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Chapter 27: Go Out And Kneel

穆辰吃了三颗丹药,才艰难的压下这份火毒的灼热, 他知道,已经不能再拖了,他需要马上闭关。

Mu Chen ate three medicinal pills and suppressed the fire poison’s burning heat with difficulty. He knew that he couldn’t put it off any other. He had to enter seclusion right away.


But what about his disciple. At the very least, he needed to be in seclusion for a year. In that year, who would make sure that Gu Yunjue won’t be led astray by others. For the last ten years, as soon as Mu Chen stopped watching, Gu Yunjue would habitually follow others and stir up trouble, already giving Mu Chen a psychological shadow. He didn’t feel reassured at all.

顾云玦这边, 被郑玄素一句话戳中了逆鳞,瞬间就起了杀意。穆辰身体有恙, 连镜明他们都不知道, 这个郑玄素, 知道的难免太多了些。“师伯对我师尊,还真是关心呐, 却不知道这种无稽之谈, 你是在哪里听来的?”顾云玦周身温润的气质没有一丝变化, 俊美无俦的脸上一双墨色的眸子却深不见底,看郑玄素的眼神不起一丝波澜,口气虽然温和,说话却不客气,这让郑玄素莫名的心魂一颤,一股恶寒没有来的蹿上心头,无端端的让他生出一头冷汗,有种想要跪倒拜服的冲动。忍下这巨大的压力,他咬着牙匆匆回了句:“没,就是看他脸色不好,有些担忧罢了。”

Over with Gu Yunjue, the disciple was stabbed by Zheng Xuansu’s words and instantly let out a killing aura. Mu Chen’s body was indeed sick but even Jing Ming and the others weren’t aware of this. This Zheng Xuansu seemed to know too much. “Martial uncle truly is concerned about my master but wasn’t sure of this utter nonsense. Where did you hear of it?” Gu Yunjue’s entire gentle temperament didn’t change one bit. His deep ink-colored eyes on his handsome face only glimpsing at Zhen Xuansu. Although his tone was gentle, his words were rather rude. This made Zheng Xuansu indescribably shiver inside before. There wasn’t a fierce cold leaping towards his soul but he broke out into a cold sweat and felt the urge to sink to his knees to pay his respects. Bearing the intense pressure, he bit his tooth and hurriedly answered, “Nowhere. I just saw that his complexion wasn’t that good so I was somewhat concerned. That’s all.


Gu Yunjue let out a weak laugh, nodded, and profoundly said, “Many thanks for martial uncle’s concerns towards master. This matter today, I’ll inform my master word for word.”


Zheng Xuansu gave a hollow laugh and didn’t answer. Gu Yunjue saw that the other’s eyes were somewhat evading him. Within his own eyes flashed a thought that this person was a problem.



Mu Chen got out of bed and just went through the door when he saw Gu Yunjue hurriedly flying back at an unstoppable speed and coming over to him. Mu Chen unconsciously extended his arms and allowed the other to hug his waist to his heart’s content. As he helplessly stroked his disciple’s head, Mu Chen put on a serious expression and said, “You’re almost as tall as master but still enjoy acting like a spoiled. You need to exercise a bit of restraint.”


Gu Yunjue grabbed Mu Chen’s hands and investigated the other’s internal spirit strength fluctuations. Without a word, he covered up the faint gloom in his eyes but still smiled as he said, “Disciple will remember to do so.”


Mu Chen was powerless. He has already said these words countless times but his disciple didn’t change one bit.


“Did anyone try look for trouble with you up at the main hall?” Mu Chen sat down and naturally extended his hand.


Gu Yunjue grasped the pale jade-like hand and fished out a handkerchief to gently clean each of the long delicate fingers, his eyes unexpectedly holding enjoyment in them. He hesitatingly said, “There wasn’t anyone that tried to look for trouble. After all, several senior brothers were there too. But there was was someone… that wanted to introduce his daughter for me to meet.”


Mu Chen’s expression became icy. “Who?” That person simply had no eyes. His disciple was still so young but he unexpectedly dared to try and introduce his daughter to him, simply courting death!


Without changing his expression, Gu Yunjue said, “It was that martial uncle Zheng.”


“Humph!” snorted Mu Chen with cold eyes. “It’s only the outer sect disciple your grandmaster brought back for odd jobs, that’s all. Just how is he a martial uncle?” The man who was beside Yue Mingze whispering into his ear seemed to be him. This made Mu Chen rather discontent. For his own affairs, why is there any need for others to get involved? He was most annoyed by people who acted like upright gentleman. They would always act like their considering other people’s needs when in reality, they were vile people with despicable thoughts.


