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Volume 1 – Chapter 5: The Last Sacrificial Victim

“Great Demon King Qin Lun, wu wu wu, Sister Hu Fei died…” Xiao Lian’s nerves became bigger as she embraced Qin Lun’s neck, sobbing her grievances.

“I’m sorry! When I’m exposed to danger, Joey will appear…” Qin Lun said as his gaze dulled, patting the little beauty’s back.

“Let’s go, we’re lagging behind the group.” Seeing Qin Lun returning back to his normal state, Lin Feng let out a breath. The pressure of being beside Joey was too intense, that string within his heart was almost about to break.

At the next set of corridors, the small mixed group once again met a few waves of zombies. But when faced with the over ten strong group of people, the small groups of zombies were unable to block the passages and cause peril. However, two more of the Federation Soldiers that were used as shields died, and all the prisoners were injured.

After catching up with the group, several people were found in a disjointed conversation with Ladyboy Lily. They were able to learn quite a bit about this mixed group of theirs. It turned out that after the death row prisoners had escaped from their jail and obtained cutting tools from the dining hall, they were herded by the scattered zombies to the control hall of the base, along with the surviving research workers and Federation Soldiers.

Originally, the team had more than fifty people. There were over twenty Federation Soldiers and around a dozen base researchers, four times the number of prisoners. Besides a few people who had hidden themselves in the corners of the base, they had already brought together the overwhelming majority of the survivors.

In the beginning, the Federation Soldiers were the majority. It’s just that they had to take care of the fragile researchers while also fearing the possibility of getting infected by the zombies. Battling in a constrained manner allowed the zombies to nibble away at their numbers, and at a certain point, they were reduced to becoming shields for the prisoners.

The death row prisoners were originally seeking life in the midst of death, they were unafraid of death when fighting the zombies. They completely lacked any misgivings while in melee combat, committing all sorts of crimes for survival. It was a bloody battle the entire way from the base’s control hall to a safe passage. Although everyone carried injuries, only a few people had died. As such, they could suppress the Federation Soldiers.

As time passed, only twelve people in the three-people teams remained alive. They’d at last entered the safe staircase to the exit corridor. This strip of corridor was more than 7 meters wide, and more than 30 meters long. The floor had an automatic Transfer Guide Rail, but it was no longer functioning.

The iron gate at the corridor exit was around 10 centimeters thick and exceptionally hard. Although a block and tackle were fitted at the bottom, pushing it open was still not an easy thing to do.

After the group exited the safe staircase, the zombies at the ground level of the base had already taken note of them and began to stagger over to them, slowly approaching. With more than a hundred zombies in the enormous hall, this was not something a group of injured prisoners could go up against and win.

They would only have a chance at life if they pushed open the base’s iron gate.

After entering the exit passage, Qin Lun could no longer hold on and took a seat in a corner of the passage. He had lost too much blood, and his face was snow white, cold sweat incessantly spilling from his forehead

“Great Demon King, what’s wrong?” Xiao Lian anxiously asked as she squatted in front of Qin Lun.

“Don’t stray too far from me!” Qin Lun whispered as his gaze swept over to the group of death row prisoners who were engulfed in a strange atmosphere.

Saying that, he closed his eyes to rest, no longer paying attention to Xiao Lian.

At this point, the three prisoners who were standing behind the Federation Soldiers signaled each other with their eyes, each showing a sinister smile. They quietly raised the daggers in their hands and ruthlessly stabbed the three Federation Soldiers’ waists.

“Ah!” Three short screams rang out at the same time. The Federation Soldiers’ faces were full of hate as they collapsed to the ground. They were then dragged by their feet to the end of the corridor where they were disposed of.

While they were fighting zombies, the prisoners had discovered that the zombies did not carry some kind of infectious virus, nor did they have the slightest hint of intelligence. All they had was the instinct to eat. As long as there was good in a place close to them, they would turn a blind eye to anything in the distance.

The best way to resist them wasn’t to fight, but to leave a dead body in front of them. In this way, everyone else was safe before the food was cleaned off.

“It seems that three corpses aren’t enough for hundreds of these zombies to share!” Within the group, a bald man who had a violent face revealed an eerie smile. “It’s best to have a few more trash and contribute to everyone a little more.”

This famous bald old man was Chekhov, a Russian Mafia Boss who was also a serial killer. His nickname was “Chameleon”.

Chekhov stood at approximately 2 meters, with a tough and stocky build and a weight of at least 240 pounds. He was simply like a city wall standing there. Although his muscles weren’t as developed like Disciple Hanson’s, they were still clear-cut. He was clearly not a foolish man. Compared to the Ladyboy Lily who had the weakest body among the prisoners, it was simply like the difference between a child and an adult.

When no one answered, Chekhov’s eyes narrowed. The already tattered prisoner uniform was torn, revealing the purple tattoo that covered his upper body and was the source of his “Chameleon” nickname.

The Russian prisoner with a ferocious face examined the others with a vicious gaze. His line of sight soon fell onto the shortest one among them, Ladyboy Lily. Looking into Chekhov’s vicious eyes, Lily shivered from head to toe and appealed for help from Disciple Hanson standing beside him.

