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Volume 1 – Chapter 21: Evolution

Glasses Bro finally found Dong Xiaoye behind a tree, somewhere in the middle of the forest.

“What is a nuisance like you doing here?” Dong Xiaoye looked unhappily at Glasses Bro.

“I’ve planted quite a few of my glasses within the forest. I should be able to help you in a moment.” Glasses Bro said.

“Who needs the help of such a nuisance.” Dong Xiaoye treated Glasses Bro’s good intentions with no kindness at all. “I was planning on dealing with Evolution Co’s people first, but it seems like another, more annoying person has showed up. Sister Xue’er will have to depend on herself.”

Suddenly, Dong Xiaoye jumped away. Two light rays flashed past her sides, originating from the same direction.

“Are there two people attacking you?” Glasses Bro was surprised.

“There’s only one enemy, be careful!!” Dong Xiaoye shouted at Glasses Bro.

Hearing the words, “Be careful!”, Glasses Bro’s reaction wasn’t slow, immediately disappearing from his spot and reappearing on top of a peach tree. He saw a series of ten or so light beams, shooting from different parts of the forest, all turn and head towards the same direction. They were all aiming towards the place where he and Dong Xiaoye were at before.

A thick icicle suddenly pierced the same area. Despite the size and thickness of the icicle, the attack from all sides instantly destroyed it.

“What should I do? Dong Xiaoye must be having a hard time over there.” Glasses Bro looked anxiously towards her direction.

“When you teleported, you even took your clothes with you, so why didn’t you teleport the person as well?”

A voice suddenly sounded within Glasses Bro’s heart.

“That’s right!” Glasses Bro exclaimed. At that moment, he had completely forgotten about whose voice it was that spoke to him. Using his quickest speed, he ran towards Dong Xiaoye’s direction. The glasses he had used to teleport earlier had been destroyed in the attack.

Light rays shot nonstop from all directions.

When Glasses Bro arrived at Dong Xiaoye’s location, she was already in a very perilous situation. She held a shield made out of ice in her hand while continuously moving about. If there was no way she could dodge the attacks, the shield would be used to block.

But her defenses were also about to reach their limit. He could see that the countless rays of light being fired in the forest almost lit up the entire sky.

At that moment, Dong Xiaoye saw Glasses Bro running towards her. “Why are you returning?! Ah! What are you doing?!”

Under Dong Xiaoye’s surprised gaze, Glasses bro hugged her and the two disappeared from their position. In the next moment, countless light rays struck the place they were standing milliseconds before.

This time, the two were teleported below a tree, however, their position was just like the first time they met.

“Go die!” Dong Xiaoye kicked Glasses Bro’s stomach, causing him to flip off of her.

“This is how you thank your savior?” Glasses Bro asked.

“I didn’t ask for you to come save me.” Dong Xiaoye spoke, “We need to find that hunter’s true position.”

“Ah? Weren’t there a lot of people ambushing you?” Glasses Bro asked.

“And you claim to be from H-City!” Dong Xiaoye looked at Glasses Bro like she was looking at an idiot. “This method of attack could only be your H-cities A-rank hero, Stalker.”

“What? You’re saying it’s the Stalker who has been attacking us?” Glasses Bro exclaimed.

“That’s right.” Dong Xiaoye nodded, “If we were to fight face to face, I wouldn’t fear him at all. But in this Peach Forest where it’s easy to hide, our circumstances are anything but good.

“Then what’s with his attacks?” Glasses Bro asked.

“The Stalker’s ability is called ‘Hunter.’ It’s a rare compound power.” Dong Xiaoye explained, “At the moment, we know that within the forest, he has the perspective of a god and the ability to change the trajectory of his weapons.”

“So you’re saying that all he needs to do is hide away somewhere and shoot in any direction?” Glasses Bro was shocked.

Dong Xiaoye nodded.

At that moment, Glasses Bro once again hugged Dong Xiaoye, and the two disappeared. The place they had just disappeared from was immediately covered by a net of light rays.

“Isn’t this god’s eyes too overpowered?! We used so much effort but were discovered so quickly?” Glasses Bro cursed, and in the next moment, another leg was planted into his stomach.

“Are you doing it on purpose? Every time we teleport, we end up in this kind of position. Do you just like doing this?” Dong Xiaoye kicked Glasses Bro off of her and cursed at him.

“Do you think I want to get kicked by you every time we teleport!” Glasses Bro exclaimed, “Speaking of which, this isn’t the best way to deal with him.”

“I know, but we haven’t investigated his powers and can only buy time. Hopefully Sister Xue’er can deal with her enemy. If her side fails, we will immediately retreat.” Dong Xiaoye spoke.

“How could we do that?! Lin Jie and Xiao Zhan are both still there, how can we abandon our teammates like that!?” Glasses Bro shouted unhappily.

“Then do you have any other means?” Dong Xiaoye asked.

“Nope! But I won’t run away.” Glasses Bro responded.

“Brother, use my strength!”

