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Volume 1 – Chapter 3: Biochemistry Crisis

“Quick, quickly use the medical cupboard and block the doorway… Eh, you’re a prisoner, how strange, I seem to have seen you before!” The young beautiful nurse tensely shouted when her line of sight fell upon Qin Lun. Suddenly as if she had discovered the New World, she stared wide-eyed with her pair of big eyes, reckoned to have already forgotten this serial killer that had a health checkup just a few days ago.

“Xiao Lian, come here! He’s Joey Foster!” Hu Fei’s charming face was taut as she pulled the small nurse behind her. Compared to the small, muddle-headed Xiao Lian, this icy aloof beauty’s memory was clearly much better.

“Ah, I remember now! You’re the Great Demon King Qin Lun!” The small muddle-headed nurse finally remembered. With a cry, she shrunk back behind Hu Fei with only her little head stretched out, her big eyes blinking as she stared at Qin Lun.

Great Demon King! Qin Lun somewhat shyly rubbed his nose, swept a glance around the infirmary and faintly said: “The smell of blood is very strong here, what happened? Also, what are those things outside?”

“You should see for yourself!” Hu Fei looked at Qin Lun in amazement, turned silent, and pulled Xiao Lian out of the way with her.

Qin Lun and Lin Feng exchanged a look. They lifted their feet and walked toward the interior of the infirmary, only to see the inner room in a mess. The medical equipment was spread all over the place. What made people feel the most surprised was that on the right side of the stretcher, a Federation soldier was lying there missing the upper part of their skull, the red and white matter painting the ground.

“He’s a dead person!” Xiao Lian who clinging to Hu Fei’s willowy waist, weakly said.

“After becoming like that, of course, he’s a dead person!” Lin Feng turned his head around and gave a disdainful look. He has seen a lot of dead people at the Death Championships so he did not feel anything in particular seeing the dead body.

“No, I mean, before he got killed by us, he was already a dead person!” Xiao Lian unhappily waved her small plump fist around.

“What Xiao Lian means… He’s a living corpse!” Hu Fei bitterly smiled, shaking her head explaining, “He originally came to the infirmary for a routine health checkup. But after the incidence in the base, once Xiao Lian and I woke up, we discovered that he no longer had any pulse nor body heat. However… After 10 odd minutes, he was alive again; moreover, he began to attack us…”

“Wait, you mean… He’s a zombie!” Lin Feng incredulously looked at the two, “I haven’t misunderstood right!”

“This is the truth, that zombie also bit Big Sister Hu Fei, That’s why I killed it!” Xiao Lian fidgeted a bit, somewhat embarrassingly said.

“I believe you!” The silent Qin Lun that hasn’t spoken until now revealed a smiling expression. “When you guys locked the doors earlier, was it because there were more zombies outside the infirmary?”

“That’s right! There’s a flock of zombies outside!” Two beauties, one big and one small both exchanged a look, continuously nodding like a chick pecking rice.

“There are more outside?!” Lin Feng was startled and hastily ran to the side of the door. Looking through the door crack, his face immediately underwent a big change when he saw the 10 odd silhouettes in the corridor, staggering toward the infirmary “Everyone quickly come, help me block up the door!”

“Don’t block up the door!” Qin Lun while smiling waved his hand, turning his head to the two beauties and asked, “Even you two weak girls could kill the Federation soldier that turned into a zombie. These things shouldn’t be difficult to kill!”

“Yeah, that… Seems to be so!” Hu Fei furrowed her brows recalling for a bit, “His strength was a bit high, but his body wasn’t nimble. It’s like facing a 60 to 70 year old man, who only knows how to bite.”

“Take along the first aid case, find some long metal rods or support props. Let’s rush out. Otherwise, once they block up the doorway, we can only wait for death!” Qin Lun shouted in a stern voice, yet the smile on his face didn’t diminish even a little, still as pleasant as before.

The other few people were stunned. Lin Feng and Hu Fei immediately started moving, Xiao Lian puffed her cheeks, fearlessly staring at Qin Lun, “It’s all because of you slamming the door so noisily earlier, otherwise, we could definitively hide until rescue comes.”

“Rescue won’t come in a short time. I’m afraid that in this base, over 90% of the people have all turned into zombies; the rest that’s alive can only escape the base in order to protect themselves!” Qin Lun unconcernedly shook his head and laughingly said, “I’m afraid these zombies rely on their instincts to act. The infirmary is filled with the smell of formalin, this will temporarily isolate the smell of blood; but in an extended time, those things will still be able to smell your scent!”

Xiao Lian slightly blanked, not arguing anymore. Although she’s a little airheaded, she’s not at all unable to distinguish things. The adjacent Hu Fei’s and Lin Feng’s faces further paled; earlier they had already quietly discussed the prison’s situation.

Based on the prison’s survival rate of 1 out of 10, in the base, besides the escaping death row prisoners, perhaps there aren’t many more people left. The reason is very simple: zombies don’t have intelligence, movements are sluggish, the greatest threat towards survivors is, the period when the survivors just woke up.

Even though the prison cells’ doors are already damaged, the zombies within the prison are most likely still unable to open it. The surviving death row prisoners just so happen to avoid the attacks from the herds of zombies when they just woke up. And during their escape from the prison, regardless of whether they met people or zombies, they were all the death row prisoners’ enemies. Unless they get forced into a dead end by hundreds of zombies or Disciple Hanson, to these serial killers, it’s really incomparably effortless for them to escape.

And in the other areas of the base, besides the extremely few lucky ones, the rest of the survivors have most likely died to the zombies’ jaws. Very few survivors would realize that those staggeringly getting up former colleagues and comrade-in-arms, would have already ceased to be living people. Furthermore, the modern weapons in their hands have turned into a piece of scrap iron.