Mu Chen stopped and stared at Gu Yunjue, warning, “As time passes, beauty will also pass and turn into bones so there’s no reason to cling onto female charms. Young children shouldn’t think of such messy things.”


Gu Yunjue smiled and listened right to the end. When he finished cleaning Mu Chen’s fingers, he picked up a teacup and felt it. Feeling that its temperature was still appropriate, he then handed it to the other and softly coaxed, “What master said is right. This disciple will remember it. How about your health? Are you unwell anywhere?”


Mu Chen drank a sip of tea, his temper calming down before he indifferently said, “It’s nothing. If I can’t suppress it, I can only firmly fight it. In any case, I won’t die.” In his previous life, he suffered through 5 events before he found out how to resolve it. Even though he wouldn’t die, it really was hard to take.


When Gu Yunjue heard this, he furrowed his brows and stared at him with discontent. “Master!”


Mu Chen paused for a moment and, with no other choice, changed his tune. “Since Master wants to enter seclusion for a while, you should nicely wait for me and not run around all over the place.” Not wanting to allow Gu Yunjue to continue asking, Mu Chen changed the subject. “I had you thread some pills, have you finished them?”


Gu Yunjue: “…No.”


“Stupid! Go off and do it right now! I will inspect your work tonight.” Mu Chen glanced over at Gu Yunjue. His small disciple’s aptitude for concocting pills really was rather ordinary. For a set of majestic murderous sword skills, his disciple could look at them once, learn them instantly, and then use them to split open the heavens with a boundless power. However, for him to use spirit strength to classify the ingredients for medicinal pills was impossible. At this point, he could only refine primary medicinal pills, practically dumber than a pig.


Whenever Gu Yunjue thinks about the task Mu Chen had him do, he immediately gets a headache. For both his lifetimes added together, there was only his little master who would call him names like fool, moron, idiot, and dummy whenever he got mad. Of course, with Mu Chen’s vocabulary set, for him to use such words to scold showed his current mood, his dislike has finally reached its peak.


After several medicinal pills became damaged and lost some of its potency. Mu Chen’s request was simply to have him finish stringing a bottle of pills by using his spirit power to wrap around the pills to prevent the medicinal power from dropping. As a large man using a needle to pierce medicinal pills, Gu Yunjue felt that this sort of action was completely that of a female servant and that he really couldn’t continue doing it.


Naturally, if it was his little master doing it, he would definitely think that he would look like a perfect wife.


Mu Chen reached out his hand and topped his spacing out disciple. “Did you hear what Master just said?”


“I heard!” Gu Yunjue grabbed Mu Chen’s hand and happily proposed, “Won’t it be good if master would teach disciple all the way through?”


Mu Chen finished drinking his tea and coldly looked over Gu Yunue. How stupid, how could he be so stupid! The boy from his last life was much smarter than that of this lifetime. Could it be that he raised the boy too well in this life that he raised the child into a waste? Can things like great talents be raised to become even worse?


Gu Yunjue shyly looked over at him, not missing even a single expression. His little master’s eyes were always indifferent and alienating and would only show so much expression when dealing with those close to him. The look that his master had when looking at him compared to with that at others was different. His eyes right at this moment were most beautiful.


Mu Chen saw that his disciple didn’t learn how to do it but still dim-wittedly looked and foolishly laughed at him. His dislike grew even more so he swatted against the back of his Gu Yunjue’s head. “Look at this!”


As he spoke, he arranged 10 foundation establishment pills on the desk and used a slender bamboo stick as if it was flying and finished pricking the pills and stringing them. When he finished, he looked over at Gu Yunjue, did he learn how to do it?


Gu Yunjue just raised his eyebrow. “Master, aren’t you supposed to use embroidery needles?”


Mu Chen indifferently responded, “Those are too feminine.”


“Then disciple……“


“Children shouldn’t whine so much!” Mu Chen harshly said.


Gu Yunjue helplessly laughed. His little master was so silly, getting mad whenever he can’t get the upper hand in speech. It really was so adorable and bewitching for people.


In the afternoon, Gu Yunjue had on a displeased expression as he sat with an embroidering needle at his bedside piercing pill after pill. Mu Chen had propped up his chin in his palm and was sitting lazily on the side, making Gu Yunjue unable to focus on the medicinal pills. Fortunately, he no longer had an ordinary body, or else his fingers would have been poked into a sieve by the needle.


Mu Chen finished two cups of tea before he decided that he couldn’t continue watching and planned to return to continue meditating. He was so stupid, how could he be so stupid!


