[TP] Chapter 40: The Haunted Mansion by the Tarn (VII)

Happy Monday everyone~

Or Sleepy Hibernation month for me~

I’m healing nicely, thanks for all the well wishes <3 Just a little dead in the brain and sleep department, I now got auto closing eyes and constant dry-sleepy eyes… zzzzzz…. I finally experienced how those shonen mcs feel when they are taking a test but are also falling asleep XD Almost did a keyboard faceplant, don’t think that would be too nice~

Everyone in the team is also dying from Uni&Life if they got it lmao xD Hope everyone is passing their classes, C’s make the degrees as they say, and I gotta finish my homework tonight for that C…. @.@ Ah, testing tomorrow, pray I don’t fall asleep this time kek

I should change name to Hibernating Bear, sleeping 10+ hours nowadays zzzz….

Chapter Here

TL: Vexed

ED: Newt and a little bit of Shipreck

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