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Volume 2 – Chapter 30: Qin Lun’s Strategy

Even though Tony had managed to inflict heavy injuries on the Maize Witch with Otto’s cooperation, even managing to shatter her heart core, rather than obtaining victory, their situation became worse.

This was all because the Maize Witch unexpectedly had two heart cores and had now even managed to widen the distance between Tony and her.

With Otto near death, Tony was stuck in a tight spot dodging the witch’s magic bombardment. The other battles were also reaching a climax that would soon determine victory or defeat.

“Awhooo!” The werewolf howled as the female Grand Devil slowly regained its advantage from its former helplessness. Under the werewolf’s whirlwind-like attacks, it had finally found a chance. After the werewolf’s claw stabbed through its stomach, with its intestines hanging out, it used its large hand to grab one of the werewolf’s hind legs.

“Bang bang bang!” Due to pain and madness, the Grand Devil held the werewolf like a sack and viciously slammed it on the floor. The continuous slamming caused many bones to break within the werewolf’s body, and finally, it was thrown against a tree. It laid there like a pile of mud, smashed up and unmoving.

The battle between Will and the human-faced mantis was also nearing its end. The human-faced mantis was half human and had a fragmented human soul. Even though it didn’t need a witch’s directing and could fight independently, it was unable to distinguish what was important and thus remained hopelessly entangled with the young exorcist.

The human-faced mantis had a large build. Its two scythes could tear through iron. It could be considered to have the highest attack power among everyone here, however, its intelligence was too low, plus its nature leaned towards violence. The young exorcist had only provoked it a little, and it was already angered into a frenzy. It actually refused to give up on the youth to help the Maize Witch.

Will used his short stature and nimble steps to continuously circle around the human-faced mantis. Originally, his battle should have been the easiest, but after the eagleman joined the battle, the young exorcist was faced with danger. He was nearly killed by the human-faced mantis’ scythe many times.

The eagleman’s original target was Otto, but the moment the witch appeared, she immediately ordered it to help the human-faced mantis.

Otto and Tony wanted to quickly end the fight. The witch wanted the same.

The number of evil forces at the witch’s cabin was dominating, however, the magic creatures she had dispatched to attack the main exorcist group had lost her direction and were now being massacred by the exorcists. The witch, who had hoped to quickly conclude the battle here and return to directing the magic creatures, had received some unnecessary damage.

She possessed two heart cores, so was confident that Otto and Tony were unable to kill her in a short time. Thus, she had the eagleman help the human-faced mantis take out the weakest of the three exorcists as quickly as possible.

Will’s body was covered in wounds from the eagleman’s talons, his worn out clothing already permeated with blood. He had become like a blood gourd. Though the eagleman was unable to land a finishing blow on the young exorcist, its sharp talons still caused the young exorcist to lose a large amount of blood.

The youth only felt dizzy. He continued to avoid the human-faced mantis and eagleman’s attacks. If not for the support of his strong willpower, Will might have already wished to directly die under the mantis’ scythe. Every one of the eagleman’s dive attacks would leave another bloody gash on his body, the sharp talons digging through his flesh. Enduring was worse than death.

It was time to use that! Qin Lun could clearly see the situation on the battlefield. He closed his eyes and stood up from the underbrush.

“…3, 2, 1. Start!” Qin Lun suddenly opened his eyes, his expression blank as he dashed towards the witch.

“Young master!” Only when a familiar figure appeared before his eyes did Frank notice that his master, unbeknownst to when, had charged into the battlefield. He was immediately alarmed,  scrambling to get up off the ground and chase after his master.

Have those two insects hiding off to the side finally decided to appear? The witch revealed a look of disdain. This was her home-ground. How could she not know that two people were concealing themselves? However, she knew that these two were probably the exorcist party’s burdens, otherwise they would have already entered the fight.

“Screee!” The witch’s mouth produced a short screech. The eagleman, who was chasing after Will, faintly trembled. With a flap of its two wings, it glided through the air in a graceful arc and turned towards Qin Lun.  

“Prediction of enemy action successfully completed. Starting up battle mode. Beginning calculations…”

“Wind Force: Level 3. Speed: 9.2 m/s. Aerial attacker’s estimated distance is 13 – 14 meters…”

“Aerial attacker requires 0.5 seconds to turn. Gliding speed is 22 – 26 m/s… According to the observed statistics, aerial attacker will accelerate to 240 m/s in the final 2 meters, within sub-sonic levels…”

“Subtracting your response time of 0.23 seconds, detection time of 0.3 seconds, and impact time of 0.15 seconds… Firing plan proposal: turn after 0.5 seconds and fire when aerial attacker is within 3 meters for maximum effect.”

“Target at 12 o’clock, distance: 3 meters, margin of error: 0.02 meters, 32 degrees elevation, fire now…”

“Pew pew pew…” Qin Lun expressionlessly turned around. Unbeknownst to when, a short barreled revolver had appeared in his hand. It was the ‘Bloody Revolver’ that Lady Nova had given him.