Gu Yunjue watched Mu Chen’s figure from the back, the corners of his mouth rising. He separated out a thread of his spirit strength and, with a strong control over his spirit power, the two words “Qing Xing.” Mu Chen’s courtesy name was Qing Xing and the man didn’t hide these two words away but Qing Xing was conspicuous outsides and seemed to be like snow. Because the characters seemed to be a bit vulgar and Mu Chen had a confusing history, very few people know of his courtesy name. Gu Yunjue was really fond of this name, especially when he’s saying it to himself. He really wanted to whisper it to the other as if they were loving and inseparable sweethearts and was addicted to the thought of it.


Gu Yunjue lightly flicked his index finger and the embroidery needle flew along the strand of spirit power and stringed together over ten medicinal pills, their medicinal power not scattering even the slightest degree. Gu Yunjue then waved his hand and took the spirit power back in. Ruminating with his eyes, he thought that with master there, only with acting a bit weak would his master even become more worried about him.


Right at this moment, a scorching heat suddenly came from inside and Gu Yunjue’s relaxed expression changed, his figure already a residual image as he entered the room.


Mu Chen’s skin was pale. As the man endured the fire poison’s torment, color completely faded from his skin. A sudden pain came over him and his hairline became completely soaked in sweat, even his clothes where sticking on his body, his entire self all battered and exhausted. He felt as if his soul was being burned by raging flames. He has already underwent this sort of pain countless times and he even died in his last life from this. After experience this again, he was still in so much pain that he couldn’t control it. His frail body was stiff all over and would occasionally let out a tremble but they were subconsciously restrained. Mu Chen tightly bit down on his lips to prevent any moans of pain from coming out. Like a sturdy stalk of bamboo in the middle of a strong wind, he would rather break than give in.


The more this man was like this, the more others would feel pity for him.


Gu Yunjue rushed up and hugged Mu Chen from behind. Without asking for permission, he let out his spirit soul to enter Mu Chen’s spirit terrace. When he looked into Mu Chen’s spirit terrance, he saw a small person in white that looked exactly like Mu Chen that was trapped within rings of black flames. The two forces were at stalemate with each other. With no time to think, Gu Yunjue used his spirit soul to wrap around Mu Chen’s spirit soul, closely protected Mu Chen under him.


Once he touched that flame’s he shuddered. It hurts! The spirit force under the fire was being roasted, hurting to the point that people can’t speak. Thinking about how the spirit force of the other must have hurted compared to this, he felt even more pain in his heart!


In his last life, just how did master endure these torments over and over again before dying under the black blaze! In order to become stronger, in order to become an alchemist that others won’t bully, he must have been fully aware that this fire could cost his life. This pure and cold person, just how determined is he?


Feeling his sensitive and fragile spirit soul being embraced by someone, Mu Chen instantly knew who it was. After all, aside from the little disciple that he raised himself, he wouldn’t be so defenseless towards others.


Sensing a spell of coolness in his spirit soul, Mu Chen opened his eyes. He raised his hand and slapped Gu Yunjue with the palm of his hand, itching to kill the other. “Do you not want to live! Get out!” He has raised his disciple this big with great difficulties but this scoundrel actually doesn’t want his life anymore. He repaired the damage on the other right away. If he wasn’t careful then his disciple’s soul would disappear and scatter and he would have raised his disciple for nothing! He didn’t expect that the longer the poison was suppressed, the more ferocious the flare up would be. He originally believed that he could suppress it for three days but didn’t expect something like this. Mu Chen felt regret. This sort of frail appearance isn’t something to be shown to his disciple. This filial child would surely be really frightened.


“Don’t move!” Gu Yunjue intensively kneaded Mu Chen’s hands and held him tightly in his embrace, unable to move a single step. His spirit soul continued to wrap around Mu Chen’s spirit soul, helping the other resist the strong flames.


Mu Chen was anxious but he couldn’t continue arguing with his intelligent scoundrel of a disciple. He knew that Gu Yunjue couldn’t continue supporting him so he used all of his spirit force to resist the fire poison. Since the two cultivated with the same method and that Gu Yunjue’s spirit soul was stronger than Mu Chen’s, the two actually quickly gained the upper hand.


When Jing Ting and Jing Ming returned and found the boundary Mu Chen set up, they thought that Mu Chen was meditating so they didn’t come over to bother him. And so, the master and disciple sat there for 3 days and nights. It was only when the black flames were restrained and sealed again did Gu Yunjue open his eyes.


“Master? Master?” He softed called out several times. Since he was too exhausted, the almost asleep Mu Chen only opened his eyes. His face still lacked any natural coloring but his eyes revealed a cold anger. “You evil disciple!”


Gu Yunjue told himself that he could still lecture himself so he relaxed his tone and hugged Mu Chen, comforting the other, “It’s okay now, it’s all over.”


