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Volume 2 – Chapter 21: Golden Summoning Scroll

“Alright, since it looks like everyone is here, I won’t waste any more time.” Baron Albert walked to the center of the hall and clapped his hands, attracting everyone’s attention to him. “I am very happy that everyone is willing to participate in this time’s investigation operation. As for the content of the mission, I don’t need to explain it any further. You guys all knew about it before you came.”

“What I want to say is that this time’s investigation mission is different from our usual ones. I have already notified Odia region’s headquarters about the serious epidemic a few days ago through our magic system. The headquarters specially permitted the personnel for this time’s mission. Everyone can obtain ten mission points.” A smile showed itself on Baron Albert’s face.

“Ten mission points?”

The baron’s words aroused a gasp of surprise from everyone, and they started to discuss spiritedly in the hall.

“Sire Otto, is ten mission points a lot?” Qin Lun tilted his head towards the middle aged man and asked.

“Hehe, Dr. Stein is new, so it is understandable that you do not know of our exorcist organization’s mission point system. Ten mission points is a very generous reward!” Otto quietly explained.

“The average investigation mission is only worth two mission points. Exorcists need to transfer five mission points every year to the organization in order keep their exorcist qualifications. Ten mission points is two years, in other words, we can complete this investigation mission and not have to participate in any organization operations for two years.”

With Otto’s explanation, Qin Lun slowly started to understand the exorcists’ mission point system. Besides being used as an examination of an exorcist’s working quality, it can also be used to exchange for some precious items from headquarters.

The exorcist organization had been founded for over one thousand years already. In those one thousand years, many powerful exorcists had left behind all of their martial skills and magic to the organization before they passed away so that they can be passed down to outstanding younger generations. Apart from this, the exorcist organization had obtained many precious treasures through their own long term exploration and battles.

These martial inheritances and treasures could not be bought by money. Only the mission points gained by the exorcists could be used in exchange for them.

Although Otto said ten points would allow them exemption from another mission for two years, in reality, besides some aged elders whose bodies have declined and can’t find a heir, no exorcist would be against too many points. After all, even if they sacrifice their life in a mission, these points could be inherited by their descendants.

“Please remain quiet everyone. I have not finished. This time’s mission is very dangerous. The ten mission points will be given to you before you all set off. We are not only investigating the activity of the Maize Witches, but also trying to ascertain whether Odia region’s plague was their work!” Baron Albert solemnly stated.

The exorcists in the hall all quieted down and revealed serious expressions. Qin Lun thought it over and immediately understood what the baron was implying. If an exorcist is careful, any fighting could be avoided on an ordinary investigation mission. However, if they want to ascertain whether or not the plague is the work of the witches, they would have to fight.

This was not a normal investigation mission, but an investigation and battle mission! No wonder the exorcist headquarters would give out ten mission points. Fighting the Maize Witch in her own territory, the danger was enormous. Perhaps the entire twenty plus exorcists would die in the forest.

“Alright, everything I wanted to say has been said. Everyone, please carefully think about it. Before we set off tomorrow, you still have a chance to withdraw from the mission. Once you choose to become a member of the mission, you cannot withdraw midway!” Baron Albert seriously stated, “Now, everyone may return to their rooms to rest. Albert Castle is currently preparing a banquet for you all, everyone can drink their fill!”

The exorcists in the hall scattered. Qin Lun was just about to go back to his room when he saw Tony head towards him, giving him a look. Qin Lun’s mind perked and quietly followed behind the blond. The two of them arrived at the main fortress’s great hall.

Baron Albert was already waiting. A smile immediately lit up on his face when he saw Tony leading Qin Lun over.

“Dr. Stein, please take a seat.”

“Sire Baron, do you have an order for me?” Qin Lun respectfully bowed.

“Dr. Stein, we did not expect that the headquarters would ask to change the investigation into a battle mission after we reported.” Baron Albert muttered for a bit, “We had originally wished for it to train a newcomer like you. But if it’s a battle mission, you don’t have to participate. Otherwise, you will be in much danger!”

“Sire Baron, an exorcist is a dangerous profession in the first place. Although I am just a newcomer, I also have the awareness of sacrificing myself to protect the human world. Besides, with a doctor like me around, perhaps I can save the lives of many exorcists during the mission.” Qin Lun said eloquently..

“Hehe, see father, I was right to think that Dr. Stein would not retreat in fear.” Tony happily patted Qin Lun’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, I will make sure Dr. Stein returns without a scratch.”

“Since that is the case, I won’t say anymore. An exorcist’s will is independent, any choice that is made is inevitable!” Baron Albert sighed and faintly bowed in a salute, “Please accept my respect, Dr. Stein. In addition, I will give this to you. It will certainly have its use in protecting you; Tony will teach you how to use it.”

Baron Albert took out a delicate golden scroll from his bosom and gave it to Qin Lun. The bright and dazzling golden scroll had mysterious characters carved on it, at boths ends were teak handles. It looked like a very precious treasure.

