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Volume 2 – Chapter 20: Gathering

“Dr. Stein, let’s go. I’ll take you to meet Odia region’s other exorcists.” Tony, who appeared outside of Qin Lun’s door, waved and indicated for the doctor to follow him.

“Oh, they all gathered so quickly?” Qin Lun wore a smile on the outside while he endlessly cursed on the inside.

He had stayed in this world for twenty days now. Even though the otherworld mission changed, because the content of the mission didn’t change much nor was the difficulty promoted, the days he was allowed to stay in this world was still the original thirty.

If he calculated it, then the satellite-level world storyline’s ‘mystery’ only had ten more days left. The five days he waited for the other exorcists before he could enter the Maize Forest was pretty much a waste of time.

“Hehe, they have always lived in the Odia region and were supposed to be able to make it here in one to two days. It’s just that all of these exorcists’ descendants have family. So before the mission starts, they have to arrange the living situation for their families. Because if they die in the Great Maize Forest, their family will lose their support.” Tony softly explained.

“Lose their support?” Qin Lun slightly raised his eyebrow. “The exorcist organization and Albert Castle don’t offer any final support to the family of the dead or a backup plan?”

“Hehe, Dr. Stein, it looks like you still haven’t understood what my father said that day. The exorcist organization also has a headquarters and organization system, but overall, it is merely a relaxed group that helps each other.” Tony serious stated, “The struggle between exorcists and evil organisms is not for money. The exorcist is not forced. You can choose to go or not go.”

“So you’re saying that it’s fine if the Odia region’s exorcists don’t respond to Albert Castle’s call?” Qin Lun asked in astonishment.

“Yes. Those exorcists can push away the mission sent out by Albert Castle if they so choose. Of course, under normal situations, they don’t. First, because it is the duty of an exorcist. Second… as Odia region’s organization representative, Albert Castle is entitled to evaluate and investigate all exorcists that belong to this region.” A faint smile made its way to Tony’s face.

“Evaluate and investigate?”

“Yes. If an exorcist has not participated in a mission released by the organization for several years and also doesn’t fulfill their duty, their evaluation in the organization will become lower and lower until they are finally expelled.” Tony was afraid Qin Lun didn’t understand too well and added another bit, “To be expelled means the organization uses magic power to erase the exorcist’s name from the oath.”

“So you can still do that…” Qin Lun was a bit speechless, “Will the exorcist die after having their name striked off?”

“That won’t happen, but they will become a normal person and still have the duty to keep things a secret. Even if they are no longer an exorcist, they cannot make careless remarks.” Tony quietly said, “Otherwise, the exorcist organization will place them into custody through the government. If it’s grave enough, they can imprison them for life!”

Qin Lun nodded, expressing his understanding. The descendants of exorcists can fear death and not undertake their original duty. But if they randomly blabbed about it and caused trouble in the normal world, then that cannot be excused at all.

“The occupation of an exorcist requires one to have fearless courage and the spirit to sacrifice oneself without hesitation. Due to there being too many restricting conditions, most exorcists are members of an exorcist family. But there are a few courageous, ordinary people that join and become a member of the hero group that protects the world after they find out the truth.”

Tony sighed somewhat ruefully, “In my opinion, you are this type of hero, originating from the ordinary people.”

“You are overpraising me.” Qin Lun modestly replied.

“Of course, as long as they’re an exorcist, most do not lack money!” Tony smiled and said, “The exorcist organization does not offer monetary rewards to its members, but by relying on the organization’s numerous contacts, exorcists do not lack working opportunities.”

“Oh, what kind of work opportunities?” Qin Lun curiously asked.

“For example, a skilled doctor like you can be recommended to a rich person, a lord or even the royal family of a country. These people all like to offer a high price to hire a doctor from the exorcists, regardless if it’s a big or small illness!” Speaking up to there, Tony couldn’t help but grin widely, “They don’t know that some of the exorcist doctors are not even better than normal doctors!”

“Then what about exorcists that don’t have a special talent?” Qin Lun nodded and continued to ask.

“Even if an exorcist doesn’t have a field they specialize in, through the introduction of the organization, they can still find a high salary job.” Tony shrugged and gave examples, “For example: policeman, bodyguard, soldier, bounty hunter, and so on. These are all occupations that use martial power. Dr. Stein, you need to understand, exorcists that don’t have other special talents are at least passable in fighting at least.”

“That… are you sure there aren’t exceptions? Someone like me who became an exorcist without any sort of training, I seem to not have much fighting prowess.” Qin Lun’s eyes flashed and he asked with a smile.

