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Chapter 5: Concession

When I woke up the next day, the room was empty but for the scent of smoke from yesterday. I opened the window to get some fresh air, and a butler looking guy pushed open the door and greeted me reverently, “Mr.Ou, Master Chu left early in the morning and ordered us to prepare breakfast for you. Do you prefer to have it here or in the dining room?”

I nodded and said, “The dining room is fine.”

“Toiletries are in the bathroom connecting to the bedroom. Master Chu has picked out several sets of clothes for you to choose. Later I will ask the doctor to come change the bandages for you.”

I thought it would be an aged man like the butler to attend to me, but unexpectedly a big-breasted attractive nurse came in. Even the white coat couldn’t cover her sexy body. While I cursed Chu Yuan Jiang silently for keeping such a secret pleasure in the house, the uniform temptation got me hooked.

When she took the bandages off me, her hot breath blew into my ears. I asked softly, “Pretty, are they severe?” I knew they were not; I almost felt fully recovered after only a night of sleep.

She gave me a tiny smile. “They are almost recovered.”

I smiled too. “Then why are they still hurting?”

It seemed she was no stranger to situations like this, and in a soft voice she answered, “You just need to have more rest.”

My hand was already on her leg, stroking gently up and down. “Then…can you take care of me while I am resting?”

She deftly moved sideways to avoid my touch, and scolded me flirtatiously, “How old are you? Still whining like a baby when hurt?” Her voice was so sweet that my bones were almost melting.

Seeing her coquettish attitude, I grabbed her waist and let her sit on my lap without hesitation. She exclaimed a little in surprise, and I whispered to her ear in a low voice, “My lower body is hurting; my little brother has started to hurt since you entered the room….” and my hand began exploring under her white shirt….

When I came out of the room refreshed and satisfied, with a bloody scar still on my head, Chu Yuan Jiang was having lunch in the dining room. I was speechless. “Bro, how can you be so stealthy that I didn’t hear anything at all when you came back?”

He just gave a quick glance at my bedroom door. “I didn’t  want to disturb you.”

I simpered in embarrassment.

Chu Yuan Jiang saw my expression and seemed to know what I was thinking. “No need to be embarrassed. That’s my special gift for you. ‘A life without infidelity is a life not worth living’, I know you are into that type.”

I was moved and clapped on Chu Yuan Jiang’s shoulder. “Hey, you are truly my brother!”


Not until I drove Chu Yuan Jiang’s car back home did I realized what he meant.

Last night I just told Yuan Jiang that I had feelings for Lin, and today he immediately sent me a sexy woman that catered to my taste. Once I came to realize that, I felt quite uncomfortable.

Was it necessary to be so concerned about this? Did he genuinely think I was a homosexual? Damn, I was not fúcking serious at all. Did he have to set me up like that? The more I thought about this, the angrier I got, and I had no idea whether I was mad at Chu Yuan Jiang, or myself, or that bástãrd Lin.

For a moment, I suddenly felt, unprecedentedly, humiliated.

So I turned around and drove back, and ran into Chu Yuan Jiang who was leaving the house. I opened the door and told him, “Bro you are right. That guy Lin is a complete asshole. Pay attention to him for me, and no need to have mercy.”

Chu Yuan Jiang’s face still looked indifferent, but I saw that the bottom of his eyes was smiling. “What happened? Yesterday I heard someone said…”

I gave a snort. “Pooh, I was just going for the novelty.”

Chu Yuan Jiang became serious. “Okay, I see.”

I hummed and drove away.

The tiny bit of unease I felt soon disappeared in the satisfaction of regaining my face.

To be frank, I usually didn’t care what other people said about me. It’s not as if they didn’t bash and slander me viscously all the time. I didn’t even take the assault yesterday either to heart.

But this man, my brother, I didn’t want him to look down upon me.

*** *** ***

Chu Yuan Jiang’s trick was unexpectedly effective in stopping me from obsessing about Lin. To be fair, romance is supposed to be a pleasure, and now that I had finished enjoying this and even felt disgusted, I no longer had the same passion for him.


When Lin Ye showed up again in front of me all panicked, I wasn’t surprised at all, to be honest.

That day I opened the door to see him leaning against the frame, his fringe far too long and the hair hanging down covering his seductive eyes. He looked exhausted, but the tiredness seemed to add to his charm. Seeing that I opened the door, he didn’t say anything but raised his head slowly, staring into my eyes.

