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Volume 0 – Chapter 2: Area 91

After exiting the transport, Qin Lun was transferred to a brightly-lit, yet sealed, room. The walls were pieced together from steel plates, which stood out all the more, as there was nothing else in the place aside from several thumb-sized holes in the corners.

Sssssssshhh~ Not long after Qin Lun had entered the room, a faint white gas puffed out of those holes and slowly filled the room.

Poisonous gas? Am I going to die? A dizzy spell hit Qin Lun as a sliver of movement dashed through his crystal-clear pupils.

Bang! The sound of a heavy steam prohibition suit crashing onto the floor soon sounded out from the room.


Federation Military Area 91, Daxing Mountain, Northeast Way of Cathay District.

Before the Federation united the world, there were many unsolved mysteries and mysterious wonders in the past, examples being the Bermuda Triangle, the Tunguska Explosion, and Mohenjo-daro.

However, with the progress of human technological advancement, many of these mysteries obtained new explanations. Currently, there was only a handful of unsolved mysteries remaining in the Human Federation. The Federation’s Military Area 91 was one such mysterious place.

Hundreds of years ago, in the super nation of China, a moderate sized explosion occurred in the northeastern jungles of Daxing Mountains. After the event, the Chinese military had sealed off this area, claiming that it had been an earthquake disaster.

After the Human Federation had united the world, the Federation military established Area 91 in this area and began to gather the elite scientists within its facility secretly.

That explosion several hundred years ago had a small effective radius of only several hundred meters. A spherical area was marked off by the blast. In the crevice, both of the hanging cliffs on the side and the ground had turned into mirror-like crystals. Rocks and soil had been transformed into crystalline structures. The most astonishing aspect was that unstable space-time ruptures had appeared within this spherical explosion area.

These space-time ruptures are of various sizes. Small ruptures appear very often, but their existence is inversely very short, usually lasting about several hundred-thousandths of a second. Larger space-time ruptures take up to at least several years to several decades before they appear. Each time, these large ruptures can remain from several seconds to a few minutes of time.

Hundreds of years ago, limited by the technology and knowledge of that period, China was unable to obtain much in terms of practical gains from Area 91. In contrast, following the unification, the Human Federation had enough scientific prowess to research the physical phenomenon of space-time ruptures. In a chance investigation, Federation scientists had used magnetic light rays on the ruptures and were able to obtain a small piece of a mysterious metal.

This piece of metal was constructed from unknown elements. Not only was it weightless, it performed even better than the Federation’s best space flight material under both super high and super low temperatures. At the same time, it was a memory metal, so it was able to restore itself to a fixed extent. Using this piece of metal, the Human Federation was able to obtain countless breakthroughs in the fields of spacefaring and military technology.

Once they got their first taste of the mysterious technology, the Federation began to heavily invest in Area 91, to the extent that they even wanted to send military personnel into the space-time ruptures. The scientists first sent a husky through the rupture, but the expectations of an animal show turned into an episode of murder. The head that the little dog stuck to investigate the rupture disappeared without a trace and left the neck stump cleanly sliced as if by a guillotine.

That said, the failure of the experiment did not scare those Federation scientists who were determined to dedicate their lives to the research. Finally, they were able to send a team of Federation soldiers and scientist into a rupture considered most stable to this day. They were also successful in retrieving the sole survivor of the research team.

This scientist brought back three items from the space-time rupture: A medieval teapot, an extraterrestrial organism’s skeletal remains, and a small spatial transporter.

Leaving aside that medieval teapot, the extraterrestrial organism’s skeletal remains significantly boosted the Human Federation’s Biotechnology research. It helped humankind to realize a true regeneration of limbs. In a similar vein, the small size spatial transporter was the core of the Federation’s Sky Rail transportation technology.

As one can well imagine, Area 91’s value to the Human Federation was immense. Sadly, the Federation hero that returned from the space-time rupture became brain dead instantly upon returning and turned into a vegetative state. In the most stringent sense of speaking, the whole team of 32 Federation elites had been completely wiped out. None were able to return to the human world in a conscious state.

In the following two hundred years, a second rupture with a similar size and stability was never seen again in Area 91. Furthermore, Federation scientist found out that the explosion region’s space-time phenomenon was gradually receding. Large space-time ruptured appearance periods began to take longer and longer. As of currently, they would need at least a decade before appearing again, not to mention with shorter existence timeframes.

In other words, the spherical region’s space-time phenomenon could very well completely disappear at some point. At the same time, it meant that the danger level of sending humans into the ruptures would also accordingly become riskier as the waiting periods become longer.

Majority of the human that enter space-time ruptures would be torn into dust by the chaotic time flow. The small minority of successful entrees would mostly be lost on the other side due to the short duration of the space-time rupture.

There was only an extremely small number of lucky survivors that were able to return in time through the rupture. However, these people all became brain dead upon their return. They brought back a fantastic variety of objects, but truly beneficial things were few and far between.