“Hehe, of course you are not an exception. The protection power on the exorcist oath will slowly start to influence the human body. You will naturally experience this for yourself later. Furthermore, even if your body doesn’t get better, you still have your superior medical skills that can help other exorcists. If it weren’t for that, we would not allow you to become a member of the exorcist organization.” Tony’s head didn’t turn back as he spoke and walked.

Bodily changes? Qin Lun faintly shook his head. He had the Death Notice, no matter how slight the change made to his body, he would still be able to find out about it. He had not felt protection power doing any changes to his magic body.

In fact, the protection power from the exorcist oath had already acted on his body, but he did not know. It was only natural since the power could not directly act on the interior of his magic body, rather, it acted like a membrane that stuck to the surface of Qin Lun’s body.

There were many types of ways the protection power would manifest itself. Some raised the exorcist’s power, some raised their agility, and some would increase their magic. Since Qin Lun’s magic body would not allow the entrance of the protection power, it could only helplessly manifest the most basic type—Anti-Evil Protection of the “Life” attribute.

In other words, the protection power of the exorcist oath turned into Qin Lun’s… “Magic Resistance”! Naturally, this “Magic Resistance” would only work in this world. Once Qin Lun left, the protection power would disappear.

While they spoke, Tony led Qin Lun to a hall of another deputy fortress. Besides the two that had books and an arena, the third fortress that Qin Lun saw was used specifically to admit “special guests,” as per Tony’s explanation.

Thinking of how the three deputy fortress he had seen so far all had their functions, Qin Lun was rather interested in what the last one was for. However, he did not raise this question to Tony. What was most important right now was to participate in the Great Maize Forest investigation mission. He can put everything else on hold in order to not make the issue more complicated.

Qin Lun faintly had an intuition, as long as he entered Great Maize Forest where the witches resided, he would have some kind of harvest.

Entering the hall, Qin Lun noticed that Baron Albert was already there. Besides him, there were around twenty other exorcists sitting there. These exorcists were male for the most part, and their ages varied. The youngest of them appeared to have just hit adulthood and probably hadn’t even hit twenty. The oldest should be Baron Albert’s age.

There were only four exorcists… or five that were women? Qin Lun’s face twitched a bit, in the corner of the hall was a fierce looking exorcist whose build was twice as thick as his. If it weren’t for the two huge meatballs hanging on “her” chest, the doctor would definitely think she was a man.

The large woman hero was currently passing a large basin of mutton and gorging herself. Leaning on the wall behind her was a huge cavalry sword used for beheading or should it be called a dog-head lever? Anyway, that bloodstained giant thing usually wasn’t used to chop people, chopping bulls was more suited for it!

Qin Lun only gave her two glances before quickly turning away his gaze. He had a feeling that that female lion had already noticed his gaze. If he continued to look, if the other felt unhappy, then it would be trouble. If the other obtained a favorable impression, that would be even more trouble!

This was not Catherine, and he was not interested in experiencing another type of fresh experience.

After sizing up all the other exorcists, Qin Lun discovered that there were many familiar faces among them; he likely had seen them in Odia Town. The most familiar looking one among them was the middle aged boss from the inn next to Catherine’s.

He was actually also an exorcist! Qin Lun was a bit surprised.

The senses of the middle aged man were very keen. When he felt Qin Lun looking at him, he immediately smiled and headed his way.

“Dr. Stein, I am Otto! I heard about your distinguished name in town and didn’t expect to see you at Albert Castle! It looks like you have also become an exorcist, welcome to the organization!” The middle aged inn boss friendly extended a hand towards Qin Lun.

“Hello Otto, I am very happy to see someone familiar!” Qin Lun’s eyes brightened, and he reached out to grip Otto’s large hand. “How many exorcists here live in Odia Town?”

“It’s probably over one-third. In fact, it was because of the present exorcists doing a large amount of work that the information of the plague didn’t spread out from the Odia region.” Otto forced a smile, “But after you appeared, the information of the plague was publicized.”

“I’m very sorry, I didn’t expect that it would cause this kind of response.” Qin Lun said in a slightly apologetic manner.

“It’s fine, even if you didn’t appear, the situation caused by the plague would eventually worsen. Our hard work has a limit, and now that it has come to this stage, it would be very hard to continue hiding it.” Otto shook his head, his voice heavy as he replied.

“Has the range of the plague once again spread?” Qin Lun was a bit taken aback.

“Hm, these past few days, when you were at the castle, plague victims have appeared publicly in the towns nearby. Based on the current exorcists’ and the town government’s statistics, the number of people killed by the plague has already surpassed three hundred. The number of ill are around a thousand, affecting 8% or higher of the total population.”

A dignified look appeared in Otto’s eyes, “If not for that, would we have so many exorcists gathered at Albert Castle this time. Everyone wants to know if this plague is the work of the Maize Witch.”

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