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Chapter 36: It’s Never Too Much To Be More Gentle To Someone I Like.

TL: Resonance

    第三十六章 喜欢的人,再多温柔也不为过。

Chapter 36: It’s Never Too Much To Be More Gentle To Someone I Like.

    片刻之后, 冯唐唐领着一群人出现在门口,大约六十来个,都是年轻女孩,怀里抱着鲜花或者礼物, 还有那种抱都抱不住的大玩偶,有几个年纪看起来好像还是高中生。

After a while, Feng Tangtang led a group of people and appeared at the door. There are about 60 people and they are all young girls. They were hugging onto fresh flowers or gifts, and there were even large plush toys that were too large to be completely hugged. A few of them also looked like highschool students.


Ruan Yesheng stood up.

    那些粉丝甫一看见阮夜笙,眼睛都骤然放光了似的,似乎想要尖叫, 又怕叫太大声了影响不好,于是互相看着低低叫出了声,好几个脸颊通红,只顾着盯着阮夜笙看, 悄声低语, 一时半会都没敢过去。抱玩偶的那几个脸被玩偶挡着了, 急得将玩偶拨到一旁,露出底下一双殷切的眼睛。

When the fans saw Ruan Yesheng, their eyes seemed to have lighted up. They almost wanted to scream, but were afraid that it would be bad making too much noise, so they all looked at each other and screamed silently. Some of them were blushing and they only watched Ruan Yesheng while whispering. For a while, no one dared to step forward. The faces of those holding the plush toy were blocked by it, so they anxiously turned the plush toy aside, revealing a pair of earnest eyes behind.


“It’s Xi Mo!”


“Really… Xi Mo is really waiting for us!”

    “活的女神, 我是不是在做梦!”

“It’s the living goddess, am I dreaming!”

    这是提前知会的粉丝探班, 大家也都做好了心理准备, 但是再多的心理准备,在忐忑和心心念念之下持续发酵, 并在这个瞬间由期待转变成了现实,便仍然有些控制不住的梦幻感。

This was the fan visit which had been notified in advance. Everyone has been mentally prepared. But no matter how much they prepared themselves mentally, they couldn’t help feeling that everything is unreal when their expectations turn into reality at this moment after their anxiety and thoughts have been growing for this moment.

    这时候奚墨从人群后钻了出来, 越过这群粉丝, 径直往休息室里头走。

At this time, Xi Mo got out from behind the crowd, passed the group of fans, and walked straight into the lounge.

    走到半路上, 她斜斜瞥了一眼阮夜笙,脸上倒是和颜悦色的:“奚墨你这粉丝探班呢?我是不是来得不是时候。我就来拿点东西,一会就走的。”

Halfway through, she glanced sideways at Ruan Yesheng and said with a pleasant expression, “Xi Mo, you’re having a fan visit? Did I perhaps come at the wrong time? I’m only here to take something, I will leave soon.”


Ruan Yesheng felt like laughing when she saw Xi Mo. Didn’t you decisively say that you wouldn’t come earlier? However, she cooperated on the surface and said, “It’s okay, you can do whatever you want.”


She turned her head back to face the fans and said gently, “Thank you all for specially coming over to see me. Come here.”


Those fans finally exclaimed as if they just woke up from a dream. They surrounded Ruan Yesheng’s side while being excited that their goddess was talking to them. Feng Tangtang, Gu Qisong and other staff followed every step of the way, trying to keep a certain between the fans and Ruan Yesheng as much as possible.


The fans only watched Ruan Yesheng, but didn’t know that their true goddess Xi Mo had already passed by and went to the sofa on the other side of the lounge. They don’t know Ruan Yesheng. Seeing Xi Mo pass by, they thought that it was other actors from the crew and it was awkward for them to greet her.


Amongst the fans, only one girl turned and kept watching Xi Mo’s retreating back intently.


A girl who was accompanying her called her quietly, “Chen Xuan, come here, don’t look randomly.


The girl named Chen Xuan finally came back to her senses and whispered apologetically: “Oh, I’m coming. Sorry.”


She was limping when she walked, seeming like she had a leg injury.


Because of Xi Mo’s appearance and temperament, she is very popular with the girls. The proportion of female fans in her huge fan club is higher, and all the representatives of this fan visit are also girls.


