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Chapter 35: I Like It When The Person I Like Kisses Me.

TL: Resonance

    第三十五章 我喜欢我喜欢的人亲我。

Chapter 35: I Like It When The Person I Like Kisses Me.

    冯唐唐哪里知道药油和膏药之间的“纠葛”, 只听了个一头雾水,忙着往嘴里扒饭。之后她想起了什么,说:“奚姐,路先生说明天会有一批粉丝过来探班, 你看看什么时候比较方便?”

Feng Tangtang didn’t know about the ‘dispute’ between medicinal oil and plaster and was confused as she busily stuffed her mouth with rice. A moment later, she remembered something and said, “Sister Xi, Mr Lu mentioned that a group of fans will be coming to visit the filming set tomorrow. When would it be a convenient time for you?”


Ruan Yesheng looked towards her and said, “Why are there fans coming to visit so early? Has the crew announced it? Lu Qingming didn’t mention it to me.”

    冯唐唐摇头:“正式的官宣还要过一个礼拜再发,但是之前剧组开机时的那些照片林导和公司早已经让各大平台流出去了,网上热度很高,不少粉丝已经通过各种途径知道绥廷的女主角是你, 几个粉丝后援会的负责人就联系了路先生,问问看这几天方不方便来看看你。”

Feng Tangtang shook her head. “The official announcement will be made in a week. However, director Lin and the company have already let the major platforms spread the photos taken during the crew start-up ceremony. The photos are gaining lots of popularity online and many fans have known through various ways that Sui Ting’s heroine is you. The person in charge of a few of your fan clubs then contacted Mr Lu and asked if it is convenient for them to come and visit you during the next few days.

    粉丝探班也分很多种,其中最不受欢迎的就是一小部分人没打招呼就跑过来,或聚在片场周围, 或到后台去突袭, 不但让演员为难, 还给剧组拍摄带来很多不必要的麻烦,这种情况很多明星都遇到过。

There are many types of fan visits. The most unwelcome type is when a small group of people come over without asking, when they gather around the set or when they go backstage to make a surprise ‘attack’. Not only do they make things difficult for the actors, they also bring a lot of unnecessary trouble to the film crew. Many celebrities have encountered this kind of situation.

    不过奚墨一些比较大一点的粉丝后援会都很守规矩, 路清明也会请助理与他们的负责人交接, 有什么活动提前商量沟通, 最后问过奚墨的意思,可行的就会安排, 既照顾了粉丝们想要与偶像近距离接触的心情,又避免了麻烦的产生。

However, Xi Mo’s larger fan clubs are very disciplined. Lu Qingming would ask an assistant to communicate with the person in charge. Any activities were to be discussed and communicated in advance. Finally, they would ask for Xi Mo’s opinion and make arrangements if the plans are feasible. Not only does it take care of the fans’ desire to interact with their idol, it also prevents trouble from happening.

    在奚墨和粉丝互动的这方面, 路清明这个金牌经纪人一直做得很好。

Lu Qingming, the A+ manager, has always done a good job in this aspect of interaction between Xi Mo and her fans. 

    阮夜笙闻言看了一眼奚墨, 奚墨没什么表示, 不动如山地喝汤,阮夜笙朝冯唐唐道:“我知道了,晚一点我会和路清明说的,先吃饭吧。”

Ruan Yesheng glanced at Xi Mo after hearing this. Xi Mo did not express anything and continued drinking her soup unaffected. Ruan Yesheng said to Feng Tangtang, “I understand. I will talk to Lu Qingming later, let’s eat first.”


Feng Tangtang gave an affirmative reply and picked up her bowl again.


The three sat around the small table and ate for a while. Then, Ruan Yesheng picked up a piece of braised pork ribs with her chopsticks and put it into Xi Mo’s bowl seemingly very naturally. “This one tastes pretty good.”


