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Chapter 28: Mu Chen Lifted His Leg And Delivered A Kick To His Disciple’s Butt, “You Lecher! How Disgraceful!” 

The first thing Mu Chen heard when he arrived was the other expressing his admiration for someone. He thus picked up a pot of wine from the table and impolitely swatted the other’s face. He had a look of scorn on his face as he did so. 

The other lifted his hand to block the swat and rescued the pot of wine from Mu Chen’s hand. He wiped it carefully as if it were a treasure. Out of indignation, he pouted and muttered, “We haven’t seen each other for ten years and the first thing you do when you see me is hit me. You’re so heartless.” 

Mu Chen rolled his eyes in response since he didn’t feel in the mood to speak. 

Gu Yunjue pulled out a chair for him. After he ensured that Mu Chen had taken a seat, he obediently stood next to Mu Chen. Mu Chen pointed at the chair next to him to indicate that it was okay for Gu Yunjue to hold back any reservations and sit next to him. 

The man dressed in black observed Gu Yunjue with curiosity. He exclaimed full of admiration, “Good features!” 

Mu Chen gave an arrogant snort. He lifted his chin up and spoke in a proud manner, “My disciple naturally would be the most outstanding.” 

“You have a disciple? You haven’t grown up yet so why take on a disciple? Look at how obedient he is. Those who don’t know he’s your disciple might think he’s a child bride you’re raising.” 

“Pah!” Mu Chen felt that the smell of the wine was rather appetizing so he had swallowed a sip of wine which he immediately spat out in shock at these words. The cheeks on his handsome face had some red flush which made it appear more lively. “If you say anymore nonsense, I will beat you up till you die!” 

Gu Yunjue’s eyes narrowed and he hurriedly took out a handkerchief to wipe Mu Chen’s mouth. He also combed his hair for him at the same time. In his past lifetime, he had seen Chen Mo twice. Gu Yunjue felt as if there was a special relationship between Chen Mo and Mu Chen seeing as their relationship wasn’t exactly a clear one. However at the moment, it didn’t appear to be what he assumed. The other had the expression of a Senior looking after his Junior when he looked at his little Master. 

Gu Yunjue’s mood immediately improved. He looked at how embarrassed his Master appeared and felt that he looked beautiful. 

“Master, aren’t you going to introduce us?” Gu Yunjue poked Mu Chen’s waist with happiness. The way he did it was as if he was extremely familiar with Mu Chen. 

“Chen Mo,” Mu Chen paused as he was unsure of how to describe their relationship. 

“I’m your brother. Why is it so hard for you to introduce me? You were always dishonest since you were young.” Chen Mo quickly added. 

Mu Chen gave a cold rebuttal, “We’re not related through blood.” 

Chen Mo immediately responded, “Does being related through blood make the relationship more significant?” 

Mu Chen puffed his chest, trying to think of a rebuttal. He was unable to think of one so he couldn’t only accept that he had lost this round. 

In Gu Yunjue’s eyes, realization appeared. In the past lifetime, he knew that Mu Chen had a mysterious background. When Mu Chen had misfortune, no one was there for him. It was worth it to investigate now that someone in his family had appeared. Also, the two of them had different surnames. Gu Yunjue thought about that before he smiled and spoke, “I didn’t realize that Master had any Seniors. Let me treat you well since it’s our first meeting.”

Chen Mo gave a wave of his hand and happily took out a jade ornament which he presented to Gu Yunjue. He laughed before he said, “I had no idea that you took on a disciple so I didn’t have time to prepare a gift. You can hold onto this. If you run into trouble, throw this down and someone will appear as aid to you.” 

Mu Chen’s face turned expressionless, “We don’t want anything from the Chen family. Take it away.”

