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Volume 2 – Chapter 22: Banquet Accident

Besides the character profile, items, storage space, and exchange categories, the Death Notice now included another section for combat professions. There was only one skill listed in the section.

Qin Lun concentrated his consciousness on the skill. An explanation of the summoning skill was quickly given.

Maize Summoning Technique: The summoning technique has its own independent space where the object for summoning resides. A small amount of energy is consumed from the apostle in order to maintain the space’s existence. Summoning something will require a large, one-time consumption of energy. The amount consumed depends on the life and rank of the object that is summoned.

Maize Summoning Technique is an intermediate level, servant-type summoning skill. It includes the summoning contract. Currently, there is only one available slot. The skill allows the user to contract with organisms that are rank 4 or below. It is only limited to organisms that possess a complete soul.

Servant-type summoning skills are one of the three main types of summoning techniques. The other two are equal-status and offering-type summoning techniques. Among the three, offering-type summoning techniques are the easiest to form a contract with. Signing a contract using a servant-type summoning technique is the hardest. As long as the summoned object’s will remains firm, it is almost impossible to sign a contract with the summoner.

Currently Available for Summoning: Black Bear, Ben – can be abandoned. Rank 3, large, land-type beast. After turning into a summonable object, it can ignore environmental restrictions. In unsuitable environments, the summoner needs to consume more energy in order to maintain the summoning. The amount of time it can be summoned is restricted by the amount of energy the summoner has. It will return to the summoning space after death.

Qin Lun did not know that he had actually picked up a really great thing without paying the enormous price for it. The golden summoning scroll’s rank was very high and could hold up to rank four summons that were almost middle rank.

A large, ferocious beast like Ben had already reached the summit of ordinary organisms and could even compete against some organisms with special abilities. Those with special abilities have surpassed the ordinary organism category. Among them, the lowest rank would be four.

Qin Lun did not stay long in his room before a servant came and notified him to participate in the banquet.

Because many exorcists had gathered this time, the banquet’s location had not been arranged in the dining hall. Instead, it was held in the main fortress. The banquet was buffet-style.

Large dining tables, covered by white sheets, were placed within the hall. Small salons were located in the corners, while the center of the hall served as a ballroom. The banquet had already begun when Qin Lun arrived. The castle’s servants traveled between each guest, offering food and drinks.

Qin Lun took a cup of wine from one of the passing servants and went alone to a corner by the windows.

“Dr. Stein, you’ve arrived. Why not sit over here?” Otto’s voice carried over from one of the small salons.

“Thank you.” Qin Lun’s eyes turned in his direction, and he went to sit by him.

It would be a rather apt choice for him to try to obtain some hidden information from these exorcists before they entered Maize Forest.

There were only two other exorcists at the salon besides Qin Lun. One was Otto, while the other was the giant female exorcist he had seen during the day.

Qin Lun’s line of sight was blocked, so he hadn’t seen the giant sitting behind the cloth curtain. Otherwise, he would not have sit there at all. The killer’s intuition was very keen; he always felt that this female exorcist was paying attention to him. He really didn’t want to attract a huge problem.

“So you are Dr. Stein.” Out of his expectation, the female exorcist’s gaze remained on him since the moment he sat down. Her voice was low and somewhat muffled, however, it still possessed a rather respectful tone.

“This is the ‘Flower Overlord,’ Nova.” Otto smiled and introduced her to Qin Lun.

The exorcists all had their own nicknames, for instance, Otto’s was ‘Bartender’. During the exchange this afternoon, Qin Lun found out why Otto could defeat Catherine in the inn industry. He not only relied on his abundant funds, his cocktail specialty also played a part.

Abundant funds allowed him to hire prettier and younger waitresses, while his ability to provide excellently made alcoholic drinks allowed him to obtain victory over Catherine. There was nothing surprising about it at all.

If it weren’t for Otto abiding by the exorcist principle of not influencing the normal human world, and therefore, not using some other methods to take down Catherine’s inn, the middle-aged beauty’s inn would have gone down long ago. How would it still be able to stand until today?

“Hello, Lady Nova.” Qin Lun smiled towards the Flower Overlord and nodded. There wasn’t anything off about his face, though his neck was somewhat stiff.

“Dr. Stein, this item… is for you.” Nova keenly sensed Qin Lun’s rejection and momentarily fell silent. She then picked up a cowhide-wrapped item from the ground and placed it on the table, pushing it to the doctor.

“Ah? This… thank you.” Qin Lun was clearly blindsided by the move and was about to decline out of habit when he felt a kick from below. From the corner of his eye, he saw Otto hinting at him, so he changed his words into ones of gratitude.

Nova happily smiled when she saw Qin Lun take her gift, all her fierce features smoothed out a bit into something gentler. She seemed to feel that there wasn’t enough food on the table, so the Flower Overlord got up and went to the nearby dining table to get some food.

