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Chapter 3: In the Restroom

Honestly, if I wanted to find someone to teach him a lesson, it’s just a breeze. But I didn’t. For one thing, I don’t want to spend my intelligence and talent on things other than making money. Entangling myself in these rivalry caused by a woman is not what a true man should do. For another, he was too good-looking, like a woman. I felt that to be overly concerned with him was beneath me.


I met him again because of my business. I ordered a batch of goods from out of the city, but the reckless guy in charge of the shipping offended the local boss, and the goods apprehended.

The local boss of our city train station happened to serve under the same crime boss as Lin’s brother DaBiao. The crime boss was called Han Dong, whose uncle was the chief of police of the city.

I found someone to host a drinking party and invited Han Dong. Han Dong brought more than half a dozen men with him, including Lin’s brother DaBiao, probably wanting to intimidate me and establish the discipline at the very beginning. I went without hesitation.

I implored for pardon to Han Dong first, and he readily accepted, “Boss Ou, that’s not a big deal at all. My uncle also told me that you are a renowned and distinguished entrepreneur of the city. Haha, if I did not detain your goods this time, I wouldn’t be able to meet you and make friends with you. Don’t you think so?”

That was implying a wealthy man like me should pay tribute to them every year. It’s somewhat inevitable when a business reaches a certain stage. I guess the goods was not entirely my supplier’s fault then since it looked like I’d already been their target for a while.

I laughed, “I am so flattered. My success was thanks to all the help and support from friends. From now on it’s dependent on your support too, Boss Dong!”

I drank far too much that day. Even though I was quite a drinker, I couldn’t handle it and wanted to throw up towards the end. I said I needed to pee and escaped to the restroom. However, as my stomach was struggling, someone rushed out from the bathroom and hit me so hard that I failed to control myself, and spewed on him.

I felt muddled after throwing up, reflexively stepped back and apologized, “Sorry.”

Someone grabbed my collar and shouted at me, “Just a sorry? You fúcker, do you know who I am? Do you think I wouldn’t find someone to cut off your leg?”

His voice sounded so familiar. I raised my eyes, hey, wasn’t that dear Lin? My drunken head was in such a mess that the only thing I could think about was how much prettier he’s gotten since I last saw him two months ago. Lin was glaring at me angrily, but that aggressive look only added a unique charm to him. Looking at him carefully, he dressed very differently from the time in the nightclub too, with a suit and tie, like a real gentleman.

When I recalled this, I knew I must have been very drunk that day. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have forgotten my grudge about that phone call he made to fool me and talked to him.

I grinned, “What a tone! Whose leg do you want to cut off?”

Seeing it’s me, he was surprised as well, “Why are you…” Before he could finish the sentence, I held his face and started aggressively attacking his lips. For no reason, but just because I thought the way he glared at me angrily was quite adorable.

I heard footsteps coming from behind, so I dragged him directly into a stall, shut the door and pushed him to the wall.

He gasped and frowned at me, speaking quietly, “You drunkard…I don’t fúcking want to fight with you today, just let go of me right now bástãrd! You spewed your sh*t all over me, that’s so fúcking gross!”

“Take off your clothes,” I spoke while reaching out to his pants.

He slapped my face, “Wake up! Hey! What the fúck are you thinking? Look at where the fúck we are!“

I was too dizzy to avoid the slap, but my face didn’t seem to feel anything.

He tried to push me out, “Quick, go out and get me a shirt. My brother is in Room XX, just tell him I need to change my clothes. I will be here waiting for you.”

There was only one thing in my mind, “When I come back you need to comfort me once…”

“Okay okay, just go fast, I will wait for you.” He said.

So there I went. Everyone was shocked when I entered the room; they stared at me weirdly. Someone snickered, Han Dong laughed too, and asked, “Boss Ou, how did you come back with a slap on your face? Looks fresh.”

Even though I was drunk, I realized that Lin was fooling me again. What getting a shirt from his brother, what waiting for me, they were all bullsh*t. As if he didn’t have a phone to call for help? He was just trying to make me lose face.