Gu Yunjue politely refused with a smile. If his little Master didn’t want to take it, then they wouldn’t. He was also intrigued by Mu Chen’s life history. He didn’t expect that his Master’s background would be so interesting. However there was no explanation as to why his Master would come to Lofty Cloudy Sect. Gu Yunjue inspected the side of Mu Chen’s face. He made a note in his head to investigate all of this later. 

Chen Mo had no choice but to take back the ornament. He let out a drawn out sigh after looking at Mu Chen’s current attitude. He spoke ruefully, “I feel more at ease after seeing that there’s someone that cares for you.”

Mu Chen poured out a cup of wine and drank it leisurely. He didn’t offer any reply. His face looked relaxed. The atmosphere turned awkward and tense. Gu Yunjue felt that Mu Chen was uncomfortable and possibly jittery after Chen Mo had presented him with the jade ornament. 

He listened as Chen Mo continued, “When you were lost as a small child, I had to find you but you had no idea where you were. You only said that there was a road behind you, trees around you, and clouds above you. I felt worried that if you got lost later on, nobody would be interested in finding you. Now, I feel more assured.” 

Mu Chen put his wine cup down. He noticed that the other was teasing him. He felt the urge to take his sword out and slash the other. How much of a role model would he be in the future if his disciple heard these stories about him?” 

Gu Yunjue held back the urge to laugh and held Mu Chen’s hands. He was reminding his Master to not be impulsive. He could Mu Chen’s mood improve by itself. The way his Master felt was anger from embarrassment. This Chen Mo knew how to influence his Master’s mood. Therefore, they must be close. 

Mu Chen was successfully calmed down, and he drank some wine to douse his anger. His temper left just as quickly as it came. At the right moment, he could easily be calmed down. Gu Yunjue was an expert at calming his Master down so he was fully aware of this fact. 

Chen Mo knew when he should quit while he was ahead. He looked down and drank his wine. A light flashed through his eyes. He didn’t expect that there would be someone that could calm down Mu Chen. This person wasn’t someone ordinary. Chen Mo continued to tease him once he noticed that Mu Chen wasn’t angry anymore. “We haven’t finished our chess game since last time. You didn’t sneakily move the pieces, right?” 

Mu Chen snorted with a cold manner, “I already threw it away.” 

Chen Mo cried out in alarm, “You’re such a sore loser!”

Mu Chen, “….” He shouldn’t have come. Why did he have to come just to see him? Wouldn’t it have been better for them to go purchase some foxes?

Chen Mo felt that he had teased Mu Chen enough. He finally changed the topic. He sincerely said, “You should come back and look around whenever you have time. It’s been so many years. We’re all worried about you.” 

Mu Chen furrowed his eyebrows and felt rather irritated by the topic. 

“He may have a lot of flaws, but he’s still your….”

Bang! Mu Chen slammed his wine cup in front of Chen Mo to shut him up. His aloof face showed some traces of anger, “I came to see you. I’m not here so you can try to convince me to come home.” 

“Fine. Fine. Fine. I won’t say anything more about it.” Chen Mo raised his hands in defeat. He silently sighed. His mind thought about an old phrase, ‘If one knew at this moment, there wouldn’t be any need back then.’

Mu Chen got up and he swept the exquisite wide sleeves of his outfit, indicating that he was done going through memory lane and wanted to leave.

Gu Yunjue followed closely behind Mu Chen and left with him. 

Chen Mo followed behind them without hurry. He continued to blabber without rest, “Where are you going?”

Mu Chen still wore an aloof expression and didn’t respond. 

Gu Yunjue explained for him, “We heard about a nine-tailed fox at the auction. Master wants to buy it for me.” 

“A nine-tailed fox, huh? It must look white and flurry.” Chen Mo gave Gu Yunjue’s shoulder a pat of understanding. The pats sounded very loud as if telling him that he really understood very well. This caused Gu Yunjue to grimace. “You’ve worked hard.”

