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Chapter 163: Back To That Key Moment ③


“Major Filmore.” Rhine’s adjutant hurried found Shang Ke who had just left the training camp and told him, “Sir will be staying overnight at the department head’s home.”


Shang Ke gave him a strange look, “I know about that. What’s wrong?”


Adjutant’s face was stiff as he reported, “You should go take Sir home. Department head’s wife brought back a young and pretty omega home.”


The adjutant stressed the words “young and pretty”. The department head he spoke of was Rhine’s uncle from his father’s side, Mendes. He would frequently invite Rhine to his place as a guest. Since Shang Ke needed to train, he had not met him before.


Shang Ke’s mood immediately changed. “Let’s go.”


At the moment, Mendes was chatting with his family in the living room when he suddenly felt a strong surge of pheromones that carried boundless killing intent. Everyone in the room immediately had a change of expression at the fright. Meanwhile, that omega had gone completely weak and shivered nonstop.


Mendes rushed off the sofa and headed upstairs. Before he got to the room, a resounding scream shocked them further.


“Rhine!” Mendes pounded on the door, “What is going on?”


“Save me, save me…” A sobbing voice pleaded from within.


Mendes steadied himself and stepped back, hinting at his butler to open the door.


With a brittle crack,the door was opened. Mendes stepped into the room, but paused not even a few steps in. The violent surge of pheromones in the room was like a blade that prevented him from going any further.


The light in the room was dim, highlighting the bloody red marks that extended from the walls to the floor. Mendes looked toward where Rhine was. Rhine sat on the sofa near the french window, his collar half open with his hands held in front of him. His gaze was beyond cold and indifferent.


By his feet, a person curled there covered in blood and frightened out of his wits. When he saw Mendes and the others, he was so emotional that he wanted to crawl straight over to them but Rhine stopped any movement by stepping down on his hand.


“AH!” The omega screamed in pain again.


“Rhine, what are you doing!” Mendes asked in alarm and anger.


“Shouldn’t I be asking this?” Rhine languidly spoke, “My dear Uncle, since when has your villa turned into a place for romances? How could I, your nephew, trouble you to act as a pimp for me?”


Mendes’ face was red, half of it was from anger and the other is from irritation. He was also very bewildered. The man before him was overflowing with a dangerous air, it was a complete contrast to the normal bearing Rhine had normally.


From Mendes’ understanding of Rhine, he was not someone who would commit violence against an omega, nor was he someone who would speak like this to his elders.


Mendes took a deep breath, then spoke calmly, “This was something I did on my own, it doesn’t have anything to do with Clay. Let him go first, he has been injured and we need to treat him.”


“It has nothing to do with him?” Rhine looked down at the omega under his feet, “Didn’t he receive a couple tens of millions as ‘tip’?”


“How, how did you know?” Mendes looked at him in shock.


Omegas were protected by the country due to their high fertility. The moment they were born they would be subsidized for life. But many omegas who were born poor but had good appearances would choose to climb up the social ranks by finding powerful and rich people to live even better lives. Clay was one of those.


The omega Mendes sent to Rhine in his first lifetime was also Clay. In the end, he was beaten to the point of being unable to take care of himself by Rhine. In order to deal with the event, Rhine gathered up all the information he could on Clay, which included the private transaction between him and Mendes.


In this cycle of life, Clay still was not able to escape the fate of being beaten. To run into the muzzle of the same man twice, who knows which god or devil he offended.


“The things I know are more than what you can imagine.” Rhine stared coldly at Mendes, but a smile made its way to his lips, “Uncle, for example, if I was to ‘accidentally’ kill this omega, do you think our Lancelot Family will have enough power to quietly clear up this matter?”


“What kind of joke are you making?!” Mendes could not believe that Rhine was the one to say something like that, but the expression on his face did not look like a joke at all.


Clay was even more terrified. He cried and begged, “I’m sorry, I wouldn’t dare anymore. I’ll return the money, please just let me go.”


“The money given to you was from my uncle, you can keep it.” Rhine indifferently replied, “After all, the price you’re about to pay would need that money.”


Clay was simply about to faint. Even trying to give back the money wasn’t enough for his survival. He merely wanted to offer his body and climb a bed. He did not want to also throw his life into it! The youngest Major General of the Empire, the Mr. Perfect in countless omegas’ hearts was actually such a cold-blooded man. Whoever likes him can take him, he was done. He just wanted to live now!


“Rhine, it was my mistake this time, I apologize to you.” Mendes stepped forward a step, “Let Clay go, I guarantee I will not interfere with your personal life anymore.”


“But right now…” A streak of murderous light went through his eyes, “I only want to kill.”


Mendes was terrified by those bloodthirsty eyes and his voice trembled a bit as he asked, “Rhine, have you gone crazy?”


Rhine’s face lost any expression. He felt that he had never been so awake before, so awake that he remembered the most painful memories of his past.


Rhine shifted his foot so it was stepping on Clay’s back. As long as he put more power into it, his vertebra would immediately be crushed.


Clay trembled all over, he didn’t even dare to make a sound anymore.


Mendes’ face turned white and cold sweat soaked his back. He had wanted to rush forward to save Clay several times, but the killing intent from Rhine completely suppressed him.


The people that came with Mendes were also so frightened out of their wits that they also didn’t dare to move.


The room was silent and all of their gazes converged to Rhine’s foot.


Right at this moment, a stream of soft footsteps made their way towards them. In the still room, it was extremely distinct.


Soon after, a pheromone that was so faint people almost thought it was their imaginations, blew by like a warm breeze. It completely broke the frigid atmosphere.


Rhine’s heart skipped a beat and he slowly raised his head at the doorway. His dull gray world once again became bright and beautiful with the appearance of that pheromone.