“Let go!” To actually dare to coax him like a he’s a child! Actually daring to not listen to his words! To wipe off the sweat on his body with the other’s body! Isn’t this taking advantage of your ancient martial ancestor? If he still had the strength, Mu Chen would lift up this disobedient scoundrel of a disciple and spank his bottom!


Gu Yunjue raised an eyebrow. It seems like master is able to destroy the bridge after crossing the river. Releasing the man in his embrace, he felt that the warmth from the embrace was still there and regretfully kneaded his fingers. Gu Yunjue then suggested “Do you want this disciple to help you wash up?”

TL note: 过河拆桥 – lit. to destroy the bridge after crossing the river – fig. to abandon one’s benefactor upon achieving one’s goal


Mu Chen coldly snorted but he had no rebuttal. He didn’t want anyone to see his sorry figure nor have anyone wash him. Relatively speaking, it was better to pick the small child that he raised.


At once, Gu Yunjue had people prepare water and then returned to help Mu Chen take off his robes and crown. After shedding off his bindings, Mu Chen quietly let out a sigh. He didn’t expect that it would be so easy to endure it this time, moreover, his cultivation didn’t fall either.


As he pondered over the reason, he didn’t notice Gu Yunjue’s expression as the other looked at him from behind.


Gu Yunjue rested his fine and long fingers on Mu Chen’s shoulder, a slight smile in his eyes and said with chagrin, “Master, disciple will continue.”


Once Mu Chen heard his tone, an evil fire was indescribably born in his chest. Mu Chen grabbed Gu Yunjue’s wrist, thinking back on how this disciple wasn’t obedient, he said with a cold face, “You, cas punishment.”


Gu Yunjue paused his hands, not understanding why Mu Chen suddenly changed his expression.


“Whenever it is that you understand your mistakes is when you can come back in.” His body already slightly recovered, Mu Chen stood up, took out a bottle of qi gathering pills, and like it was candy, stuffed 3 into his mouth. He silently assessed, with his current strength, what odds he had to directly kick Gu Yunjue out.


“Master, disciple doesn’t know what he has done wrong.” A smile was on Gu Yunjue’s face, warm as if the boy’s jade-like temperament would alleviate Mu Chen’s mood a bit.

TL note: In Chinese culture, Confucius has said that there are 11 virtues in jade so I think that this jade-like temperament is referring to a virtuous temperature. If wrong, please correct this ignorant me. ;-;


Mu Chen became even colder at once and scowled. “Everything counts!”


Gu Yunjue raised his eyebrow, then wouldn’t everything not count. It seems that his master didn’t want to argue about these stuff with him. He was happy that his master didn’t see him as an outsider, but in other words, didn’t it mean that master doesn’t see him as a man? Gu Yunjue narrowed his eyes and lovingly pulled Mu Chen’s hand and swung it back and forth. “Then disciple will protect master and let master feel at ease.”


Mu Chen: “……”


“Master is really good to disciple, so that time, disciple didn’t think before rushing in. In my heart it thought that if something happened to master, how coud disciple continue living alone?


Mu Chen: “……”


“Sure enough, disciple still likes master best.”


Mu Chen “……”


“Even something like sacrificing oneself for love is something disciple can do.”


The stupefied Mu Chen who has already recovered some more strength lifted his leg, kicked Gu Yunjue out, closed the door, locked it and said with a cold voice, “Go kneel at the gate!”


Jing Ming, carrying a large bucket of water and about to enter the building, nearly slammed against the opening doors. He swiftly dodged to the side and saw the footprint on Gu Yunjue stomach. Rejoicing in the other’s misfortune, he walked over and patted the other’s shoulder. “Did you really go anger palace master again? You can’t run around it this time, the punishment is by kneeling isn’t it, ha ha ha……” After looking after Gu Yunjue like carrying a pot on his back for ten years, once he saw Gu Yunjue’s bad luck, Jing Ming suddenly had the guts and felt like he was an abandoned dog that came upon a fortune, making him feel as if he could fly.


Gu Yunjue laughed into his sleeve. Master was really super adorable. When he couldn’t find a response, he would become hostile. If he was embarrassed, he would become hostile. Even when master was touched, he would become upset and still become hostile. After becoming hostile, the first thing he would do was kick people and now he added a kneeling punishment…… Gu Yunjue laughed as he kneaded his forehead. These days, he has been awfully tired and his spirit soul was abnormally weak, and master wasn’t even distressed for him.


Jing Ming was scared and jumped from Gu Yunjue’s laugh and mumbled the words mental case to himself, to be this happy after being punished. He then picked up the large bucket again and prepared to knock on the door but didn’t after that after Gu Yunjue kneaded his head, the boy would look up and passed out.


