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 Volume 1 – Chapter 19: Tip of the Iceberg

Today, in Xiao Zhan’s company building, they welcomed two young girls. One of them was Dong Xue’er and the other was a very petite girl.

“Let me introduce everyone.” Glasses bro faced Xiao Zhan and Lin Jie as he spoke, “This is B-city’s A-rank hero, Dong Xiaoye, also known as the famous Ice Fairy.”

“Oh? This is who Miss Dong invited over to help?” Lin Jie looked at the petite girl as he asked.

“You’re the one Miss Dong was talking about? Lin Jie? No matter how I look, you just look like trash.” The young girl looked resentfully at Lin Jie.

“What?” Lin Jie was furious, “You can say I’m trash, but you can’t call me useless!”

“Tch!” The young girl didn’t even look at him directly, but rather faced Dong Xue’er and said, “If these three pieces of trash are the helpers you spoke of, then I advise you to give up the current mission. There’s no way we’ll succeed.”

“Xiaoxie, you can’t judge them by their looks.” Dong Xue’er faced Dong Xiaoye. “Don’t just look at Mr. Lin Jie’s appearance. He has defeated a B-rank hero before, and according to my evaluation apparatus, he’s the only hero other than the Stalker that can defeat Ouyang Rui’s bodyguards.”

“Humph!” The young girl coldly humphed, “Then I will reluctantly accept these couple of trash.”

“Hey! Your manner of speaking is a little excessive! What’s wrong with my appearance’?” The veins on Lin Jie’s forehead popped out.

“You should be deeply grateful that I even accepted you.” The girl then pointed towards Xiao Zhan and Glasses bro, “As for you two trash E-rankers, I will never acknowledge you, especially that four-eyed pervert! I will never, ever approve of you!

“That event had nothing to do with me, so can you not call me a pervert.” Glasses bro couldn’t help but retort to Dong Xiaoye.

“Four-eyed pervert! Four-eyed pervert! Four-eyed pervert! Four-eyed pervert! Four-eyed pervert!

“It seems like there’s a story between the two of them.” Xiao Zhan poked Lin Jie.

“According to the experience I gained from my chuunibyou years, there’s definitely a story we’ve not heard.” Lin Jie said.

“Umm… can you guys let me finish explaining the plan for tomorrow’s fight?” Dong Xue’er narrowed her eyes as she looked at the several people in front of her.

At the same time, the temperature within the room suddenly dropped by a few degrees.

The instant drop in temperature caused them to turn silent for a moment.

“Elder Sister! Quickly restrain your magic power! Glasses bro is already frozen!” Lin Jie shouted to Dong Xue’er, “Quickly tell us about your grand plans, I have humbly grown hungry and thirsty from waiting.”

“This should be enough.” Dong Xue’er smiled, and the temperature of the room, which was at -60 degrees, started rising up.

Immediately after the room started warming up again, she opened up her tablet. A 3D map appeared in front of everyone.

“Isn’t this the Peach Forest outside of the city?” Xiao Zhan asked, “Come to think of it, it’s peach blossom season… I remember I met my ex-girlfriend right underneath the peach blossoms.”

Ah! That’s right. I used to kill people at the Peach Forest all the time. Lin Jie suddenly remembered.

However, it was a pity that before Xiao Zhan’s recollections had come to an end, he was frozen again.

“I’ve already said to not interrupt me!” Dong Xue’er was all smiles as she looked at the ice statue in front of her.

Fortunately I kept my thoughts in my head.

“I’m confident that Ouyang Rui and Evolution Co. will conduct their business deal at the Peach Forest.” Dong Xue’er spoke with a clear voice, “The time shall be tomorrow night. For this business deal, we’ve discovered that they’re going to be trading something called the T-3 Mad Evolution Drug. If this drug manages to get into C-district, the consequences it’ll bring are unimaginable.

Our job is to stop the deal from going through, and at the same time, defeat the Evolution Co. and Ouyang Rui.

You won’t need to worry about Ouyang Rui’s bodyguards and underlings. I’ve already contacted all the heroes who are opposed to him. When the time comes, they’ll help us deal with them. In addition, I’ll have to request Xiaoye to deal with the Evolution Co.’s side. Of course it won’t just be you dealing with their men. When the time comes, I will send reinforcements to move together with you.

