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Chapter 7: Sweet Talk

I didn’t let myself get bored during this time, as I was having a fun time with an actress Chu Yuan Jiang introduced to me. I even thought about whether I should invest in a movie for her, and then Lin called me.

“Why haven’t you called me for such a long time?” He asked.

“I miss you so much! My business has been keeping me super busy, but I am scared that once you call, I would fly to you immediately, and couldn’t get my things done.”

“Really?” There were still traces of laughter in his voice.

“When did I ever lie to you?” I laughed too.

“Then are you busy at the moment?”

“Haha, no matter how busy I am I need to come see you today. Plus I miss you.”

“Come then, my friends and I are at the Royal Palace.”

I said yes, and then heard him say, “Bring a partner here, doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman.”

When I arrived, they had already gotten pretty crazy. Lin Ye was sitting in the middle, holding several women in his arms, his hand already in a girl’s bra.

I found it hard to watch and knew that he was giving me a warning, dissatisfied that I had not been courting him as much as I should. So I walked to him and joked, “Master Lin, so many beauties surrounding you, such a debauchee!”

He giggled, but raised his eyebrows seeing me alone without a partner, “Didn’t I tell you to bring a partner and have fun together?”

“What partner? I am only coming here to see you today.”

Hearing that, he suddenly stood up, leaned towards me and raised my chin with a finger. “Really? But I know that you have been busy making movies recently?”

I looked at him nonchalantly, speaking in a soft voice, “So here I am, squeezing out a moment to see you.”

He spoke no more before bringing me to the guest room.

‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder,’ people said. Indeed, I started to feel my heart pounding when he was grabbing me, and right after we entered the room, I pushed him to the door and started attacking him with my tongue and lips. The light was dim in the room, but it couldn’t cover his seductive eyes.

He grinned, “Why are you so horny?”

I pumped out random flirtatious nonsense like “I miss you so much, I can hardly control myself” “Don’t you understand my feelings for you?” “You only know how to trigger me by messing with women,” meanwhile ripping his clothes off his body.

He was right, between us, it was just sex indeed, but I deliberately pretended to be deep in love. I had no idea why, but he seemed to like this vibe. I’m not gonna lie, the first time I noticed this I was surprised. I mean he’s not a woman, so how could he be no different than females in this matter?

Throwing him onto the bed completely naked, I pounced on him, hands stroking his chest, and lips still attacking. He groaned softly beneath my body.

I felt the atmosphere was great and perhaps today I could finally do him. But when I penetrated my finger inside him, he pushed on my chest with his arms, panting and frowning, and asked me in a hoarse voice, “What exactly do you like about me?”

He asked it with such seriousness that as the frivolous sweet talk master that I am, I paused for a while, suddenly feeling guilty for no good reason.

I reminded myself of the infatuation I felt for him at the beginning. Although it’s gone, this time I needed it to make up a passable excuse for my dear brother in the pants.

His seductive eyes were too magical. I barely still had my jacket on, which he carelessly ripped half off my body. But his eyes seemed to impale through the fabric straight into my heart and my guts, making me afraid of facing him.

Pushed myself up with my arms, I sat at the edge of the bed sideways, scratched my head and answered in uncertainty, “I can’t tell you a good reason either. Your eyes are the most beautiful. Honestly, the way you have treated me should make me infuriated with you but I have no idea why, once I see your eyes, all my anger just disappears, and I even secretly wish you mess with me more….”

Then I also recalled how I felt incredibly empty when I was most riotous in my life, and naturally related him with it. Fumbling for words, I slowed down my speech, “Besides, even though you seem to have so many people around you every day, how many of them can sleep with you till dawn? Where it looks bustling, is the most desolate. Every time I think about this, my heart hurts for you….and I want to protect you more….”

I had put my all into sweet talking him for his ass.

Before I could finish my words, my body was enveloped tightly in his arms from behind. “Do you want to sleep with me till dawn?”

I knew these were the final steps to victory, so I carefully picked my tone and said in a soft voice, “It will depend on whether you are willing to let me squeeze in your bed….”

A long, long sigh fell on my ear, with a sentence that seemed too far away, like a mosquito bite on my ear, and I almost failed to catch it, “…..solely for your words.”

I knew I must have been thinking with my p*nis at that time; otherwise, I wouldn’t have overlooked the strange tone of his words.

I used to believe me being lascivious would not get in the way of serious businesses, but it did. Not only did it cause me trouble, it made me fall big-time.

Lin didn’t let me fúck him in the end, just served me with his mouth. He seductively licked my face while wiping the semen off the corner of his lips, and asked me, “Let’s make a deal, next time you come to my place, sleep with me till dawn, will you?”

I was dumb enough that I just held him and simpered in victory, “Your place? Really? Is this settled?”

“Yeah.” said him, and gave me a glance, giggling, “Look at your dumb face.”

“Heh heh.”

But when I eventually got the chance to visit his place, everything would have been entirely different; the whole world would have turned upside down.

Long after today, I finally knew, that unfinished sentence of his was ——

“I will pardon Chu Yuan Jiang’s life solely for your words.”

Translator’s notes:

Translating this chapter made me really sad because I realized this was the beginning of Lin’s tragedy, but nobody would know that for a very long time. (Don’t worry, it’s a tragedy in my eyes,  but many people see it differently, that’s why I labeled it non-traditional HE)

In the next chapter we are going to dig into the story of Ou and Chu and their youth.

Thanks for your comments I really enjoy reading them ^ ^

Editor’s Notes(Anike): Can I just say, men want romance too Ou. Also as a female I admire a guy who’s gonna put that much work in it just for a piece of ass.

I wouldn’t date him or encourage others to either but I have a grudging admiration for Ou and I heart Lin’s pushy attitude. Couldn’t ever date him though because I’d end up killing him.

Moral of the story? Please have healthy relationships with mutual respect or at least unhealthy ones with very patient people (think male/female version of mother Theresa). I’m also really excited to see Ou and Chu’s backstory because Chu gives off that I’m crushing on my bro vibe really strongly.

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