Xi Mo stared blankly at the pork ribs in her bowl. “…”


Ruan Yesheng felt like laughing when she saw that Xi Mo looked like she received a shock, but she also felt regretful for her abrupt actions. However, she couldn’t really express it with Feng Tangtang around. She immediately picked the piece of braised pork ribs back and said indifferently, “I forgot you’re an OCD, sorry.”


Xi Mo watched as the ribs came and went. “…”


Feng Tangtang was also very shocked.


She knows that the relationship between Sister Xi and Ruan Ruan is obviously much better now, and that they are often together during and outside of filming. However, she didn’t expect that sister Xi would even take the initiative to pick food for Ruan Ruan.


… Although she took it back later.


Xi Mo ate in silence for a while. Then, she also picked up a piece of pork ribs and put it in Ruan Yesheng’s bowl.


Then, she stared at her and asked, “Do you have OCD?”


Ruan Yesheng’s eyes were filled with a smile while her lips said, “It depends on the person.”


After speaking, she picked up the piece of pork rib in her bowl and ate with ease.


Feng Tangtang was even more shocked.


She and Ruan Ruan have known each other for some years. Ruan Ruan indeed does love cleanliness and likes to clean and tidy when she is free. But if you were to say that she has OCD, it is probably just a slight case, just a normal level of liking cleanliness. On the other hand, Xi Mo truly has OCD. After all, Sister Xi is too particular.


Why is it the other way around now?


The dense Feng Tangtang couldn’t understand the situation before her at all.


She even felt a strange atmosphere springing out of this small table. Suddenly, she felt that she shouldn’t be here but should instead be under the table.


After their meal, Feng Tangtang tidied up and left. Ruan Yesheng took this chance to ask Xi Mo, “What do you think about this fan visit? Do you need me to agree to it for you?”


Xi Mo was originally using her phone. Hearing Ruan Yesheng speak, she turned off the screen and kept her phone before turning to look at her. “You can make the decision. You don’t actually have to ask me.”


People nowadays rely too much on mobile phones. One can see the mobile phone addicts[1] who are using their electronic devices everywhere such as the street, the office, in restaurants and even at home. There are also many people who speak to others while still using their phone and giving half-hearted replies. There is lesser and lesser communication in real life.


Ruan Yesheng saw that Xi Mo had specially kept her phone to talk to her. From this small action, she felt the respect Xi Mo was giving her and couldn’t help feeling warm in her heart.


That’s right. Xi Mo has always been like this since Ruan Yesheng knew her from a very long time ago until now.


Even if the outside world says that she is so arrogant and difficult to please, it is because they don’t truly understand her.


She is well brought up and has her unique gentleness.


However, she(RYS) clearly understood her(XM), so why did she(RYS) always want to speak against her(XM) and say things to make her(XM) unhappy?


It all comes down to her past self being too weak deep in her heart.


She(RYS) was afraid of being rejected by her(XM), and afraid that she(XM) would avoid her(RYS) when she(XM) found out. Thus, she deliberately wove a coat full of thorns to disguise herself and was always hostile against Xi Mo. Through this, she could attract Xi Mo’s attention while making it difficult for Xi Mo to know her true thoughts, seeming as if staying beside her in this ridiculous way is enough.


So childish.


Ruan Yesheng curled her lips and smiled lightly and sat down beside Xi Mo.


She doesn’t want to be weak anymore.


She doesn’t want to be childish anymore. 


She also doesn’t need a mask anymore.


Xi Mo is just so great.


Xi Mo is so great, she(RYS) just wishes to be near her.


“I’m living as you now, of course I have to ask how you feel about it. If there are some things you’re not willing to do, but I did it for you, that would not be appropriate.” Ruan Yesheng said.


“You are someone who knows what’s appropriate.” Xi Mo said calmly, “I believe you.”


Ruan Yesheng was stunned.


After a moment, Ruan Yesheng smiled and said, “When it first started, you were so worried about it. You always wanted to follow me and keep an eye on me, for fear that I would smear your public image.”


Xi Mo looked sideways at her and said mutedly, “That was then and this is now. It takes time for people to understand each other. Now that I’ve understood you, my perception of you would naturally change. I’m not a blockhead.”


