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Volume 1 – Chapter 4: Serial Killer Joey Foster

Wu…” With her neck clutched in Qin Lun’s hands, Xiao Lian’s beautiful cheeks rapidly flushed red. A pair of fleshy small hands spared no effort in trying to get out of his hands and a whimper couldn’t help but escape her mouth.

“Let go of her!” For the first time, an angry look appeared on Hu Fei’s serene and elegant oval face as she quickly ran over, her pair of hands holding onto a first aid kit, aiming for Qin Lun’s head as she swung it.

“Hey!” Qin Lun’s eyes flashed, a strange laugh emerged evilly from the corner of his mouth as he singlehandedly used Xiao Lian as a shield, blocking himself in front.

“Ah!” Hu Fei was alarmed and struggled to twist her body. The heavy first aid kit smoothly passed by Xiao Lian’s shoulder. However, she lost her balance in the process and tumbled past the two.

The red gleam in Qin Lun’s eyes flourished sharply. Throwing aside Xiao Lian, with a twist of his waist and a flying kick, a kick landed on Hu Fei’s buttocks. Following along the power of her rush, it directly caused the iceberg beauty to go flying in the air and knock over the more than ten zombies in the corridor, rolling into a ball.

While Hu Fei rolled, her cool and elegant charming face was filled with confusion and wrongness. The iceberg beauty that was always considered a treasure by everyone within the base, seemed to be unable to believe that one day, she would be treated and discarded like trash by a man.

Until a zombie ferociously bit her shoulder and roused Hu Fei with the sharp pain. A thread of panic and unwillingness finally appeared on that previously frigid oval face. Under the pressure of the corpses, she reached out a hand toward Qin Lun and Xiao Lian

“Save… save me!”

“Sister Hu Fei, don’t…” Seeing Hu Fei fall into the crowd of zombies, Xiao Lian’s complexion was suddenly deadly white, involuntarily crying out in fear.

“Hey, your luck is very good. Compared to that little girl who believes herself noble and virtuous, Qing Lun likes you more! With this pile of human flesh to eat, it should be able to defer the attacks and pursue of the corpses.” Qin Lun watched the desperately struggling Hu Fei within the zombie crowd and exposed a savage smile. Walking forward two steps, he caught Xiao Lian by the waist and hoisted her over his shoulder, facing and pursuing the Lin Feng ahead.

Lin Feng did not manage to rush away very far. The power that manifested due to the fear of Joey Foster just then was only enough for him to rush down one layer of stairs. Now he was at the mouth of the corridor on the layer below them, once again being surrounded by ten plus zombies. Right now he was using an iron support to prevent the zombies from approaching.

Seeing Qin Lun carrying Xiao Lian appearing before him, Lin Feng’s face couldn’t help but show a trace of despair.

“Humph, this little girl still has some uses, watch her for me!” Qin Lun threw Xiao Lian to Lin Feng and strode forward in front of the zombie crowd. With one kick, the nearest zombie was sent flying. Lin Feng rejoiced and promptly lent an arm to support the over-frightened and faintly shivering Xiao Lian, blindly following behind Qin Lun.

Qin Lun gazed toward the ten-plus zombies that were throwing themselves over while the black dagger in his right hand swung around his thumb. A vicious grin revealed itself on his face. At this moment, the murderer’s two arms were spread wide as he executed a flying leap and pounced on the group of zombies.

The zombie that was at the very front of the corridor was a young female, the large white gown she was wearing has already turned into beggar-like clothing. Her black lace bra dangled in front of her chest, revealing half of a snow-white breast with a bit of pink sticking out like a cherry.

Qin Lun in midair suddenly used his left hand and pressed down on one side of the zombie’s face, firmly pressing it to the corridor wall as both his legs unfurled and stepped on the chests of two zombies behind him. Following that, he used the power to leap and charge down.

“Ao!” The female zombie snarled repeatedly, the half of her face that was pressed into the wall dragged out a long bloodstain. The other two zombies were also helplessly staring skyward as they fell down the corridor, bringing along the other ten or more zombies to the ground with them.

“BANG!” The group of zombies fell down the next corridor and became a pile, recklessly struggling. The two zombies on top that were trampled by Qin Lun had their chests caved in by a huge chunk and blood splattered everywhere from their mouth. They weakly twitched, clearly suffering heavy damages.

