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Chapter 30: Lin Ye Further Away

Under his deep, black pupils, I put away my guilt and simpered, trying to distract his attention, “Do you know Liu Zhijun, the minister of the Ministry of Railways?”[1]

He was puzzled, surprised that I mentioned this, “I have heard of him.”

I squinted a bit and curved my lips, “When he was young, he found a wife who was the daughter of the head of the local railways department, hence became the party secretary from an ordinary worker; then he got divorced and married a second wife, who was the daughter of the commander of Province H military. Now he is on a meteoric rise in his political career. The rumor has it that he has 18 mistresses. Do you think this is a disgrace? People are so jealous of him.”

Chu Yuan Jiang was obviously baffled, and I continued, “Let’s not talk about him. How about our Leader? He entered the intellectual circle in Beijing because of that professor father of his first wife, and got his army because of the raider father of his second wife; that’s how he became the chairman Mao. When he was finally successful, he married an actress. Don’t you think I have that chairmanship in me?”

“I am not a man of great ambitions. They do this for their political career, for revolution, for dreams. I do it only to protect my family, but deep down they’re the same. Yuan Jiang, do you think that makes sense?”

Chu Yuan Jiang looked at me, “But……”

I reached out my hand to stroke his newly-grown short hair, which poked and tickled my palm. I smiled bitterly, “And you even fought for Han Dong because of this. What’s that for? It made me feel as if I’ve done something terribly wrong. In the end, I caused you to suffer.”

“Junzi, I didn’t mean that. Han Dong……It makes sense that he hated me……”

I raised my eyes, “Yuan Jiang…… What happened in the past, let it go, okay?”

Chu Yuan Jiang nodded, “Let it go.”

“By the way, what do you want to eat today?”

Before he reacted, I had rolled out of the bed.

I carried him to the wheelchair. He sat down and looked up, “How about braised pork belly? If you don’t have time, you can get some takeout in the evening.”

“Sure.” Meanwhile I went ahead to cook, “What about breakfast?”

“Noodles, the wide kind!”

“No problem!”

Probably because he showed his submission to Master Lin, Lin Ye went on a business trip a while back, and started to officially take on the family businesses. At first, my existence mattered only because he did not get along well with his family; after all the chaos, I had more or less become dispensable.

It had been a long time since Lin Ye last saw me, but I heard more and more news about him. He had really changed for the better. He controlled his ill-temper in social and business occasions well, and behaved flawlessly.

I even heard that he went to an arranged date. The girl’s background was noble as well, a good match for his family. Honestly, when I first knew that, I had no idea what to do. After all Chu Yuan Jiang’s case was still a huge trouble.

Therefore, when I receive a call from Lin Ye, I told him, “I miss you a lot.”

He silenced for a bit, and said, “You can come here.” Then he gave me an address.

I put up the deep-in-love air and sneaked there. I prepared so many words for him, but he only sunk in the sofa and smoked, then said, “I thought you wouldn’t see me anymore now that Chu Yuan Jiang is out.”

I sighed. I sat next to him and took him in my arms. “Don’t be like this.”

But he stood up and started unbuttoning his shirt, “Then let’s f*ck. Don’t you miss me a lot?”

I paused, and looked up at him, “I didn’t mean that. I just want to see you. If you feel uncomfortable then we don’t need to do it.”

He stood still for a long time. The cigarette in his mouth fogged the glasses.

His shirt was opened, which exposed his chest. He looked down at me and sneered, “Behaving yourself because I estranged you these days?”

“I have no choice.” I simpered.

He blowed a puff on my face, “Are you a man or not?”

Immediately I grabbed him and threw him on the bed. Taking off my coat, I covered his body with mine.

In the dimness, his eyes were riveted on me like a deep lake. “I have been too busy to see you……” Meanwhile he dragged me down by my tie.

The rest of his words vanished between my lips. I pulled out his shirt and hands slided in, until I felt his nipples. He twitched and smiled seductively, “Be gentle……”

I ripped off his pants and threw them under the bed. I lay on my side, and served him with my mouth and hands at the same time. Soon his breath started to fall short, and his semen spilled all over my hand after his penis convulsed.

I covered every inch of his skin with my kisses. My brother’s up hard against his inner thigh as well. His chest was swelling. “Lubricant, I have brought it…”

I raised my face and asked hoarsely, “Where?”

“In the bedstand.”

I fumbled that thing out from the bedstand, squeezed some on my fingers and penetrated in slowly……

I moved my fingers in that warm, tight place, licking his face gently. He wrapped his arms around my neck and pulled me down, to exchange a deep kiss with me.

“Slow down……” He pushed a hand against my chest, and said in a hoarse voice.

I was lured into kissing his eyelashes, his cheek, his lips……


[1]Liu Zhijun: He’s a real man:

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