“You are a blockhead.


Ruan Yesheng’s voice was soft, with a very vague sense of anger and a little helplessness.


Xi Mo: “…”


It wasn’t sure if Xi Mo felt that the atmosphere at the moment was a bit weird as she quickly changed the subject. “You can let Lu Qingming arrange the fan visit tomorrow. It just happens to be the weekends. It isn’t easy for them to make the trip here. If they come during the day, it would affect the filming, but if they come too late, it’s also not safe for them when they go home too late at night. Let’s arrange it after dinner, and they can head backstage after they eat.”


The light in Ruan Yesheng’s eyes was a little dazzling. “Okay.”


Xi Mo was worried that Ruan Yesheng isn’t too familiar with her previous way of interacting with fans, so she explained to her in detail. “Generally, the fans in the fan visit arranged by Lu Qingming are more abiding by the rules. You don’t have to be nervous, they won’t ask for too extreme requests. If it is doable, just try your best to cooperate so that they won’t be sad.”


Ruan Yesheng pretended to be afraid. “What if they ask to kiss me on the face? Do I let them kiss? Do you require me to help you cooperate with this?”


Xi Mo: “…”


Do you know what an extreme request is!


“This belongs to the ‘extreme request’ category.” Xi Mo rubbed her eyebrows and said, “You can’t agree to extreme requests. They wouldn’t do such offensive things either.”


Ruan Yesheng nodded with a smile. “I understand. You don’t like it when others kiss you.”




In her heart, Xi Mo wanted to roll her eyes at Ruan Yesheng. On the surface however, Xi Mo asked with a stern expression, “You like it when others kiss you?”


Ruan Yesheng said with a smile, “I like it when the person I like kisses me.”


Xi Mo: “…”


Ruan Yesheng asked her again, “If someone really kissed you, what would you do?”


Xi Mo sneered and said, “I don’t like other people kissing me, and I doubt they have the guts to.”


“What if it’s someone you like who kisses you?”


“I don’t have anyone I like, and no one has ever kissed me before.”


Ruan Yesheng smiled and casually said something to cover up the little touch of sadness deep in her heart. “That’s impossible. Your parents must have kissed you when you were young.”


When her voice fell, the room suddenly became quiet.


After a long time, Xi Mo still didn’t say a word and just sat there like a wax sculpture.


Ruan Yesheng felt an unprecedented sense of panic in this sudden silence.


… Because of her unawareness, she realized that she might have said something wrong.


She subconsciously wanted to apologize, but she didn’t know what to say.


“I’m sorry.” Ruan Yesheng softened her voice and said softly, “Did I say something wrong…”


“What you said is actually right.” Xi Mo stopped her words. “My mother passed away not long after giving birth to me, but she must have kissed me back then. It’s just that I was too young at that time and had no impression. The only impression I have left for her are photos. As for my dad, he is very strict with me. When I was young, he didn’t even hug me, at least not that I remember.”


Ruan Yesheng did not expect that this topic would remind Xi Mo of sad memories. The guilt in her heart suddenly deepened.


Xi Mo and her might be university classmates, but her understanding of Xi Mo’s family background was limited to the very surface level only. University students would invite each other to play in their homes, but no one has ever been invited by Xi Mo. What the people know was that Xi Mo’s family background is very deep, and no one has seen her parents in person. The person sending Xi Mo to and picking up Xi Mo from school was her bodyguard.


At that time, some of the students who did not like Xi Mo would talk behind her back, saying that she was pretentious as she even brought her bodyguard along to school, as if fearing that people didn’t know she’s rich. There were all sorts of nasty words.


Later on, someone said that it was because something happened in her family and Xi Mo’s father became traumatized. For fear of anything happening to his daughter, he always arranged for her to be protected by bodyguards.


However, nobody could give a definite answer as to what happened. All there was was just some messy and illogical guesses.