Gu Yunjue shook his head as if to say that he didn’t understand what Chen Mo was getting at. When he noticed Mu Chen’s stiffened back, he couldn’t hide his smile and went to hold his hand. He lowered his voice to convince his Master, “Your disciple is interested in fluffy things, so Master should buy it for me. I also brought a lot of spirit-stones.” 

Mu Chen coldly scoffed and spoke in a proud manner, “Why would I need your pocket money? Your Master has plenty of spirit stones.” 

“Yes, Master is correct.” With a few words, he calmed Mu Chen’s bad temper into a calm one. Chen Mo who was behind them was amazed. His eyes held curiosity in them. 

The way this Master and Disciple pair interacted didn’t seem normal. 

Gu Yunjue suddenly turned his head around and gave a small smile to Chen Mo to brag about how he coaxed his Master. 

Chen Mo was taken back by this. He then assumed that he was thinking too much into it. With Mu Chen’s temper, everything is fine if you go along with it. If you go against it, you would die. When he got tyrannical, there was nothing you could do about it. He would dare to kick the ancestral memorial tablets over if it came to it. Gu Yunjue must have followed him since a young age. Therefore, he must have been calming him down since that time so Mu Chen was probably familiar with him. 

This was most likely what happened. However, he subconsciously felt that there was something else going on that he was unable to say out loud. 

Mu Chen who was ahead stopped in front of a candy store. He bought Gu Yunjue a bag of candy which was thrusted to Gu Yunjue. Chen Mo felt the urge to tease Mu Chen again. “Oh my, you know how to pamper your disciple. If you get a dao companion, they would be so jealous of your disciple.” 

“Why do I need that? I only need a disciple.” Mu Chen spoke haughtily. It was as if a disciple was the solution to all his problems. 

Gu Yunjue’s smile was bright and beautiful like the weather of that day. His little Master’s words were saved in his mind. 

Qiyang City’s Auction House was famous throughout many surrounding cities. It had been purchased by the Gazing Chen Pavilion three years ago which increased its prestige due to the owner’s mysterious methods for conduct and administration. 

Mu Chen originally had no interest but his disciple seemed interested. Following Gu Yunjue’s first appearance, Gu Yunjue seemed to enjoy spending frivolously. Thus, he would come out every few months. Mu Chen didn’t feel comfortable letting his disciple go alone, so he would come with him.

In the eyes of the Auction House’s staff, Mu Chen was like countless shiny white spirit stones. A clever dao child approached them and attentively bowed to them with a sincere smile. “If we were informed that Elder Mu Chen would arrive, the bosses would have prepared a room for you with refreshments in advance.”

Mu Chen gave a cold glare to the other. He made no acknowledgement of the generous offer. He just stepped into the building. The young dao child was used to Mu Chen’s attitude and simply ran in front of them to lead the way. He bent his head lower as he passed Gu Yunjue.

After offering Mu Chen a seat, the dao child presented them a catalog of the items featured in this auction. Mu Chen flipped through and found a couple items he was interested in. There was a spirit basin with a blue decorative design that would be perfect to raise fish in. The universal lock also looked interesting. It would change its shape and size after it recognized a master. It was nearing time for him to make his disciple a sword tassel. Mu Chen neared the end of the catalog and raised an eyebrow. The page showed a nine-tailed fox that was at Grade 3 cultivation. It already reached the core formation stage. It’s unfortunate that it was caught by people to be auctioned off as a house pet. 

Chen Mo was just going to visit Mu Chen for a bit. However, he saw Gu Yunjue so he stayed a while longer. The three of them sat in silence and didn’t say a word to each other. Gu Yunjue’s eyes followed Mu Chen’s figure. If it weren’t for his clear eyes and the fact that there weren’t any distractions, Chen Mo would have assumed that he was a leecher and a wastrel disciple. Chen Mo looked at Mu Chen and discovered that this man seemed used to his disciple’s unwavering gaze. What should he do? This man wasn’t affected by this in the slightest. 