Without batting an eye, Disciple Hanson walked forward a step, the corner of his mouth drawn back as he covered Lily behind him, a cold gaze sweeping “Chameleon” Chekhov. A competitive spark danced in the air as the two pairs of devilish eyes met.

“Hmph!” The fierceness on Chekhov’s face slightly twitched as he coldly snorted and moved his gaze away.

Although there were several killers among this group of death row prisoners, there were still distinctions between killers. This distinction was mainly reflected in the Federation’s Evaluation of the Degrees of Danger of the Killer. It was also how the killers weighed each other.

When looking at the number of people killed by this group of death row prisoners, if Disciple Hanson claimed number two, no one would dare claim number one. He was, after all, from a family of mercenaries. He had already reeked of blood when he stood on the battlefield as a child soldier. This was why the Federation Area 91 had him imprisoned on the highest level.

On the third floor of the prison cells, there was another serial killer of the same grade. That was Qin Lun, “The Dissector” Joey Foster. Qin Lun’s situation was different from Disciple Hanson. The number of people he had killed amongst all the serial killers wasn’t much, but the degrees of danger evaluation given by the Federation wasn’t any less than Disciple Hanson’s.

The reason for that was because many of the serial killers’ targets were ordinary people. But ever since Qin Lun had entered the Handan Sentence prisons, the majority of his kills were death row prisoners. Some were even other famous serial killers.

The name “The Dissector” Joey Foster was a taboo among the death row prisoners. He could be said to be a killer amongst killers. This is also why the Ladyboy Lily had almost peed his pants when he recognized Qin Lun’s identity. His fame was such that even Disciple Hanson didn’t want to walk with Qin Lun.

Realizing that he could not make a move on Lily, Chekhov’s fierce eyes swept around in a circle again and finally focused on Qin Lun’s three people group.

The Russian prisoner examined Qin Lun with a trace of fear. But when he saw the cowering petite figure by the killer’s side, he finally walked over with a cruel laugh.

He didn’t dare to provoke the resting Qin Lun, but Lin Feng had changed into a prisoner’s uniform and didn’t look too injured. Moreover, that little beauty dressed in a nurse’s uniform appeared to be the best target at the moment.

Even though that little nurse drew back by Qin Lun’s side, Chekhov was confident that he was seriously injured and the dying “The Dissector” wouldn’t bother with the base’s little nurse’s life or death.

The Russian man spread open a large palm and grasped Xiao Lian’s neck, carrying her into the air like a small chick.

“Ah!” Xiao Lian’s two feet kicked in fear, however, it could only be likened to powdered fists against Chekhov. It was like a dragonfly trying to shake a tree; it had absolutely no effect on Chekhov.

“HA HA!” Chekhov licked his lips in excitement, a trace of malevolence reflected in his eyes as his hands subtly increased in strength.

Xiao Lian’s pretty face was becoming red and swollen, and her mouth opened and closed like a dying fish. Her eyes slowly blanched, she was going to be choked to death by Chekhov.

However, at this moment, Chekhov sees the faces of the distant prisoners change. Each one revealed a strange smile one after the other, seemingly ridiculing him as though they were watching a good show.

The Russian’s heart went cold, and realized that something was fishy. He abruptly whipped his head around. Without his knowledge, a devil-like silhouette had been quietly standing behind him. The bright red dot deep in the figure’s pupils were like the will-o-wisps that roamed in hell, calmly gazing at him.

“You…” Chekhov was frightened, his fierce face distorting into a lump.

Seeing that Chekhov had discovered him, Qin Lun immediately exposed a hideous smile as the right hand hidden behind his body suddenly waved.

Pfff!” A sudden streak of black lightning appeared in the corridor; a black dagger formed from scissor pieces entered the Russian man’s temple on the left. It drilled a hole right through his bald head, exiting cleanly from the right.

The twisted expression was locked on Chekhov’s face as his pair of stubborn eyes glared at Qin Lun and slowly lost their luster.

Cough cough!” Xiao Lian, who had pulled herself out from under Chekhov’s large hand, repeatedly coughed.

With a white face, Lin Feng snuck a glance at Chekhov’s corpse as he tactfully helped support the small nurse to a corner. Regarding Qin Lun’s violent killing action, there was an unspeakably weird feeling in his heart

The red within Qin Lun’s eyes quietly vanished as he expressionlessly wiped his black dagger on Chekhov’s body and sat back down at the corner, his eyes closed. But his heart was in the midst of a perilous situation.

The moment he was killing Chekhov, a whiff of cool air had flowed from the black dagger to him through his palm. The “Death Notice” in his right hand that had become an egg-shaped design had unexpectedly jumped a little.

During the base incident, Qin Lun had “seen” the stored information of the death row prisoners in the simple tablet. Which was also his own “Death Notice”, which had fused and created an orange-yellow water chestnut-like crystal. Back then, he was just somewhat curious. While he was in contact with the “Death Notice”, it had merged into the palm of his hand.

Under the stimulation of the cool air, the “Death Notice” had finally awakened, producing a rhythmic pulse. It was almost as if Qin Lun had gained another small heart in his palm.

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