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Volume 0 – Chapter 3: Space-Time Teleportation

Qin Lun leaned against the wall and observed the outside through the air shutter. He was in a ten-square-meter room with a fist-sized air shutter on the heavy steel door. The walls were all constructed with alloy steel plates. One side of the wall was adorned with a fold-able hanging-bed along with a flush toilet made from composite materials.

Through the shutter, Qin Lun saw that there were rows of similar cells in the distance, but only some of the cells were inhabited with prisoners. He quickly found that many of these prisoners were reticent like him, so the whole prison cell sector was covered in a deathly stillness.

Guards occasionally patrol through the hallways of the prison sector, sometimes bringing along new inmates into the facility. Qin Lun initially thought that his death penalty decision had received an unexpected delay since he was transferred to this prison. However, he very quickly changed his hypothesis, because those occasional guards patrolling the halls do not like prison officers.

These guards were suited in Federation military attire and carried the standard-issue particle laser rifle. Their movements revealed their hard to conceal their capable and vigorous physiques. Clearly, these were not regular prison officers; they looked more like standard Federation soldiers instead.

Puuch, puuch! A strange noise reverberated through the hallway.

Qin Lun’s expression faintly changed when he recognized this sound. He was quite familiar with it, as it was the sound of the steam prohibition suit. Looks like another heavyweight guest has entered this humble abode.

It has been about a week since Xiao Lian had injected him with the sedative. In the last week, Qin Lun had seen several steam-suit-encased prisoners walking past in the jailhouse hallway. In other words, there could be other serial killers imprisoned in this Federation military “prison.”


“I’ve finally got to see you, Serial Killer Qin Lun!”

In a spacious control room, several white-robed scientists surrounded a handsome youth as they viewed Qin Lun’s holographic projection. The youth was adorned in a gorgeous suit and had a domineering manner that complimented his taunting smile. He stood up significantly in comparison to the researchers in the room.

Looking at the hologram, a hint of fanaticism exuded from the young man’s eyes.

“I want to see him personally!”

“Young Master Lin, this… is too dangerous!” The gold-spectacle scientist adjusted his gold-thread glasses and awkwardly said, “Don’t judge him by how he looks right now. He has a split personality disorder, so there is another serial killer personality inside of him…”

“Whatever. I know more about Qin Lun than you do!” The youth impatiently waves his arm and interrupted the middle-aged man’s speech, “Quickly arrange a meeting for me. I can’t want to meet him!”

As he spoke, the youth grabbed Qin Lun’s “Death Notice” and walked out of the room towards the prison sector. Behind him, two bodyguards in black suits silently followed.

“Professor, should we really do this?” A research student moved closer to the middle-aged scientist and softly whispered, “Qin Lun is a Level S felon. This is against the regulations!”

“It’s already against regulations to allow Lin Feng enter Area 91!” The middle-aged professor adjusted his glasses again and helplessly sighed, “But what could we do when he is the only son of General Lin! General Lin is the military representative of Area 91 and controls the funding of the base. We can’t afford to offend him. Let the prison sector’s guards know that after sedating Qin Lun, they need to put a steam inhibition suit on him.

“Lin Feng normally isn’t this stubborn when he visits the base, so what happened this time?” The young research student asked with a puzzled look.

“What do you know! I heard that he is a Qin Lun fanatic and collected a lot of case materials related to Qin Lun. He also bribed the police to extract several pieces of Qin Lun’s murdering tools out of the evidence vault from Handan Police Department.”

The middle-aged professor scanned around the room and softly whisper to his most valued student, “I also heard that Lin Feng, along with several other sons of influential families organized a Death Championship for the rich and powerful crowd. Serial killers like Qin Lun all are the championship’s ace players.”

“What?” The research student shuddered as his eyes looked with disbelief. “Do you mean that all those prisoners who died suddenly when Lin Feng visit are all…”

“Shut your mouth. If you understand, then know you should keep your mouth shut. Or else your research career here will soon meet its end!” The middle-aged professor sternly scolded his student.


Qin Lun confusedly awoke with a hint of dizziness still drifting in his mind. Moving his arms and legs, he found that his limbs were abnormally heavy. It looked like he had been suited in a steam inhibition suit again. It was set to restrict his movement so he could do nothing but stand still silently.

“Serial Killer Qin Lun!” A handsome face appeared before the prisoner.

Lin Feng looked at the pair of crystal clear eyes within the steel mask with a fanatic craze on his face. He slowly walked towards the steam inhibition unit with the “Death Notice” that contained Qin Lun’s information.

“Young master Lin!” The two bodyguards looked at each other and stood between the metal monster and Lin Feng.

“Fúck off!” Lin Feng angrily pushed aside the guards before him. Stretching out his arms, he hugged the steam contraption and rubbed his face on the steel mask as he grumbled softly.

