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Volume 2 – Chapter 32: Fight to the Death

“Boom!” In the gorgeous flames, Qin Lun only felt his body enveloped by a gentle white light.

Although there was only a thin layer surrounding him, it was like the red-hot flames had met their natural enemy, dividing into two and blowing past him like a gentle breeze. It didn’t do any harm to him.

“Magic Immunity?!” Seeing the exorcist dive out of the flames with not a singed haired, the Maize witch’s face twisted, and she shrieked gravely.

“This is… an exorcist’s guardian power!” Tony looked at the layer of white light, his eyes brightening. He rolled off of the ground and once again threw himself at the witch.

For the first time, the witch’s eyes showed a hint of panic. Exorcists with magic immunity were very rare. They had average bodies, but after they take the Exorcist’s Oath and are assigned a guardian power, they gain an immunity to magic.

If the magic condensed from an “undead’s power” cannot surpass the anti-evil guard, the exorcist will not be affected. With this sort of exorcist, the best method would be to use the claws and swords of evil creatures instead of their magic.

“So it turns out you gained magic immunity!” Tony was overjoyed. He finally knew why the doctor’s body showed no change after signing the Exorcist’s Oath.

“Humph!” Annoyance showed in the witch’s eyes as she realized that she was once again caught in a crisis. Fortunately, the restriction of the gravity spell was almost over, so she still had the chance to escape.

Thinking of that, the witch suddenly bounced up, jumping out of Tony and Qin Lun’s pincer attack. Just as she hit the ground, with a wave of her wand, a black light shot towards Tony, interrupting the blond, young man’s assault, repeating the chase from earlier. Only this time, she had to carefully maintain a three-sided relationship with two other people and was no longer able to leap where she pleased.

When the witch was preparing to leap out of the two’s pincer attack for the fourth time, she suddenly felt something tighten around her ankle. Just as she rose into the air, she was pulled back to the ground. Looking at the two exorcists who were rushing over, she was immediately frightened and looked down.

She saw that under her foot was a bloody figure, who was grabbing firmly to her ankle. The figure raised its head. Its eyes that had already become two bloody holes stared at her, then its lips parted, and it noiselessly laughed.

“No!” The witch screamed in alarm. She finally noticed that while dealing with the two exorcists, she had unwittingly been lured to the side of that dying exorcist.

The Maize Witch raised her wand and ruthlessly stabbed towards the bloody holes on Otto’s face.

“Psh!” Otto’s eyes, that had already become bloody holes, released a spurt of blood. The solid as iron, wand was like a knife, stabbing into the exorcist’s head.

Otto’s entire body went stiff. His head hung down, dying without a word. Only his two hands refused to let go. Instead, his grip became twenty percent tighter, like two iron hoops, digging deeply into the witch’s ankle.

“Die!” Tony clenched his jaw, blood flowing from the corner of his mouth. A thunderous boom exploded from his place.

The blond young man’s figure once again transformed into a furious tornado, swirling up countless dead leaves as it moved towards the witch.

The witch’s pupils quickly enlarged. She hurried to raise her wand, wanting to use magic to drive away the exorcist swordsman.

“Clang!” A silver flash arrived first, accurately striking the wand.

“Ugh!” The witch only felt a shock in her hand as the wand was directly snapped by the silver flash. The head of the wand followed the silver sword and flew into the sky. The magic she had barely prepared was ended prematurely, causing her to suffer the backlash in the form of a burst of dizziness.

When the witch recovered, a young face brimming with hatred was already in front of her.

“Aaaaah!” While the witch screamed, the silver longsword pierced through her body, cutting a scar into the mud behind her.

After Tony had launched his sword to intercept the wand, he finally grasped the fleeting chance to stab his other longsword into the right side of the witch’s chest.

“A bit more!” A light flashed through Tony’s eyes.

The sword skill he used was called ‘Flash Thrust‘. Its speed was as fast as lightning and was a type of move that could be done from a long distance. The skill’s only weakness was that its accuracy was too lacking. This strike hadn’t hit the witch’s nut sized heart core.

The blond young man ground his teeth. His free left hand pushed on the hilt in his right. He applied strength with both hands, pushing towards the left, wanting to cut through the heart core in the witch’s chest.

Three hundred years after the end of the war, the witch finally sensed the shadow of death once more. Deep in her heart, a familiar, yet strange feeling made the Maize Witch completely calm down.

She didn’t try to block Tony’s coup-de-grace. As a witch, competing in strength with an exorcist swordsman was very stupid. She only opened her mouth in a nasty grin and spat out a pitch black, ink-like liquid. It covered the hair and face of the blond, young man, who was very close to her.

“Aaaah!” Tony only had time to tilt his head before the black liquid covered half his face. The young man let out a painful howl. The black liquid covering half his face began to evaporate into white smoke, revealing countless blisters, like boiled butter.

“Kyakaka!” The witch raised a foot and sent Tony, who couldn’t help but cover his face with both hands, flying. This incidentally knocked over the rushing Qin Lun.

