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Volume 2 – Chapter 31: Fighting Mode

Though Qin Lun was slapped flying by the Grand Devil, he had already managed to grab a chunk of the small intestine slipping out of its abdomen. Along with the doctor’s frantic escape, the Grand Devil’s intestines were all pulled out through its wound. All its internal organs slid out of its body.

Grand Devils were a type of bizarre evil creature. Their body’s recovery ability was formidable. But faced with a wound like this, death was only a matter of time.

“Augh!” The Grand Devil painfully roared to the sky. Its two arms grabbed the intestines on the ground and actually tried to pull it back from Qin Lun.

Qin Lun, having awoken from the autohypnotic state, sneered. He gave the big black bear behind it another command. The bear ferociously bit down on the Grand Devil’s neck, greedily drinking the Grand Devil’s blood.

“Augh!” The Grand Devil felt the shadow of death envelop its body and couldn’t help but unleash its violent nature. Without caring for its escaped organs, it turned around and grabbed the bear’s claws with its two large fists, then suddenly ripped them apart.

“Awoo!” This time, the one howling in pain was the black bear. One of its arms was torn off from the shoulder. The other was dislocated. It was instantly dealt serious damage by the Grand Devil.

However, the black bear, Ben, as a summoned creature, had no fear of death. Instead, the pain aroused its bestial instincts. It once again ferociously bit down on the Grand Devil’s neck. The two huge creatures rolled on the ground together, then very quickly became still, dying together.

“Apostle No. 70053. Your summon has died; its soul will return to the summoning space. Current remaining energy is 35 points. Soul power crystals or shattered crystals can be consumed to revive it. Cooldown time until next summon is 3 days.”

The light in Qin Lun’s eyes flickered. This fighting method was viable!

Since long ago, Qin Lun’s safety had always been dependent on Joey. However, the two completely different personalities did not share control over the body. It was more like a system based on shares.

Qin Lun had occupied the majority of the shares until now, with Joey having much less. In his last few years at the Hebei Supermax Prison, due to the prison putting him in solitary confinement, Qin Lun’s life hadn’t been in any danger, so Joey’s appearances had become more and more infrequent.

However, after Qin Lun entered Shattered Starry Sky, he discovered that Joey began to become more active and appeared more easily. At certain times, he even began to fight over the body.

Qin Lun sensed a deep crisis. He and Joey shared a symbiotic relationship. Even though, when Joey appeared, he could still perceive the outside world, if he completely handed the body over to Joey, he didn’t know if he would still exist or not.

He couldn’t leave all the battles to Joey! After entering Shattered Starry Sky, Qin Lun quickly came to this realization.

Qin Lun didn’t have Joey’s ice-cold, ruthless savagery, but he was more rational; he had a better understanding of how to use this body’s intelligence and knowledge. He exploited the, originally, computer-like Death Notice and created a type of battle mode.

After the Death Notice became a special form of equipment, though it didn’t have the same functions as a computer, it still retained some of a computer’s special properties. All the data the Death Notice had on his body’s capabilities gave Qin Lun a burst of inspiration.

Through various tests, data was recorded down on various attributes of his body. After that, data on the outside world was analyzed, such as: wind force, topography, enemy strength, speed, flexibility, etc. All of it was inputted into the Death Notice, forming a database.

Qin Lun used this data as a foundation to establish the Death Notice’s battle mode.

The battle mode was roughly divided into three stages. The first stage was battle prediction. Qin Lun would, by observing the battlefield, predict what actions an enemy would take in certain circumstances.

Once successful, battle mode would automatically enter the second stage: battle calculation. Battle calculation used the data library as a source to form an optimal battle plan. After forming a plan, battle mode enters its final phase and begins to direct his body to automatically fight.

This battle mode didn’t really use anything unprecedented; many intelligent robots would operate according to this sort of theory. But, to replicate this battle method with a human body required three conditions that a normal human could never attain.

The first condition was digitalization. Qin Lun combined the Death Notice with the human brain to create a perfect combination, a data operational mode with a rather large margin of error that relies on judgments formed from personal observations.

The second condition was a master level psychological analysis. Predicting an enemy’s actions was very dependent on psychological analysis. If there was an error in prediction, battle mode would be unable to proceed.

The third condition was autohypnosis, in order to not be affected by any state of mind, trauma or pain.

If one had special digitization equipment and were an expert in psychology, then the first two conditions would not be difficult to satisfy, but to guarantee that the hypnotic state would not be affected by any outside influence was something that even an expert would be unable to accomplish.

There were only two types of people who would not be affected by outside influences while under self-hypnosis. One was someone incomparably dedicated to a goal, a genius who would abandon anything else. The other was a madman who always suffers from hallucinations.