So I shamelessly sat down in my seat and joked with them, touching my face, “Trying to tease a lady, but didn’t expect her to be so fierce.”

Everyone at the table burst into laughter. I shrugged off and kept drinking.

After a while, my phone started ringing, and I rejected it. Seeing who was calling, I was amused. Ha, wasn’t it dear Lin?

Han Dong saw me absent minded and teased me, “Boss Ou, what are you looking at? Your wife urging you to go home?”

I was stuck for a second, but then simpered, “Yeah, asking why I am not home yet.”

“Take little sister-in-law’s call then; we are all brothers here, we are families.” Han Dong filled my cup. He’s implying he’s my elder brother.

Sigh..these gangster guys always wanted to take advantage verbally.

He raised his glass, and I emptied mine. My phone rang again.

“Hello?” Han Dong motioned me to take the call, so I had to do it.

“What’s taking you so long?” It was Lin’s voice, complaining.

“I am still drinking.”

“……” A moment of silence, “I have taken my clothes off. It’s so cold here. Can you come here soon? Please, I am begging you.”

My heart softened for a bit, “Wait a minute.” Then I summoned my driver here and instructed him what to do.

As soon as I hung up I saw Han Dong staring at me; my eyes met his. He asked, “Who’s that?”

I hesitated for a second, and tried to cover it up, “My wife.”

Han Dong gave a subtle smile, “I know that’s your wife, but which one? I have heard brother Ou you have many wives. You have apartments specifically for your wives, and you generously buy them fancy cars and luxury watches…so I was asking, which wife was that?”

Hearing Han Dong’s words, everyone at the table seemed to want to know what’s it was about and started paying attention.

I laughed, “A new one, a new one. I met her not long ago. Next time, if we have the chance, I can introduce her to you guys.”

Han Dong clapped on my shoulder. “That would be nice. Next time I would also like to learn a few tricks from you.” Then he changed the topic, “But…Ou, I heard that you have a feud with my brother DaBiao?”

I raised an eyebrow, “Brother Han, what do you mean?”

Han lights up a cigarette and frowns. “His younger brother Lin Ye doesn’t even dare to go to the establishments you’ve been to.”

Baffled I answered, “What does it have to do with me?”

“Didn’t your men threaten to beat him up?“ Han Dong put out the cigarette and smirked, staring at me with warnings in his eyes.

“Brother Han, that’s a misunderstanding,” I said with honesty. Why was my best friend always butting into my affairs so much? To be fair, I didn’t care to bother him with such a tiny matter. Even things like my goods being detained this time, for me was nothing.

Han Dong signaled DaBiao with his chin, and DaBiao stood up immediately, “Boss Ou, you are a generous man. This toast to you for my brother.”

Han Dong asked him, “Why is he not here yet?”

DaBiao looked a bit embarrassed, and explained, “He’s not able to come. He just texted me and said his car crashed on the way here.”

“Is he okay?” Han Dong expressed his concern.

“Yes… it’s just a lot of trouble dealing with the accident,” said DaBiao.

I returned DaBiao’s toast. I guess I need to give my best friend a call later tonight.

After the dinner and all the small talk, I finally accompanied Han Dong out. I took the shirt my driver just bought and looked for Lin. Because I had some inappropriate thoughts in my mind, I sent my driver back on his own.

I called Lin back, “Where are you?”

“Where am I? Where else can I be? I am still in the fúcking restroom! How could I have gone out with this gross shirt!” He shouted.

“Don’t hang up. I am coming.” I picked up the shirt and walked towards the restroom holding the phone. The moment I pushed open the door, a bucket of ice water spilled on me. Before I realized what was happening, an empty bucket hit my head and then fell and started rolling on the floor.

Laughter came out from the phone in my hand, “Idiot, you still believe in whatever I say, huh? Huh?”

I held up the phone, “Where are you?”

“The surveillance room has a magnificent view from all three angles. I am gonna request a copy from the security for my collection.”

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