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Chapter 185: Let’s Run, Fox (I)


To not be tormented by illnesses. To not part from each other unwillingly due to death. To not have regrets and spend their entire lifetime together. This was the first time Shang Ke experienced such a thing through all the worlds he’s been in.


After he had been tormented so much through various worlds, he still thanked the System for allowing him to meet his lover. For their chance to be together and love each other again and again.


Shang Ke left that world filled with satisfaction and happiness. However, he did not enter the System Space, rather, he appeared on top of a mountain. Ranges of mountains ranged from all sides with curling clouds and rivers that stretched for miles below him.


A pair of arms stretched out from behind him and held him by the waist. A joyful voice came from near his ear, “Do you like this? This will be where we cultivate from now on.”


Shang Ke turned around in desire to see the man behind him, but the moment he turned around, the scene before his eyes changed again. He was protected in the man’s arms as countless lights of spiritual power orbited around them and weaved a large net that enveloped them. The pressuring power gradually closed in on them, carrying frightening killing intent.


“Chen Xiao, Shou Mo, I will end you so that you two can never reincarnate!” A viscous and angry voice came from the lights.


Shang Ke’s gaze blurred. He could not see the person controlling these lights, nor could he see the one by his side. He just felt very stifled like some great danger was about to happen.


“Shou Mo, do you trust me?” The man by his side asked.


“Of course.” Shang Ke heard ‘his own’ assured reply.


“Alright then, let’s make a bet with him.”


“Betting on what?”


“Betting our lives and reincarnations.”


As the last of his words were spoken, a heart-splitting pain tore into Shang Ke.


Shang Ke woke up in cold sweat. The scene he saw was the familiar System Space as a bewildered and confused expression took over his face.


“System, what was that just now?”


System: 【What is Host asking about? The System doesn’t understand.】


Shang Ke: “…I had a dream about someone named Chen Xiao and Shou Mo.”


System: 【…Who are they?】


Shang Ke: “System, have you not noticed that when you lie, you have a strange pause before answering?”


System: 【The System never lies, it merely is unable to give an answer. As for the question of Chen Xiao and Shou Mo, please find the answers yourself Host.】


Shang Ke silently raised two middle fingers to the System, but they were auto censored by the System.


He did not ask how many more missions he needed to do, because he no longer wished for his missions to end. The moment it ended, perhaps that would be the last of his meetings with ‘him’. When he thought of that possibility, he would rather continue to be tormented and reincarnate forever.

.    休息几天后,尚可又进入百炼空间,学习他感兴趣的技能。

After resting for a few days, he once again went into the Hundred Training Space, learning the skills he was interested in. 


The current him was pretty much a walking skill library as he learned dozens of skills. No matter if it was for day-to-day life, athletics, combat, literature, art and so on, he had learned almost all of them. Of course, there were skills he preferred so they were all mastered to varying degrees.


Shang Ke liked skills that were more hands-on, such as repairing, assembling and installing. Shooting, alchemy, piloting and driving, design, programming, music instruments, cooking and so on. As for other skills that he had learned under the System’s supervision, he wasn’t a master but he at least knew them.


After completing a new round of training, Shang Ke once again entered a new world.


With a thud, Shang Ke fell to the ground. The smell of dirt and grass immediately filled his nose.


Green filled his eyes when he opened them up. Sunshine shone through the dense trees and mottled the ground. From behind him were sounds of war cries and weapons clashing. Sounds like they were fighting rather hard.


From the sounds of the weapons and the environment around him, he could conclude that the era he entered was a more ancient one.


The System quickly sent him information.


This was an undeveloped primitive planet and the inhabitants of this planet were beastmen who had two forms. Their populations are made up of tribes and live all over the continent. But their numbers remain low, each tribe would have a max population of five hundred.


Shang Ke was transmigrated into a fox beastman named Yanu. His home was taken over by another tribe and he wandered by himself for a couple months until the lion tribe offered him shelter. Because of his birth defect, he was a mute. Adding in his pessimistic nature, he was rather discriminated against in the lion tribe. But to survive, he could only silently endure it and live without a presence.


He had followed the Lion King Mutu out to hunt one time, but on the way they were ambushed by the avanis. The dozen of youthful lions all died while Mutu was lucky enough to escape. As for Yanu, he was able to escape using his nimbleness from encirclement while the battle was happening.


With the lion’s battle prowess, they shouldn’t have been defeated so tragically. But someone from the lion tribe colluded with the avanis and leaked the route they were taking. The avanis setted up an ambush on the route they were taking. They used spider flower’s scent to hide their scent and used poisoned arrows for their first round of attacks. Following that was an attack of numbers which led to the lion’s almost complete wipeout.


Although the original Yanu had escaped, he was not just abandoning them to their fates. He did his best to return to the lion tribe and bring the news to them so they could send people to help and also be on guard.


