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Volume 1 – Chapter 2: Reunion with Two Beauties

Seeing that Qin Lun did not continue his approach, that strangely dressed prisoner somewhat relaxed. However, seeing Lin Feng’s weird expression, the prisoner immediately realized something. His neck turned a bit stiffly as he looked behind himself.

“Ah!” Seeing Hanson, the Disciple, whose gaze was sharp as knives, this prisoner only yelped half a note before he reflexively covered his mouth with both hands and forcefully swallowed the rest of his scream.

The prisoner swallowed twice as he emptied his mouth. His eyes glanced around nervously before he staggered onto his feet and stood at Hanson’s side, looking as though he was letting the bigger man be his boss.

Seeing this “ladyboy” showing respect, Hanson instead squinted his eyes and looked carefully at Qin Lun a short distance away. Putting his big hand on the ladyboy’s slim nape, he calmly asked, “What’s your name? And who are those two?”

“Boss Hanson, you can call me Lily!” The ladyboy Lily threw a coquettish look at Hanson, swung his snake-like waist, then hid behind Hanson. He looked with fear at Qin Lun before him, “About those two… I don’t know the one in the suit, but the other one is the Dissector, Joey Foster.”

“The sick serial killer of Huaxia District!” Disciple’s pupils contracted as his gaze focused onto Qin Lun, the one who was still leaning on the railing and looking around at the atrium. Cautiously taking a few steps back, he softly whispered, “Let’s go!”

Seeing Disciple Hanson leaving with Lily towards the other exit, Lin Feng secretly looked at Qin Lun, then moved softly and quietly in hopes to go with the two.

His idea was the same as Lily’s. Although Qin Lun and Hanson were both serial killers, the Disciple was a professional killer. Killing was only for the money, so even if he has a violent temperament, he was still reasonable.

In contrast, rumor has it that Qin Lun was a sicko with split-personality disorder. He did not need a reason to kill, and there was no way to fathom his true nature. Staying near this kind of person is truly too dangerous.

“We’ll go this way!”

Right as Lin Feng tried to take a step, a pale-while hand landed on his shoulder. Turning his head, he found Qin Lun looking at him with a beaming smile.

“Alright, alright!” The young master trembled as all his hairs stood on ends. As a chill crawled down his back, he immediately lowered his head and let out a bitter smile.

Walking down from the third floor of the prison block, they saw that some of the cell doors in each floor were twisted and deformed, clearly as a result of the heavy shaking a while ago. Looking through the cracks, these cells looked pretty much like that of Qin Lun’s cell, except some of the rooms had bunks.

Looking at it like this, these hundred or so cells at least locked up hundreds of people. However, from what Qin Lun observed a moment ago, the only ones who survived seemed to have been ten or so. In other words, the living in the “prison” was only a tenth of its original count.

When Qin Lun and Lin Feng finally arrived at the atrium on the ground floor of the prison block, not a single soul was in sight. They had originally been on the top floor anyway, so in conjunction with the fact that Qin Lun acted like a tourist as he descended the floor, the other escapees had long since escaped the prison block. Even Disciple Hanson and that ladyboy Lily had disappeared from view.

Standing in the center of the atrium, Qin Lun lifted his head happily and took in a deep breath.

“Where are we?” After enjoying the fresh air, Qin Lun once more looked at Lin Feng.

“Huaxia District’s Daxing Mountain primitive forest area. This place belongs to the Federation military’s Area 91 base.” Lin Feng carefully answered.

“Primitive forest?” Qin Lun’s eyes suddenly lit up as he asked curiously, “Is it a human-testing base of operations?”

“You can call it that, but you can also say it’s not!” Lin Feng slightly furrowed his brows. His father was a high-level officer of this military base, while he himself often visits Area 91, so he was quite knowledgeable about the inner workings of the base.

But at another consideration, he hasn’t decided whether it was better to tell Qin Lun everything or not. It’s not that Lin Feng wants to keep secrets for the nation, but he was afraid that after the serial killers understands all the inside story, he will be killed to vent his anger.

Lin Feng continued pondering in his head while mumbling some indiscernible words. Right as he was about to say something, he looked up to see Qin Lun staring at him with an expression that looked like a smile yet not a smile. His clear eyes had seemingly seen through everything.

The look sent a chill down the young master’s spine. From the looks of the situation, only one out of ten men in the base could have survived. Furthermore, those particle rifles of the Federation military had all lost their ability to fire. No matter how the situation changes, there was probably no way for the base to control the situation in a short time.

Sooner or later, Qin Lun will know of the true situation of the base, so if I talk evasively now, I’m afraid of the circûmstances when he finds out.

Arriving at this conclusion, Lin Feng didn’t dare to continue skimping out on information and began to explain everything that he knew about the base, including the greatest secret of using death-row prisoners as space-time teleportation experiment subjects.

“Space-time teleportation?” Qin Lun asked in surprise. This answer was clearly beyond his expectation. He glanced at Lin Feng, then lowered his head and played with the black dagger in his hand. The light in his eyes blinked continuously, looking like he was deep in thought.

“Bring me to the infirmary!” After half a minute, Qin Lun finally broke the silence.

“Infirmary?” This time it was Lin Feng who was surprised. He originally thought that the serial killer was going to hold him hostage in order to find the exit and quickly leave Area 91. He didn’t think that Qin Lun would first ask for the infirmary, since the two of them weren’t injured at all.