And the female zombie was already dying with half of her face badly mangled, and her head showing her white skull.

“fúck, this sh*t is lively!”

Lin Feng watched captivated as his complexion turned rosy. One climax after another, he has completely forgotten about his previous fear. The reason why he participates in the organization of the Death Championships is precisely because he adores cruelty and violence, so much that it can be seen as his essence of life.

Stepping on the zombie’s body, Qin Lun rushed out the encirclement, his white face warped so much it appeared even more malevolent and fearful. Both of his calves were badly mutilated by two zombies biting and breaking his muscles, like how rags were hanged down. The female zombie that was caught and pressed by his left hand until it was dripping with blood and him both paid a disastrous price.

After dealing with the zombie group that was surrounding them, the corridor in front was completely clear. Although there were still scattered zombies below them that were entering the safe passage one by one. Even if they wanted to block them like they did just then, it isn’t an easy thing to do.

“Wa!” After they rushed down several levels, Xiao Lian who has been half supported and half dragged by Lin Feng all the while they rushed down the stairs finally came back to her sense. With her small mouth drawn back, she burst into tears. Her round, plump face was suddenly filled with snotty tears.

“You… quiet down, hurry up and shut up, don’t cry anymore!” With a head full of sweat, Lin Feng covered up Xiao Lian’s mouth and snuck a peek at Qin Lun in front.

“Ah! Foul brat! How did you learn to be like zombies and bite people!” Just when Lin Feng let out a breath of relief, a burst of sharp pain traveled through his palm, only to see Xiao Lian ruthlessly biting down on his thumb. “Let go! If you don’t let go right now, your father will throw you to the zombies right now!”

“You two bad guys caused Sister Hu Fei to die! I’m going to bite you to death!” Xiao Lian very fiercely said as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

“That has nothing to do with me!” Lin Feng shook his head excessively, softly mumbling.

“Then you’ll go back with me to save her!” Xiao Lian scowled miserably, pleading to Lin Feng.

“It’s too late. If you want to die, then you can go back by yourself!” Lin Feng sighed and released the arm that was supporting Xiao Lian’s arm. He paused for a moment before saying, “However, I would like you to cherish the life that she sacrificed herself for to give you a chance for survival!”

Xiao Lian went silent, no longer crying noisily. But her tears still continuously dripped down like before

“Silence!” Qin Lun who was leading at the very front suddenly raised his hand and stopped his steps. His eyes narrowed a bit, the sharp red flashing slightly.

“There’s someone talking downstairs. It seems to be a live person.” Lin Feng shouted in surprise as he bent an ear and listened carefully.

“Go, you two walk in the front!” Qin Lun revealed a cunning smile with his right hand hidden behind him, hiding the black dagger.

The three people once again went down two flights of stairs and finally at the entrance to another corridor did they meet another group of people. Compared to Qin Lun’s three people group, this group has around ten and almost everyone was injured. Not only were there death row people, there were also people dressed in the Federation Troops military uniform. Disciple Hanson and that Ladyboy Lily were also within them.

The number of living people account for in this group was mainly death row prisoners with only a few Federation Soldiers. The Death row prisoners, for the most part, all holding iron pipes and cutting tools, while the Federation Soldiers were unarmed and defenseless. They were pushed forward by the prisoners, clearly being placed in the role of shields.

After the group saw Qin Lun’s three people group, they slightly paused. But after Hanson and Lily quietly exchanged a few sentences, no one bothered with them and they buried their heads into going forward again. Whether it was the prisoners of the few Federation Soldiers, they all have on a face of indifference.

At this point, Lin Feng’s suit had long been replaced by a prisoner’s uniform. Xiao Lian who is clamped in the middle by Qin Lun and Lin Feng looks more like a hostage; the arrangement of the two groups looked very much alike. The three of them walked in the rear silently, noiselessly blending in with the small group.

“Hi, handsome! We meet again!” Unaware of when did Ladyboy Lily arrive by Lin Feng’s side, he winked and smiled at him, jokingly saying. “You seemed to have changed your clothes?” Lily’s voice was sweet and sharp, sounding somewhat coy.