While Qin Lun couldn’t be considered a matchless genius, he was a madman who had experienced countless ridiculous hallucinations, satisfying the condition!

Of course, Qin Lun’s battle mode had enormous restrictions. Before the battle, he needed to use a large amount of time to observe the enemy. Each battle mode could only deal with one enemy. Also, his predictions had to be very accurate; if not, the autohypnosis would be immediately broken, and he would be unable to enter the next stage.

It could be said that Qin Lun’s ability to kill two evil creatures in a row had a lot to do with their intelligence. If replaced with highly intelligent creatures, it would be much more difficult to predict the enemy’s actions in the middle of a complicated battle. Even if the prediction was successful, once his body suffered a certain degree of damage, battle mode would be rendered useless, no better than chicken ribs.

Whatever the case, Qin Lun now possessed a way to fight without relying on Joey. Looking at the two huge corpses, he threw away the oily Grand Devil’s intestines, a trace of a smile on his face.

Soon, the battle began to reverse, and Tony’s mood became much more relaxed. Qin Lun’s performance was beyond expectation. After Qin Lun’s first kill against the eagleman, the second kill against the Grand Devil didn’t leave him stunned.

The Grand Devil was already heavily injured in its battle against the werewolf. Moreover, its body was not nimble enough. Any other exorcist, with the help of the black bear, Ben,, could have gotten rid of it. It was equivalent to an exorcist using the werewolf and the black bear to exchange for a kill.

As for the Maize Witch, who had lost two evil creatures in a row, she was no longer distracted. She merely increased the importance of Qin Lun by a level, no longer treating him as the exorcists’ burden.

Compared to their calm reaction, there was someone there who was staring with eyes wide open, not daring to believe the scene he saw.

“That is… young master Wellington?!”

Looking at Qin Lun, who was currently charging towards the witch, the hunch-backed servant was unable to suppress the tremendously strange feeling in his heart. Frank had felt this feeling before one night at the Albert Castle, The night young master Wellington used a dagger to impale his shoulder and kill the gargoyle.

The hunch-backed servant was bad at interacting with people, but he had grown up together with Wellington Stein. He was all too familiar with his little master. Wellington Stein definitely did not have this courage nor decisiveness. He was only determined to become a doctor and inherit the family business, a young man who liked to show off a bit.

Frank once felt this unfamiliarity before for a very short period of time, but it quickly vanished under Qin Lun’s meticulous care. However, that strange feeling had now expanded by many times and appeared in the hunch-backed servant’s heart, leaving him at a loss.

In the depths of the hunch-backed servant’s heart, a devilish voice whispered to him, nearly driving him mad.

“Your master is already dead. That person is definitely not your young master Wellington!”


The Maize Witch had already noticed Qin Lun approach from the corner of her eye. She couldn’t help feeling regret. The exorcist swordsman in front of her originally had quite the swordsmanship, but thanks to her dodging magic, he had consumed a tremendous amount of stamina and was already starting to be cornered by her.

If another person were to join in, the range in which she could maneuver would be reduced, and she would once again sink into a predicament.

Thinking of that, the Maize Witch felt a burst of helplessness. If not for the gravity spell that was cast on her by the exorcists, she simply would have flown into the forest to escape. Now, hopping here and there, there was not a safe spot to be found.

She had to kill one of them, otherwise, if she were caught, she had no more spare heart cores to lose! The witch’s cracked, white face faintly twitched. Her right hand turned over. On her palm appeared a little beaker with dark red inscriptions.

“His body isn’t much. Compared to that swordsman, he’s practically a commoner!”

The Maize Witch suddenly jumped, once again increasing the distance between herself and Tony. In the air, the little beaker trembled. A dark red fireball rapidly shot towards Qin Lun.

“Careful!” Tony cried out, alarmed. He really didn’t expect the witch to give up on him and use a magic item to attack Qin Lun. He knew the doctor’s physical stats very clearly. He probably wouldn’t be able to dodge the witch’s fireball in time.

“Establishing Battle Mode. Lacking information on fireball. There may be a large discrepancy compared to model… shortening hypnosis time. Unable to enter battle mode…”

“Damn it!” In his eyes, the fireball became bigger and bigger. Qin Lun helplessly raised his two arms in front of him, and his legs exerted a burst of strength, throwing himself to the side. He could only hope to reduce the wounded area by a bit.

“Boom!” The huge flame was like a monster, swallowing Qin Lun whole.

“Kyakakaka!” The witch let out a weird laugh. She knew best how mighty that fireball was. It was definitely no worse than a bomb. Unless they were one of the “Undead,” no matter how strong the enemy, they would undoubtedly die!

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