Jing Ming sucked in cold air and before he even had time to call out to Mu Chen, he already saw the closed doors open with a bang and a disheveled Mu Chen running out only to pick up Gu Yunjue and drag him inside. This little scoundrel child, his spirit power was already exhausted and his body was even weaker than his own and he still dared saying so much rubbish, he was simply being reckless!


Jing Ming quickly followed behind him, noticed Mu Chen’s unstable mood and, tactfully, didn’t say any nonsense at all.


Mu Chen took out some medicinal pills, propped up Gu Yunjue’s head and fed him the pills, his eyes unable to conceal his concern.


When his small disciple’s spirit soul rushed into his spirit terrace, there seemed to be something out of place. As Mu Chen thought about it, he let out his spirit power to investigate Gu Yunjue’s body. But was to no avail, the other’s spirit terrace was completely protected by the soul bell so he couldn’t probe the other’s spirit soul at all. Pushing his suspicious to the bottom of his heart, Mu Chen picked up Gu Yunjue into his arms, threw him into barrel of water and rolled up his sleeves to wash his disciple all clean.


Jing Ming looked around him, not seeing anyone that could help him, he quickly asked “Palace Master, should I come?”


Mu Chen refused with a cold face and put Gu Yunjue into the water and shook him around and then fished him up and threw him onto the bed. Jing Ming took joy in the other’s calamity as he glimpsed at Gu Yunjue. For these past ten years, Gu Yunjue acted like Mu Chen’s personal servant and took care of him. Putting on clothes, having a meal, Mu Chen didn’t have to his hand at all. He even managed YanYang palace all properly. Palace Master simply didn’t have the ability to take care of others and was taken care of to the point of not being able care for himself. Gu Yunjue…… has finally reaped what he has sown.


Making Jing Ming go to the rear mountain to get a bucket of spirit spring water again, Mu Chen simply washed his face, changed clothes, and sat at Gu Yunjue’s side. Thinking that the black lotus that grew at the pit of his stomach has nearly faded away, Mu Chen let out a sigh. Perhaps as time passed, the things his disciple left behind to protect him would disappear and not even a fond memory would be left. Fortunately, the person in front of him was still here, smart and obedient, and wouldn’t follow the same road from his disastrous previous life.


From a 5 years old child raised up until now, Mu Chen watched the Gu Yunjue that pushed plump steamed bun into his face turn into a unique handsome youth. He comfortably stroked his young disciple’s face and let out a somewhat sorrowful sigh. In the end, he has still grown up. Once his disciple’s grown up, he should let his disciple to learn out in the world, to find people that he likes, and leave him even further. Thinking of this, Mu Chen felt unwell, pinched Gu Yunjue’s face with discontent and sulked secretly. When it’s time for his disciple to go out into the world, he himself would follow after him, preventing any disgraceful girls from coercing his disciple from entering the devil’s path again. Wouldn’t his meticulous work to raise him for 10 years be wasted?

TL note: Girl here is said as servant girl with is generally used deprecatingly.


Gu Yunjue opened his eyes and looked at Mu Chen with a smile. His dear master has unexpectantly took advantage of him to pinch his face while he was asleep.


With a blank face, Mu Chen let go with his hand. After being caught in the act, the tips of his ears seemed to be a faint pink but his face was still cold and white. “Go to your room and properly rest. When you’re better, go do your kneeling punishment.”


“Master.” Before Gu Yunjue finished listening to these words, he earnestly looked at the other. “From now on, if there’s something wrong, don’t keep me in the dark, all right?” His black eyes seemed to hide something but Mu Chen didn’t understand it but he knew that Gu Yunjue was worried about him. In the end, the strict words he was about to say couldn’t be said. Mu Chen was silent.


Gu Yunjue also didn’t pressure Mu Chen to speak and continued to talk, “The medicinal ingredients you bought these years must be to detoxify the poison. I know everything.”


Mu Chen let out a sigh and helplessly patted his disciple’s head. His disciple was too smart, he couldn’t hide anything from him.


Gu Yunjue tilted his head, his lips now under Mu Chen’s hand, and seriously asked “What herbs are you still missing? Disciple will help you find them together.”


Mu Chen was silent. In the end, he didn’t have the heart to scold his apprentice’s filial piety. “There’s still the Jade Zoysia Pungens, 5-Colored Blossom, and Ice Soul Pearl missing. But your Master has them so you don’t need to worry about them.”






“Are you tired?”