This time, Chen Mo had a heavy heart and didn’t feel like talking. 

Mu Chen lifted his head and looked at him with a cold glare, “Are you sick with a disease that you can’t say.” 

Chen Mo, “….”

“If there aren’t any problems, then why are you looking for me?” 

Chen Mo was crushed. Mu Chen’s disciple was gazing at Mu Chen all this time and Mu Chen didn’t care in the slightest. As soon as he noticed Mu Chen, he had too many complaints. 

After Mu Chen finished talking, he didn’t care how Chen Mo was feeling inside. He continued browsing through the catalog. When he finished browsing, he glanced at his disciple and Gu Yunjue came over. 

Gu Yunjue watched his Master lift his forefinger and point at several items in the catalog. Gu Yunjue nodded his head to show that he understood. His little Master was telling him that they should get those items. 

Chen Mo hesitated when he noticed how calm Mu Chen was but still spoke, “His lifespan is nearing its end. He really wishes to see you. If you have time, go visit him one last time. This is why I came searching for you.” 

Mu Chen’s body stiffened for a bit. Even when Chen Mo’s figure disappeared, he didn’t nod his head. His brows furrowed and his eyes expressed bitterness. At this time, a cold piece of candy was put into his mouth. It melted instantly and left behind the lingering taste of fruit. Mu Chen glanced at his disciple who stuffed candy in his mouth. He noticed him and lifted a hand to rub his forehead. “Wherever Master goes, you won’t be alone as long as I’m with you.” 

Mu Chen wordlessly looked at his little disciple that he had raised to this point. He lifted his hand and gave a strike to his forehead. He no longer felt gloomy, “Don’t think that you’re so smart that you can cause trouble.”

Gu Yunjue took advantage of this moment to put another piece of candy in Mu Chen’s mouth. His fingertips came into contact with Mu Chen’s pale lips which caused his eyes to darken. He smiled as he licked the sugar from his fingers. He praised, “Master buys the sweetest candy.”

Mu Chen was annoyed as he took out a handkerchief to wipe his disciple’s hands. He was already so big and still licked his fingers. How dirty!

It wasn’t long before the auction finally started. 

The one that was hosting the auction was a girl who looked around seventeen or eighteen years old. Her cultivation level was ordinary as she only reached up to the foundation establishment stage. However, she was beautiful to look at. She had on a gorgeous full-length red skirt that emphasized her sexy body. Her face held a smile and her sharp clear voice carried enticement which would make anybody listening tremble in their hearts. “My fellow immortals, our auction today has thirty amazing items. With your high perceptions, I hope you don’t miss out on what you came for. The last item for today is a demon beast at the Core Formation Stage, a nine-tailed fox. 

The moment these words were said, whispers filled the surroundings. Even though these whispers would be impossible to hear in Mu Chen’s room, Mu Chen could hear what was being discussed due to his high cultivation level. Some were deciding on what the final cost of the Nine-Tailed Fox would be and others were talking about their interest in the captivating girl on stage. Mu Chen tilted his head towards his disciple and noticed how he was looking outside. Mu Chen’s expression turned cold. The screen in front of their eyes was big enough for both of them yet he still wanted to look outside. Why was he so shallow? 

Gu Yunjue could feel the murderous aura next to him and turned himself back. He noticed Mu Chen’s unhappy expression and was confused. Who provoked him this time? 

“Humph!” Mu Chen coldly scoffed. He taught him with diligence so that he would grow into a fine man. If he were to lust for beautiful women and turn into a wastrel, then he would just kill him to prevent him from turning into a scourge. 

Gu Yunjue was stunned to discover it was him. 

He searched his mind, trying to figure out what he did that would make his Master angry. No matter how much he thought about it, he couldn’t think of anything. His curiosity piqued. He looked outside and sensed some Devil Qi.

Mu Chen lifted his leg and delivered a kick to his disciple’s butt, “You lecher! How disgraceful!” 