This kind of fan club has a large number of people which are divided into positions. Those who can come are diehard fans, two of which are the people in charge of the fan club. They look more experienced and mature than the others. They have communicated with Lu Qingming before and also know Feng Tangtang. It was obvious that they had chased after and seen Xi Mo a number of times as they behaved rather calmly. As for the remaining fans, their overflowing joy can hardly be suppressed.


But Ruan Yesheng found that they were indeed more disciplined just like Xi Mo said. Although their eyes were filled with excitement, they still have self-control. They are leaping with joy yet controlling themselves over there, probably because they were afraid of scaring their goddess.


When queuing to have Xi Mo’s signature, some of them were more shy. When passing over the item they wished to have Xi Mo’s signature on, they didn’t know what to say and only knew how to repeat, “Xi… Xi Mo, I like you, I really like you!”


Many artists have nicknames, and fans like to call these kinds of nicknames. For example, Shen Qingbie’s fans like to call her “Qing Qing”, and Ruan Yesheng’s fans a long time ago also called her “Ruan Ruan”. But Xi Mo doesn’t have any special nicknames. Some fans call her by her name or goddess. It was unknown if it is related to her temperament. Others just call her directly by the name of the character in the work or the nickname of the character, merging her with the character they like.


Ruan Yesheng smiled and signed for them. The items for signing also varied. The items include autograph books, clothes, Xi Mo’s photo book, Blu-ray DVD of the movie she starred in etc., and several people directly asked her to sign on their phones.


Ruan Yesheng didn’t know where to laugh or cry when she saw those who wanted her to sign on their mobile phones. Those few people quickly explained, “We use our phones quite often. If you sign on our phones, we can see your… your signature anytime.”


Ruan Yesheng nodded and signed on the back of the phone with a paint marker pen according to their request.


The few people took back their phones and happily put the phone cases back on them carefully for fear of ruining the signature.


Ruan Yesheng thought they were very cute.


Back then, she was also once supported with love and respect and she lived brilliantly amongst the flashing light and her fans. After losing popularity and disappearing from the spotlight, the halo gradually faded until it disappeared. Her mind has long reached its peace after so many years. But at this moment, she still felt regretful and touched as she looked at the pure and earnest look of these fans.


It’s so good to be liked by these lovely people.


Seeing the happiness in their eyes, she still felt happy even if she knew that she was replacing Xi Mo to bring them happiness.


It’s not advisable to chase after celebrities blindly. Not only does it have a negative impact on the fans themselves, but it also causes a lot of trouble and distress for the celebrities.


But if it was done in a reasonable and not bothersome way, some people would become the moonlight in the hearts of the fans and bring them joy and happiness. They may even bring them the courage and motivation to move forward. Maybe this is some kind of power that spreads when humans yearn for and pursue beautiful things.


Xi Mo sat on the sofa and looked at Ruan Yesheng from a distance. She felt that Ruan Yesheng was not acting as her at this moment, but as Ruan Yesheng herself—She is gentle and smiling sincerely.


Whoever is her fan should be very happy.


Their break time during the evening wasn’t very long and Ruan Yesheng is still wearing her costume and makeup. Her costumes are mostly wide-sleeved costumes which are a bit inconvenient when signing as the long sleeves would move back and forth. The girls surrounding her anxiously yet considerately helped her hold the sleeves up in their hands.


“Thank you.” Ruan Yesheng lowered her head and smiled at her.


That girl felt that her heart was going to explode at this moment. She thought ‘How could there be such a beautiful and good-tempered person?’ and her face was very red at this moment. The few people around her were also enviously pushing the girl lightly while feeling excited themselves.


Xi Mo watched the whole scene with a solemn face. She felt that Ruan Yesheng now was full of charm. She was charming each and everyone of them without fail, and it wasn’t even intentional. She suddenly felt like blocking Ruan Yesheng’s devil-like charm and gathering them.


As for what she would do when she gathered them, she hadn’t thought about it.


One person gathered her courage and asked, “Xi Mo… May I give you a hug?”


Ruan Yesheng said, “Yes.”


That person’s eyes instantly light up. After rubbing her hands for a while, she finally went over to give Ruan Yesheng a hug seemingly after she felt that she had rubbed her hands clean. Ruan Yesheng didn’t know if she was too excited or too nervous, and she was also trembling slightly.


That person was probably told by the person-in-charge and Feng Tangtang to know the limits before coming. Worried that her goddess would be uncomfortable, she only gave a short hug  before separating. It was a purely courteous hug. After the hug, she had a dazed “am I dreaming” look and her happiness was overflowing.