His collar was very low giving a free show to all those with eyes. Even though he’s always like this, I inevitably associated it with something inappropriate.

To be fair, the wounds he dealt to me had already recovered a long time ago. I had gradually forgotten about him with the disappearing of the scars.

No matter how stimulating and refreshing he was, I was still just a man looking for some pleasure for my little brother. There were so many women in the world, each with their unique beauty as well, and I wouldn’t cling to any of them either. When I recalled my obsession with him earlier, I only found it hilarious.

Lin just stood there coquettishly, and my not-very-long-gone feelings for him immediately came back a tiny bit. However, only a small bit.

I asked indifferently, “What’s the matter?”

His voice was very gentle, without all the arrogance and flamboyance he had before, but still somewhat seductive, reminding me of the old him, “Hey, so I can’t visit you if I have no particular reasons?”

It’s not that I didn’t want to see him, but I felt too embarrassed to hang out with him shamelessly after my brother had taken action for me. I frowned and tried closing the door, but he suddenly squeezed in and into my arms. I wasn’t thinking about rejecting him for real, so once his arms wrapped around my neck, I had no idea what to do.

“You are so cruel.” He whispered in my ear, “All most all of Brother Dong’s territories were taken by Master Chu now…..we used to have more than three hundred men, and only about a hundred are left now. They all say I am the Helen of Troy…”

To be fair, I appreciated that he had the nerve to come to my house. What if I said I wanted to fúck him? Was he planning on obeying me for real?

My brother was nothing but ruthless; otherwise, he wouldn’t have reached today’s status.

Although I had heard about their conflicts before, I had never asked Yuan Jiang about the details. But as time passed, I gradually realized that the incident of Lin beating me up was only a trigger. Perhaps, Yuan Jiang had been eyeing on Han Dong’s territories for a long time. I was too naive to think Han Dong and Yuan Jiang held respect for each other just because they both did businesses in the same city after all.

I had inspected very clearly and knew that there was no room to hide a knife anywhere between his thin long legs and the tight pants or in the loose shirt that almost looked like a kite in the wind. Looking at his soft, delicate fingers free of any callus, he wasn’t a master in using razor blades either. Then I was confused, what was the use for him to be so clingy and seductive like this?

I was kind of lascivious typically, true, but I never let it get in the way of serious businesses involving my brother.

So I just grabbed Lin’s collar from the back and pulled him off my body. He looked confused and paused there.

Thinking that he might have some real business to talk about, I generously threw him onto the sofa and poured him a cup of water.

He lowered his head. “Are you still angry at me?”

I was amused. “What does it have to do with my anger? Stop acting like that, just tell me what you are here for.”

He just sat there holding the cup with both of his hands. Not until today did I know that he had such a talent to act innocent and pitiful. When he raised his eyes again to look at me those watery eyes almost made my heart stop. “You are so heartless. If I don’t care for you, why would I bother to bully you? Even that last time in the surveillance room, I specially warned them to be careful and not to be harsh on you, just give you some minor scratches. I have said that I wanted to be friends with you and I am sincere.”

I lit up a cigarette and put a leg up on the other, and chuckled, “Right, right, just some minor scratches.”

It’s not me that’s being cold hearted towards the beauty. Even a dumbass knew that Lin was coming here for business, not for me. I ought to pose and hold the bottom lines for Chu Yuan Jiang when needed.

I tapped the ashes little by little into the ashtray and surprisingly saw Lin’s eyes turning red. “I was just joking with you! The conflict between us should be kept to ourselves. You can just beat me up if you want to. Why do you involving Brother Dong in this?”

When he talked, he kept giving me alluring looks stealthily. Before, if I ever saw him looking all submissive and pitiful like this, I would have already pounced on him a while ago. Now I wanted to touch him too, but I was scared of him going all the way out and taking the opportunity to pay me back with his body, then I would have to pull up my pants and harden myself to beg for mercy for him from Chu Yuan Jiang in embarrassment.

I felt I might as well be professional with him. “What on earth do you want? If you keep acting like this, I will have to escort you out.”

He took a deep breath as if this was a difficult thing to say, “Please ask Master Chu to pardon Brother Dong just this once. Brother Dong will step down as the boss, and my brother DaBiao will take Brother Dong’s position. From now on they will only obey Master Chu’s order.”

I thought about it for a while, then stood up and put on my jacket. “I don’t have a real say in this. I will take you to Yuan Jiang.”

At that time I genuinely felt that Lin was just a good-looking manwhore, a good-for-nothing dumbass.

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