“Your existence is too wonderful. You’re practically a natural star. I’ve collected everything about you: news clippings, presentations, non-public information… I’ve even bribed the police so that they would make copies of the crime scene photos. They are all of my greatest treasures!”

The two bodyguards awkwardly turned their heads to look elsewhere. After spending a great deal of time with this young master, they had gotten very familiar with the master’s perverse quirks. After all, the serial killer was locked inside the steam inhibition suit, so he wouldn’t be able to cause any substantial amount of harm.

A sinister smile gradually appeared on Lin Feng’s face.

“Those guys in the Club knows sh*t! They all think that you’re just a crazed serial killer. Only I know to appreciate your artistic pieces. You will become my ace and bring me the glory of the victory in the Death Championship.”

“Oh, that’s right. I brought you a gift!” Lin Feng smacked his own head and took out a small cloth pouch from his suit’s breast pocket. Slowly opening the wrapped layers, he said, “Look at this. I’ve switched out the tools that you once used in your murders and taken it from Handan Police Department’s evidence vault. This thing is made from forging together a meteor shard with those weapons! Isn’t this a piece of art? Isn’t this beautiful?”

A crescent-shaped black dagger laid in the middle of the cloth bundle. It looked like a half of a scissor, with a blade as thin as that of a paper knife. The rows of sharp teeth on the blade spine looked as if they were the sharp teeth of deadly piranhas. Though it lacked a standard leather grip, the tip of the handle was marked with a steel ring just large enough to fit a thumb. In this fashion, the dagger didn’t look too different from a ninja’s kunai.

Qin Lun’s murder methods were extraordinarily bloody and merciless. He had also used many different weapons for his murderous acts, many of which were used to dissect and dismember the victims’ corpses. Of all the tools he’s used for dismemberment, the serial killer’s favorite weapon was still various kinds of separated halves of scissors.

From the analysis by psychologists, the police were told that it likely originated from his parents. Even when he killed the male nurse at Children’s Welfare Agency, Qin Lun had a sharp scissor half in his hand. The trauma from childhood turned the scissor halves into the serial killer’s tool of protection and murder weapon.

After seeing the crescent dagger, there was a sliver of movement in the crystal-clear eyes behind the heavy steel mask. A mysterious and complicated radiance flickered in the jet-black pupils.

“No need to be anxious, Qin Lun. This will definitely belong to you!” Lin Feng confidently nodded. Once again, he wrapped the dagger back in its cloth bundle and stuffed it back into his breast pocket.


At the same time, on the control room’s large display, the spherical region was suddenly lit up with large patches of free particles, and those particles started to gather towards the middle. A small sun formed in the core as a clear space-time rupture appeared in the spherical region.

“General, the space-time rupture is appearing.” A programmer frantically yelled from the control desk.

“How is that possible? The free particles have all been in their hibernation state for the last week, so why did they suddenly become excited?” The white-haired Chief Engineer opened his eyes wide as he stared at the display in shock.

“Professor, how much time do we have for sending prisoners into the ruptures?” The general’s expression shifted as he turned and asked.

“It’s too late. It’s too late…” The elderly Chief Engineer mumbled to himself as he continued to look at the screen.

“Professor, when the free particles had broken the highest record of excitement rate. It seems like the space-time field is expanding!”

“What?!” The old professor and the general simultaneously shouted in alarm.

The spherical space-time field was right above the Area 91 base, so if the field started to expand, then the whole base might be in danger.

Chiiiiaa! Without waiting for the two high-ranking officials to give out their orders, a pitch-black crack appeared on the control center’s large display screen. Looking like a monster’s eye, the crack appeared in the spherical region and began to slowly pull on both sides. An orange-colored oval transportation door appeared before everyone’s eyes.

“What in the world is this?” The white-haired professor cried out alarmingly, but could not hide the hint of excitement in his eyes. For a scientist like him, the passion for the investigation into the secrets of the universe was much more important than his own life.

Following the appearance of the transportation portal, the spherical space-time field shrunk then expanded. The formerly several hundred-meter-long diameters expanded more than tenfold and enveloped the whole Area 91 within its influence.

Whoosh! The shrine-like structure of the Area 91 Federation Experiment Base shrunk into the size of a toy and was quickly sucked into the portal. Even the deep foundation of the building was pulled up by the roots and sucked into the portal along with a huge pile of soil and rocks.

After engulfing everything in the surrounding, the eye-like space-time portal slowly closed itself and disappeared. The expanded space-time field shrunk once more into a tiny point and finally disappeared.

A cool breeze swept past the empty grounds. The hundreds-years-old space-time domain finally disappeared from Hua Xia District’s primitive forest. There was only a many kilometer wide spherical pit where the military base used to stand.

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