“Sire Baron, such a precious object, I can’t take it.” Qin Lun faintly frowned and did not immediately take the golden scroll.

“Take it, Dr. Stein. This summoning scroll is not given to you for free, It’s in exchange for your ten mission points.” Tony took the scroll from the baron and placed it into Qin Lun’s hand. “Come with me, I will teach you how to use it.”

Qin Lun’s eyes flashed, but he no longer declined it. In fact, as long as he had a suitable excuse, he will naturally not refuse something that could be used as insurance for his life.

After obtaining the golden summoning scroll, Tony unexpectedly started to lead Qin Lun to the last deputy fortress of the four, the only one that Qin Lun hadn’t gone to before.

Qin Lun’s eyes brightened. This was an unexpected harvest. He immediately discovered what was unusual about the deputy fortress after they went in. The corridor was gloomy and dark. There were far less crystal lamps on both sides compared to the other deputy fortresses. There also weren’t any windows that led outside.

As the two of them walked to the next floor, Qin Lun finally understood what the fortress’ function was. This one did not have any rooms, only a variety of jail cells and punishment equipment. There were normal wooden railing prisons, iron door prisons, water prisons, and so on.

Albert Castle was a war stronghold hundreds of years ago, each deputy fortress had its own use. This one existed as a prison. Observing the dark and spotted blotches of stains within the prison cells, Qin Lun could imagine how many witches and their magic organisms were once imprisoned here.

Tony led Qin Lun to a wooden railed prison. The moment they entered, Qin Lun could smell a strong fishy stink.

He quickly pinpointed the source of the fishy stench. It was the body odor of a huge monster within the prison. There was a large black bear. Compared to normal black bears, this one was at least half a size bigger.

Although it was lying on its stomach sleeping, under visual estimate, its body length was at least three hundred centimeters, while its body’s width was an entire size bigger than a normal black bear’s. According to the books Qin Lun had read before, the weight of this black bear surpassed one ton and perhaps even reached two tons, based on its figure. It was comparable to the weight of cars from olden days.

“That…” Qin Lun pointed at the prisoned black bear that was locked up with five coarse iron chains around its limbs and neck, asking Tony in confusion.

“Hehe, his name is Ben, male. He is currently drugged. He was specially raised by the Albert Family since young and went through training as a battle pet.” Tony smiled and stated, “Of course, the average person can’t command it, so the summoning scroll in your hand has to be used.”

“That… Sire Tony, you don’t mean to…” Qin Lun looked down at the golden scroll in his hand, then pointed at the huge black bear, his eyes widened.

“Hehe, don’t underestimate Ben. Although its build is large, it is rather nimble after going through the Albert Family’s training. With him by your side, it’s the same as having an extra meat shield. Your safety will be more guaranteed.” Tony laughed and said, “There is no way for us to increase your battle ability in a short time, so we have no choice but to do this to guarantee your safety.”

“Sire Tony… this summoning scroll isn’t just worth ten mission points, is it?” Qin Lun frowned and suddenly asked.

“Oh?” Tony was startled for a moment then went back to smiling. “Since you found out, then I won’t hide it from you anymore. The value of this summoning scroll is actually fifty mission points. Not including your mission points, even if we added in the points my father and I currently have, it would only be thirty points, not enough to exchange for it. The other ten points were an investment the other exorcists paid in support of your medical skills and courage.”

“Then, the thirty mission points you guys used on me… is it for Little Miller?” Qin Lun’s thoughts flipped through and quickly understood.

Ever since Frank returned to the castle, Qin Lun had continued to use the “World Tree Flower Nectar” mixed with milk to feed Little Miller. Little Miller’s state was slowly improving. Although he had not gained consciousness, he no longer had the appearance of just skin and bones. His eyelids would also move occasionally. It looked like he was going to wake up soon.

Little Miller was the third generation heir of the Albert Family. All of its members would naturally be very grateful to Qin Lun if he could recover. If the doctor did not become a member of the exorcist organization, then they could use money to thank the doctor.

However, now that Qin Lun had joined the exorcist organization, this favor could not just be repaid through money anymore. Otherwise, it would be an insult towards the doctor, so they chose to use the golden summoning scroll. What’s more, Qin Lun was currently the only doctor that could cure the plague. Making sure of his safety in this time’s mission was also something the exorcist organization was willing to do.

Qin Lun looked at the scroll in his left hand and faintly sighed. From the time he had put on a show in Odia Town to his current situation of feeding Little Miller the mixed nutrient fluid, there was only a single drop left of the “World Tree Flower Nectar”.

Although Qin Lun did not care much about his return, he simply wanted to find out the truth about the Albert Family. But in the process, the great efforts he had paid had received a return. This golden summoning scroll was the reward for all his hard work till now.

Tony glanced at Qin Lun and did not reply. As for this matter, there was no need to lay it out clearly, as long as everyone knew what was going on, it was enough.