Lin Jie, our mission is to defeat Ouyang Rui. Another B-rank hero and I will be in charge of restraining him while you look for an opportunity to break his defense. We won’t have a lot of chances, because Ouyang Rui himself possesses the strength of an A-ranker. We must capture both him and the Evolution Co’s people this time in order to gather incriminating evidence.”

“Uh… what is my and Xiao Zhan’s mission?” Glasses bro suddenly asked.

“You? Let me think…” Dong Xue’er cocked her head as she thought, “How about this? You follow Xiaoye’s team. As for Xiao… mhm… he’ll go fight with the ones who’ll deal with Ouyang Rui’s bodyguards.”

“I will definitely not work with this four-eyed pervert!” Dong Xiaoye exclaimed, “Also, I definitely won’t need the people you’ve sent to go with me. Sending more people will only drag me down.”

“Is that so? You’re opposed to my decisions.” Dong Xue’er narrowed her eyes as she looked questioningly at Dong Xiaoye.

“…Humph!” In the end, Dong Xiaoye could only humph coldly and sit on the sofa.

“Right, let me tell you guys some good news.” Dong Xue’er said, “The little girl you guys saved is now safe.”

“Really?” Lin Jie couldn’t help but ask after hearing her words.

“We never imagined that the Heavenly Island was the Evolution Co’s research headquarters. In the midst of the fighting on Heavenly Island, it was completely exposed to the world. In order to retrieve the data stored there, the Purification Company sacrificed a large amount of manpower but still lost a great portion of their research data. And at the same time, lost a great number of researchers.” Dong Xue’er was all smiles as she spoke, “I’ve heard that Living Fright went to the Heavenly Island. Did he not tell you guys anything?”

“No, the call didn’t go through the last time I called Living Fright.” Lin Jie said.

“Good, I’ll go ahead and take a look at the Peach Forest.” Xiao Zhan who had unfroze spoke.

“Be careful.” Lin Jie said.

“Don’t worry, I’m wearing the latest combat suit that I invented.” Saying that, Xiao Zhan suddenly became a mass of mosaic censorship.

“It’s useless even if you wear that!” Lin exclaimed.

“You understand nothing. After wearing this combat armour, even if I wanted to streak naked, there’d be absolutely no issues.” Xiao Zhan said.

“You’ve been walking farther and farther down that road.” Glasses bro suddenly said.


At night, in the Xiao Family’s building.

“To actually make me sleep in this kind of place, that wretched cousin of mine!” Dong Xiaoye was resentful as she cursed.

“Ah, you haven’t gone to sleep yet.” Glasses bro was laying on the sofa when he saw Dong Xiaoye walk out.

“It’s none of your business!” Dong Xiaoye said unhappily.

“You guys aren’t sleeping either?” Xiao Zhan suddenly came out from his room.

“You can’t sleep either?” Glasses bro asked Xiao Zhan.

“How could I? After all, there’s going to be a huge fight tomorrow. Every time I think about it, I get so excited I can’t fall asleep. You guys should know, I only passed the superhero assessment examination a month ago. To be suddenly given this kind of mission, I don’t know how many ranks I’ll be able to jump.” Xiao Zhan said.

“Tch, you’re still so naive. I’ve already been a superhero for 2 years.” Glasses bro said, “If you get nervous in fights, I can teach you a few methods to keep yourself from being too nervous before a fight.”

“You? The Four Eyed Pervert?” Dong Xiaoye spoke disdainfully, “Just by relying on your two years of being a D-rank trash, you wish to teach others?”

“You sound as if you’ve been a hero for a long time.” Glasses bro said.

“Humph, how ignorant. I’ve been a superhero for 4 years already.” Dong Xiaoye puffed out her small chest as she spoke, “When it comes to you weak trash who want experience but have none, want strength but have none; there’s just no comparison at all.”

“How old could you be?” Xiao Zhan asked.

“Don’t judge me based on my appearance. I’m already 19 years old.” Dong Xiaoye replied.

“What a lie! Are you and Dong Xue’er really cousins?” Xiao Zhan was astonished.