However, Lin Feng quickly remembered Qin Lun’s “Dissector” nickname, and his face instantly lost all its color. His legs went limp as he fell paralyzed on the floor.

“Don’t worry!” Qin Lun laughed as he comforted, “I’m Qin Lun, not the serial killer Joey Foster. I won’t hurt you. The other prisoners probably left for the cafeteria, so we should go find some medical supplies for ourselves. Outside this base is a dense jungle, so someone is bound to get injured.”

Lin Feng observed Qin Lun’s clear gaze and calmed himself. Trembling as he stood, he carefully asked, “Should we go to the cafeteria to find some food as well?”

“Haha, they’re not there to find food. What they want to find are weapons!” Qin Lun gave a meaningful look to Lin Feng. “Now that an accident occurred in the base and modern weapons have all lost their uses, I’m afraid that knives and forks are far more effective if conflicting sides were to engage in combat!”

Lin Feng suddenly realized that because all of the prisoners in the base were death row prisoners, now that they have such a great opportunity to break out of jail, they definitely wouldn’t wait to be executed. And before they could leave the base, they would definitely have to fight with the surviving Federation soldiers. As such, the first thought in their heads when they got out of their cells would naturally be to find a weapon.

The inmates in the base basically all eat composite foods, but the researchers and high-level officials would not be eating the same composite material. There must be a large quantity of eating utensils in the cafeteria, perhaps even liquor that could be made into molotov cocktails.

If this was the truth, then the first target of all the inmates would definitely be the cafeteria. Although there could be surgical scalpels in the infirmary, they were probably too small for the tastes of the death-row inmates. Without large cutting tools, one might as well get a metal stick of something to use as a weapon.

Understanding this point, Lin Feng’s heart filled with remorse and nervousness. Even though he had never witnessed any prison insurrections before, he knew that if the inmates could not find a way out, they would definitely hold someone hostage to use as a trading piece with the Federation. In this case, he was clearly the best hostage in the whole base.

“Bring me to the infirmary and I’ll let you go!” Qin Lun gently stated once more, evidently having seen through Lin Feng’s train of thought.

“You’re really going to let me go?” Lin Feng asked nervously.

“Like I said before, I’m Qin Lun, not the serial killer Joey!” Qin Lun waved his hand helplessly. “When we get to the infirmary, you can switch into a prisoner outfit and hide yourself. I don’t have any way of protecting you before all those inmates!”


The infirmary was the place that the inmates most frequently visited, so perhaps for the purpose of an ease of transport, the base’s infirmary was very close to the jail area. Since both were on the same floor. Qin Lun and Lin Feng arrived in front of the infirmary after passing through two empty hallways.

“Huh? It’s locked!” Lin Feng said in surprise as he pulled on the infirmary door.

“Force it open!” Qin Lun raised an eyebrow and motioned Lin Feng to the door.

“Bam!” Lin Feng held bitterness on his face as he took a step back and tackled the door with his shoulder.

“Ow ow!” The pain of his shoulder made this soft-skinned and tender-fleshed young master cry out in pain. He felt as if his shoulder blade had been shattered into pieces. However, the most surprising part was that another scream came out of the other end of the infirmary.

“There are other people in here?” Lin Feng held his shoulder as he looked flabbergasted at the interior of the room.

Right as he stuck his head through the doorway, he saw a shining scalpel flying over at his face. He was frightened to the point of freezing in place as he looked on with a stupefied expression. However, he immediately felt a tug on his collar as someone forcefully pulled him back. Having lost his balance, he couldn’t help but fall on his behind and barely avoided death.

Qin Lun took one glance at Lin Feng’s ghastly pale appearance, then ignored him. Looking inside the room, two figures were standing side by side: one tall, one short. A smile crept onto Qin Lun’s face as he spotted a pair of familiar faces.

“b*stard, you…” Finally breaking out of his trance, Lin Feng got up from the hallway floor. He didn’t get to clearly see the identity of the room’s inhabitants, having only seen so much as their white medical coats. Realizing that they were probably not the inmates that he had expected, angry sudden arose from within him. Clenching his fists, he jumped up and charged into the infirmary.

Ever since the accident happened, being around a serial killer had caused the young master Lin to be in a state of anxiety. Now that the people before him were his own people, his pent-up emotions instantly lashed out. However, when he finally saw the face of the two figures in the room, he stood stunned on the spot.

Of the two white coats in the room, one had a child’s face and large bosom, the other looked cold and elegant. Surprisingly, both were extraordinary beauties. Naturally, these two were the little nurse Xiao Lian and chief physician Hu Fei.

“Come inside quickly. Don’t let them notice you guys!” Seeing the two living men outside the door, Xiao Lian perched her small mouth as a hint of anxiousness appeared on her face. It looked as if she didn’t see that there was a serial killer between the two before her.

“Huh?” Right as Lin Feng was about to ask them for an apology, he suddenly felt a strong force behind him as he was pushed into the room by Qin Lun.

“Bam!” After pushing Lin Feng into the infirmary, Qin Lun immediately closed the infirmary door as a hint of curiosity wandered into his eyes. Unlike Lin Feng, when Xiao Lian yelled out in surprise, he spotted with his peripheral vision several figures coming around the corner.

“Interesting!” Thinking back to the stiff and shaky walking form of those figures, in addition to the strangely tilted heads, none of those figures looked like a living person. Qin Lun’s lips curled into an excited smile.

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