“Not tired……” Mu Chen looked into Gu Yunjue’s eyes and of course, his exhausted body underwent a sudden spell of dizziness and his sight turned black. Gu Yunjue hurriedly caught him, placing the man into his chest. He stared at Mu Chen’s haggard appearance, his heart pained as his fingertips traced Mu Chen’s delicate features. Mu Chen’s pitiful pale and lips was under his hair ends. Lightly picking a strand up to kiss, Gu Yunjue said in low voice, “There won’t be a next time.”


Right at this moment, Black Egg, whose body hasn’t changed very much, stealthily stretched his head through the window. He still had his black soft feathers, fat wings, a round body, and three golden feathers on his head and it all trembled as he stirred. Gu Yunjue noticed it come in. Eventually he looked up and beckoned it over with his finger. Black Egg carefully dragged his bottom into the room, saw Mu Chen in deep sleep in Gu Yunjue’s arms and, in shock, opened his red round eyes wide: Oh, he has committed a sin!


Gu Yunjue crooked the corner of his mouth and had Black Egg come even closer.


Black Egg carefully shifted forward again. After eating Ji Qingyuan’s spirit soul, it thought that he could escape Gu Yunjue’s control but it didn’t expect that as a Nascent Soul stage magic beast it still had no power to retaliate against Gu Yunjue. Black Egg has already assigned his misfortunate fate. At least when following this kind of master he can eat his fill. In the last few years, Gu Yunjue supplied it with lots of food and Black Egg comforted itself in silence.


“Won’t it be alright to let me borrow your spirit soul to use?” Gu Yunjue opened his mouth just to say this sentence.


“Eh!?” Black Egg was so scared that his gold feathers stood up straight. It had the ability to refine its sinful soul full of blood into a pure spirit soul force. Gu Yunjue’s so-called asking to borrow a bit was simply meaning to pump out his soul. Black Egg was so scared that it turned its head wanting to run away. Whenever this person looked for it, it was never for something good. It wasn’t the first time that it’s spirit soul was drawn out. Each time was to strengthen Mu Chen’s soul power or else how could Mu Chen suppress the fire poison in 3 days without his cultivation from falling at all.


Black Egg could only be bitter as it refined its spirit soul. It kept half for itself and handed over the other half. Each time he thought of it, it felt like it was like taking away its flesh and was distressed.



“Tch.” Gu Yunjue impatiently pounded the other’s mouth, slapping it into the empty air and sent Black Egg onto the table, unable to move a single step.


Gu Yunjue raised his mouth into a smile and reached out into the air and grabbed Black Egg’s spirit soul departing from its body. Only when he saw a pure white misty sphere appear in the palm of his hand did he feel relieved. Seeing Black Egg’s appear like it had nothing left to live for, Gu Yunjue patted it’s head feathers and comforted it, “In a while, I’ll have someone snatch a few evil souls for you to repair the damage.”


Black Egg was still lying at the same spot, already not wanting to move anymore. In any case, even if he ate it, he would still have to spit it out. Crows were born with the similar dark feathers as his and it can’t be any better.


Gu Yunjue guided this spirit force and poured it into the depths of Mu Chen’s spirit terrace. Like a starving person in a dark place without light suddenly finding nourishment, after the spirit terrace was warmed by this spirit force, its spirit was more vigorous in an instant. Seeing a rosy color returning to Mu Chen’s face, Gu Yunjue squinted his eyes a bit, vowing to himself that he must resolve the danger in Mu Chen’s body before the next flare up of the fire poison.


He had no idea on two of the herbs for the medicine, but he did know about the 5-Colored Flower. This flower grew in the devil realm and wasn’t particularly hard to find but for people from the immortal realm to say, that place has a qi miasma that corrodes character so they aren’t able to approach at all. Gu Yunjue looked at Mu Chen’s sleeping face and suddenly recalled Mu Chen once rushed into the devil world in order to search for his cure. He now assumed that it must have been for the 5-Colored Flower.


After he called Guan Shan to come, Gu Yunjue commanded “Send some people to the devil realm . I need 3 stalks of the 5-Colored Flower.


Guan Shan frowned and worriedly asked, “Young Master. If we return to the devil realm, will we be beating the grass to scare the snake?

TL Note: to beat the grass to scare the snake = to inadvertently alert an enemy or to punish somebody as a warning to others


Gu Yunjue let out a light laugh and warmly looked at Mu Chen’s face. In his eyes, outside of this individual, there wasn’t any room for others. As if he was scared of waking the person in his arms, he spoke in a warm but composed tone, “If someone were to obstruct my path, I wouldn’t mind killing my senior brothers or murdering my father.”


Guan Shan’s heart first shivered and he bowed his head and hurriedly moved back down. From start to finish, he didn’t dare look at Mu Chen at all.



