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Chapter 33: Killer Appearing

“Aah!” Frank’s ugly face twisted in pain, his triangular eyes bulging. He spread his two arms out and, in spite of everything, firmly drew the witch into his embrace. If this was seen by some unknowing stranger, they would definitely think this was a pair of ugly sweethearts.

“A good chance!” Qin Lun’s eyebrows rose.

Seeing the hunchbacked servant receive a fatal wound, his first reaction wasn’t anger or sorrow, but joy at the unexpected surprise. The witch’s physical strength was far greater than an ordinary person’s, but compared to Frank, her superiority wasn’t as obvious.After alll, she didn’t rely on her strength to get by.

The incomparably sharp sword in her hands was now restricted by the hunchbacked servant’s body. It was truly a good opportunity to kill her. Just like during the fight against the gargoyle, the hunchbacked servant’s selfless bravery had once again earned Qin Lun a chance for a comeback.

Qin Lun’s eyes opened wide. Crime danced in his right hand, switching from a reverse grip into a standard grip. The doctor lowered his body and used Frank’s big body as a screen to quietly appear on the witch’s right.

“Psh!” The dagger, Crime, rose from below and stabbed into the witch from under her arm. The entire blade impaled itself into her right chest. What astonished Qin Lun was that the witch’s stone hard body, when faced with Crime, was cut more effortlessly than cutting cheese. It basically required no effort.

“Reminder: Life Taker – Crime, Alignment: Chaotic Evil, has pierced the witch’s heart core. Contact with similarly aligned power has aroused the artifact to automatically absorb the energy. Beginning to drain the creature’s life and soul power.”

“Warning: Should the creature’s rank surpass the artifact’s soul quality, energy draining will encounter resistance. Beginning to forcefully take control, Apostle, please quickly weaken the creature to ensure the artifact’s success. “

“Eeeeek!” Feeling her power flow like a tide towards the object piercing her heart core, the witch became scared out of her wits. She issued a resounding screech. Her two arms struggled and finally threw off the hunchbacked servant’s embrace.

Only, the longsword in her hand was unable to be freed from Frank’s hunched back. It seemed to be firmly lodged between his bones. The witch was both frightened and furious. A blood red light flashed on the outside of her body, directly sending the hunchbacked servant flying.

“Snap!” The longsword broke in half, a majority of it still in Frank’s body. There was still about 10cm attached to the hilt. From a longsword, it was transformed into a somewhat strange dagger.

The witch turned around and waved the sword. At the same time, her long hair rose and, like countless sharp needles, stabbed towards Qin Lun. It was just like when she had first heavily injured Otto.

Qin Lun narrowed his eyes, a disdainful smile on his lips. He faintly sucked in his stomach and avoided the thrust of the “dagger”, acting as if he hadn’t seen the countless needles of hair. At the same time, he exerted more strength to his hands and twisted Crime.

“Psh!” Dark green blood sprayed out from the wound between the witch’s right ribs, covering Qin Lun’s head and face.

As was soon proved, Qin Lun’s judgement was correct. The witch frantically used many methods, but none of them had any effect on him.

That blood red light could send Frank flying, but was ineffective against Qin Lun. The moment the needle like long hair touched the layer of white light around his body, it softly drooped down.

“Clank!” As the dagger-like longsword brushed past his chest, the sound of colliding metal attracted his attention. From the corner of his eye, he saw a yellow, flat-shaped object fall out of the pocket of his worn out jacket. It fell to the ground and shattered.

“Eh, this is…” Qin Lun only glanced at it, but suddenly couldn’t help but turn his head to look again. All his attention seemed to be drawn to the shattered object, as if he had just seen the world’s most inconceivable thing, the most wondrous thing. He even forgot about the witch beside him.

“…Frank really doesn’t have any money to prepare a coffin for you!”

In the deathly still forest cemetery, in ragged clothes, a seriously ill man with a stooped back shivered from the cold evening wind. One shovel at a time, he dug a grave for his young master.

“Young master’s pocket watch… was pawned off by me.”

The guilty and ugly servant secretly glanced towards his master’s gravestone as he spoke, ashamed.

“Using the money you gave me, I went to redeem this…”

The hunchbacked servant passed a somewhat old-fashioned brass pocket watch to his master.

“Master, run away!”

Even as he was beginning to doubt, he still, for that last bit of chance, bet his own life?

Qin Lun lowered his head, his bangs covered his forehead. From inside his body, a dry heat seemed to slowly rise up.

The enemy strangely stopped, making the witch overjoyed. She struggled to flip over her body and stab her dagger into the right side of the exorcist’s chest. The youth was on her right, so her dagger was unable to directly stab into his heart on the left. The left lung was her best target.

Qin Lun’s body faintly trembled, as if awoken by the pain. His body suddenly exploded with an ice cold, savage, and frightening aura.

“Die!” An inexplicable fear covered the witch’s heart. She raised her arm and suddenly grabbed towards the exorcist’s face.

Qin Lun loosened his grip on Crime, leaving the dagger in the witch’s chest. He raised his right palm and blocked the witch’s claws.

“Psh!” The witch’s sharp fingernails penetrated Qin Lun’s palm, entering from the front and exiting through the back, like a knife cutting through steak. Blood dripped down the ends of her nails.

