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Chapter 37: They Are A Good Match.

TL: Resonance

    第三十七章 就是般配。

Chapter 37: They Are A Good Match.

    顾栖松是个十分称职的保镖。他在剧组的时候就总是守在附近, 更何况陈璇只是个并不熟悉的人, 出于他保镖的责任感,他需要将她时刻保持在视线范围内,在得知陈璇的想法后, 他便陪同她重返休息室。

Gu Qisong is a very competent bodyguard. He is always standing on guard nearby when in the set location. Moreover, Chen Xuan is just an unfamiliar person. Out of his sense of responsibility as a bodyguard, he needs to keep her within sight at all times. After learning about Chen Xuan’s thoughts, he accompanied her back to the lounge.

    听对方是来找阮夜笙的, 奚墨立刻站了起来——刚休息没几分钟, 精分演戏时刻又来临了。

Hearing that the other party was looking for Ruan Yesheng, Xi Mo immediately stood up. She barely rested for a few minutes and the time to act came again.


Fortunately, she is long used to it and can switch easily.


Ruan Yesheng also stood up.

    “你好, 请问找我有什么事?”奚墨见陈璇看起来挺紧张的, 当下舒缓了声音, 微笑道。

“Hello, what can I do for you?” Xi Mo saw that Chen Xuan looked nervous, so she soothed her voice and said with a smile.

    陈璇抬起眼, 有些怯怯地低喊:“踏……踏歌。”

Chen Xuan raised her eyes and called out timidly, “Ta… Ta Ge[1].”


Ruan Yesheng froze for a moment and looked over completely unconsciously.


The name ‘Ta Ge’ is too familiar to her and the meaning is also too special.

    当年阮夜笙的电影“踏歌声”红遍全国,她扮演的女主角踏歌成为许多影迷心中无可替代的一抹颜色。这颜色炽热明灿,和阮夜笙在电影结尾的那一段风华舞蹈一起, 永远地留在了那段早已消逝的旧时光里。

Back then, Ruan Yesheng’s movie “Treading With Your Voice” became popular all over the country. Ta Ge, the heroine played by her, has become an irreplaceable touch of colour in the hearts of many movie fans. This colour was passionate and bright. Combined with Ruan Yesheng’s elegant dance at the end of the movie, it stayed forever in the old times which were long gone.


Now, she has long been forgotten by the public.

    可在真正爱她的人们心中, 她的模样从未被时间消磨掉, 只需要哪怕一个快速的掠影, 就足以唤起那些人心中珍藏的记忆。

But in the hearts of people who truly love her, her appearance has never faded away with time. Just a quick glimpse is enough to evoke the memories cherished in the hearts of those people.

    奚墨看过阮夜笙的踏歌声, 她当然知道陈璇称呼的这个名字的意义, 也猜到这个陈璇应该是阮夜笙的粉丝。

Xi Mo has seen Ruan Yesheng’s “Treading With Your Voice” before. Naturally, she knew the meaning behind the name Chen Xuan has called and also guessed that this Chen Xuan is most likely Ruan Yesheng’s fan.


Xi Mo smiled and said, “It’s been a long time since someone called me that.”

    有些粉丝入戏太深, 爱上作品某个角色, 总是将饰演的演员也当做她最喜欢的那个角色,做着一个与现实不同的幻梦。

Some fans fall too deep into a show. When they fall in love with a certain character in the work, they always treat the actor as their favourite character and fantasize something different from reality.


Seeing the sincere and passionate light in Chen Xuan’s eyes, Xi Mo couldn’t bear to wake her up from her fantasies, so she kept smiling. Many of her own fans also call her directly by the nickname of certain characters she has acted as. Although she has acted in many roles, she feels that she will always be Xi Mo and will never change. She is a character when filming, but she completely separates herself from her role when she isn’t acting. But since they like to call her that way, she also hopes they will be happy.


“Ta Ge, I’m… your fan.” Chen Xuan held the door and seemed to be many times more nervous than when she first came to visit Xi Mo. “I just wanted to… come and see you. Am I disturbing you? It’s just for a short while.”


