surpassed A-rank. Even amongst S-rankers, you would be considered very strong. I don’t understand why a person like you would want to be an E-rank superhero. According to your strength, you should’ve been an A-ranker at the very least.” Ouyang Rui said.

“Could you not speak while spewing blood? The bloody foam flying about as you talk is really disgusting.”

“Hehe, even though you have great strength, it’s useless in my eyes.” Ouyang Rui declared.

“Tch, just a moment ago, wasn’t it you who said that I wouldn’t be able to hurt a single hair on your head?”

“Do you know why Dong Xue’er wanted to seal off my movements?” Ouyang Rui, “It’s because I have trained in a set of ancient martial footwork skills.”

“So what?” Lin Jie said nonchalantly.

“Previously, I had only trained up to the 8th stratum. Even then, no one within A-rank could touch me. Now, thanks to the T-3 Evolution Fluid, I’ve already reached the 10th stratum.”

“Tch, it’s another poser.” Lin Jie raised the Wolf Fang Club. “In that case, here I come.” Right after Lin Jie spoke, he rushed forward with a speed could not be seen by the naked eye. The next moment, Lin Jie had appeared beside Ouyang Rui, with his club raised. His strike shattered Ouyang Rui’s body.

However, Lin Jie realized what he had struck was only an afterimage.

“There’s reason behind it.” Lin Jie spoke.

At that moment, Ouyang Rui’s silhouette appeared next to Lin Jie. With great strength,  his fist struck down on Lin Jie, but what he struck was also an afterimage!

“What!?” Ouyang Rui was greatly shocked. His dynamic vision was at the level where he could easily see the path of bullets. What kind of speed must he have in order to leave an afterimage behind!?

“How is this possible!!!!” Ouyang Rui was still shocked when a strong force smashed into his body, once again sending him flying.

“You!!! You were actually S-rank!” Ouyang Rui was shocked. “How did you avoid the Superhero Association’s energy level probe!”

“What kind of toy is the energy level probe?” Lin Jie was puzzled as he looked at Ouyang Rui.

“Dammit!” Ouyang Rui angrily rushed at Lin Jie, “Even if you’re S-rank, I will still kill you today!”

Ouyang Rui used a strange foot technique to increase his speed to its limit, and at the same time, his continuous fist punches began leaving behind shadows.

Lin Jie effortlessly avoided all of Ouyang Rui’s endless attacks while occasionally waving his club to mess up the wind created by Ouyang Rui’s fists. He did not wish for the beautiful peach forest to be destroyed by Ouyang Rui.

“Boring. I thought you would use ancient martial arts fist techniques. But it seems like all you know is a set of footwork skills.” Lin Jie yawned and then easily grabbed Ouyang Rui’s fist, “It’s already late, why don’t we finish it quickly.”

Right after speaking, Lin Jie fiercely threw Ouyang Rui away. He then appeared in the direction Ouyang Rui was sent flying, and with one swing, made him fly back the way he just came from. After repeating this a few times, even if Ouyang Rui was tenacious, he had been beaten unconscious by Lin Jie.

Ouyan Rui laid on the ground, beaten until he no longer resembled a human. His wounds were healing little by little. It seemed like he would return to normal after a short period. But there was one thing Lin Jie was sure of, Ouyang Rui had already lost consciousness. By the time he’d wake up, the effects of the evolution liquid would’ve long worn out.

“Alright, this guy had been dealt with.” Lin Jie turned around and said to Dong Xue’er, who was currently staring dumbly at him.

“Have you fallen in love with me? Were you captivated by my appearance as I dealt with Ouyang Rui?” Lin Jie made an action as if he believed he was very handsome.

“I’m just thinking about the things I prepared for earlier, how stupid I seemed.” Dong Xue’er was just like a deflated balloon as she said, “I never would’ve thought that your strength already reached such a level. You must be an S-ranker right?”

“I definitely have no idea what rank I’m at. After all, no system has tested my strength before.” Lin Jie replied.

At that moment, Lin Jie suddenly felt a strong force assaulting him from the back.

“Hidden weapons!” Lin Jie then swung his club backwards, striking the hidden weapons that were about to hit his back. But what shocked him was that the two hidden weapons were actually 2 living people: Black and White Gold.