However, the one in the tribe that colluded with the avanis was the Lion King Mutu’s younger brother Xite. When he saw Yanu’s return, he immediately understood what happened. Yanu was a mute so he could not explain the situation vocally. Xite immediately thought up something and framed Yanu as a spy and imprisoned him. Then, he led a group of people and put on a show of going to save his brother. When they arrived at the location, all they found was blood and not a single body.


The avani tribe was the cruelest tribe out of them all and were inclined to killing for pleasure. They also liked to eat the flesh of their kills. No matter which tribe it was, they would all turn into their food once they were killed.


As such, if they couldn’t find any bodies, it meant that the avani tribe were the victors. The corpses of the lion tribe were all carried away by them.


While Xite showed grief and indignation on the surface, his heart was full of satisfaction. In the name of revenge, he united his tribesman and replaced Mutu’s leadership as the new King. Yanu was used as the target of the tribe’s hate and was burned at the stake in public, branded as a traitor as he died in injustice.


Right when Xite took over command of the tribe and decided to show his authority, the avani tribe went back on their agreement and exploited Xite in return. They massacred the hundreds of members of the lion tribe and the remainder scattered to the winds to escape. The once powerful lion tribe collapsed in a single night.


Xite led the remaining members of his command and holed up. He no longer dared to become enemies with the avanis.


A couple years later, Lion King Mutu who had a lucky escape and had healed up, returned to gather his scattered tribesman and reestablished the tribe. They steadily gathered up power and finally wiped out the avani tribe in one swoop and regained their home.


The reason why Mutu didn’t return to the tribe for so long was first due to his serious injuries, and second, he had a vague feeling that their tribe had a spy. But he didn’t know that the spy was his own younger brother Xite.


It was dangerous for an injured Lion King to return to the tribe because other members of the tribe that desired the throne might challenge him for it. This was the cruel competition within the tribe. A challenge for the throne cannot be refused even if the Lion King was seriously injured. With Mutu’s current condition, the moment he accepts a challenge would be when he loses his life.


As such, he chose to nurse his injuries first then return to the tribe and go to war with the pheasants. But he never expected the avani tribe to have already massacred most of the lion tribe. By the time he recovered, the territory of the lion tribe was already occupied by them.


The information transmitted by the System ended at that. Shang Ke did not find out if Mutu learned that Xite was the spy in the end. As for the original Yanu, he was a sacrifice for the plot to move forward and never had a chance to fight back for himself.


The time Shang Ke landed in was right when they had suffered an attack. The original had abandoned everyone and escaped the encirclement by himself and fell after he got out.


【Main Mission—Protect the Lion Tribe’s territory from invasion.】


Shang Ke was already used to the various missions given by the System. Whether or not he can complete this mission can be put aside, what was most important right now was to change the image the Lion King had of him.


The original was an outsider to the tribe. He was mute and did not have a loveable personality and lacked any presence. He probably had to add on a coward label to him after this escape event.


Shang Ke rolled onto his feet and agily leaped into the thicket. He quickly locked onto a avani tribesman hidden within a tree and quietly climbed up… 


Mutu’s arm had a poison arrow stuck while his body also had countless hatchet wounds. His wounds were badly mangled and dripping with blood.


Watching his tribesman dying one by one to the avani tribe, rage filled his heart and his expression was twisted like an evil spirit as he killed several avanis in a row. However, with the poison in his system, his consciousness blurred more and more as he got weaker and weaker.


Mutu was besieged by several avanis and one of them took the chance to rush at his back when he was weak to chop at his neck with his raised ax.


Right at this moment, a sharp arrow whistled through the air and flew by from the corner of Mutu’s eye. It struck the wrist of that avani who screamed as his ax clattered to the ground.


Mutu had no time to check where that arrow came from. He immediately picked up that dropped ax and waved an arc around him, killing the ones that tried to come up and attack him.


At the moment, the avanis had not noticed that the one that shot the arrow was Shang Ke. They thought some idiot had a finger cramp and shot the wrong target.


But then the second, third and following arrows all hit the avanis surrounding Mutu. They finally realized that things were bad.


“They have someone in the woods!” A avani that looked like the commander bellowed and immediately had some people head for where Shang Ke was.


Shang Ke jumped down from the tree and picked up the sword dropped by a avani he killed. He swung it a few times then confidently charged at his enemies.


Only now did Mutu find out that the one shooting arrows was the Yanu who he thought had escaped.


Watching his sword strikes that easily beat back the avanis, Mutu was amazed. He didn’t expect Yanu to have this kind of battle prowess.


But he didn’t think much about it. Over half of his tribesman had already died, while the avanis still have fifty to sixty men left. What continued will be an endless battle for life and death… 

SnowTime: Avanis used to be birdogs when I first translated this. Yeah, I don’t have much of a naming sense. I combined Aves and Canidae to make avani which sounds nicer at least. Thank you very much for the donations~ It really helps out with the family finance situation… *why can’t I be rich cries*

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