Tony covered his face and fell to the ground, motionless.

Tony was the Albert family’s heir. Even though he had become an exorcist very early on and was not lacking in courage, he always had other exorcists to act as his shield up until now. With his own agility on top of that, he had never received such a serious injury before, causing him to unexpectedly pass out from the pain.

“Aaah!” Just as Tony received the serious injury, the other battle had also determined its victor. Will had lost too much blood and his stamina could no longer hold on. Just one mistake and he was cut by the human-faced mantis.

The shiny, satin-like black scythe cut down from Will’s left collar-bone, through his chest, nearly cutting the young man’s body into two.

Seeing the annoying little fly finally get cut down, the human-shaped mantis wore a proud expression on its human face. It raised its other scythe and stabbed into the young man’s stomach and raised him up high, as if showing off its prey.

Will’s two hands hung by his body. His face was white as a sheet, his pupils rapidly dilated, and his lips faintly trembled; his life was on the verge of being snuffed out.

In only an instant, a blush suddenly appeared on the youth’s face, as if he had been aroused from his slumber. His eyes opened wide and his hand shook, throwing out the only weapon he carried.

“Father! Little Will won’t let you be ashamed!”

“Psh!” The saber in the youth’s hand turned into a wheel of light, abruptly slashing into the mantis’ face.

“Aaaah!” The human-faced mantis screamed. Normally, it could have used its scythe to deflect this sort of attack, but both scythes were currently stabbed into its prey. It actually let the dying Will get a strike in.

The human-faced mantis violently waved its scythe. Will’s body was completely torn through. The top and bottom divided into two parts and were thrown into an underbrush. The human-faced mantis, with a saber embedded in its face, madly roared and charged into the forest, getting further and further away.

Will calmly lied in the corner of the underbrush. His two eyes had already lost their light, like dark glass marbles staring at the sky. On his face was an innocent and serene smile.

The Maize witch cast aside the remaining half of her wand. Her two hands gripped the longsword in her chest and slowly pulled it out.

“Tssss~~” Tony’s silver longsword had an additional evil-slaying effect. As it was drawn out, dark green blood could no longer be contained and rushed out, making the Maize witch’s mind grow dizzy and eyes blurry. She felt a burst of weakness set upon her.

“You’ve actually inflicted such an injury upon the respected witch, Mesa. I’m afraid the dormancy that has lasted over a hundred years can no longer continue!” The Maize Witch, who called herself Mesa, said hatefully. Her eyes swept through the area and very quickly noticed the nearby Qin Lun.

“You can die too!” The witch raised the longsword and dashed at Qin Lun.

In the earlier battle, she had already noticed that, though this exorcist had magic immunity, his body was merely at the level of a commoner’s. Even if she didn’t use magic, with her body as hard as wood and stone, as well as her superhuman strength, she had the confidence to kill Qin Lun.

Qin Lun stared at the witch with a gloomy expression. His right hand turned over, and the dagger, Crime, appeared in his palm.

During this time, he had already obtained quite a bit of data on the witch’s body. He could just barely establish a battle model, but without Tony’s help, he had no hope of victory.

“Clang!” Sparks appeared between the black dagger and silver longsword. Qin Lun couldn’t help but stagger under the tremendous force.

“Target’s strength deviated greatly from predictions, the following prediction has lost approximately 80% of its effectiveness. Battle Mode interrupted. Ending auto-hypnosis!”

In just one exchange, Qin Lun had discovered that he had underestimated the witch’s strength. His vacant pupils refocused once more. Facing the longsword right under his nose, he could only desperately roll backwards to avoid the witch’s follow-up attack. If not for the witch being unfamiliar with swordsmanship, he would have already been injured by the sword.

The witch knocked Qin Lun over with a strike and began to cry out excitedly. She waved the longsword around like a stick, chasing after him. She had been chased by Tony for half the day and was feeling thoroughly gloomy, but now that she directed her vengeance at the other exorcist, her heart felt great.

As the two of them struggled in a melee, a large figure suddenly appeared beside the witch, crashing into her.

“Young Master, run away!” Unexpectedly, Frank had approached the two and appeared between them, blocking in front of the witch.

“You want to die!?” The witch was careless and had been knocked unstable by the clearly ordinary, hunchbacked servant. She was immediately enraged. Raising the longsword, she ferociously stabbed it into Frank’s chest.

“Run… Hurry, run!” Frank seemed to have purposely let the witch stab him. His two big and rough hands firmly grabbed the sword in his chest. He turned his head and showed Qin Lun his ugly smile.

The witch sneered. She twisted the longsword, and Frank’s fingers were instantly cut off by the sharp blade.

However, the witch clearly didn’t want to let the hunchbacked servant, who had interrupted her revenge, go just like that. She forced the sword’s hilt forwards, stabbing over half the longsword into Frank’s body.

“Psh!” A sharp point penetrated out from Frank’s tall, hunched back, slowly dripping with blood.

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