“Shut up!” Lin Feng angrily grabbed Lily’s arm and shouted at him in a low voice.

“Such a violent man, I’m hurt by you!” Lily shook off Lin Feng’s hands and gave him a firm look in the eyes, twisting his waist like a water snake. Rubbing his wrists, he gave a quick glimpse at Qin Lun who was walking at the very back and softly whispered. “Your Boss, he doesn’t look too good?”

Qin Lun’s legs were both seriously injured, the trouser legs were already completely soaked in blood. With every step, a brightly colored bloodstain was left on the ground. It’s just that the person himself was not aware of it, besides being a little pale and his footsteps not lagging in the slightest, he looked as if he basically couldn’t feel pain.

“You don’t have to worry about it, Boss Qin Lun is perfectly fine!” Lin Feng looked back to this scene, his face slightly changing colors and his body stiff as he stared at Lily. “Otherwise, why don’t you go ask him if he’s alright or not!”

“Whatever, I was just concerned for a bit!” Lily’s expression was a bit sluggish as he gave a forced laugh, his seductive face showing a trace of cold desire.

“Boss Qin Lun is such a tough guy! However, don’t blame me for not reminding you guys! Don’t let him collapse from blood loss. Otherwise, you two will be immediately be used by the other bosses as cannon folder and be fed to zombies who block the way! We have already fed the zombie groups many people to get to this point!” Lily’s bright pupils wandered and grimly laughed. Finishing his words, he charmingly shook his buttocks and walked back into the middle of the ranks like a cat.

Lin Feng’s complexion was gloomy, he had already long noticed Qin Lun’s leg injury. But to him, Qin Lun and the zombies were the same thing. It would be great if he could escape the base as long as both of them die before him. However, the troops right now have many death row prisoners. Without Qin Lun, their Patron Saint, he was afraid that he and Xiao Lian won’t live long either.

Reminded by Lily for a moment, Lin Feng couldn’t help but note all the other death row prisoners in the group. Very soon, a panic-stricken expression appeared on his face, and dense beads of sweat were produced from his forehead.

“Not only Hanson and Qin Lun, there’s also ‘Shepherd’ Hill, ‘Chameleon’ Chekhov, ‘Fireworks’ Rand, ‘Clown’ Grant… damn it! How can the base have put together so many serial killers!” Young Master Lin’s lips trembled, cursing in a soft voice.

Realizing that his small life was thoroughly tied together to Qin Lun’s, Lin Feng did not hesitate anymore and carefully lagged back a few steps, dawdling by Qin Lun’s side.

“Boss Qin Lun, would you like to stop and let me bandage your wound? It would only need a few minutes!”

Qin Lun’s face was blank. His eyeball mechanically turned a little to look out the corner of his eye and the line of sight fell on him.

Lin Feng could only feel as if he was being stared at by a starving wild beast and all the hair on his body stood up. He hung his head down, not daring to go face to face with the murderer.

“Do it quicker!” Said Qin Lun indifferently as he swept him a glance, stopping his steps at the same time as he sat against the corridor wall, shutting his eyes.

“These can’t be used, let me do it!” Watching the clumsy Lin Feng who was tearing his own prison uniform, the always silent and speechless Xiao Lian exclaimed with a sigh. Crouching down, a pack of spare bandages and hemostatic medicine were pulled out from the pockets of her white lab coat. These were taken from the infirmary as backup, but she didn’t expect them to really be used.

Ripping open Qin Lun’s trouser leg, the two people inhaled a mouthful of air. Only now were they aware that the murderer’s calf has a huge chunk that was already thoroughly bitten by a zombie, exposing the white bone within. The broken flesh trembled in the exposed air, appearing to be peculiarly desperate.

“It’s already bandaged. As long as you don’t violently move around, it should slowly stop bleeding!” Xiao Lian said as she turned away with a wooden face and soft voice.

“Thank you, Xiao Lian!” Qin Lun opened his eyes, appearing to have just woken up from a dream. The sharp red in the depths of his eyes have already disappeared, and his two eyes were clear and pure. A soft and gentle smile revealed itself on his happy and content face.

“Great Demon King Qin Lun…” Xiao Lian was stunned as she turned her head around, a pair of beautiful large eyes overflowing with sparkling and translucent tears.

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