Gu Yunjue looked at the footprint imprinted on his butt. He didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. He knew that Mu Chen was misunderstanding him. Mu Chen’s current attitude appeared as if he were jealous because of him. Therefore, he didn’t feel the need to explain. Acting as if he didn’t know Mu Chen’s thoughts, Gu Yunjue purposely looked at the women on stage. 

Mu Chen, “….” It was as expected! He needed to teach his disciple a good lesson. 

While each item was being auctioned off, Gu Yunjue would purposely look outside and act as if he didn’t see his Master’s frosty expression in his eyes. Mu Chen felt his belly fill with anger. He finally couldn’t take it anymore and slapped the table in fury. He didn’t pay attention to what was being sold outside. He heard someone offer five hundred middle-grade spirit stones so he coldly said, “One thousand!” 

Sss! The sound of breaths being sucked in came after his bid. The surroundings became so quiet that even a pin dropping would be heard. There was someone in Sky Room One that was trying to obtain this dual cultivation cauldron. They did it in an imposing manner. 

Gu Yunjue’s mood worsened. “Master!” He made him feel really angry. 

Mu Chen gave him a cold look and showed his power over him as his Master. He wore a look that dared him to not listen to him. In his mind, he thought to punish his shameless disciple by making him kneel when they got back. If he didn’t realize where he was wrong, then he could just kneel forever!

After a moment of silence, the auctioneer girl gave a radiant smile and broke the silence, “Bids start at one thousand middle-grade spirit stones. Are they any other bids?” 

There was absolute silence. 

To pay five hundred middle-grade spirit stones for a male cultivation cauldron was at the high end for reasonable prices. To pay one thousand middle-grade spirit stones, it had to be true love. Otherwise, no one was willing to pay that amount. 

Mu Chen realized that he may have made a mistake. He picked up his cooled teacup with trembling fingers. 

An attendant brought a contract over to Mu Chen. It was kind of a master-servant contract. All you had to do was sign your name and pay with spirit stones. Then, the man can be taken away. 

Mu Chen’s face was expressionless. He thought of swaying his sleeves and leaving. However, one look at the delicate and pretty young man made him feel compassion. He was a child of similar age to a disciple yet he was being sold like an item. With a bad mood, he picked the document and signed it. He then threw the bag full of spirit stones at the attendant and spoke in a cold manner, “I don’t need him. Send him away.” 

“You can… send him away?” The attendant never heard of someone paying for an item and then getting rid of it. 

Gu Yunjue looked at Mu Chen’s face and purposely added some words, “It’s too cruel to use someone as a human cultivation cauldron. Master is naturally kind so you wanted to save him. You can follow what he says.” 

The attendant gave Mu Chen a look of admiration and quickly agreed, “This servant will immediately do so.” 

Gu Yunjue audibly said an excuse so people outside could hear him. It helped to protect Mu Chen’s reputation. It also warned everyone not to capture him again when they released him. 

Gu Yunjue observed Mu Chen’s bad mood and kindly poured him a cup of tea. He comforted him, “I heard that Second Senior Brother’s tea comes from this place. It’s the same as the one we drink. Drink a cup to soothe… your anger.” He wanted to say ‘drink a cup to calm your alarm down.’ However, he knew that if he said that, this man would become hostile. He would not only get a beating for many days, but things would become awkward between them. It was not worth the trouble. 

Mu Chen picked up the tea and gave it a whiff. He shook his head, “This isn’t clean.” Mu Chen explained when he noticed the confusion Gu Yunjue expressed. “Don’t eat what your Second Senior Brother sells. Only eat what he sends over.” 

Gu Yunjue was reminded how a child cultivator from Qiyang Palace would sweep away petals from the mountains in the back. These would also be used to brew wine. He took back the cup from Mu Chen’s hands and took out the teapot to brew tea by himself. 

