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Volume 1 – Chapter 20: Free For All

Night in the Peach Forest. Peach blossoms occasionally fell gently to the ground.

“Mr. Gan?” Ouyang Rui stood at a clear area within the forest. In front of him were three people: two men and a woman.

“Not only is Mr. Ouyang punctual, he has also picked such a high-quality place to meet.” Mr. Gan spoke, “It is truly a beautiful place.”

He admired the lanterns hanging below the peach blossoms as he spoke.

“You flatter me, Mr. Gan. I also wish that this meeting will spell the start of a good relationship.” Ouyang Rui spoke, “My men have already arrived. Don’t tell me that your side only has the three of you?”

“How could that be? Mr. Ouyang, please look up.” Mr. Gan pointed towards the sky.

Above their heads were a squad of invisible fighter jets quietly floating in the air. Suddenly, a silhouette suddenly jumped down from the still invisible jets. Shockingly, the person was holding a chest in his hands.

Just when the person was about to hit the ground, an abrupt gust of air shot out from below his feet, slowing down his velocity. Under the influence of the sudden burst of wind, countless peach blossom petals fluttered in the wind.

“Let me introduce everyone. This is the person that Evolution Company has dispatched to lead this negotiation, Kai Tuo.” Mr. Gan then faced the newcomer, “The person in front of you is Mr. Ouyang, from the Ouyang Clan.”


At the same time the atmosphere within the Peach Forest was becoming harmonious, outside the forest, Lin Jie was not feeling good at all. At that moment, there were two muscular men groping him.

“Just as I expected. His outward appearance does not look strong at all, but underneath his clothing, his muscles are actually extremely strong.” One of the muscular men spoke while groping him. He was precisely the examiner in charge of the superhero examination, who Lin Jie had instantly defeated, Ya Tan.  

“Muscles mean results, especially those compact, yet explosive muscles you have. From the look of things, you must have gone through an extremely arduous period of training.” The other muscle man was completely black. Lin Jie recognized this guy. He was the instructor whose lecture Lin Jie had once attended at the Hero Association, B-rank hero, Black Gold.

“Really? Let me come touch as well!” Another muscle man appeared, but this man was pale. Lin Jie had only recognized him after Dong Xue’er had introduced him. He was Black Gold’s brother, White Gold. He was also a B-rank hero. Behind them were at least 10 more muscle men, they ranged from C-rank to E-rank and were the external aid that Dong Xue’er found from H-city. They were all from H-city’s Muscle Man Society.

“Go f*ck off as far as possible!” Lin Jie couldn’t stand being touched all over by a group of muscular men anymore. His chrysanthemum couldn’t help but feel cold.

“Youngster, do you have any interest in joining our Muscle Man Society? Together, we can research ways to train muscles!” Black Gold asked Lin Jie, “I think very highly of you.”

“Only demons would want to join your Muscle Man Society!” Lin Jie retreated and helplessly looked at Dong Xue’er, “I never would have thought you liked these type of men.

“In H-city, the only people who have both strength and a sense of righteousness are these guys.” Dong Xue’er replied, “Pay more attention! Don’t get discovered. Basically, the entire Peach Forest is under Ouyang Rui’s control. In comparison, both sides have nearly the same amount of people.

“Tch!” Lin Jie scoffed, “Can you not touch my butt!!!”


At that time, Xiao Zhan and a group of musclemen had already rushed into the Peach Forest. A large amount of hired mercenaries and other lower tiered men appeared in front of Xiao Zhan and his group.

“Let them experience our Muscle Man Society’s awesomeness!” The muscle man leading them shouted.

ROARRRR! ROARRRRRR!  The muscle men behind him all let out a thunderous roar in unison. At the same time, they all lifted their massive alloy shields as they charged forward.

“This is the rhythm of 300 warriors.” Xiao Zhan commented as he leaped to the side with full force, leaving a fist-sized indent on the ground where he previously stood.

After desperately running away in a mad dash, Xiao Zhan forced himself to stand still on a tree.

Looking at the messy brawl in front of him, Xiao Zhan keenly felt a deep sense of helplessness, as if the enemy had already surrounded him on all sides. Even his Sparta-esque teammates won’t be able to defeat such a large group of people.

Ouyang Rui, you damn tyrant! You actually brought this many foot soldier along.” Xiao Zhan couldn’t help but curse, “Luckily I made preparations earlier.”

Having said this, he took out a strange device.

“It’s time to let you guys see my field of specialty.” Xiao Zhan said to himself as he activated the equipment.

In the next moment, outside the Peach Forest, both sides were shocked to find that everyone’s bodies were suddenly censored by mosaics. That’s right, Xiao Zhan’s strange device shot every single person on site into mosaic-censored figures. Even their weapons had become censored.

As a result, within the erotically white covered Peach Forest, each and every one of the mosaic censored organism were mixed in chaotic warfare. It was such a beautiful sight that it directly caused Lin Jie and company, who entered the Peach Forest afterwards, to all sink into a sluggish state.

“I’ve already suppressed the surrounding enemies. I’ll leave the rest to you guys.” Xiao Zhan’s entire body was censored as he brandished his, likewise, censored Evil Elutriating Electric Rod while running towards Lin Jie and Dong Xue’er.

“Alloy Repeating Fist!!!”