This year, Dong Xue’er was a little bit older than 20! But her body was simply overflowing with eroticism and sexual appeal. In comparison, Dong Xiaoye was only one year younger than her, but her body was extremely petite and small, giving people the impression of a middle schooler.

“Annoying! I’m just a late bloomer, that’s all!!” Dong Xiaoye was furious. She made a face as if she was going to bite someone.

“Whatever, I won’t argue with you anymore. I think I’ll drink some milk and then go to sleep.” Xiao Zhan took out a mosaic censored rod.

“Wait what!? What is that?” Dong Xiaoye was completely shocked by the weapon Xiao Zhan had in his hands.

“This is… this is the Evil Elutriating Electrified Pitchfork 3001 that I developed.” Xiao Zhan started up the weapon, and the sound of machines starting resounded within the room.

“Wait what?! Why are you holding this kind of thing in your hand?” Seeing Xiao Zhan holding such an object in his hands, Dong Xiaoye’s face grew extremely red, “Don’t swing such things in front of my face!”

“I just wanted to drink some milk, that’s all.”

After speaking, Xiao Zhan took out a cup.

“Glasses, you want a cup?” Xiao Zhan asked.

“Uh, give me a cup.” Glasses bro responded.

“Wait wait…. Four Eyed Pervert! You don’t feel weird when you see these kinds of things?” Dong Xiaoye was astonished as she looked at the calm and unperturbed Glasses bro.

“Ah? It’s been a while, so I’ve become used to such things.” Glasses bro said extremely calmly.

As soon as the mosaic censored rod in Xiao Zhan’s hands started leaking out a milky white fluid, he started filling up cups; 3 cups in total. And then handed one to Glasses bro.

Just like that, under the shocked gaze of Dong Xiaoye, Glasses Bro and Xiao Zhan clanked their cups and drained the milky white substance in one gulp.

“You should drink a cup as well. It’s very good for helping your body grow.” Xiao Zhan held his rod in one hand, and in the other, held a cup full of milky white liquid as he walked towards Dong Xiaoye.

Suddenly, the wall behind Xiao Zhan flipped around. It was covered with mosaic censored objects. Under the shadow of the objects, Xiao Zhan held a cup of milky white fluid as he approached Dong Xiaoye. She finally erupted.


An extremely loud palm-hitting-face sound resounded within the floor.


“If you don’t like milk then just don’t drink it. Why do you need to hit people?” Xiao Zhan touched his face where a palm imprint was.

“Precisely.” Glasses bro spoke, “Just slapping him was alright, but why did you also hit me?”

“Humph!” Dong Xiaoye was indignant, “If I ever see that kind of thing again, I’ll hit you every time I see it.”



After half a day passed, Glasses bro spoke, “Lin Jie has already been on the rooftop for half an hour, why hasn’t he come down yet?”

“I’ll go up and take a look.” Xiao Zhan said, “I’m a little curious. He wasn’t sleeping in the middle of the night and went to the rooftop instead.”

“Then I’ll get going.” Glasses bro spoke.

“Wait! I’ll also go.” Dong Xiaoye suddenly spoke, “I was affected by you and now can’t sleep either.”

Just like that, the three of them arrived at the rooftop.

At that time, there was a huge rainstorm. They were all dumbfounded when they saw Lin Jie.

The rain had drenched his clothes, revealing his muscular silhouette. His Wolf Fang Club was currently resting on the ground as he quietly stared into the far distance.

A kind of “I’ve experienced-it-all-before” aura surrounded the rooftop.

At the same time, a bloody atmosphere derived from numerous mass slaughter filled the rooftop. It was as if a veteran of hundreds of battles was surveying his opponent from afar.

“I never thought that he’d have this manly side to him.” Xiao Zhan spoke in a small voice. At his side, Dong Xiaoye and Glasses bro both couldn’t help but nod their heads.

Lin Jie’s aura, at that moment, made people think of a grand, mighty hero, who attracted the gazes of people.

Suddenly… Lin Jie raised his head…

…And then sneezed. He immediately hugged his shoulders as he ran indoors.

“It seems like accomplishing my fantasies on top of a rooftop is not something a normal person like me can do.” While speaking to himself, he ran to the place the three were standing at, “Eh? What are the three of you doing here?”




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