The fans in the back saw that they could actually hug the goddess. With a wow, they all said they wanted to hug[1].


In the past, Xi Mo has always been polite to her fans and she was famous for being nice to fans. Hence, Ruan Yesheng doesn’t need to pretend to be noble and cold at this time and could act as herself. With a good temper, she went along with her fans and said with a smile, “ Sure. You all line up, all of you can get a hug.” 


Xi Mo: “…”




… How old are you already? To think you’re not ashamed to say ‘hug’ like these young girls. You’re embarrassing me.


She suddenly felt displeased.


However, she didn’t know why she felt displeased. She sat on the sofa and watched Ruan Yesheng giving each of her fans a friendly hug. She herself doesn’t get to hug anyway. First, she hugged her own arms. Perhaps finding it too dull, she ended up hugging the pillow on the sofa. She tucked her chin on the pillow and clenched the poor pillow tightly with her hands, her slender fingers rubbing them unconsciously.


Despite her solemn expression, she was gentle and didn’t use too much strength.


Recently, the filming for each day has been very demanding. To add on, Lu Qingming had mentioned that the visiting duration mustn’t be too long. Feng Tangtang is afraid of affecting her sister Xi’s precious rest time. Seeing that most of the things are already done, she quickly said, “Let’s take a group photo. After the photo is taken, I will send you all off. Thank you everyone.”


Someone whispered, “Sister Tangtang, can we…can each of us take a picture with Xi Mo?”


Some people next to her probably felt that this proposal was not very appropriate, so they shushed her and the person said embarrassedly, “…I’m sorry.”


Feng Tangtang was also hesitant. There are so many people. Previously, they each got a signature and a hug. If they also each have a picture taken with sister Xi, wouldn’t sister Xi be too tired?


Feng Tangtang was about to decline when Ruan Yesheng said gently, “It’s okay. We can do it, but we need to be fast.”


The fans were overjoyed and hurriedly came over to take pictures with Ruan Yesheng. They were actually shouldering heavy responsibility. After this fan visit, they have to distribute the photos taken to the other fans who couldn’t make it. When they were taking the pictures, they were serious yet excited.


More than sixty people lined up. Everyone took a selfie with Ruan Yesheng with their mobile phones as a memento. In the end, Feng Tangtang took a few group photos of them, and it was finally over.


The fan visit ended here and the fans left reluctantly. Feng Tangtang and Gu Qisong sent the big group out.


Only flowers and a bunch of gifts remained in the lounge, as well as Ruan Yesheng and Xi Mo.


Xi Mo didn’t expect that Ruan Yesheng would be so agreeable. She really tried her best to cooperate with the fans’ requests if possible. She saw the tiredness in Ruan Yesheng but didn’t say anything and poured a glass of water for her.


“Thank you.” Ruan Yesheng was indeed very thirsty. She drank all the water in his glass and found that Xi Mo was still staring at her quietly.


“Do you have something to tell me?” Ruan Yesheng’s eyes curled.


After a moment of silence, Xi Mo said, “You are too gentle.”


Ruan Yesheng’s eyes were filled with surprise. On one hand, she thought that Xi Mo probably wouldn’t say this kind of words to her directly. On the other hand, she felt that she was dreaming. She looked up at Xi Mo with charming and delicate eyes.


Xi Mo felt that Ruan Yesheng was probably misunderstanding when she looked at her eyes, so she hurriedly added seriously, “I meant you are gentle towards you fans.”


Ruan Yesheng: “…”


As if covering up, she said shyly, “So that’s what you meant. I thought you meant something else.”


Xi Mo: “…”


“Being gentle is great. But if you’re too gentle, your burden would also increase. It is true that everyone likes people who are gentle and agreeable. When you try to take care of everyone’s every request gently, others will be happy, but only you will be very tired.” Xi Mo continued, “Only around 60 people came today, so that was still manageable. But what if more came? Are you going to sign, hug and take pictures with every single one of them just like earlier?”


“I understand what you mean.” Ruan Yesheng smiled and said, “You said so much. Is it because you don’t wish for me to be tired? I’m very happy.”


Xi Mo: “…”


“You think too much.” Xi Mo said coldly.


Ruan Yesheng has long been accustomed to the kind of coldness Xi Mo displays on the surface when interacting with her. Without minding it, she said, “I have watched a lot of videos of your fan meeting. If the request wasn’t too unreasonable, you would try to satisfy it as much as possible. Sometimes, there are too many fans that come and you would still stay on for them. Weren’t you tired too? Because you used to be like this, I think that I should be like this too. I should act according to your character right? Or else, others will become suspicious.”