“Thank you. You’re not disturbing me. I don’t have anything to do at the moment.” Xi Mo was natural and poised as she walked towards Chen Xuan. She greeted her and said, “Let’s go there.”


Chen Xuan seemed a little uneasy and didn’t dare to move. Xi Mo smiled and turned to walk towards the sofa while beckoning to her. This smile was warm and seemed to give Chen Xuan great courage instantly. Chen Xuan quickly followed. However, there seemed to be a problem with her leg. She was limping a little when she walked and wasn’t very coordinated.


Chen Xuan seemed to be under a lot of psychological pressure while walking, she subconsciously used her satchel to cover her own legs. It was unknown if it was because her flaw was exposed to others or because it was before the celebrity she likes so much.


Of course, Xi Mo had seen the problem with her leg a long time ago. That’s why she led her towards the sofa which can let Chen Xuan rest.


“Take a seat.” Xi Mo said warmly.


However, Chen Xuan continued standing while her hands clenched her satchel tightly.


Ruan Yesheng stood beside the sofa silently and sized up Chen Xuan. It has been so long. She never imagined that there would be a day her fan came looking for her. This feeling is indeed a wonderful kind of nostalgia. Unfortunately, she has switched bodies and couldn’t interact with her as Ruan Yesheng.


Chen Xuan looked at Xi Mo, then turned to look at Ruan Yesheng. Her cheeks were hot.


Ruan Yesheng smiled and thought about the situation before her. It’s probably not convenient for her to stay here. Just when she was about to whisper to Xi Mo to inform her about leaving, Chen Xuan bowed to Ruan Yesheng and stammered, “Xi Mo, I like both you and Ta Ge very much. I… I came specially to see you today just like the other girls. But I did truly have another purpose. I wanted to see if I could meet Ta Ge. But I really wasn’t trying to use the opportunity to see you with the other fan club members as the chance to do other things. I am a fan of yours and have liked you for many years, please believe me!”


Neither Xi Mo nor Ruan Yesheng expected that Chen Xuan would suddenly explain herself. Ruan Yesheng also thinks that her serious and nervous look is very cute. She also thought that if she leaves now, it might also bring pressure to Chen Xuan and make her misunderstand. It would be more natural for her to stay.


Ruan Yesheng smiled and said, “I understand. Have a seat, I will bring you a drink. Is juice okay?”


Chen Xuan was very surprised. “Please, please don’t trouble yourself!”


“It’s okay.”


“Then juice is fine. Thank you, thank you!


Ruan Yesheng got up to get the juice, while Xi Mo sat down beside Chen Xuan.


Chen Xuan felt like she was dreaming. Her goddess Xi Mo went to get her a drink, and Ta Ge was sitting next to her. No one might believe her if she told others about this.


She was in a daze for a while before she snapped out of it. She took out a notebook and pen from her bag and said to Xi Mo, “I know all of you are very busy, so I will leave soon. Please… sign this for me.”


“Okay.” Xi Mo took the notebook and opened it. The thick notebook was filled with pages of Ruan Yesheng’s pictures pasted in it. Many of them are pictures of Ruan Yesheng dancing. Some are still photos, and some are photos of Ruan Yesheng’s dance performance.


Ruan Yesheng started learning to dance when she was a child. She mainly learned classical dance. Before going to film college to study, she was already a very outstanding dancer. She was considered a rare talent by many well-known teachers in the dance industry and often participated in various performances and competitions. Later, Ruan Yesheng’s value skyrocketed after she became popular from acting in “Treading With Your Voice”. Various film opportunities came like a continuous stream. She was so busy she never performed on stage again. Those dance stage photos are some earlier photos collected by Chen Xuan.


The photos are also interesting. The performance date is also marked at the bottom of each photo, informing her which year, month, day, time, and location it was held. Because the audience are not allowed to take photos privately during the dance performance, these photos are actually the promotional photos of that performance. Dance performances are generally niche with little publicity. It’s not easy to collect so many original promotional photos. It’s obvious that it took Chen Xuan great efforts.