“Bang!” Lin Feng lifting an IV hanging metal pole, ruthlessly smashed it onto a zombie’s head, smashing it down to the ground. If it was a normal person being smashed like this, they would at the very least have a concussion and wouldn’t be able to get up for at least a half a day.

“Ugh!” However, this zombie merely shook its head as if it was being infuriated and madly roared. It unsteadily stood up, once more pouncing toward Lin Feng.

In movies and TV shows, the zombie’s head would be sent flying with one slice, the scene which was akin to smashing watermelons did not appear before their eyes. Not to mention these zombies before them just died not long ago. Even if their bodies had putrefied and become like mud, the bones are also very difficult to rot and humans’ skull is also the hardest part of their skeleton.

Facing the 10 odd zombies in the infirmary’s aisle with only a few metal frame rods, everyone could only fight while retreating, slowly advancing toward the safe passage.

At the earlier short period’s preparation, everyone already discussed from where to escape the base. The whole Area 91 base is a Shrine architectural gigantic building; because the death row prisoners should have been prepared for the space-time teleportation at any time, the prison was located in the building’s top floor, the distance to the base’s exit down below is approximately over 10 floors.

Currently, the base’s elevators and delivery railway are out of order, they can only pass through a safe passage to descend to the base’s exit. However, because the zombies are unexpectedly difficult to handle, very soon everyone was slowly caught in a predicament.

Although the pursuing zombies behind can’t catch them, the zombies from the floors below will eventually hear their struggles in the safe passage and gradually enter the safe passage. Although the scattered zombies were for the time being, unable to obstruct their advance, with more and more zombies from ahead blocking and surrounding them, they can’t help but slow down their speed in advancing and face the immense danger of confronting a pincer attack from both the front and rear.

“Huff!” Lin Feng was panting as he brandished the iron frame rod, feeling a burst of helplessness watching the mass formed by the 10 odd zombies before him.

When they had just left the infirmary and seeing how slow these zombies moved, he had felt the situation was somewhat unreal, but fighting till now, he only felt both his arms being limp, sore and thoroughly exhausted. The fear in his heart that he could no longer suppress once again surge forth.

Seeing his own side’s tight situation, the one responsible for obstructing the pursuers in the team’s rearmost position, Qin Lun, at last lost his smiling expression and his face turned pale. His forehead slowly seeped out beads of sweat, densely covering his forehead.

Aware that they’ll most likely be unable to leave the safe passage and will be buried in zombie jaws, Qin Lun suddenly felt a burst of dizziness in his sea of consciousness. His trembling body stooped down, bent over and retched.

“Hey, what’s with you? Quickly get up, those things are coming!” Seeing Qin Lun’s suffering appearance, Xiao Lian hesitatingly stopped her step, turned around and supported the youth by the arm.

“Don’t worry about me, hurry and leave!” Qin Lun’s left hand shakenly covered his face, the bangs that got moistened by his sweat stuck to his forehead. He looked like he was suffering extremely. His right hand that’s propped up against the tunnel with all fingers widely spread, dug five impressions on the wall as he snarled in a deep and low voice, “Quickly leave. He …He’s about to come out…”

“What’s with you, don’t scare me, you’re after all The Great Demon King Qin Lun, how can you die like this!” Seeing the zombie that has already come up behind Qin Lun, Xiao Lian’s voice carried with it a bit sobbing, her bright big eyes flickered with sparkling and translucent teardrops, pulling Qin Lun with all her strength, wanting to prop him up.

The foremost positioned Lin Feng finally paid attention to this side, seeing Qin Lun’s odd condition, his face suddenly underwent a big change and his tired body suddenly erupted with a burst of strength. He consecutively sent several zombies flying and with quick steps rushed down the corridor, increasing the distance between him and the other three.

“Xiao Lian, quickly let go of Qin Lun! Come here!” Seeing Lin Feng’s actions, Hu Fei seems to have remembered something. Her constantly peaceful and unperturbed face at last had a slight change in countenance and she anxiously shouted.

“Why?” Xiao Lian was slightly dazed and was a little confused like usual, however, she suddenly felt the man’s arm which she was supporting stopped shaking and suddenly he took something out from his chest, almost causing her to stumble.

“You……” The girl resentfully pouted, turned her head and looked, but was immediately unable to move her body, a burst of chilliness surfaced from the bottom of her heart. Merely seeing the Qin Lun before her had already straightened his body, his face that’s being covered by his left hand was once more letting out a smile. Except between the gaps of his fingers, showed a tiny bit of the deep abyss within his eyes that revealed a wisp of brightly colored crimson.

This man’s face that originally had a smile that made others feel a warmth like spring, at this very moment hidden beneath his palm, appeared akin to a contorted malevolent face of a devil coming from hell, carrying an unconcealable sinister air around him.

“Thump!” Qin Lun’s right hand had at an unknown time, grasped a sharp, scissor blade-like black dagger. Without even turning his head, he flipped his hand and stabbed into the eye socket of the zombie behind him. The black blade tip penetrated through the back of the zombie’s head. Along with the zombie’s slight trembling from their innate spasming movement, beads of slightly yellowish brain matter dripped down from the blade tip.

“Hey!” Qin Lun’s left hand that was covering his face, reached out like lightning, clutching Xiao Lian’s snow white slender neck, pulling her in front of him. Suddenly, their bodies were tightly stuck to each other like lovers.

Feeling the two enormously elastic plump spheres on his chest, the serial killer snuggled up to Xiao Lian’s cheek, sticking out his tongue and licking her soft earlobe, softly blowing a whiff of hot and moist air.

“I am not your Great Demon King Qin Lun. You can call me Joey, Joey Foster!”

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