“… There’s no such thing.” While Xi Mo was stubbornly denying her claim, she also felt that something was strange.


After the hotel fire incident, Ruan Yesheng had attended a press conference in her place. At that time, she already noticed that Ruan Yesheng imitated her too well. Even small movements such as the way she raised her hand was considered. At that time, she even guessed that Ruan Yesheng might have watched many of her own videos repeatedly to be able to be so familiar with herself and was shocked by her own conjecture. However, given the incompatibility between her and Ruan Yesheng at that time, she quickly rejected this conjecture.


Thinking about it now plus Ruan Yesheng’s personal confirmation, it turned out to be true.


Xi Mo felt a little uneasy. “What are you doing watching so many videos of me?”


Ruan Yesheng was still full of smiles as she replied, “To study you thoroughly and dig up your dirt so that I can defame you.”


Xi Mo: “…”


“Fine, fine. I’m just kidding.” Ruan Yesheng continued, “I’m your fan. Isn’t it normal that I like watching your videos?”


“You mean hater[2]?”


Ruan Yesheng shrugged innocently.


Xi Mo gestured to her with the empty glass, “Do you still want water?”


Ruan Yesheng shook her head and sat down on the sofa. Xi Mo put back the glass and returned. Ruan Yesheng was hugging the pillow she had hugged earlier and said, “Your fans are all very polite. If they line up, the process can be completed pretty quickly. Plus, I know the limits and won’t delay our work. I know when to agree and when to refuse.”


Ruan Yesheng said that she knows the limit, and Xi Mo absolutely believed in this. She didn’t say a word and also sat down at the side.


“I have left for too long and I’m not familiar with some things anymore.” Ruan Yesheng’s eyes were a little distant and she smiled lightly. “Although they think of me as you, when I see your fans, the way they look at me reminds me of the past.”


Xi Mo was silent.


She remembered that Ruan Yesheng also had many fans in the past. From being the centre of attention to the current silence, just what did she experience?


“I think they are very cute.” Ruan Yesheng continued, “They are also very orderly. It wasn’t very tiring as they came in order. I like them very much.”


“It’s never too much to be more gentle to someone I like. I’m willing to bear the burden.” She stared at Xi Mo intently and said, “Because it’s worth it.”


There was a watery gleam in her eyes which seemed like it could trap people and prevent them from going ashore.


Xi Mo met her gaze and turned away after a while. She said, “Give me the pillow you’re hugging.”


“Isn’t there another one on the sofa?” Ruan Yesheng said and picked up the other pillow. “Here.”


“I want the one I hugged just now.”


Ruan Yesheng: “…”


Ruan Yesheng could only give Xi Mo the pillow she was hugging and hug the other one.


The two each hugged a pillow and sat side by side on the sofa.


No one said anything. Ruan Yesheng felt that the two of them were a little silly sitting there while hugging the pillow.


But this silliness made her a little happy.


“What are you going to do later, just sit here?” Ruan Yesheng asked softly.


“Yes.” Xi Mo closed her eyes to rest, “Wait for the night filming.”


Seeing Xi Mo sitting quietly, Ruan Yesheng felt a sense of peace permeating her heart as if everything around her had been put aside. She didn’t have anything urgent to do at the moment, so she waited with her.


This tranquility was soon broken by the knock on the door.


The two of them turned over to look at the same time. The door was open, but Gu Qisong still stood politely outside the door and knocked a few times. Beside him stood a girl.


It’s the girl named Chen Xuan who was among the group of visiting fans just now.


Gu Qisong said: “Excuse me Ms Ruan. Ms Chen here is looking for you.”



[1] The ‘hug’ in italics is to represent a more childish way of saying hug as written in the raws. Usually hug is said using the word 抱. In here, they used the term 抱抱. The words also means hug, just that it sounds more childish and is usually said by/to children/younger people.

[2] Ruan Yesheng said that she is a fan(粉丝) of Xi Mo, to which Xi Mo replied 黑粉, which was shortened from 黑粉丝(hater). It’s basically adding just one word ‘黑’ to the word fan(粉丝) which completely changes to meaning, but it doesn’t really translate well in English. Xi Mo was implying that Ruan Yesheng was a ‘hater’ kind of fan.

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