Just when he had ran half the distance, Black Gold’s fist suddenly got very close to his face. Xiao Zhan’s entire body was sent flying away, his body crashed into a peach tree, instantly causing the peach petals to bury him.

“Just what are these?” Black Gold confusedly asked while retrieving his fist.

“You hit one of the people on our side.” Lin Jie replied, “Although it’s kinda embarrassing, he’s my partner.”

“What?” Black Gold stared at him blankly, “Rather than wondering who, I was wondering what kind of weird object that was.”

“Forget it, pretend that it was simply a matter of reducing the participants in this battle by one.” Lin Jie spoke.


At the empty lot within the Peach Forest.

“Mr. Ouyang Rui, it looks like your confidential measures weren’t that secure.” Kai Tuo looked at Ouyang Rui.

Behind Kai Tuo, Shadow and Bing Qi had already disappeared.

“That bitch Dong Xue’er is still coming to ruin things?” Ouyang Rui muttered, “If it’s like this, then don’t blame me for not being considerate. I’ve given you many chances already.”

Soon after, Ouyang Rui took out a communication device from his hand, “Stalker, attack.”

“It seems like our deal will have to wait till later.” Kai Tuo spoke.

“I am really embarrassed. I might have to clean this place up a bit.” Ouyang Rui faced Kai Tuo as he spoke.

“It’s fine, I wish you good luck.” After speaking, Kai Tuo launched his fighter jet towards the air.

“None of you will be getting away today.” Following a woman’s voice that appeared midair, an enormous ice spike pierced the fighter jet floating in the air.

The fighter jet then started falling towards the several people on the ground. Ouyang Rui and the rest of the people barely dodged the falling aircraft.

However, the fighter jet didn’t explode because it had turned into an ice sculpture the moment it was about to hit the ground.

Behind Dong Xiaoye appeared a pair of ice wings. She was like a night fairy looking down contemptuously at the people below her feet.

“Dong Xiaoye, even you came.” Ouyang Rui spoke.

“Today, we…” Dong Xiaoye hadn’t finished speaking when an extremely intense EMP shot towards her. She unconsciously dodged to the side, but the pulse still hit the ice wings behind her. Just like that, Dong Xiaoye, who had lost one wing, started falling towards the forest.

“Hu hu hu.” Glasses bro had run over with great difficulty, but then he saw Dong Xiaoye falling towards another direction, “Sh*t!”

Glasses bro cursed before running over there.

“Unbelievable, you actually brought the Stalker.” Dong Xue’er walked out from behind a tree. Beside her was Lin Jie and the Black and White Gold brothers.

“I’ve already given you many chances, Dong Xue’er! Now, even if I kill you, Master Dong wouldn’t say anything.” Right after speaking, the surrounding area around Ouyang Rui suddenly gained a faint metallic shine. At the same time, around ten or so metal, fountain pen-like devices started floating around him.

“It seems like your combat power is still unpredictable.” Dong Xue’er helplessly looked at Lin Jie and the Black and White Gold brothers. “I’ll leave those two Evolution Co. people to you guys. Lin Jie and I will deal with Ouyang Rui.”

“Leave it to us.” White Gold responded before his body started turning into steel. He then he started charging towards Kai Tuo with full force. Black Gold started charging towards Mr. Gan.

“You thought that just by relying on the two of you that you could defeat me?” Ouyang Rui faced Lin Jie and Dong Xue’er. Right after speaking, the metal devices around him suddenly shot towards the two.


Outside the Peach Forest, there were two large trees, atop each one was a person. One of them was the Hero Association’s Ya Tan, and the other one was Evolution Co.’s Bing Qi.

Of the two people, one person’s hands had turned into two long blades, the other person’s hands turned into two alloy swords.

“The same superpower?” Bing Qi raised his hands that had turned into alloy swords, “Then we’ll have to see which of us is the stronger of the two.”


Shadow’s mood and been bad lately because she failed to get rid off that b*stard who caused her to have nightmares for two days in a row. However, she didn’t expect that today, as she passed by the monitors, she would once again see that wretched b*stard, Furthermore, the b*stard was preparing weapons to attack the site of the business deal.

Shadow thought she had come across a good opportunity. She had another chance to kill him. So, when the chaotic fighting at the perimeter of the forest started, she impatiently arrived at the outskirts of the forest.

Her whole body went Sparta mode!

The beautiful scene one would normally see within the Peach Forest had been completely destroyed by a group of mosaic censored organisms.

Every single person was mosaic censored, including their weapons. Moreover, from time to time, they would throw their weapons at each other. This scene was simply a group of demons dancing wildly.

It didn’t help that there were two mosaic censored people rolling on the ground together, occasionally letting out painful moans, causing everyone who saw the scene to think of something immoral.

Currently, the situation had basically become a free for all. After all, after becoming mosaically censored, there was basically no way of telling who was the enemy and who was an ally.

“Where’s that b*stard?” Shadow was about to erupt from anger. She discovered that after everyone had keyed in their secret code, she could no longer differentiate between them, unable to find the exact person she was looking for.

“Forget it…. Cough cough….” Shadow’s gaze suddenly changed into black pits that devoured all light. “Kill everything! As long as everything is killed, there will never be this kind of thing in the world again…”

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