Mu Chen was pacified slightly. While he drank his tea, he didn’t give out any other bids. His spirits were slightly dampened.

Gu Yunjue made his bid for all the things Mu Chen had previously picked out. He knew Mu Chen was startled by what happened earlier. He liked the sight of Mu Chen’s expressionless face. He noticed Mu Chen’s beautiful eyes moving around occasionally as if he felt panicked and couldn’t decide. Gu Yunjue propped his hands on his cheeks and stared at Mu Chen without blinking. He felt that his little Master’s occasional subtle expressions were cute. 

He had already become a Devil and Mu Chen didn’t realize. How would he make up for this in the future? 

It finally came time for the last item, the Nine-Tailed Fox. Mu Chen’s eyes appeared to show more interest in this item. Along with his aloof expression, his sitting posture gave off the appearance of a regal immortal. The light that appeared in his eyes was noticed by Gu Yunjue. Gu Yunjue thought to himself about how cute his Master looked. He wanted to shut him up somewhere so no one could see him in the future. 

Mu Chen was not aware of the dangerous thoughts his disciple had. He attentively watched the screen in front of him. After the host finished his introduction, the sound of chains were heard. A cage that was covered with black cloth was put on the stage. Everyone’s interest piqued when the two attendants removed the black cloth, revealing the chained demon beast inside. 

The cage held a powerless white fox the length of a meter. It’s three tails were splayed out as it’s four limbs were immobile through spirit power. It’s neck had a Beast Control Ring. It didn’t matter how he lived before, he would become someone’s servant once the contract was signed. To live or die was out of his control. 

Mu Chen’s eyes expressed some pity. In the past lifetime when Jing Ming had left to complete some tasks, he had also been captured by someone like this. It was fortunate that Gu Yunjue rescued him. It didn’t matter how Gu Yunjue treated other people, he made sure to put the utmost care into those of Yanyang Palace. 

Gu Yunjue quickly grabbed Mu Chen’s wrist and pinched his fair palm with his fingers. A smile appeared on his face. “Master, why did you rub this disciple’s butt?” 

Mu Chen’s response was direct. He raised his leg to kick him. 

Mu Chen’s temperamental treatment of Gu Yunjue revolved around him kicking or beating his disciple whenever he felt like it. Gu Yunjue dodged Mu Chen by appearing behind him. He wrapped his arm around his shoulders and beamed at him. Mu Chen scoffed in response, “It’s useless to act cute now!” 

His eyes appeared to be smiling as he lightly gave a peck to Mu Chen’s forehead. He tightened his arms around Mu Chen. “Master has already spoiled me rotten. Even if I wanted to change, I can’t. Therefore, Master should take responsibility for your disciple.” 

Mu Chen raised his fingers and flicked the side of his forehead near his ear. Mu Chen felt helpless in how to deal with a child who had been clingy with him since a young age. “You actually learned how to act shamelessly. Did this one teach you that?” 

“I taught myself.”

“Such shamelessness naturally comes from oneself.” The bidding had already begun. It started from one thousand high-grade spirit stones then increased to five hundred spirit stones. The bidding amounts continued to increase. Mu Chen scolded Gu Yunjue a bit before he said, “Ten thousand.” 

The surrounding area became quiet. A woman’s voice sounded out, “Ten thousand and one hundred.” 

Gu Yunjue used his divination to figure out who had spoken. He narrowed his eyes slightly and a faint smile hung from his lips. He figured out that it was this woman since he sensed Devil Qi briefly. 

He then felt the intention of murder heavily fill the air.

Author’s Comment: Doing a small show of not bearing responsibility.

Mu Chen sighed, “My disciple appears to have become lecherous. What should I do?” o(︶︿︶)o

Black Meow felt excited for unknown reasons, “Castrate him! Castrate him! Castrate him! Castrate him!” ╰(*︶*)╯)

Thus Gu Yunjue died. _(:3」 ∠)_

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