Lin Jie hurriedly restrained his strength, but even though he restrained himself, the two were struck far away and hung on top of two peach trees. However, the fortunate thing was that the two had already lost consciousness, so they didn’t feel any pain.

“I’m trying to pick up girls, why are you trying to cause trouble!?” Lin Jie faced the person who appeared.

The person who appeared was precisely Evolution Co’s Kai Tuo.

“Anyone who destroys the company’s plans will be punished.” Kai Tuo spoke in a gloomy voice.

After speaking, he reached one hand towards Lin Jie. A powerful force field suddenly formed around Lin Jie’s location. Lin Jie grabbed onto Dong Xue’er as he disappeared from the location.

“You stay here a bit. I’ll go take care of that fish waste.” Lin Jie then rushed back to where Kai Tuo was.

The Wolf Fang Club in Lin Jie’s hand swung out at the man in front of him.

“Inside my force field, nothing can hurt me physically.” Kai Tuo boasted. An extremely powerful repulsion force burst out, with him as the center. At the force field’s center, the direction of all forces seemed to have reversed.

In the short moment Lin Jie’s Wolf Fang Club and the repulsion field collided, the Wolf Fang Club paused for a moment before continuing on towards Kai Tuo, as if the repulsion force had no effect on him.

“What?” Kai Tuo was startled. This was the first time, since he was born, that he met an organism whose attacks were not affected by his power. But it was already too late. Under Lin Jie’s club, Kai Tuo started to twitch.

“Alright, the fish waste has been dealt with.” Lin Jie turned around to face the horror filled face of Dong Xue’er, “Why don’t we continue where we left off.”

“I’ve already said it. Anyone who destroys the company’s plans will receive punishment.” Kai Tuo spoke and then got up again.

This time, he had a syringe in his hands. He stabbed it into his stomach ferociously.

“F*ck! It’s that plaything again. Is it a trend right now to take illegal drugs when you can’t win a fight?: Lin Jie helplessly looked at the man in front of him.

But Kai Tuo didn’t give him any time to ponder, red marks immediately started to appear on his body and space started to collapse around him. The ground also started to sink down. Not only that, the area that was collapsing continued to spread out.

Just like the demon in the legends that destroyed the world, Kai Tuo proudly floated in the air.

“Receive your punishment.” Kai Tuo spoke in a gloomy voice, raised his hand, and shot a powerful shockwave towards the not too far away Lin Jie. Any place the shockwave passed through, space would temporarily warp.

The shockwave contained great strength as it rushed towards Lin Jie, however, it was useless.

Lin Jie simply waved his Wolf Fang Club and shattered the shockwave Kai Tuo had shot at him. He then charged into the area Kai Tuo controlled and swung his club at him. The sky-shattering, earth-obliterating repulsion field suddenly came to a grinding stop.

“I’ll let you pose then! Let your outer appearance be more handsome than mine! Shoot your shockwave! Let you destroy businesses! Let you take illegal drugs! Let you dye your hair! Let you be unsure of whether you’re alive or dead…” For every sentence Lin Jie said, he would ruthlessly stomp on Kai Tuo.

After approximately 5 minutes of kicking…

“Don’t hit me anymore! I surrender! Spare me, please!” Kai Tuo begged for forgiveness underneath Lin Jie’s foot.

“Wasn’t your voice deep and gloomy? So it seems like you can speak normally!” Lin Jie stamped down again. “So you were using a fake tone just now, pretending to be some kind of great demon king.”

“I’m wrong. I’m wrong, alright? I’ve already surrendered. Don’t hit me anymore! In the future, I will never use that tone of voice to speak, ok?” Kai Tuo said weakly from beneath Lin Jie’s foot.

“That’s right! Do you know? The people I hate the most are those who are more handsome than me.” Lin Jie looked down at his face.

“Boss! There’s no one else more handsome than you under the heavens? How could there be anyone more handsome than you!?” Kai Tuo hurriedly shouted.

“What? You said that in a questioning tone!” Lin Jie stomped down again.

“You are the most handsome below the heavens! There’s no one else who’s more handsome than you!” Kai Tuo hurriedly corrected himself.

Under Lin Jie’s strength and tyranny, Kai Tuo instantly threw his integrity far beyond the clouds.

At the side, Dong Xue’er stared blankly at the two. Her eyes that swept over Lin Jie seemed to be filled with perplexity.

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