“Come, let me teach you how to use this scroll!” Tony took the scroll from Qin Lun’s hand and pressed down on both sides of the teak handles, slowly pulling it open.

A five-star spell array was carved inside. The array’s center used the words of this world, depicting a single golden “Seal” character.

“Cut open your palm, then press it on top of this.” Tony handed a cow horn knife to Qin Lun, his expression grave as he pointed at the center, where the “Seal” character laid.

Qin Lun took the knife and drew a line down his palm. Blood immediately started to flow. Tony took the doctor’s bloody palm and pressed it down on the scroll, his mouth muttered an ancient incantation.

As the incantation became louder and louder, sweat slowly flowed from Tony’s forehead. The drugged, large black bear, Ben, also seemed to have felt something in its sleeping state as its large body moved about uneasily, like it was trying to resist a tremendous will from the darkness.

However, since Ben has received the Albert Family’s training all year round, it sensed the familiar will from Tony within the incantation and finally slowly stopped struggling. It had just stopped struggling when its huge body immediately turned into golden light that flashed and shot toward the scroll.

“Clang!” The thick iron chains, losing their prisoner, fell from the air and smashed onto the floor, issuing a crisp sound.

“Apostle 70053, you have come into contact with a battle summon skill, satisfying line 300 of the Shattered Laws, combat profession skill system activated. The related information can be recorded in the Death Notice.”

“Notice: Apostle 70053, battle summon skills belongs to the scroll-type consumption skill. The summon skill and summoned object are unable to be brought into Shattered Starry Sky. However, apostle battle skills satisfy line 301 of Shattered Laws. You can use credit to add this skill into the apostle’s battle skill column.

The summoned object is classified as a common battle organism. It only needs a single Fused Shattered Law Crystal. Would apostle like to accept buying on credit mode. If you accept buying on credit mode, the Fused Law Crystal must be directly paid to Shattered Starry Sky upon return. Otherwise, fifty points of soul vitality will be deducted!”

Qin Lun’s face was a bit strange as he looked at the notice that had suddenly appeared in his Death Notice. He had really not expected his first battle skill to be a summoning skill. However, he very quickly made his choice. Although Ben was just a black bear, in his present situation, the summoned object was very useful. He can’t not want it.

Plus, as long as he added this summon skill, Ben could be brought into Shattered Starry Sky. His value wasn’t little. As for the buying on credit mode, although it requested a Fused Law Crystal, as long as an apostle completes their first otherworld mission, they would be able to get one, so it wasn’t very harsh.

He supposed that this was also one of the material benefits Shattered Starry Sky offered to apostles. After all, apostles need time to mature. Shattered Starry Sky offering them credit for their first skill as an investment was also understandable.

The only thing Qin Lun wasn’t satisfied with was that Ben was just a black bear. Its growth potential wasn’t very high. He didn’t know if he could pay the same price in the future and exchange for a more powerful summoned object.

After completing the summon agreement, the five-star point spell array slowly faded away from the golden summoning scroll, changing the paper into nothing. The scroll had now completed its historical mission.

“Let’s go, we’re leaving.” Tony panted a bit. The process of completing the summoning agreement clearly wasn’t easy.

In fact, Qin Lun did not know that the golden summoning scroll’s rank was very high. It was actually several ranks higher than Ben. If it weren’t for it being an urgently needed survival item for the doctor, Tony would remind Qin Lun to not rashly use it.

Of course, the stronger the summoned object, the harder it would be to complete the agreement. If it weren’t for Ben being a pet that the Albert Family had been training for battle for a long time, even Tony wouldn’t be able to help Qin Lun unless the exorcist organization sends out a powerful professional summons master.

What’s more, with how Qin Lun had not activated the battle skill system yet, even if he took the golden summoning scroll back with him into Shattered Starry Sky, he would not be able to use it. Only the Albert Family that owed Qin Lun a huge favor would spend so much effort to have Tony help him complete the summoning agreement.

In other words, if he wanted to perfectly use the golden summoning scroll, Qin Lun would first need to find a tamed, high ranked battle organism, as well as a higher level summons master. He would also need to have enough strength before being able to thoroughly reveal the potential of the golden summoning scroll.

At the present time, this was basically a fantasy! In addition, even if Qin Lun could satisfy those conditions, he would be unable to pay the price for bringing a higher ranked organisms into Shattered Starry Sky.

“Aoooo!” The magic fluctuations from completing the summoning agreement seemed to have been a bit strong as a loud roar sounded from the top floor of the deputy fortress.

“Let’s go, the banquet is about to start!” Hearing the roar from the top floor, Tony’s face slightly changed, quickly calling for Qin Lun to leave.

After he walked out of the fortress, Qin Lun looked at the prison, his expression shifted. He suddenly became aware of a very important question.

However, it was clear that now wasn’t the time to think about it. The doctor sped up his footsteps to return to his room. He concentrated his attention and opened the Death Notice. He wanted to see the summoning skill and the so-called combat profession system he obtained.

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