After Mu Chen woke up, he felt that his entire spirit energy was abundant, his spirit energy working all fine, his state even better than how it was before the fire poison flare up. He felt astonished to his body’s changes but he felt that the of the bed wasn’t quite right flat……


Gu Yunjue was sitting on the bed, one hand propping up his chin, and watched him with a smile on his face. His face was handsome but with a childish charm, so handsome that it dazzled people’s eyes. What Mu Chen cared about wasn’t that his disciple became more good-looking the older he got, but rather that the bed was inclined and that the dividing wall in Gu Yunjue’s room was gone!


The structure of his and Gu Yunjue’s room were similar. The first floor was to receive guests, the second floor a bedroom, and the third floor a study room. Now, the second floor was completely open and two bedrooms were connected together, the beds right next to each other with a layer of woven cotton yarn between them.


Mu Chen was stunned and just stared blankly on the bed, what’s going on?


Gu Yunjue continued sitting on the bed, spread his fingers and, with an innocent face, said, “In order to take close care of master, disciple could only think of this method.”


“Is that why you took down the wall?” Mu Chen’s face was cold, clearly very dissatisfied with this explanation. To his awareness, he simply didn’t need to be taken care of by his disciple. Wasn’t it always him taking caring of Gu Yunjue these years? Or else, how could this person be able to grow this big? Big enough to have the courage to tear down the wall when he’s asleep. It’s simply preposterous!


Gu Yunjue stood up, opened the curtains and raised his legs, heading towards Mu Chen’s bed. His face had a constant smile but more worry was appearing. “Master, if something happens to you when I don’t know about it, how should I repent to make up for my mistakes.”


Mu Chen knitted his brows, wanting to say that it simply wasn’t the other’s mistake. Unfortunately, Gu Yunjue simply didn’t give him the opportunity to speak as he sat at the bedside and embraced Mu Chen’s waist and continued saying, “If master passes away, disciple’s reason to live will also go away. Does master have the heart to do that?”


“You……” Mu Chen was speechless, seeing the young man Gu Yunjue. He didn’t know what to say. Maybe it’s because he spoiled his disciple too much that the other is still this fondly attached to him. His disciple was almost 16 and will soon have his coming of age ceremony but would still hug him while acting like a spoiled child…… Mu Chen rubbed the head that was at his waist and helplessly let out a sigh. Could it truly be that the way he educated him was wrong and that this child was crippled into this? If he really gets into an accident, how could he continue to make this child live?


“Forget about it, I’ll be depending on you then.” Mu Chen was somewhat powerless, he felt that it might be his raising method that led to this problem.


Seeing Jing Ming carrying a small picture book as he passed by the window, Mu Chen suddenly had a bright idea and called for Guan Shan to come.


That same day, Guan Shan went down the mountain, took a trip to the secular group and bought a large box of books for teaching children, no less than a catty’s worth. There were all sorts, whatever you thought of, there was. Mu Chen sat within the bamboo forest, reading each book earnestly. He couldn’t understand what he did and planned to make time to go ask Liu Hanzhi who was raised by Chu Qianshuang. The other had such a temperament but was still able to raise little six into what he is but how could he not be able to do it?

TL note: 1 catty = 500 g


The book said that at 16 years old was a period of transition from a child into a young man and a special stage in the growth and development of humans. Mu Chen looked up at Gu Yunjue who was tuning a qin on the bed and furrowed his eyebrows. It really was special. This child recently fond of ink calligraphy like those scholars. Why is he now fond of playing a qin?

TL note: qin is probably a guqin which is a plucked 7-string instrument from the zither family.


The book also said that this period was special since there will be a series of large physiological and psychological changes and contradictions and questions will arise. If they can’t find what’s right, timely aid, or a resolution, it will affect how that person will develop from then after, even influencing his entire life.


Mu Chen was a bit worried, it could affect his entire life ah. He couldn’t say for sure that if he weren’t careful, this child could become warped again. How could this be good?


Reading even further down, Mu Chen became more fearful. 15-16 year old boys desire to touch the opposite sex, longing for love or maybe… sex?


Was he learning literature and calligraphy to attract the favor of a girl?!


Gu Yunjue felt Mu Chen’s expression constantly changing as the man constantly observed him. The corners of his mouth raised into a delighted smile, his figure quickly moved to Mu Chen’s side and he curiously asked, “Master, what are you looking at?”


Mu Chen’s face became cold, closed the book, and said in a flat tone, “Nothing.”


Gu Yunjue lightly laughed and pulled the other’s sleeve. “En? Didn’t master hide it?


