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Chapter 6: Chu Yuan Jiang the New Boss

I didn’t say a single word on the drive there, and Lin sat obediently in the passenger seat. I suddenly felt it was not a bad deal at all to be able to see him like this for bringing a message, and couldn’t control smiling.

At Chu’s place, I waited for almost an hour with Lin Ye in the living room.

I knew I suffered this entirely because of him. Never once when I visited Yuan Jiang did he not come out to welcome me at the gate.

Chu Yuan Jiang finally put on airs as the Master Chu and strolled down. He nodded at me, “You can take your leave now. I would like to talk to Mr. Lin in private.”

I knew Yuan Jiang was trying to be good to me, so I dragged him aside and told him quietly, “This is totally up to you. If you don’t want to take the deal just tell him to fúck off. I am doing this because I don’t want to delay whatever your plan is. I am only here to bring the message.”


Yuan Jiang never told me the result of their talk, but I knew it already.

Because after two months Lin’s brother DaBiao became the new boss. Someone initiated a re-investigation of a murder conducted under Han Dong several years ago, and sent him to jail. Han’s police chief uncle had been “double designated[1]” before this. Han Dong got accused of being the master plotter immediately and received death penalty with reprieve. After a mass overhaul of power in both the underworld and the legal world, the Lin family now pledged allegiance to Chu Yuan Jiang.

That brat Lin Ye went back to his old frivolous self. No, he’s even more flamboyant now than ever, as if the misery he showed to me had never existed. If he could, I had no doubt that he would carry a sign around that read “My brother is DaBiao the Boss, who works for Master Chu, you guys beware” and put that next to his face while he messed about in nightclubs and bars, brawling and stirring up troubles.

Ever since this, I found it harder and harder to stand his behavior. I admitted that I was a playboy as well, but I was in no way as indulging as him. I kept both my business and my life low-key, and my company was getting bigger. These days I had been working on getting it listed on the SME(Small and Medium Enterprises) board.

However, now that he’s on better terms with Yuan Jiang, he was not scared of me anymore and unscrupulously called me to join he and his disreputable gang all the time, seemingly forgotten about the awkward moments we had before all this. I was annoyed as fúck. Honestly, I hanged out with people mostly for their status and reputation, and they were far beneath me.

I did reflect on myself and suspected that I was obsessed with him at first purely because of what he was – a young master goofing around, a playboy well-known in the city, and a rival that slept with my woman, a man that nobody could handle. If I could fúck him, how would it feel? Just imagining it could make my p*nis itch.

But now his status had changed. He was now a subordinate of Chu Yuan Jiang, so the thrill of taboo had gone away when I goofed around with him again. He didn’t change much, but the aura that made my heart pound was fading away.

When I was chatting with Chu Yuan Jiang, I joked about this, and Yuan Jiang laughed at me saying I would never be able to get marry in my entire life because my passion could only last for three days. I felt my old brother had seen through me.

The next time I met Lin again in a nightclub, he held my shoulder and whispered to me, “When should we do it again?” The smell of cigarettes mixed with the debauched vibe of nightclubs blew on my face with his flirtatious words.

Well, since he offered it, I was a man after all, so I held his waist and said, “I have wanted to fúck you for a long time.” It’s true, even though I was no longer super hyped, I was still somewhat eager.

He kicked me. “Fúck off.”

So I fúcked off. The city was not huge, and I deliberately avoided him, until he called me again, “Hey, how about going to a karaoke night together.”

I didn’t want to see him, genuinely not. It’s the first time that I felt tantalized like this; I lacked the experience of dealing with this type of situation. Besides, the mutual desire was the key to making anything happen; before, I had the passion to pursue him, but now I understood that it’s a better use of my time to have more one night stands than playing games with him.

Yet I said yes when he called me.

“Didn’t you say karaoke night?” I was a bit confused seeing the empty reserved room.

He closed the door and embraced me from behind. “Avoiding me, hum?”

“I am not.”

He snorted, “No? You hang out pretty often in a lot of places, why is it that we never run into each other?”

He sounded a bit melancholic, and my heart couldn’t help but soften. I sighed, “Do you still remember your words? You said we’re friends. Can you not act like this?”

He giggled and blew into my ear. “Who’s the one that said he wanted to fúck me last time, going back on your word this soon? Your attitude changes faster than the weather.”

I squeezed his hand and dragged him in front of me. “Well then, will you let me fúck you?”

He chuckled as if he had heard something hilarious. His phoenix eyes raised up high. “No way.”

In the end, I still made out with him. This time we gave bl*wjobs and hand jobs to each other.

During sex, when he was panting heavily, I could see a lake sparkling in his squinted eyes. His voice was already hoarse, “You know why I call you?”

“Because you like me?” I simpered and kept rubbing and stroking between his legs.

“Bullsh*t.” He giggled and laughed, looking a bit cold and aloof.

“It’s just for sex.”

Even though we became friends with benefits, he didn’t give up setting me up and fooling me around, as if he was addicted to bullying me. I just laughed them off and didn’t take them to heart, but he clung to my body and blew hot breath to my neck saying I had such a good temper for him because I fell in love with him. As a response, I used all these years of experiences and skills with women on him.

“We have been through so much, why would I fuss about these trivial things?”

“No matter how furious I am, once I see your face I forget about everything. Come on, we are far more than just acquaintances.”

“You look so attractive today.”

“Are you just pretending or do you honestly not know my heart for you?”

“Can you stop torturing me like this, I can not suffer this for long. When shall we start a serious relationship?”

“I truly like you.”

“I will do anything for you, not to mention this trifle.”

…In the end, I didn’t even know why I bothered to spend time and effort to please him. It’s not like he tried to do the same for me. Every time he just called me, and then I eagerly went to be his vibrator plus sweet talk radio.

I requested to fúck his ass several times, but he always dodged it and never agreed.

In front of him, I had to be generous and said, “I respect you, so just tell me whenever you want to, I will be waiting for you always.”

But when I came back home I was so aggrieved that I threw the pillow on the floor and cursed him. Master Ou was the hottest parvenu on the market, and people were lining up to get on my bed. That asshole should fúck off.


[1]Double designated(Shuanggui): an internal disciplinary process conducted by the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China on party members who are suspected of “violations of discipline.”

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