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Chapter 1: The First Acquaintance

I first met him because he slept with my woman.

That day, I gave that woman a sum of money and kicked her out. She packed her stuff and left the apartment. This apartment was located in the ‘Mistresses’ neighborhood’ of our city, which I bought specifically to keep my woman.

The night was somewhat chilly. I lit up a cigarette out of boredom, opened the curtain and gazed at the street from the window. Suddenly, a car appeared in the darkness, and made an abrupt stop right next to her.

A man stepped out of the car gracefully, then embraced and kissed her. Maybe he noticed my gaze, because he gave a middle finger to the apartment building.

Although I don’t care about love, I do care about my dignity as a man.

Going back to my room, I quickly called my best friend and gave him the car’s license plate number, and told them to follow the vehicle.

Later my friend said he smashed the car for me.  

The car was my birthday gift for the woman, which she gave out. Honestly, I didn’t like the way he dealt with this, but I had more important things to worry about and soon became too busy to remember the incident.


The second time I met him, we were in a nightclub. I recognized him at first sight. He was sitting at the central spot in an arrogant manner, like a lazy cat regarding his court, with a twinkish club boy in his arms. I was filled with contempt, but also confused. Wasn’t he a womanizer? When did he become gay?

I asked my companion in a small voice, “Who is that?”

“That’s Sir Lin.” He answered back quietly, “He’s the younger brother of Brother DaBiao, and has quite some connections. Pubs and clubs in this area have to show him respect. So this club is under the protection of Brother DaBiao.”

I looked at the twink in his arms. My companion smiled unfathomably. ” Mr.Ou, you might not know, but this Mr.Lin is famous for being lascivious, and swinging both ways. The most notable thing is that he never pays whoever he plays with, he always gets those pros to pay. No one can resist Mr Lin’s lure.”

We were walking while talking, and he seemed to have noticed me. His gaze fluttered across the dim filthy light at me, which was somewhat seductive. Somehow, my heart stopped for a millisecond.

He let go of the boy, raised a hand to stroke his short hair, his handsome face shone through the darkness. He casually zipped the zipper he had just used, then adjusted his shirt, and walked towards me with a polite smile.

“Hey, this mister, it’s not the first time we’ve met right?” He raised his phoenix-like eyes, and looked me up and down.

I raised my eyebrows and stared back at him.

He suddenly started laughing, his hand holding my shoulder. But when he raised his eyes, they were filled with coldness, “Weren’t you the one that smashed my car?”

Hearing what he said, the bouncers of the clubs started gathering around us. My companion panicked and seemingly wanted to smooth things over.

He showed no care, and lit up a cigarette with his slender fingers in an elegant manner, and stared at me through the smoke.

I answered dryly, “That’s my car.”

He laughed out loud, and exclaimed to his companions, pointing at me, “This guy can’t even handle his woman! He brought his woman a car, and that woman just gave it to me! Then he asked people to smash the vehicle. Don’t you think that’s hilarious?”

The bouncers around us burst into laughter and my companions squeezed out some smiles.  “Haha, so you are talking about this incident….”

I suddenly grasped his waist and punched him in his face. I had trained in combat before, and the blow was not a joke. This Lin guy was thrown to the ground, fell hard, making a “bang” noise. The bouncers immediately rushed to me and captured my arms.

I was not scared at all. I had an appointment with my best friend here, and it was about time. Although I trashed him, he was the one who trash talked first, so there was no way I was at fault. Even if we were both from the underworld, the underworld had its rules. Moreover, if I didn’t beat him up today, then I was a fúcking wimp. How would other people see me?

He coughed a little with his arms supporting him from the floor, and pushed away those who tried to give him a hand, and staggered up and walked to my face. He waved his hand, so the guys controlling me let me go and stood away.

I stretched my arms and shoulders a bit and gazed at him darkly.

He picked out a cigarette and passed it to me. I took it. Then he took out a zippo and tried to light it up for me, to my surprise, but I raised my hand to block the wind anyway.

The moment the cigarette lit, he suddenly leaned forward, and whispered into my ear, “What if I sleep with you and call this an end? How about it?”

I froze for a second, blew a smoke ring, looked up and down this handsome man and his beautiful face, “That could do. I have never fúcked a man before…” I said.

He just gave an enigmatic smile and blew smoke on my face. “Then it’s settled.”

His fingers, holding the cigarette, looked beautiful.


That was our beginning.

That night, I postponed my meeting with my best friend and went to a hotel room with him. Not because I fell for him, but rather for getting back my dignity.

Ha, if I banged this Sir Lin, would he still have the face to go out and mess around?

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