Mu Chen frowned, his disciple has already grown up but still likes to stick to him. Which person would tug on his master’s sleeve as easily as his disciple?


“If master won’t say then disciple won’t ask anymore.” Gu Yunjue stood at Mu Chen’s side, raised his hands to tidy his hair, and proposed, “Master, do you want to go on a walk with disciple?”


Mu Chen still had a cold face, seeming to not have any interest in going out for a walk.


Gu Yunjue continued saying “I heart that in the Qiyang City Auction there will be a nine-tailed fox for auction today. It has snow white fur and is clever and quick-witted. How about we go take a look at it?”


Mu Chen raised his eyebrows, seeming as if he’s somewhat interested.


Gu Yunjue pressed down his smile, pulled at Mu Chen’s hand and lightly coaxed, “Disciple wants it. Is it ok for master to buy it for me?”


Mu Chen stood up, tidied up the front of his clothes, and led the way out, his steps quite quick.


Gu Yunjue raised the corners of his mouth, and laughed and shook his head as he watched Mu Chen’s back. Just as he was about to catch up with him, he saw summoning talisman appear in front of Mu Chen. After it ignited into flames, words appeared in the empty sky: Quickly come to the Sinking Immortal Tavern. End of message.


Gu Yunjue watched Mu Chen’s originally cold expression unexpectedly reveal a happy expression and he covered the coldness within his own eyes. He quickly walked two steps and tugged Mu Chen hand, seizing the opportunity to pounce over and embrace Mu Chen’s waist, and happily asked, “Master, who are you going to see?”


Mu Chen grabbed the arm wrapped around his waist, pulled at it and unexpectedly didn’t pull it off. He glanced at Gu Yunjue with surprise. In childhood the boy hugged his leg and now all grown up, he hugs his waist. He didn’t know how he would be in the future. His disciple seemed to be very skilled at acting like a spoiled child, the type that once he has stuck himself, he couldn’t be torn away.


Gu Yunjue rested his head on the back of Mu Chen’s shoulders and let out a soft laugh, his warm breath casting itself on Mu Chen’s sensitive neck. Mu Chen leaned his head slightly to the side, pushed his disciple’s head back and reprimanded with a cold face, “Don’t make trouble.”


Gu Yunjue didn’t stop but continued moving while pulling Mu Chen hand. After being shaken off by Mu Chen several times, he still didn’t care. Mu Chen was helpless. Although he knew that his disciple acting spoiled was to him was not good, he couldn’t help but to be soft to him and could only leave him be.


He didn’t have any experience in raising children and he has raised a good child into a clingy one. As Mu Chen recalled the fact, he heaved a sigh. Just where did he go wrong?


Qiyang City at the base of Lofty Cloud Sect, Sinking Immortal Tavern.


Right at noon, Sinking Immortal Tavern was full of guests. Most traveling cultivators choose to stay here, eat and drink while conveniently asking about information be it genuine or fake, in the end it’s all rumors, something everyone likes to talk about leisurely.


A man in black clothes was talking with his companion, “I heard that the one behind Gazing Chen Pavilion is a beautiful young lady, beautiful enough to cause the downfall of a city. But, very few people have seen her. She really is mysterious.”


“If a women doesn’t have the support of the great powers, I’m afraid that they won’t have their current accomplishments. All business will dare dip onto the good and bad paths to get their own three points. But if no one gave their support…” His companion let out a vulgar laugh, leaned close to the other and said in low voice, “Maybe it’s that old devil’s mistress… Oh!”


“Shut up!” The person in black grabbed a chicken leg and forcefully stuffed into his companion’s mouth, making the other suffocate and have a very red complexion. He nervously looked around him a bit, finding that no one was paying attention to them, he loosened his tone and unhappily said, “You’re courting death ah! Don’t you know about the Gazing Chen Pavilion’s business in buying selling dead people!” This so called buying and selling of the dead was precisely using money to buy a life only that the killed individuals all have evil reputations and the prestigious upright sects also doesn’t care. However, since it involves human life, there will inevitably be some bloody demonic qi, making people afraid of the consequences.


The black uniformed young man held a wine cup in his hand. As he listened to the two’s discussion, a playful light flashed through his eyes. In his elegant voice, he softly repeated their words to himself, “Gazing Chen Pavilion?” He drank the entire cup of wine in one gulp, suddenly exposing a smile on his handsome and bright face. “Isn’t that Mu Chen’s admirer? Gazing Chen? Tsk.”

TL Note: The Chen in the name of the place is the Chen in Mu Chen’s name. It’s a name filled with admiration and expectation toward Mu Chen… and a pain to translate into english

SnowTime: Kadence had this translated last month and I completely forgot about it >_>;; Sorry!

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