[TP] Chapter 41: The Haunted Mansion by the Tarn (VIII)

Vexed: Hey guys, exams are this week so next Monday’s release might be late. Thanks for understanding. (If you complain, I’ll ignore you.) 

^ She is now truly Vexed (Aren’t we all) I heard of benchmarks and stuff coming around for you younger ones.

SnowTime: The late (night) posting is completely my fault though, I was too busy cramming and starving 😀
Treated myself guiltily to takeout yesterday of $28 (for a few meals) It was so good…. T-T But this kind of consumption cannot be maintained by my wallet xD (I convinced myself to drain my wallet a little after losing 6 lbs I shouldn’t be losing cough cough now 107 or about 49 kg) College statistics about gaining weight is totally bs when it comes to me…

Chapter here 
TL: Vexed
ED: Newt

Newty made and audio file of chapter 41 for yall~ Because we’re all practicing, please ignore the name butcher 😀 He did very well hehehehe

Vexed: Disclaimer: Vexed has no part in any flame that may be incurred by the voluptuous voice of newt

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