Some people are just so jealous of the rich as if they hold a grudge. To add on, Xi Mo herself was excellent to the point of dazzling. These people got the clue that something might have happened to the dazzling her to the point that she had to bring bodyguards along with her to school, so they started evilly gloating at her misfortune. These people have deeply and definitely explained the depraved idea of “not being able to accept others living better than you”.


Seeing Ruan Yesheng’s eyes drooping and dim, Xi Mo inexplicably felt that she looked so pitiful. Maybe Ruan Yesheng is just like this. She is charming and soft, and that lingering temperament has not changed even after exchanging bodies. When she smiles, people feel reluctant to look away. When she is sad, there seems to be some kind of magical power that makes people willing to do anything to make her happy.


“You didn’t say anything wrong, so there’s no need to apologize.” Xi Mo subconsciously spoke softer, “We’re just chatting.”


Ruan Yesheng nodded her head. She also wants to divert Xi Mo’s attention away sooner. Smiling lightly, she said, “Let’s continue talking about your fans? So that I know how I should respond to them tomorrow.”


Xi Mo looks calm now and is obviously satisfied with Ruan Yesheng’s suggestion. She said, “They usually bring gifts. If the gift is expensive, it should be directly rejected, and you must let them bring it back themselves. I don’t lack anything, but some of them may have eaten frugally to save the money. There’s no need for it and I don’t want them to develop this bad habit. The gifts that are handmade can be accepted. After all, they must have put in a lot of effort on it. As for the rest, you can make the judgement. If you accept it, they will be happy. Previously, we talked about trying our best to cooperate. They wouldn’t do something out of line, but if by any chance someone gets too excited and rushes over to kiss you, and I’m saying this just in case, run away immediately. Gu Qisong and other assistants will control the situation anyway, so you don’t have to worry.”


“Okay.” Ruan Yesheng was listening carefully and was just short of writing it in a notebook as she repeated, “Absolutely must not be kissed by the fans. If someone wants to kiss, run away immediately. Okay.” 


Xi Mo: “…”


“Then what if they want to hug? Did you give fans a hug before?”


“This kind of situation is rare… but it is okay if it’s within the ‘normal’ category. Of course, the number of people is limited, and the time is also limited. I don’t like to be in close contact with others. A polite hug is barely acceptable. The shorter the better.”


Ruan Yesheng smiled and said, “I understand. If someone really makes such a request, I will help you hug for one second.”


She also raised her arms, crossed them, and hugged the air in the empty space before her as if she had nothing better to do, giving Xi Mo a one-second quick demonstration. Then, she somehow sat upright again as if her mental state changed within a second. Like a reserved lady, she asked pretentiously “Just like that. What do you think?”


Xi Mo: “…”


What did you understand!


I don’t think it’s great!


Ruan Yesheng was still there covering the smile on her lips, but her eyes were focused as she looked over.


Xi Mo knew she did it on purpose. She was always irritated by her in the past, but she doesn’t feel even a bit of annoyance now when she sees her smile.


She wasn’t able to truly be angry at her either.


At the thought of this, Xi Mo somewhat became a little anxious.


This anxiety came without warning. Xi Mo felt unfamiliar with it, and when she wanted to suppress it, Ruan Yesheng asked her, “When they come tomorrow, would you like to come and have a look?”


“Not going.” Xi Mo said decisively.


“Okay then.” Ruan Yesheng responded, clearly not believing her words.


The fan visit was arranged in the evening of the next day.


In summer, the sky turns dark later. At this time, the sky is still burning with the sunset glow, and the high temperature lingers.


The crew has temporarily stopped working. There was still a while before the night filming. Ruan Yesheng had her dinner and sat in the backstage lounge to read the script.


The door was opened. After a while, she heard a lot of footsteps coming from far away. The footsteps were hurried at first with quick steps, but when they reached the door, those footsteps slowed down a lot. She could vaguely hear Feng Tangtang’s voice. “Please remember to keep order when going in later, don’t go into chaos…”



[1] Mobile phone addicts – The word used is 低头族. The direct translation means the ‘lowered-head people’ which is used to describe the people who are always looking down on their phones, especially when they are walking.

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