“Lady Nova wasn’t giving you a gift out of thin air, Dr. Stein.” Otto turned to glance at the back figure of the Flower Overlord and explained to the confused doctor. “Do you still remember Morrison?”

“Morrison? Of course I remember him!” This name triggered a reaction in Qin Lun. Morrison was the plague patient that had cooperated with him in Odia Town.

“Morrison is Lady Nova’s nephew. She is using this item to thank you for saving her nephew.” Otto smiled widely, “Lady Nova was not in town when Morrison fell ill. By the time she returned, you had already gone to the castle. And now that you have even become one of us exorcists, she naturally wanted to repay you!”

Qin Lun blushed a bit out of embarrassment, no wonder that Flower Overlord was paying attention to him all afternoon. It was him that had put too much thought into it.

“Morrison is Lady Nova’s nephew? Then how old is Lady Nova this year?” Qin Lun suddenly thought of the question and couldn’t help but ask with a somewhat strange face.

“Lady Nova should be in her fifties. I don’t know the exact age, but why are you asking?” Otto looked at Qin Lun in a flabbergasted manner.

“Oh… fifties? Then Sire Otto, what about you?” Qin Lun almost choked on his drink.

“I am a bit older than Nova, fifty-eight this year.” Otto shrugged and replied without a care.

“Oh.” Qin Lun was a bit speechless. Otto did not look like an old man over fifty. As for Nova, although her build was monstrous, if Otto didn’t say it, he would have thought the Flower Overlord wasn’t even thirty.

“Although exorcists don’t have immortality, most of us have lifespans that are longer than normal people’s. As long as we don’t receive a serious injury during battle, us exorcists can easily live over one hundred and fifty years old.” Otto seemed to have noticed Qin Lun’s thoughts and explained while patting his shoulders. “Nova and I are considered at the prime of our lives.”

“Then what about Baron Albert and Tony?” Qin Lun was suddenly aware of this very important question as his pupils contracted, immediately asking Otto.

“Their age is about the same as their appearance. Members of the Albert Family are different from the average exorcist. This… I can’t talk more about it; you’ll understand in the future.” Otto faintly frowned as he explained a bit, then shifted the subject, “Come on, let’s take a look at what Lady Nova gave you.”

Otta happily opened the cowhide bag Nova placed on the table and took out an exquisite firearm from within.

“Yo, Flower Overlord actually gave her ‘Bloody Revolver’ to you!” Otto looked at the short flintlock pistol in his hands and clicked his tongue in admiration.

Qin Lun took the firearm and curiously checked it. The flintlock gun was a bit like an enlarged revolver with a thick barrel. The middle was a rotating magazine with four shots.

“There are silver marbles in the bullets that are very effective against witches and their magic organisms. Its attack power is also high, very suitable for a new exorcist like you.” Otto went through the cowhide bag and took out a forefinger-sized yellow bullet, placing it in front of Qin Lun.

“I think I should express my gratitude to Lady Nova when she comes back.” Qin Lun said as he looked at the ‘Bloody Revolver’.

Although its value could not be compared to the Wind Spirit Crossbow in his storage space, and it couldn’t be brought into Shattered Starry Sky, it was more useful than the crossbows in this world. It also appeared to be rather powerful.

“Oh, that’s right.” Qin Lun placed down the ‘Bloody Revolver’ and pretended to ask without care, “Sire Otto, the exorcists of the Odia Region frequently fight the witches of Maize Forest and many lives are sacrificed. It looks like even the Albert Family’s present heir also lost his life.”

“Are you talking about young Steven?” Otto’s face turned dark, and he softly sighed, “The members of Albert Family are all too eager. Steven, such a remarkable young man shouldn’t have died in solo training.”

“Steven was doing a solo mission?” Qin Lun narrowed his eyes a bit, a trace of a cold smile flitted through his face.

“Yeah, when Baron Albert reported Steven’s death to the exorcist organization, everyone was stunned!” Otto shook his head and did not continue speaking about the subject.

This meant that even within the Albert Family, perhaps not all the members knew the truth behind Steven’s death. Perhaps only Baron Albert knew.

Qin Lun slowly rubbed his forehead. He felt more and more that the cause of Steven’s death was a huge secret. At that moment, the doctor realized that he may have made the wrong choice. Perhaps he shouldn’t have agreed to Baron Albert’s invitation and became a member of the exorcist organization.

Qin Lun thought back to the white figure he had seen at the cemetery. If not all members of the Albert Family knew the truth behind Steven’s death, then that meant his initial conjecture was wrong. That white figure was very likely not on the same side as Baron Albert.

Based on the situation in the cemetery, where they met the gargoyle, the white figure seemed to be warning him of the gargoyle’s surprise attack. In other words, it was not sounding him out for the Albert Family, but rather for another purpose…

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