“Recoil exceeds calculations, adjusting firing angle…”

“Forcefully adjusting angle of fire. Forearm muscles failed to suppress injuries. Ruptures in the blood vessels of index finger…”

“Bullet successfully hit the target’s chest area. Deviation from original target by 0.7cm. Continue shooting…”

“Predicting optimal path to target’s heart core. Distance: 0.8 meters. Firearm bullets exhausted. Adjusting body for evasion mode…”

From Qin Lun’s right hand, the ‘Bloody Revolver’ slipped out of his palm. His body dodged the eagleman’s attack by leaning backwards, facing the sky.

The eagleman’s sharp talons brushed past the tip of his nose. Just as his body was about to touch the ground, Qin Lun’s left hand swept out, pushing towards the ground. With a roll, he soon stood back up.

“Bam!” After the eagleman swooped past, it smashed headfirst into the open ground. It stiffly maintained its diving posture, motionless.

“First phase of battle mode: success. Leaving battle mode. No problems with physical condition. Entering second phase of prediction mode…”

After Qin Lun stood up, his face was as expressionless as before. He didn’t even glance towards the eagleman who had swooped behind him. At a quick pace, he charged towards the Grand Devil.

“How can this be?!” The Maize Witch was both startled and furious.

The location of an eagleman’s heart core was well known by exorcists, there was nothing strange about that. However, eaglemen were quick and nimble; they flew in exceptionally clever ways. Wanting to aim for their heart cores during battle, not even the godliest marksman could do it. Even with a large area scattergun like the ‘Bloody Revolver’, one had to aim within 2 – 3 meters to have a silver of a chance.

Moreover, during the final moments when an eagleman approaches an enemy, its diving speed will approach the speed of sound. To want to kill an eagleman with a gun at that distance, it was less likely than a blind cat finding a dead mouse.

The eagleman’s death startled not only the Maize Witch, but even Tony was slightly stunned. He understood Qin Lun’s body specs well; he absolutely did not possess the reaction speed to shoot an eagleman dead.

However, when Tony snapped out of it, he cursed at himself. He actually failed to take advantage of the time the witch was distracted to close the distance. By the time he recovered, the witch had already refocused her attention. The two of them once again began their chase.

Only, neither of them noticed that it was no longer only Qin Lun’s face that was expressionless, even his pupils were unfocused. He was limp like an unconscious zombie.

“Augh!” The Grand Devil with a cleaved stomach, intestines still spilling out, roared madly. Spreading its two arms, it intended to smack its big hands at Qin Lun, as if killing a fly. Originally, it was going to rush to the witch to act as a meat shield after throwing off the werewolf. As long as the Grand Devil blocked in front of the witch, the battle would be decided.

However, before it even had a chance to stuff its intestines back in, Qin Lun had already run up to it. The Grand Devil was in fact not classified as a magic lifeform. It was an evil creature with a complete soul that had formed a servant contract with the witch. They were employed by the Maize forest witches.

“Prediction of enemy action successfully completed. Beginning second phase of battle mode, beginning calculations…”

“Summon black bear, Ben. Simple command: hold the Grand Devil’s shoulders from behind, rendering it unable to move.”

“Grand Devil’s arm length: 1.8 meters. Distance from head: 5.4 meters. Arm speed: 12 m/s…”

“Distance from abdomen wound is 5.2 meters. Your arm speed is 15 m/s…”

“Your reaction time: 0.23 seconds, arm movement time: 0.34… attack plan assessment: 0.11 seconds to move forward, 0.45 seconds to move sideways and escape. Best method of attack calculated.”

“Target successfully captured. Unknown error: target has escaped Miscalculation due to target’s excessive oiliness…”

“Activating alternative battle mode, revising escape time, beginning second attack…”

“Second attack: success, target capture: success. Unable to escape Grand Devil’s attack, escape failure…”

“Unable to leave alternative battle mode. Shoulder has been attacked by the Grand Devil…”

“Shoulder bone fractured, arm functionality has declined by 60%…”

“Battle Mode: Second Phase successfully implemented, body condition is unable to enter third phase of Prediction Mode, leaving self-hypnotic state…”  

“Pfft!” Qin Lun couldn’t keep his mouth closed. His body flew, blood spurting out from his mouth and dying his chest red.

Grand Devils were extremely powerful. Not only did its hit crack Qin Lun’s shoulder bone, it had also injured his internal organs from the aftershock.

However, Qin Lun’s eyes had regained their light, becoming clear and bright. It was a sharp contrast to the silent and corpse-like look from before, as if he had switched with another person.

He succeeded! Qin Lun looked at the chunk of thick and ugly intestines and clenched them in his hands as a cold smile formed on his face.

This method does work, Joey…

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