Ruan Yesheng’s fans were gained generally after her film. Most of them admired her acting style and didn’t know much about her dances. For Chen Xuan to be able to do so much, she is either a hardcore fan that collect every photo of her idol before and after her idol gained popularity, or she truly have an extraordinary love for Ruan Yesheng’s dance.


Looking at Chen Xuan, it’s probably the latter.


Xi Mo uncapped the pen and said, “Do you like watching me dance?”


Chen Xuan’s eyes shone brightly and she didn’t find the need to cover up the look of worship in her eyes. “Yes. I love it! I have liked watching you dance since a long time ago. I bought tickets for many of your performances. But sometimes, the city you’re performing in is too far and I couldn’t make it time wise, so I missed those. I didn’t manage to collect the ticket, but I collected the promotional photos.”


She seemed a little embarrassed when she said this.


Xi Mo smiled and said, “Thank you.”


“I should be the one thanking you.” Chen Xuan’s eyes were a little red. “At that time, I felt that dancing was too difficult. But every time I watched your performance, I felt that I could continue dancing again. I thought that if I work harder, I might be able to catch up to you a little one day. Afterwards, you acted in “Treading With Your Voice”. Your dance in that work is so beautiful. I watched it many times and even went to learn it.”


It turns out that she is also a dancer and liked Ruan Yesheng before she became famous. She likes Ruan Yesheng because of her dance and fell deeper in love because of “Treading With Your Voice”. Even now, she never forgot Ruan Yesheng.


How long can a fan like her idol?


Some people like a different idol after a few months.


Some people can like their idols for a few years.


Some people like their idols when they are still insignificant, when they are shining brilliantly and when they return back to obscurity. Their love for their idol remains the same from start to end.


Xi Mo was about to sign for Chen Xuan, but was afraid that she would be too nervous sitting there, so she decided to chat with her and casually asked, “Which dance group are you in now?”


Chen Xuan lowered her head and looked at her legs. “…I haven’t danced in a few years. I can’t dance anymore.”


Xi Mo’s hand stopped.


She could tell that there was some problem with Chen Xuan’s leg, but she had thought that it was just a temporary injury that would be fine after some recovery and rest. She didn’t expect that it would be a permanent and irrecoverable injury. To a dancer, their legs are their life and their everything. If their legs cannot dance, their dancing career is completely over. She can see that Chen Xuan loves dancing very much. Having a permanent leg injury must be a fatal blow to Chen Xuan.


“Sorry, I didn’t know you…” Xi Mo said apologetically.


She is dedicated to her work by nature, so she respects those who love their jobs or interest very much. It was already unfortunate to hear that Chen Xuan could no longer dance. She felt even more apologetic when she accidentally touched on this painful subject.


Chen Xuan said in a panic, “No, no. You don’t have to mind it Ta Ge. I’m fine! It’s been a long time already, it’s nothing.”


After a pause, she said, “At that time, when I knew that my legs could no longer dance, I did feel depressed for a long time. Then, I watched your dance again. After watching it, I still feel very happy. Although I could no longer dance, I still have the chance to watch you dance. That’s good enough. I need to let myself live a little happier so that I will have more opportunities to see beautiful things.”


She looked very open-minded.


Xi Mo finally understood what Ruan Yesheng meant to her.


Sometimes, when you like and admire someone, that person can become your light. That person may not necessarily know your existence, but the comfort brought to you by your love and yearning for that person can make you go further.


This was the first fan that came to find Ruan Yesheng when she came back after many years of obscurity. This fan is so special, Xi Mo hopes that she can help Ruan Yesheng fulfill her wish.


She believes this is also Ruan Yesheng’s wish.


She suddenly wished to do it for Ruan Yesheng.


“What name do you want me to sign with?” Xi Mo asked Chen Xuan softly, “Ta Ge or my name?”


Chen Xuan said happily, “Both are fine.”


When Xi Mo heard this, she immediately felt relieved.


