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Chapter 31: Asking for Job

I wrapped his legs around my waist, trying to enter gently. But the way he looked at me while panting made my heart twitch, and I impetuously shoved it all in.

I’d been in abstinence for a long time due to taking care of Chu Yuan Jiang recently.

Until Lin Ye pushed me with a limp hand in exhaustion, “I need to go out the day after tomorrow…can…can you stop your craziness please?”

“Don’t you have tomorrow off?” I asked while maintaining the attacking position.

“Otherwise how dare I come to see you today…”

I sighed in pity, and carried him to the bathroom.

He leaned in my arms listlessly. I prepared the hot water and put him in the tub, gently pressing on the place where it was already red and swollen. He humphed in a sigh, slightly wriggled his body. The thick fluid inside his body flowed out with water.

He closed his eyes and reposed in the steam. I asked him softly, “You must be tired recently?”

He didn’t reply, as if he was asleep. I got a handful of shampoo and rubbed on his body under the water, “I’ve heard that the boss of xx Electrical Appliances[1] recently got purged recently. That’s a big money tree of yours. Such a pity that it fell.”

He humphed and finally opened his eyes. He looked sober as ever. “That He guy even sent his men to take it over.”

Of course, I had already learned all these before.

“Don’t take it to heart too much.” I stroked him gently.

“I can’t just swallow the grudge.” His voice was still hoarse, but his body had lost the heat from the sex.

“Then how about me venting it out for you?” I smiled at him.

“You?” He raise a brow, and stood up in a splash, “How are you gonna do it?”

I put the bath towel on him from behind, “I know these tricks all too well. Didn’t I destroy my former competitors like this?”

Lin Ye turned around and inspected me. I stood in front of him naked, having nothing to hide.

“Then you can have a try.” He pointed his chin at me.

“So let’s keep in touch…by phone?”

“You can report the progress to DaBiao. It’s the same.”

He slid on the slippers and walked out. I pulled down a towel and mopped my face carelessly, secretly letting out a long relieving sigh.

When I walked out from the bathroom, Lin Ye was lying on his side with his back to me. I lay next to him, taking him into my arms.

I stayed over with Lin Ye that night. I told Chu Yuan Jiang beforehand that I would be busy at night, and he should go to bed himself without waiting for me.

In the morning, when I sneakily opened the door, again I found Chu Yuan Jiang leaning against the wheelchair on his back. The TV was still on with lowered volume. I tiptoed over to find out whether he was asleep or not, and saw the TV images flashing in his opened eyes, which appeared so unreal.

“Why don’t you go to bed. Didn’t I tell you to go to bed on your own?” I pulled off my jacket and threw it on the sofa, then got myself a cup of water.

“Do you want some water?” I asked him, holding the cup.

He glanced up at me and didn’t respond.

I sighed, pushed him to the low bed in the bedroom, and carried him up. “Lie down in bed and take a good rest.”

“Help me massage my legs.” He spoke.

I then noticed that his legs was unable to scratch. They crawled in a strange angle on the bed.

“Just go to bed by yourself from now on… Don’t wait for me anymore. It’s not good for your legs sitting for too long.” I sat on the bed, rubbing his acupuncture meridians slowly.

He closed his eyes, “Where did you go last night?”

I didn’t feel that I need to hide anything, “I went to see Lin Ye.”

He frown slowly, but ended up keeping his mouth shut. His face blackened, “I am going to sleep. You can go cook.”

I wanted to give him a hug, but he pushed me away. He told me coldly, with eyes closed, “Take a shower first.”

I sighed, “Oh.”

When I walked out of the bathroom with a towel, Chu was lying in bed staring at the ceiling, “Don’t ever mention Lin Ye again in front of me.”

Didn’t I mention him because he asked me?

I nodded, “Okay.”

“Just leave. I need to sleep.”

“You can sleep. I will put the lunch back in the old place.


[1]I think it’s referring to Gome Electrical Appliances Holding Limited.

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      When Lin realized what’s going on, he felt so angry, betrayed and humiliated, but he was unable to fight with two people, especially after he already cvmmed twice. Ou gagged him upon Chu’s request because Chu complained that Lin’s cursing was annoying, but he also felt tortured by Lin’s accusations.

      Chu got really excited because he saw Lin as to blame for him being r*ped in the prison earlier. He even asked Ou to double p*netrated Lin with him.

      In order not to get into too much trouble, Chu took pictures of Lin being gangb*nged by men, and threatened to show the pictures to his family, especially the Great Elder Lin. Ou played nice by apologizing and begging Lin to forgive him afterwards, but it’s another story whether Lin would forgive him or not….

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