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Chapter 34: Lin Ye’s Arranged Date

Hearing this, he curled up his lips, but the smile didn’t convey to his face. Even his voice was icy, “And you dare to say that. Despicable, no morals, as greedy and ambitious as a wolf…aren’t you talking about yourself?”

“Despicable?” I found it amusing, “Young Master He, do you think this word means anything in business?”

“Are you telling me defending a criminal is not despicable but noble?” He looked me up and down, “You can get your minute of fame by doing this, but it doesn’t guarantee a good ending for yourself.”

I sobered up a little. Putting away the smile on my face, I replied plainly, “Your words are wise, Young Master He. But too bad that I am living under other people’s eaves, so I can only do my duty.”

“Honestly, Even if you are at Lin Ye’s beck and call so eagerly, he won’t necessarily think more highly of you.”

I stiffened for an instant, “Thank you for the reminder, Young Master He.”

Soon I went back to the table, and continued chatting and joking around like an actor on the stage. At night, I volunteered to take on the duty of driving the drunk Lin Ye back home. DaBiao was sensible enough to not vie for it, and drove the car after mine.

I didn’t go home, nor did I send Lin Ye home. Instead, I took him to a hotel room.

I put him on the bed once we were in the room. He wrapped his arms around me and said idly, “I didn’t know you are so capable, huh? I don’t even know this campaign can go like this.”

I caught his hand and kissed up along his arm, “If I am incapable, how would you fancy me?”

He smiled shortly and coldly replied, “I would rather you know nothing.”

I put my hands on his waist, and took him into my arms, “Bullsh*t. There are so many incapable men in the world. How can you not fancy them but only me?”

He didn’t speak, but suddenly rolled around and pinned me beneath him. I laughed, “What?”

His hair fell and swept on the tip of my nose. He kissed on my lips gently. I enveloped him, and sighed, “Now that you are less busy, can you spare more time to stay with me?”

He licked my neck and said nothing.

I chuckled, “Young Master Lin, is this my reward?”

He tore my shirt open, “You are talking too much nonsense.”

I applied lube on his hole while he kissed my body. His breath shortened as my fingers explored inside him. The heat blown on my body was slightly ticklish.

His lowered eyes and long eyelashes were not enough to cover his enticing eyes, which were colored in lust.

“Come… Do it yourself…” I guided him to slowly sit on my erected thing.

I woke up in the middle of the night. Carefully I removed Lin Ye’s arms tangled on my body, got up and took a shower.

When I came out in a bath towel, I no longer felt sleepy, so I turned on my laptop on the sofa.

The angle I sat exactly allowed me see Lin Ye’s sleeping face. The intense sex used up the last bit of his energy. Under his long, thin phoenix eyes appeared circles of darkness. In the hazy moonlight through the window, his chest was deadly pale, except for the two cherries on his chest.

That was the first time we tried that position, so both of us were too exhausted. It’s a pity that we couldn’t finish like that. Halfway he couldn’t only pant and rub himself against me up and down, so I had to grasp his waist and moved by myself…

As my thoughts indulged in fantasies, the laptop quietly started. I browsed through the web pages about this case, and felt indescribably proud. Then the icon at the lower corner notified me that I had received an anonymous email.

I glanced at Lin Ye on the bed before clicking it open.

One picture after another were loaded in front of my eyes. I suddenly felt the night wind a bit chilly.

On the pictures were a man and a woman, who seemed to be on a date. The man was Lin Ye, and the woman…was she the arranged girl for him?

I continued scrolling down. The sender was very considerate. They had clear statistics on when and where and how many times they had met, accompanied by the background information of the woman.

I read in silence, controlling my breath, so that it was at my normal frequency.

I finished the whole email.

Then I shut the laptop down, climbed onto the bed, and held Lin Ye tightly.

He moved slightly in discomfort, but I didn’t let him go. I lay with my eyes opened, until the dawn.

After the XX Appliances case, Lin Ye became much more intimate with me. We almost went back to the state we were at when we were in City X. Of course, that was only in private. In public, he was still the gentleman Young Master Lin, and I was still the loyal lackey.

A month passed by like this. As soon as I arrived home I saw Chu Yuan Jiang practicing standing with his crutch. He fell over with a bang when I opened the door, then immediately grabbed the table corner and lifted himself up like a pushup, obviously experienced with the situation. I put the vegetables in the kitchen, “What do you want to eat today?”

I turned around and saw him drive his electrical wheelchair over, “You come home so rarely recently.”

I rinsed the vegetables in a basin, “I have been busy with our grand plan of going aboard……”

He frowned, and said in a complaining tone, “Are you trying to trigger me?”

I grinned and focused on my job, “I am afraid that you brain will get rusty if you are trapped here for so long. It’s beneficial to get angry sometimes.”

Then I passed him the basin of vegetables, “Pick the vegetables.”

He looked at the leaves, “Have you washed them clean? You only rinsed for a little while.”

“Unclean food makes you healthy.”

“Bullsh*t. There are pesticide all over them. Wash them again.”


“By the way, you’ve got a new email on your computer.”

I left the kitchen like a breeze, and found the email on the study room computer.

My heart beated as I read, so fast that I felt somewhat scared.

I walked to the balcony and dialed Lin Ye’s number.

“What are you so busy doing?” I asked joyfully.

“I am having dinner.”

“I will call you later then.”

“What did you want to say? Just say it.”

“I am fine, just…I miss you.”

He started coughing on the other side, and it lasted for quite a while. When the coughing calmed down, he said hoarsely, “You can miss me, but what does it have to do with me?”

I leaned against the balcony wall, gazing at the setting sun. I shamelessly complained, “How can it not be your business. I am dying. I am unable to fall asleep every night because of you. I will be done if you let it develop.”

His voice couldn’t cover up his complacency, “Didn’t we meet two days ago?”

“A day without you feels like a year, so for me it has been two years already. Master, have some mercy and have a meal with me tomorrow?”

“Not tomorrow.”

“Why not?”

“I will be busy.”

“Can’t you spare some time for a meal with me?”

“Maybe next time.” Then he hung up, as if he was escaping from something.

I lit up a cigarette, and watched the sunset cloak Chu Yuan Jiang’s flowers with a golden halo.

Tomorrow, Lin Ye will visit her family formally. If everything goes well, the next step will be the engagement.

When I finished a cigarette and went back to the kitchen, Chu Yuan Jiang had finished picking the vegetables.

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