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Chapter 35: Causing Trouble and Leaving

The sun was poisonous that day. It was so strong that I couldn’t open my eyes. After some consideration, I got my sunglasses out and put it on.

When Lin Ye saw me, surprise flashed through his eyes.

My car was stopped right in his way. That was the only way to the girl’s home, where he was driving to.

I lowered the window and asked, “Young Master Lin, where are you going?”

He was silent for a while, then opened the door and walked over. He spoke to me in a low voice, “That’s none of your business.”

I opened the door too. I walked around him, and slowly strolled towards the front of his car. He followed me closely, “What are you doing?”

On his passenger seat, I saw the girl in those photos, who was currently looking back at me. She has a pair of big eyes and a small nose. Her face gave a sense of mature and calmness that did not match her age. She shot a glance at Lin Ye, then lowered her eyes without saying anything.

I pushed one hand on the window, tilted my head and stared at Lin Ye. I made sure I spoke every single word slowly and clearly, “How can this not be my business, considering our relationship?”

He frowned, “Cut your bullsh*t. f*ck off!”

I didn’t move.

He seemed to finally realize it’s impossible to reason with me. He grasped me by my collar and shoved me aside, then crawled back to the driver’s seat.

He pressed on the clutch while ramming the accelerator to the fullest. Even the front of the car was raised.

“Get out of the way.”

Then the girl finally spoke, “Brother Ye, who is this?”

Lin Ye frowned, “Just a business rival looking for a bad time.” Then he suddenly rammed the accelerator and rushed forward.

I jumped away in haste as the car shot ahead brushing past my clothes, almost knocking me to the ground.

Until I finally recovered from the shock, I didn’t realize my entire body was stiffened and drenched in cold sweat. My back felt chilly as it cooled down. Also cooling down was the suffocating heat in my chest which was reddened by the fierce sun.

I pulled out my phone and sent Lin Ye to my blacklist.

Everybody had some temper. My anger would be a perfectly legit excuse for me to stop playing the perfect lover with him.

After this, my days were finally peaceful. Besides managing the company, the only thing I needed to do was to help Chu Yuan Jiang practice walking.

Though I said walking, he couldn’t quite stand firmly for now. I didn’t assist much, but listening to the sound of him falling over and over in the room, and cutting fruit, squeezing juice, cooking meals and making snacks for him to regain energy.

When I brought a cup of juice to him, he was sprawled on the floor. He saw me walk in, so he just shut his eyes and opened his mouth, waiting for me to scoop him up by the neck, and pour the freshly squeezed juice in his throat. He didn’t choke at all, which gave his face a tiny proud smile.

Some juice dribbled out from the corner of his mouth, which I gently wiped clean with a towel.

He closed his eyes and looked pleased. He asked, “What is this?”

“Take a guess.”

He counted with his fingers, “There are bananas, apples, tomatoes, and pears, right?”

“There is one more.”

“Which one?”


“You are really waiting upon me like a lady, huh?” He laughed aloud.

“You body is more delicate than a lady right now.”

The laugh didn’t fade from his face. His adam’s apple moved, but he didn’t say anything.

*** *** ***

“Boss Ou, please come to the CEO’s office.”

It’s been over half a month since my waylaying.

I pushed open the door. In the spacious, splendid office, Lin Ye was sitting behind a big desk alone with crossed arms, giving me an inhospitable look. “Why didn’t you answer my calls?” He looked at me through the reflecting glasses.

I stood there silently.

He slightly frowned, “What were you trying to do by blocking my way that day? Do you know how bad you looked?”

I kept my mouth shut.

“Say something!”

“I don’t want to. There is nothing I can say.”

He silenced for a while, then raised his eyes directly into mine, “You are not an idiot, are you? Huh? It’s been less than two years since you came to City B, and your brain has degenerated like this? Do you remember how we had fun in City X? You were not as narrow-minded as nowadays, and you didn’t play such low tricks!”

I faced his stare and said calmly, “What do you take me for?”

He smiled in place of anger, “Yo, Ou Jian Jun, don’t talk to me like this. I can’t stand it. Stop grossing me out. What’s our relationship? Aren’t you clear about that? Didn’t we make a deal at the very beginning? You f*cking sold yourself to me, and now you’re trying to act all innocent?”