Nowadays, Area 91 no long sends scientists and Federation soldiers through space-time ruptures. Instead, they operate as the execution grounds for the death row prisoners from every jail in the world. These prisoners would all be told a beautiful fairy tale before they were made to enter the ruptures:

If they were able to return from the ruptures successfully, then they would receive a special pardon from the Federation that removed the death penalty and forced labor. They would be able to begin a new life with a new identity. Of course, the Federation neglected to explain the part that they would enjoy their new life in permanent vegetative states on hospital beds!

The whole Area 91 was half buried underground. It was a shrine-shaped large-scale structure. The shrine-type construction’s box-shape roof just happened to connect to the spherical region created in the explosion from several hundreds of years earlier.

This spherical region’s diameter reached several hundred meters with wave-like ripples spontaneously appearing in the air. Miniscule disassociated elementary particles sparked and dimmed at will, and danced wildly through the air like electric arcs.

“Professor, how is the preparation?”

At this time, in Area 91’s control center, a Federation soldier in a general’s attire observed the large display and asked the base’s chief engineer.

“According to the supercomputer, this space-time rupture appears once in 17 years. At this point, we are unable to verify the size, but it should be big enough to allow an adult to pass through.” The grizzled-hair professor nervously explained, “The free particles sped up their movement orbit three days ago. If it continues at this rate, the space-time rupture could appear in the next few days!”


In the Area 91 infirmary, Qin Lun’s eyelids shook slightly before they slowly opened. The bright light caused the serial killer to squint his eyes involuntarily. As his pupils contracted, his view gradually became clear.

Clang! Right as Qin Lin wanted to sit up, heavy restricted sensations came from his limbs and his back. He tilted his head slightly and saw that he was lying on a simple-looking stretcher. From the corner of his eye, he saw that a roll of sturdy leather rope bound his wrists to the railing. Qin Lun was quite familiar with this type of binding, as he was bound countless times in this fashion when he was at the mental hospital.

“You’re awake!” A gentle voice came from his side.

Qin Lun turned his face and found a young girl in nurse attire walking towards him.

This young girl seemed to be a minor. Her rosy cheeks had a tiny bit of baby fat. Her skin was pink and tender-looking, with a pale blush showing through the white skin. The pair of large eyes were crystal clear. The specks of faint freckles on her face gave her a bit of charming cuteness.

In terms of appearance, this girl was probably just average, but that pair of G-cup spheres that lifted the front of her nurse garb added several points to her rating. Childlike countenance matched with large breasts! Qin Lun suddenly understood everything. With a pair of lethal weapons like this, this girl was clearly of age. It’s just that she had a childish face.

“Xiao Lian, don’t talk to him. This person is very dangerous!” A cold female voice came from behind the little nurse.

“Sorry, Sister Hu Fei!” Xiao Lian made a face at the prisoner and softly said, “Don’t be scared. We’re just going to give you a physical examination!”

Du, du, du! The sound of high-heels came from behind Xiao Lian. An expressionless exotic beauty appeared before the prisoner’s field of view.

Qin Lun had been moved into a mental hospital at age 12, transferred into a juvenile detention facility at age 15, then locked into Handan High Security at age 16. His interactions with the outside world were especially scarce. The concept of aesthetics and knowledge were only those from books. But even with his limited understanding of beauty, the murderer still became aware instantly that the woman before him was an otherworldly beauty.

The woman had a delicate oval face with skin as smooth-looking as silk. Her pair of red phoenix eyes were not as big as Xiao Lian’s eyes, but the long lashes shaded her jade-like eyes that inadvertently would display a hint of seductive charm. It was only because of her slightly raised willow-like brows and her frigid charming face that gave her a cool elegant and magnificent quality.

This exotic beauty who was called Hu Fei by Xiao Lian was probably a female doctor. Following the crisp clicks of her heels, she quickly arrived at the side of the stretcher. Although the mask obstructed his view and he was unable to see the bottom half of the beautiful woman, Qin Lun noticed that she was at least half a head taller than adjacent Xiao Lian. Her figure was probably one of those tall and slender types.

Qin Lun’s sight was suddenly dimmed as the beautiful doctor leaned over and blocked the light. A single flexible stick pushed his eyelid up as a faint fragrance wafted into his nose. The prisoner’s eyeballs slowly looked downwards and noticed the name tag on the white gown. The two characters “Hu Fei” were inscribed on the tag, so it was probably this beauty’s name.

Qin Lun’s eyes turned again and peeked through the garb’s collar. He faintly saw a pair of raised peaks as well as that strip of flush white cleavage.

Hu Fei very quickly noticed the prisoner’s gawking as a sliver of anger dashed through her cold and elegant eyes.

“Xiao Lian, sedate him!”

“But… Sister Hu Fei, the sedative will give the exam result a slight deviation!” Xiao Lian looked worriedly at the prisoner on the stretcher.

“It will be alright as long as he doesn’t have any infectious disease or terminal illness!” Hu Fei coldly waved her hand to disregard Xiao Lian’s input.

“That’s too bad. Looks like you had angered Sister Hu Fei!” Xiao Lian apologetically said as she injected a dose of sedatives into the prisoner’s arm.

Qin Lun felt as if he was falling into a cold lake as the surrounding started to blur. The voices nearby became indistinct as a wave of sleepiness washed over him.

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