“You’ve given me a brand new experience!”

Qin Lun suddenly grabbed with his pierced hand, firmly detaining the witch’s claw. He slowly raised his head and suddenly pulled her to his front. The two of them were chest to chest, face to face. His homicidal, red pupils emitted an ice cold, cruel glint. He unwaveringly stared into the witch’s dark green eyes.

“But I don’t like this sort of feeling!” The killer opened his mouth and exposed his shiny white teeth. With a ‘chomp’ sound, he bit onto the witch’s aquiline nose, crazily gnawing on it.

“Eeeeeek~” The witch shrieked miserably. The red pupils seemed to emit an endless insanity and nightmare. Accompanied by the chewing sound, they seemed to be ridiculing and observing her expression.

The witch couldn’t help but tremble. She couldn’t suppress the fear that came from deep in her heart. As if sensing the witch weakening, the dagger, stabbing into the right side of her chest, began to strengthen its draining. In but a moment, her body felt completely numb, leaving her unable to budge.

“Psh!” Qin Lun pulled out the witch’s claw from his right palm. He clenched his fist and fiercely beat down on the witch’s right underarm. His fist hit like it wanted to knock the witch’s arm off. Only when her arm hung limp did his fist stop.

“Ptui, your flesh stinks.” Qin Lun spat out some dregs and gracefully took out a handkerchief to wipe the corners of his mouth.

Qin Lun pressed the handkerchief down on the wound by the broken sword hilt, then expressionlessly pulled it out an inch at a time. He watched as the handkerchief was quickly died red with blood. His right hand turned over, holding the broken sword in reverse grip, he suddenly stabbed the witch’s thigh…

“This is the first time I feel like medical knowledge is useful instead of just for passing time.” The witch twitched but was paralyzed and unable to move. Qin Lun’s lips formed a sinister smile, and the blood color in his eyes was slowly restrained.

“Reminder: After lowering the creature’s willpower and strength, it has fallen below the resistance limit. Crime has obtained the right to devour. To completely devour the target’s life force and soul, 12 minutes and 36 seconds is still required.”

“Enjoy it while you can, I’ll come back later to continue this game.” Qin Lun showed a gentle smile, then lightly caressed the witch’s ugly, dried up face as if gazing at a lover.

Turning around, Qin Lun withdrew his smile. His gaze flickered past the fragments of the brass pocket watch. Step by step, he walked over to the dying hunchbacked servant.

“Frank, Frank!” Qin Lun sat on the ground and gently helped the hunchbacked servant up, letting Frank lean on him.

“Young master Wellington…” The hunchbacked servant’s face was pale. He slowly opened his triangular eyes and looked at Qin Lun with happiness in his eyes.

After a moment of silence, Qin Lun said, “You should already know, I’m not Wel…”

“No, you are. You are! It’s just that young master became brave, so Old Frank couldn’t recognize you! Cough cough!” The hunchbacked servant suddenly interrupted Qin Lun and stubbornly retorted, only, his eyes were beginning to lose their light.

“Frank is right. From now on, I’m your young master Wellington Stein.” Qin Lun smiled and said, “We still need to revive the Stein family together. I remember that you still don’t have a family name right, Frank? From now on, you can use the Stein family name. You’ll be called Frank Stein!”

“Frank Stein? Frank likes this name. Ugh!” Blood spilled out of the hunchbacked servant’s mouth. “But Frank is tired and can’t accompany young master anymore.”

“Haha, I won’t let you die. Without this young master’s permission, you have to support me no matter how tired you are.” A cold light flashed in Qin Lun’s eyes. From his chest, he took out a thumb sized bottle and poured the final drop of “World Tree’s Flower Nectar” into the hunchbacked servant’s mouth.

“Young master, you’re too wasteful. This time, you can’t save Frank.” He looked at the broken sword in his chest and a smile appeared on his ugly face.

He had been stabbed straight through by the knight’s longsword and felt that even his heart had been damaged. To be able to last until now was already considered a miracle. His body was already completely incurable.

“I’ll definitely bring you back to life. Just give young master some time!” Qin Lun’s eyes flashed. He took out the splintered pieces of the brass watch from his chest and stuffed them into Frank’s big hands. “Take care of this young master’s family heirloom. You have to hold on until I’m back, then return it to me.”

“Young master. This…” The World Tree’s flower nectar slowly took effect. The hunchbacked servant felt much better, but Qin Lun knew that it was only a stop-gap measure. At most, it could only delay the time of Frank’s death. Nothing had changed.

Qin Lun layed Frank’s body down, then got up and once more walked to the witch.

“I’m back, my darling! Sir Joey wants to thank you. If not for you, how could that guy be so generous as to let me out twice! As repayment, Sir Joey will show you why others call me ‘The Dissector’!”

Having once again obtained freedom, Joey’s eyes were bright as he excitedly licked his lips. He leaned over and grabbed the witch’s ankle, dragging her into the woods.

“Nooooo~” The witch squirmed in fear, struggling with all her might. However, after being drained by Crime, she was already on her dying breath. Add the paralysis of her four limbs on top of that, she was basically unable to resist Joey.

From the forest came the sound of Joey’s cheerful whistling.

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