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Chapter 29: Chu Yuan Jiang and Me

Soon, the court decision was out, and Chu Yuan Jiang’s action was deemed justifiable defense. After getting the evaluation on his disability, and filling out countless forms, I finally completed the procedure for medical parole, and took him home with the protection of police cars.

Now that I was somewhat a “kept” man, I accommodated Chu Yuan Jiang in City X temporarily, and soon moved him to City B.

I had the bedroom of my duplex modified, hired a private doctor, and brought a smart-controlled wheelchair. I carried Chu Yuan Jiang down from the passenger seat, and soon we got to the gate through the elevator.

I opened the door and put Chu Yuan Jiang on the sofa. After setting up the wheelchair, I carried him onto it. I panted for a bit, and asked, “How is my place?”

He smiled, “Pretty nice. Feels homely.”

I knew he would say that. I proudly patted his shoulder, and showed him all the rooms on the wheelchair. He seemed interested in my balcony. “Let’s plant some flowers here. I can water them everyday.” He said.

I happily agreed, “Sure. With you here, I don’t need to worry that the flowers will die.”

I remember when we lived together near a factory in a small town. The white clothes we hung out would be coated grey by the black smoke every day. Since then, he had been growing flowers on the window sill, in order to keep some dust out. However, when I grew flowers like him after we stopped living together, the flowers always died.

“I will buy some when I go out later today. What species of flowers do you want?”

“Just buy whatever you like. I am not picky.”

I showed him around the house more, and taught him how to use the toilet and shower specially modified for him.

In order to demonstrate, I even showed him by example. I took off all his clothes and gave him a thorough cleaning.

He sat on the special chair in the bathroom, letting me brush him head to toe. That thing was very convenient. Without leaving the chair, he could clean his entire body.

After showering, I asked him while blowing his hair dry, “It’s almost noon. What do you want to eat?”

“You must be tired too. Just something simple.”

“I can make some noodles.”

“Sounds good.”

“Have you gotten used to here?”

“This is like a home.”

“Haha, it’s newly brought. I was worried that you would be uncomfortable in a new place.”

“Well, wherever you are is home.”

I was dazed, and then smiled.

Serenity and happiness arrived so unexpectedly, as though I was still in a dream. Though not perfect, life seemed to become optimistic and hopeful, unnoticeably.

Since Chu Yuan Jiang settled in City B, my life had suddenly become busy but rhythmical.

Every morning at 5 o’clock, I got up and made breakfast and lunch for Chu Yuan Jiang, as well as cleaning the house.

At 6, I woke Chu Yuan Jiang up and gave him a rehabilitative massage.

From 7 to 8, I watched the morning news and read the newspaper with him.

At 9, I went to work.

At 7 in the evening, I got back home, brought groceries and made dinner.

At 9, I pushed his wheelchair for a walk in the neighborhood, for him to breathe some fresh air.

He was a man of very high self-esteem, so I didn’t hire a stranger to take care of him. Besides, I didn’t want other people to see him like this as well. That was why I did everything myself. The private doctor was only for emergency.

Social events were inevitable in a company. That day I made food for the whole day and put it within his reach, and explained to him I would come back late at night. After he responded, I left the house.

At 1 am, I stood at the door reeking like liquor. I assumed he had gone to bed, so I unlocked the door stealthily. But I saw him fast asleep in the wheelchair in the living room. The TV was still flashing and making tiny noises. The blanket on him had fallen to the side.

My movement probably woke him up. He opened his eyes and looked confused for a while, “You are back? Why didn’t you turn on the lights?”

“I thought you’re in bed.” I flipped the light switch.

He rubbed his eyes, “Did you drink?”

“Yeah.” I carried him to shower. In the bathroom, I took off my clothes and showered with him to save some trouble.

When I was attentively rinsing his hair naked, I felt his eyes riveted on me. Following his gaze involuntarily, I saw the marks Lin Ye left on me several days ago.

I coughed unnaturally, and he looked away.

After a shower, I dried him up in the towel before carrying him on the bed. Then I collapsed next to him.

He stroke my hair gently. “Are you tired?”

I nodded, putting a hand on his body. “Wake me up if you want to pee at night.” Soon I fell asleep with my face down.

When I woke up the next day, I found myself lying on Chu Yuan Jiang’s belly. He had already woken up, his black eyes gazing at me. I rubbed my face and got confused at the untouched blanket and pillow on the bed next to his. I was still drowsy, “Why did I sleep on your bed?”

He said nothing but stared at me.

I was creeped by his gloomy stare after a while. Puzzled I asked, “What’s wrong? Why did you wake up so early?”

He asked, “Are you still working for that Lin guy?”

“Ah… Yeah.” I sat up, “Managing a company for him.” I got off the bed with a bare butt and searched for clothes for today.

I casually put on a T-shirt and boxer, and asked Chu Yuan Jiang, “What do you want for food today?”

He didn’t respond. Until then I noticed the darkness beneath his eyes. Did he not sleep last night?

My heart sank.

This was not a small deal. After all, he fought with Han Dong because of this.

It was said that Han Dong pointed at Chu Yuan Jiang and said, That Ou guy sold his ass to save you.

Chu Yuan Jiang instantly sprang on him.

I scratched my head, “Alas… What are you worrying about?”

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  1. Pijon says:

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