The voice once again appeared in Glasses Bro’s head.

“Who are you?” Glasses bro suddenly remembered the voice that appeared out of nowhere.

“Who are you talking to?” Dong Xiaoye asked him curiously.

“Can you hear it? That weird voice?” Glasses Bro looked at Dong Xiaoye as he asked.

“Is there something wrong with your head? There’s only the two of us.” Dong Xiaoye replied.

“Brother, don’t be surprised. Only you can hear my voice.” The voice in his head spoke up again.

“Who are you?” Glasses Bro asked in surprise.

“I am your eyes! I am the glasses you are wearing on your face!” The voice answered.

“What? You are my glasses?” Glasses Bro was even more astonished as he spoke, “Impossible, my glasses don’t have this kind of special function!”

“Brother, are you not curious as to why your teleportation power only works by switching places with your glasses?” The voice spoke again.

“Who knows.”

“It’s because your ability has nothing to do with spacial movement.” The words that the voice said shocked Glasses Bro.

“You’re saying my ability isn’t supposed to be used to teleport at all? Then what is my ability?” Glasses Bro was still in shock as he asked.

“You are a man who possesses the Soul of Glasses!”

“What kind of plaything is this Soul of Glasses? It seems like something weird.”

“This is why others are able to remember your glasses, but can’t remember your face. It’s because you are the only person in the world who possesses the Soul of Glasses. Sooner or later, you will become the best glasses of all glasses in existence, a Glasses King.” The voice explained passionately to Glasses Bro.

“Even though what you said sounds very grand, why do I feel so oppressed.”

“Let me finish talking. Your true power lies in interacting with glasses. At the same time, you can also trigger the glasses’ hidden strength.”

“Trigger the glasses’ hidden strength!?” Glasses Bro was startled.

“That’s right, now is the perfect time to use my strength because it will definitely be able to deal with the enemy you are facing at the moment.”

“What should I do?” Glasses Bro asked.

“I will guide you! I, Virtuous Glasses was born so that I could guide the future Glasses King.” The voice answered.


A short amount of time passed before Glasses Bro slowly opened his eyes. The glasses he was wearing had a very distinct change.

“So it was like this, it’s too incredible! Virtuous Glasses!” Glasses Bro was pleasantly surprised. The glasses he was currently wearing had already undergone huge changes. Line after line of data flowed through his vision.

“In 3 seconds we’ll be attacked…” He turned around and looked at Dong Xiaoye.

“What do you want?” Dong Xiaoye looked at Glasses Bro. This guy had been talking to himself for half a day, but suddenly went silent and was now looking at her. What’s going on with him?

However, not giving Dong Xiaoye any time to react, he rushed over and hugged her.

Once again, the two disappeared from their location.

Dong Xiaoye wanted to kick him off of her for the third time, but Glasses Bro had already crawled off. He then made a gesture, telling her to be silent. Pointing towards a certain direction, he signaled her to attack.

Even though Dong Xiaoye expressed her dissatisfaction at his sudden actions, she still summoned an ice spear and threw it in the direction he pointed at.

The ice spear pierced through several peach trees before suddenly hitting something powerful, causing it to explode into pieces.

Immediately afterwards, a man-shaped ice sculpture appeared in the air. The ice sculpture even had a couple of laser rifles next to it.

“I hit him!” Dong Xiaoye was astonished as she ran to the ice sculpture, “How did you know where he was?”

“I didn’t know. It was the power of the Virtuous Glasses.” Glasses Bro proudly pointed at his glasses. “Virtuous Glasses has tremendous calculation power and succeeded in calculating the habitual trajectories of the Stalker, deducing his location.”

Only at that moment did Dong Xiaoye notice the change in the pair of glasses he wore.

“If you had such a useful thing, why didn’t you use it earlier!” Dong Xiaoye shouted very loudly, “Did you want to see me stuck in a difficult situation before showing off your outstanding abilities? You four-eyed pervert!”

“That’s not true. I just learned that I had this kind of ability. It was when I was talking to myself.” Glasses Bro spoke.

“Your ability evolved?” Dong Xiaoye calmed down.

“That’s basically it. Thanks to that, I have managed to calculate the position of that b*stard.” Glasses Bro spoke proudly.

“Then, did you calculate this?” The figure of a person suddenly appeared out of nowhere right next to Glasses Bro. A fist ferociously smashed into his face, causing his whole body to fly away.

“It’s the Stalker!” Dong Xiaoye was shocked.

“Thought I wouldn’t protect my main body?” The Stalker faced Dong Xiaoye, “Your Dong family is merely nothing but bait to snag more bait.”

“Is that so?” Dong Xiaoye spoke, “But you actually dared to make a move! It seems like you have a lot of confidence in your strength.”

As soon as she spoke, a large amount of freezing air burst forth from her side.

“My prey has already entered the trap, what do I have to fear!” The Stalker declared

As soon as he finished talking, a strange machine appeared where Dong Xiaoye was standing.

“X-Force Field!” Dong Xiaoye was astonished.

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