She was originally a little worried that Chen Xuan would want her to sign as “Ta Ge” as she has been calling her that way. Ever since their bodies were exchanged, she and Ruan Yesheng have spent time learning from each other and imitating each other’s signatures in order to not reveal themselves. It was for dealing with situations that needed their signature, such as signing for fans or contracts. Xi Mo can sign Ruan Yesheng’s name now just like Ruan Yesheng’s previous style. However, she hasn’t practiced signing “Ta Ge”. She was worried that the signature might not look the same.


Xi Mo signed Ruan Yesheng’s name on the notebook. Just when she was feeling relieved, Chen Xuan carefully asked, “Do you mind writing a line you said in “Treading With Your Voice” ?”


Xi Mo: “…”


For the situation before her, she had to make it possible even if it was impossible.


Xi Mo felt troubled but her expression was as gentle as a spring breeze. She said, “Sure. Let me think of my favourite line. It has been many years since that movie aired, I can’t remember clearly the lines I have said before. It would be bad if I wrote my lines wrongly. Please wait a moment, I will check online to confirm.”


Chen Xuan nodded her head to express her understanding. “Yeah, it has been so many years. I may have watched it many times, but I only remember the general meaning for some of the lines.”


Xi Mo shifted body and changed to sitting in another direction. She covered her phone from view and pretended to be searching online, but she was actually texting Ruan Yesheng. “She wants me to write a line from “Treading With Your Voice”. I didn’t learn your handwriting for other words. All I know is how to sign your name. She likes you so much, she must be familiar with your handwriting. Quickly come over and find an opportunity to write to her, don’t slip up.”


Chen Xuan feared that she was holding up Xi Mo, so she hurriedly said, “It’s okay. It’s fine even if you didn’t write the lines. I’m satisfied with just the signature.”


Xi Mo always does what she says. “I will definitely write it since I promised to.”


Chen Xuan was very touched and thought that Ta Ge is really too gentle.


The “gentle” “Ta Ge” was currently sitting upright. While pretending to be serious as she checked her phone’s webpage, she wondered resentfully why Ruan Yesheng still wasn’t here.


Ruan Yesheng saw the text message and quickly came to the rescue while bringing the juice. She placed the juice on the coffee table in front of the sofa. Chen Xuan stood up feeling flattered and kept saying, “Thank you goddess!”


Ruan Yesheng smiled at her and turned to look at Xi Mo. Xi Mo gave her a glance and Ruan Yesheng walked over tacitly. Ruan Yesheng took the notebook and looked through it with interest, then said to Xi Mo, “There’s so many photos of you back when you were dancing.”


She even blinked at Xi Mo when she said this.


Xi Mo: “…”


Chen Xuan’s attention was instantly diverted when she saw Ruan Yesheng take the notebook. Both of her goddesses are standing in front of her, and one goddess was also looking at the photo of her other goddess! Chen Xuan was stunned from the happiness that suddenly came at her, it was like a firework exploded in her. She felt that she would be willing even if someone asked her to do square dancing at Tiananmen Square!


“Can I take a look?” Ruan Yesheng asked and sat down on the other side of Xi Mo seemingly naturally. With Xi Mo in the middle, she could block part of Chen Xuan’s view. As she sat down, Xi Mo calmly stuffed her a pen.


“Of… of course!” Chen Xuan was so excited that she didn’t know what to say. She just felt that it was indescribably pleasing to see the two goddesses in the same frame. They even look inexplicably like a good match.


The words ‘a good match’ suddenly popped up in Chen Xuan’s mind. At first, she found it a little strange. Why would she think of the words ‘a good match’? Then, she saw Xi Mo and Ruan Yesheng sitting shoulder to shoulder. They both looked so beautiful, she immediately stood firm with her choice of word—That’s right! They are a good match!



[1] Ta Ge (踏歌) – It is part of the word 踏歌声 which I previously translated as ‘Treading With Your Voice’, the title of the work Ruan Yesheng acted in. I had initially thought it was just the title but Chen Xuan is calling Ruan Yesheng ‘Ta Ge’ as her character name, so I’m assuming the work title had a double meaning. If we see 踏歌(Ta Ge) as a name, the title(踏歌声) would translate into ‘Ta Ge’s Voice’.

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