Not long after, a figure appeared in his line of sight and lit up his everything.


That familiar face, familiar eyes, familiar figure and familiar scent… it was his Filmore!


Within Rhine’s blue eyes, Filmore’s figure was clearly reflected. He watched him slowly come closer and he felt as if his breathing was about to stop.


“Rhine, what are you doing?” Shang Ke looked down at the injured omega, then looked back at Rhine. He was a bit confused about the events that had happened here.


“Fil…” Rhine called for him in a daze.


“Yes, I’m here to take you home.” Shang Ke extended a hand to him with a smile.


Rhine silently stared at him. The killing intent hovering around him disappeared without a trace and gentleness took its place.


Even if this man was going to take him to hell, he would have no hesitation to follow him. This hand he was holding was really so warm and so real. He almost cried at the sensation.


Memories quickly flashed through his mind. The memories of both lifetimes slowly matched up and recovered until it became complete.


He went back through time, and his Fil was still alive.


Rhine suddenly stood up and tightly hugged Shang Ke, feeling his heartbeat and temperature.


He was still alive, alive.


Rhine sight became blurry as the emptiness in his heart was immediately filled.


The berserk pheromone acted like a tamed beast and swirled around Shang Ke happily.


The people at the entrance all relaxed. The stifling oppression was completely gone. It was like a warm spring entering a world of ice.


Shang Ke patted Rhine on the back, “Have you hugged enough? If you have then let’s go home. If you haven’t, then let’s go home and keep hugging.”


Rhine reluctantly took a step back, but his arms remained firmly around his waist.


Shang Ke looked back down toward Clay and spoke to Mendes, “He looks like he’s pretty seriously injured, are you guys not going to send him to the hospital?”


Mendes subconsciously looked toward Rhine, but all that man had in his eyes was Shang Ke, he completely disregarded anyone else.


As such, Mendes had his butler get people to help Clay up and send him to the Lancelot Family’s private hospital for treatment. During the whole process, everyone worked carefully around Rhine. They were afraid that they would make him unhappy again and set off another murder scene.


When everyone finally left with this fearful event as a permanent memory, Mendes finally heaved a sigh of relief and started to observe the young man Rhines was holding.


He had long heard of this Lieutenant. Now that he saw him with his own eyes, he also had no choice but to admit his uniqueness. 


“Hello, Department Head Lancelot.” Shang Ke politely greeted him.


“Don’t call me that, I have already retired.” Mendes glanced at Rhine, “You can call me uncle like Rhine does.”


“Sure, uncle.” Shang Ke did not think much of it and naturally changed how he addressed him.


Rhine turned a deaf ear to their conversation as he single-mindedly focused on Shang Ke.


Mendes inwardly sighed, it looks like the Lancelot Family will be having an alpha couple no matter what. With that one fright, they don’t dare to randomly send Rhine people anymore. It was like he had a second personality nobody knew of—crazy, cruel and disregarded human life. If it weren’t for Shang Ke showing up at the right moment, Clay’s life would have really been lost. He can say for certain that the Rhine at the time really wanted to kill him.


This kind of dangerous crazy man, it was best to leave him to the Lieutenant so that other people wouldn’t be affected.


“Uncle, it’s getting rather late so we will stop disturbing you. We’ll visit you another day.” After exchanging such superficial greetings, Shang Ke bid his farewell to Mendes.


“Mhm, be safe on your way.” Leave, the faster the better! Mendes eagerly wanted Shang Ke to take a certain someone away. He had enough of a fright today, he still needed to deal with Clay after this.


Rhine hung himself all over Shang Ke the whole way out of the villa.


After sending the two away, Mendes was about to drink some wine to calm his nerves when a call from Rhine’s father came through. The other asked expectantly, “Mendes, was it successful?”


“Like fuck it was!” Mendes immediately erupted in anger as he shouted to the other man, “Wharton, I will tell you now. You better not try to find a partner for your son again. Just let him be together with Filmore. Otherwise, if you anger your son, you can take care of the consequences yourself!”


Mendes cut the line without a trace of politeness after speaking his piece. The person on the other end of the line was completely dumbstruck.


On the way home, Rhine kept hugging Shang Ke as if he would never let go.


“Is it not hot?” Shang Ke asked.


“It’s not.” Rhine continued to hold his lover by the waist as he clung to him as if he was boneless.


“What happened?” Shang Ke asked again.


“Nothing, nothing will ever happen again.” The heavens gave him another chance, so how could he allow Shang Ke to have another accident?”


“That omega…”


“An insignificant stranger that’s all.”


Rhine clung to Shang Ke, their hands intertwined. He remained silent for a long time before finally speaking up, “Filmore, I am willing to change for you, respect you, trust you and cherish you.”


Shang Ke stared blankly for a moment.


Rhine raised his head and gazed deeply at him, “So, let’s stay together forever okay?”


Shang Ke smiled, he spoke softly but firmly, “Yes.”


Ten years later, Rhine successfully sent the main culprit that caused him to lose Shang Ke into prison. Then with overwhelming force, he established himself as the main source of power and became the most influential authority in the Empire. Because he had Shang Ke this time, he did not repeat the past events of dominating with blood, instead, he used his personal talent and charm to establish genuine authority and obtain unanimous support of the populace.


Shang Ke worked in drug manufacturing and made a couple types of biochemistry drugs that had great destructive effects toward the arthropods. It greatly cut down their population and breeding speed which gave the border years of peace.


When he was forty, Shang Ke was promoted to an admiral. He became one two years earlier than Rhine.


The two admirals became the only pair of alphas for the past hundreds of years. They went down in the Empire’s history as legends and left many stories.

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