I remained silent.

“You f*cking say something!”

“All our talks become arguments. What’s there to say?”

“I am being so nice that I’m not blaming you, and you dare to be angry to me? Do you know how much of a mess you made that day?”

I took a deep breathe, “How can I not be mad? Lin Ye, so for you I am not a man but the same as a f*cking street prostitute, is that it?” Leaving behind those words, I turned and left.

I rushed down and drove back home. That afternoon, I didn’t go to work.

The next morning when I went to work, I saw Lin Ye park that Cadillac, which I left with him a long time ago, downstairs. It was the first time I remembered that since I drove him home in this car after we first had sex, and the car had been at his place.

He spoke to me, “Get on the car.”

I walked ahead ignoring him. He followed me in the car, “Get on the car right away. You think you’re not a big enough joke yet?”

I stopped walking, opened the door and threw my ass on the seat.

“Jian Jun, I know it’s my fault that I kept it a secret from you, but your reaction was too extreme, you know?” Lin Ye looked at me. He got that elite aura all over him. On his nose were a pair of glasses, blocking his raising peach-blossom eyes.

I didn’t respond.

He gave me a smile, and put a hand on my shoulder. His voice became soft and tender, “Hmm, are you still mad? When you get angry you just act like a little child. Look at your age, don’t you feel ashamed?”

I looked at him, “Ashamed? I don’t think I was shaming myself at all.”

Lin Ye took a deep breathe, “The only way for our relationship to last is to keep it in the dark. Why do you have to make it public?”

I silenced for a while, “So I am just a shame?”

He peered at me, and spoke softly, “Not to mention others, my old man alone can kick you out from the game. Are you an idiot? Or you don’t want to live anymore? Do I have to explain everything for you to understand?”

“I am not asking about that. I just want to ask about our relationship. What on earth do you take us for?”

“Can you not be as importunate as a woman?”

I sighed, and looked outside of the window. “Fine.”

He reached a hand to fix my tie, “How about dinner together tonight?”


A trace of smile slowly reached the corner of his eyes, “Then let’s go.”

After the meal, I slept with him again.

When I was having fun, he kicked my out of the bed halfway, “Are you trying to f*ck me to death…….Why are you being so violent……Don’t you know how to be gentle……?”

He looked at me, hands covering his butt. I stared at him with reddened eyes. He tilted his head and looked aside.

I didn’t say anything, and jerked off with my eyes closed, until I finished.

Then I stood up, put on my clothes and left in Lin Ye’s stare.

 *** *** ***

The next time I saw Lin Ye, because I stalked him on his date.

To be honest I almost got impatient. I have been bouncing around so much, how come nobody has showed up to deal with me yet?

Lin Ye had warned me and I refused to listen to him, so the real boss should come to the stage this time.

Right after the climax of my stalking, I turned and saw the Lin family’s car.

I suppressed the uncontrollable smile from the corner of my lips, and watched silently as everything happened.

The window was lowered, and Master Lin smiled at me. “Jian Jun, get on the car.”

I was dazed for a while, before I submissively got on the car.

“It’s so late. Where are you heading?” Master Lin asked in his usual slow, graceful manner.

“I am……I am just wandering around……” I lowered my head.

“You careless boy. You work so hard in the days and instead of resting properly at night, you are driving around aimlessly.”

I raised my eye and glanced at Old Master Lin, and met with his examining eyes, so I lowered my head again.

“Lin Ye is a mature man now. There are a lot of things he needs to do. You are the older one; how can you be even more childish than him?”

I didn’t say anything.

Old Master Lin said, “Look at how energetic you are, jumping around everywhere. How about coming to work for me? It can shape your character and train your temper. You will definitely be very successful in the future. What do you think?”

My heart hammered. This is a promise for high government positions and wealth.

“I don’t want to leave the company. It has been going well and we have just made some progress.”

Old Master Lin was quiet for a while, then spoke again, “Then what do you want to do in the future?”

“I don’t know. Just survive. And make money to feed myself and my brother. He still has a huge fine that is not paid off……”

Old Master Lin looked and me and suddenly chuckled, “Heck, why don’t you say it earlier? This is nothing.” And he handed me an empty check.

I waved my hand, “I didn’t do anything to deserve this.”

