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Chapter 2: One Night

That evening, immediately after I closed the door he kneeled down and unzipped my zipper, and started sucking my dick. I grabbed his hair and looked at the ceiling, panting heavily. Honestly, although it was the first time I had such an experience, I was enjoying it more than being surprised by it …

Then I carelessly came on his face. I don’t know why, but the moment his face was covered in my cûm, my anger at him disappeared completely.

I pulled my pants up and was about to leave. But he stopped me, “Hey, heartless man, do you only care about your own pleasure?”

He pointed at his private parts. I was surprised to found out that he had a bulge in his pants. It was the first time I knew that someone could get aroused by giving other people bl*wjobs.

“Fúck, is that real?” At that moment, I just raised my eyebrows.

He grinned and came close to me, grabbed my hands to touch his thing, “It’s the first time you have fun with a man, right?”

Even though there was still bruises at the corner of his mouth caused by my punch, he still looked gorgeous when he was smiling with those seductive eyes. I could kind of understand why those women would be drawn by his eyes now.

He saw my expression but laughed it off, “Okay okay, since it’s your first time, I am not going to force you to use your mouth. You can just use your hands.”

I shoved him to the bed. He lay there casually with his shirt opened, and reached down slowly to unzip his pants, then crooked his finger flirtatiously, “Come here. Let me teach you.”

I walked there, let him hold my hands, and guide me to stroke on his thing, “Yes, yes just like that. Slowly, carefully…”

After he finished, I turned my head and kissed him on his face. I had no idea why I kissed him. It was as if some mysterious spirit was controlling me.

He just glanced sideways at me, saying idly, “You are so gross!”

I didn’t say anything at that time, but now that I recalled all this, I fell for him all because of that face. His face was too sexy and alluring that I wouldn’t be able to forget about it in my lifetime. That little shameless smile, with sexual satisfaction written all over his face, and the way he looked as if he didn’t care about a thing in the world, was so badass that I wanted to crush him.

He started buttoning the shirt when it was over. Seeing that I was looking at him, he gave me a leer, “What are you staring at?”

I crossed my legs on the bed, and lit a cigarette, “What do you think I am staring at?”

He smirked a bit, “Boss Ou, I figured you are one with some experience in things…why are you behaving like you’ve never seen a man? The way you look at me makes me wonder if you want to devour me whole…”

Something crossed my mind. I put out the cigarette and held his shoulder with my arm, “Will you let me devour you?”

“You want to?” He raised his eyebrows and looked at me.

“Yeah.” I licked my lips.

He laughed and squinted at me, flicking his chin at me, as if I was a servant, “You still believe whatever I say, huh? I felt that last time, you are so silly…”

I didn’t give up, and still reached out to his hand, and said brazenly, “That’s because you are too alluring.”

He slapped my hand away and got straight out of bed. Leering at my bulge with his dewy eyes, he hummed with disdain, “How could you be so horny…should I call a call boy for you?” Meanwhile, he picked up the phone and pretended to call, just waiting for a show.

I finally realized that I’d been deceived. I got a bit angry, so I started to trash talk. “Fúck! If you are not fúcking doing it, then just get the hell out of here.”

He looked as if he didn’t hear anything. No anger showed up on his face, only a hint of a smile. He looked up and down my entire body but said something that made me just want to fúck him to death. “It’s not possible. Don’t even think about it. I came here today just for some new flesh. I will treat you to a meal some other day.”

I frowned upon this. Fúck, treat me to a meal? Did he think of me as a call boy or what, if anything I should be the one treating him to a meal?

I said, “Why are you treating me to a meal? Shouldn’t I be paying since I enjoyed myself?”

He smiled even more, “That’s even better. I don’t want to spend money, to be honest.”

Then he tapped my shoulder and turned around and left. I suddenly felt like I was fooled by him again.

He made a sudden stop at the door, looked back and said to me, “Are we friends now? Don’t you ever think about finding somebody to smash my car again.”

I was baffled for a moment, “You are talking way too much nonsense. Just get the hell out.”

He closed the door for me smiling, “Keep in touch since we are friends now!”


He was the one who contacted me first. I didn’t contact him not because I forgot, but because I was unsure. Unsure of what he meant by his last words. Did he genuinely want to be friends with me, or was he just talking without thinking?

When he called, I was still in my company dealing with the last tasks. All my employees were gone.

“Boss Ou, rich men like you, are forgetful, huh? Didn’t you say you’re gonna treat me to a meal last time?” It sounded noisy on his end.

I reached to the calendar on my desk. “What date?”

But then I heard him shouting to his side, “Did you guys all hear that? He said he’s gonna treat me to a meal!”

Then he hanged up. I had an ominous hunch about this. As expected, soon there were rumors that he took my woman and my car, and I still eagerly treated him to a meal to apologize to him and show respect.

My reputation was so fúcking ruined.


The city was not huge, and the circle was tiny. Soon I find out what had happened. He’d made a bet with someone at the bar and said there was nothing he couldn’t do, and there was no one he couldn’t lure. And I was used as an example.

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