“What you have earned has already passed that amount. Besides, it’s just a loan from an uncle.”

I still shook my head, “I can’t take this.”

He retrieved the check and asked apathetically, “Then what on earth do you want?”

I raised my eyes. Hidden in Old Master Lin’s eyes were hints of impatience.

Unfortunately for them, the moment he appeared in front of me, I knew I bet correctly.

With his power, it should be a piece of cake for him to force anybody into submission, not to mention that Chu Yuan Jiang was at their hands, so was I. But the thing was that Lin Ye didn’t want thing to get real ugly with me. Therefore, Old Master Lin wouldn’t really order people to threaten me or make me disappear. The same for Chu Yuan Jiang.

I had won half of the game when it kicked off.

I raised my head and spoke softly, “I want two plane tickets. As you know, it’s pointless that Lin Ye and I keep wasting our time together.”

“Aren’t you afraid that he knows about it?”

Old Master Lin was too eager to see me leave.

“He will not know about it.”

Besides, even if Lin Ye estranges me for this, I am confident that I can sweet-talk him back to me. The reason is ready-made, that I got mad because of his marriage……Moreover, there is no way Old Master Lin will get someone to finish me off, considering that his relationship with Lin Ye has just started improving.

Now that I volunteered to disappear, it would be the most desirable result for both of us.

Old Master Lin mused, “Wait for my news this week.”

I nodded and left.

Once I got back to my car, I put on the music, turned the wheel around and left, with the windows wide opened.

The night wind carried a rotten smell, which were stimulating my senses. I exhaled a long sigh, which contains some relief, and some grievance.

*** *** ***

I didn’t expect the terms I listed were met so soon.

On that evening, I packed all Chu Yuan Jiang’s items. When I lifted the curtain and looked down, I could see a car parking in the hazy shadows of the trees downstairs.

The wind breezed in through the window, where Chu Yuan Jiang was placidly sitting.

I walked over and reached out my arms, “Let’s go. The car is here.”

He wrapped his arms around my neck, and I took hold of him.

I walked down the stairs step by step. After putting him inside the car, I crawled in as well.

I lowered my head and didn’t talk. The driver handed me a envelope. I opened it, and inside where Chu Yuan Jiang’s and my foreign passport with visa.

The car drove into the airport. Gazing from the haze of the night, I could see a small private jet, which couldn’t be seen clearly in the darkness.

The driver helped us to carried the folding wheelchair from the trunk to the plane before us.

And I carried Chu Yuan Jiang on the connecting stairs, “Yuan Jiang, look back and see it again.”

The hot air breathed out by Chu Yuan Jiang was blown on my neck. “Nah.”

“We will never be able to come back again. Just look at it one last time.”

He wrapped around my neck tighter, and said huskily, “It’s okay. As long as you are here.”

My steps paused slightly. Some familiar feeling was coming back. I couldn’t help tilting my head to look at his face. I saw that his eyes were more gloomy than usual.

My heart pounded.

I felt a bit relieved, and at the same time not knowing what to do. Ever since he woke up in the hospital, there was something wrong, which I only discovered later. We had became much more distant. Even though we didn’t talk about it, the invisible estrangement existed.

I should be the closest man to him, but he forcefully pushed me too, away.

However, we were family to each other after all. We were mutually dependent, and we were no longer separable.

When we entered the cabin, someone had already taken one of the only four roomy seats in the spacious cabin.

His eyes swept across us, which were as icy as always.

Surprisingly, it was Young Master He.

Once I safely put Chu Yuan Jiang in the seat, Young Master He spoke to the cab, “We can take off now.”

The door was pulled open, “Is everybody here?” A square-face, big-eared man came out from the cab, who looked placid. “Heh! You only told me we’re going to give someone a ride. So it’s Ou Jian Jun! Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I know him!”

“Just cut your crap and fly your plane.”

Master Xiong smiled, “Okay, okay! I will follow your order, Young Master He.”

The plane took off. Chu Yuan Jiang’s eyes gazed outside of the window, gradually became sharp and solid. His breath seemed to concentrate into a blade, which cut through the mist of darkness.

He held my hand, and didn’t let it go.

I closed my eyes. Chu Yuan Jiang……He’s back.

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